Roles Reversed


They walked into Studio A and started to work. Tom just stared at her; he still couldn’t believe he got to work with Jude Harrison. He loved all her albums.

Ever since Jude retired, Tom had been wondering why…why did she leave, she was one of the best and her record sales proved it, everyone loved her.

“Hey, you still with me there?” Jude asked waving a hand in front of his face.

“Huh? Oh yeah, just thinking” he said, wondering how long he’d been out.

"About what?"

"Well, I was wondering, " he paused, "why did you leave?"

Jude sat there silently. She hadn’t expected that to come up, especially on the first day.

“Let’s just say I have my reasons.” Jude said in a finalizing tone. “Let’s get back to work”.

Tom nodded, knowing by the tone of her voice just to drop it for now.

“Ok, lets get started, what song are you going to sing?” Jude asked.

“Well, it’s a cover, I didn’t want to write my own song just yet.” he replied.

“So, what song are you gonna sing?”

“You actually might know it.” he replied smirking. “Skips.”

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