Roles Reversed

You Know What They Say About Paybacks

Tom pulled into the grassy driveway that was in front of the cabin and killed the engine. He popped the trunk and grabbed the bags.

“Want help with those?” Jude asked.

“No, that’s okay; I've got them”. Tom answered.

They then walked to the door and it was locked.

“Damn.” Tom said, as he tried to reach for his keys in his inner jacket pocket and struggled to keep the bags in his arms stable. Jude laughed and Tom looked at her “You wanna grab my keys?”

“I asked you if you wanted help and you said no.” she said as a matter of factly. Tom gave her a look and she said “Fine, where are they?” as she rolled her eyes.

“My left inner pocket." Tom answered.

Jude reached into Tom’s jacket pocket and attempted to not knock everything out of his arms. This would’ve worked if the bag Jude was leaning over didn’t get bumped and then them both ending up on the ground laughing in hysterics, because they both went for the falling bag. Once Tom got up, he helped Jude and they picked up the contents of the bags and headed towards the cabin. Jude unlocked the door and they disappeared behind the closed door.

Again little did they know someone was hiding in the shadows watching their every move and taking pictures. This person smirked and thought this will teach them, I swear, I will get you back. I can’t wait to get these out. The person said as they flipped through the numerous photos on the digital camera in their hands.

Later in the evening,they walked out the back door and down a path on a small hill and sat on the dock that protruded into the crystal blue water below. Jude sat with her legs dangling over the edge, feet grazing the water. Jude sat there and suddenly started to laugh. Tom just shook his head and said, “It wasn’t that funny girl.” with a slightly exasperated, slightly amused tone

“I know." Jude laughed, “But you should’ve seen the look on your face”, breaking into yet another laughing fit. Tom smirked and shook his head as he stood up and started to make his way to the end of the dock that was on the sand; he had an idea. Jude stood up and asked him “Where you going, you know I was just messing with you.”

“Yeah, I know.” he said, as she stood at the end of the dock.

“What can’t little Tommy Q take a little fun?” Jude asked with her hands on her hips and Tom looked at her regretting ever telling her his childhood nickname, which he hated. That is gonna make this all the sweeter. He thought with a huge grin on his face. He took off running in her direction and Jude got wide eyed and screamed “No, Tommy, DON’T!” as he grabbed her around the waist and jumped into the water, pulling her in with him. When they broke the surface Tom started laughing as Jude glaring at him feigning anger. “Why did you do that?” Jude yelled.

“What can’t the rock goddess take a little fun?” Tom answered smiling, “And you know what they say bout paybacks."

Jude swam over to him and grinned menacing getting only half an inch from his face.

“Oh yeah?" She shot back, her breath grazing his lips. He could tell by the look in her eyes, this meant war.

“Yeah." Tom smirked. They sat there treading water and swimming around for a while. Jude had a plan for payback forming in her head. She waited until Tom let his guard down and then she attacked. She ducked down under the water and swam over to him. Meanwhile above the water Tom was looking around and was calling her name. Jude was snickering inside as she lightly grazed her fingertips along his calf swam around to his back. As he looked down at the water Jude pushed off the soft sand and loudly broke the surface and grabbed his shoulders and jumped on his back and wrapped her legs around him, causing him to jump. Tom spun around and Jude laughed and wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered “Now what were you saying about paybacks, Quincy?”

Tom reached around his back and grabbed her around the waist and tickled her. Jude was laughing so hard she let go of Tom’s neck and started to fall. As she fell he pulled around so she was facing him. He smirked at her and wrapped his arms around her waist and said, “They’re a bitch.”

Jude laughed as she wrapped her arms around his neck once again and he carried her up the hill, back to the cabin.

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