Roles Reversed

I Think I'm Gonna Do It

Jude’s jaw dropped as she watched the events that played out before her. That tramp, didn’t she get the idea last night? Jude thought to herself as she saw Kareynn practically throwing herself at Tom again, but this time she was dressed for the occasion. This time Jude had a plan, this time it’s gonna be good.

Jude marched right back into D’s office and told him about Kareynn messing with the disc.

“Jude, these are serious accusations.” D stated, “How do you know it was her?”

“She told me the other night."

“She did”. D said as more of a statement that a question.

“Yeah.” Jude answered as she walked out and over to Kareynn and grabbed her by the back of her hair and punched her flat in the face.

Tom just stared at her wide eyed, not expecting that to happen. D walked out to see only the ending.

“OMG, MY NOSE!” Kareynn screamed drawing the attention of everyone in the place.

“Yeah, about that, you can just get another one just like high school…seems like history is repeating itself huh?” Jude replied with a chuckle.

Darius walked over to them and helped Kareynn up and looked at Jude and said, “Jude, you know I can’t have this kind of behavior in my lobby,”

Jude opened her mouth to speak and D held up a hand and continued. “As for you Kareynn, you are fired, pack up and leave now.” Kareynn stared at him and asked “Why?”

“For sabotaging the CD and trying to interfere with my business, that is intolerable.” He stated “Now go get cleaned up before you get blood stains on my carpet.”

Kareynn nodded and walked to the bathroom. After she left D turned to Jude and gave her a look that said keep that stuff out of my studio and walked back to his office. As Kareynn walked out of the studio with her stuff Jude waggled her fingers and smiled as she said “Later Hater.”

Tom, who’d been silent the whole time, finally spoke.

“Wow, didn’t see that coming!”

“Well, I’m sick of her always up on my man." Jude shrugged.

Tom smirked at this and said, “Well girl, ready to go or you wanna stick around?”

“I’m up for anything, but I still gotta talk to D about the final cut, but you can go if you want.”

“Okay, I got some stuff to do so I’ll see you later.” Tom said.

“Later.” Jude said, wondering what he was up to yet again.

“Hey D!” Jude shouted from where she was standing.

“What?” he yelled from his office.

“Gotta talk to you bout the final cut.” Jude hollered, still standing where she was.

“The you are gonna have to come in here…and stop shouting.” He replied.

As soon as she walked into his office, he motioned to her to sit down and as she did he asked her “What ever happened to the time you took off, I gave it to you like yesterday.”

“Well, I decided to screw the plan and do things my way, besides the CD had to get to you somehow and I decided to tag along."

D nodded and asked “Well, what did you want to talk about?”

“The CD, what exactly is gonna happen if I decide to put the duet on it?”

“You and I both know it could be just one song and nothing more, but we both know that you would love to sing again…so it’s your decision.”

“Well, I think I’m gonna do it.” Jude said.

“Yeah?” Jude nodded.

“Jude this is great, do you still wanna produce or…” Jude cut him off and said, “I am gonna put the duet on the CD.” in a finalizing tone.

D nodded and said, “Let me know when you make up your mind about the rest.”

Jude nodded, “D, do I still get my time off?”

D nodded, “Sure, you deserve it anyways.”

“Thanks” Jude said, “and D does Tom too.”

“Yeah, he does too.”

“Bye, see you in a week.” Jude said as she ran out to her car.

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