Roles Reversed

Lara, Bella, Some Moron...

The next morning Tom awoke to find himself alone, but there was a slight rustle coming from downstairs, looking over at the clock and seeing it was 10 in the morning, he pulled on a shirt and made his way down to through the living room and into the kitchen to find Sadie instead of the expected Jude making coffee and eggs for the people that were still there from last night, which consisted of Spied and Patsy.

“Hey Sadie” he said.

“Hi, want some eggs?” she answered.

“Once you get past the taste they aren’t half bad” Spied said jokingly causing even Patsy to laugh.

“Shut up Spied, they aren’t bad. After all, I am the only one in this room that can actually cook.”

Spied shrugged and Tom said “No thanks. Do you guys know where Jude is?”

Patsy pointed in a general direction and said “She’s in the garage.” with her mouth full.

“Thanks.” he answered and Patsy nodded as she continued to eat and he walked towards the back door whispering jokingly to Spied “That is totally the way to a girl’s heart.” and clapped a hand on his back as he passed him and walked out the door and over to the garage to find Jude leaning against the wall staring out the window lost in thought. Sensing someone else in the room she looked at him out of the corner of her eye and then turned her eyes back out the window. Tom walked up and stood beside her and looked out the window with her.

“So, what’s going on?” he asked her.

Jude shrugged and said with an eye roll and a small amount of anger flickering over her features “I just got off the phone with my mother. Apparently my presence is being demanded this weekend.”

“For what?” Tom asked.

“Not sure. I just don’t wanna deal with them right now with everything that’s going on.” Jude answered.

“Who knows, maybe they’ll come around when they see that you are happy where you are right now, well for the most part.”

Jude let out a sarcastic laugh “Yeah, that’ll happen.”

Shrugging he said, “So what’s got you up early enough to even answer the phone?” realizing very quickly when working with her that mornings are not a good thing.

“Couldn’t sleep, why?”

“Nothing really, it’s just that it is barely 10:30 in the morning and you are not only out of bed, but you are fully dressed and functioning.” Jude chuckled at his words and said, “Yeah, I know. It sucks, but I was semi productive already.”

“Really and how is that?”

“I helped Mason pack for LA.” she answered simply turning back to stare out the window. They sat in a comfortable silence for a few minutes until Tom turned to her and said “Wanna go for a drive to get your mind off whatever it’s on?”

Jude turned and looked him straight in the eye with a small smile on playing at her lips, slowly tilting her head. Tom chuckled, “What are you doing?”

Jude smirked “Just trying to see what you’re up to, that’s all”.

Tom shrugged innocently and joked “I am up to no good, obviously."

Smiling Jude said “In that case, I am gonna have to say let’s go.”

Laughing, they both made there way over to the house to grab there stuff.

“Bye guys, be back later”. Jude shouted as they walked out the door and got into Tom’s car and started on their way. After a few minutes in silence Jude spoke up; “Where exactly are we going Tommy?”

“Honestly, I have no idea.”

“Good to know." Jude said with a small laugh.

After driving for a few more miles Tommy turns off the main road and on to a winding dirt road. “Are you sure you don’t know where we are going?” Jude asked suspiciously.

“Would that make a difference?” He answered.

“Not really, you just seem to have a plan that’s all.”

“I can honestly say that I don’t have any plan.”

Jude smirked and said “As long as you’re honest.” and looked out the window. “Hey Tommy, pull over here.”


“Just cuz.”

“What’s the magic word?” he said like he was talking to a little kid.

Jude rolled her eyes and said in a baby voice “Please…Pretty Please with a cherry on top?”

Tom laughed and so did Jude as he pulled over. “Ok, why did you wanna pull over?”

Jude pointed to a hand painted sign stapled to a big wooden electrical pole and said “Cuz these puppies are looking for a good homes.”

She got out of the car walked over to the box and knelt down and started playing with the dogs. Tom got out of the car and walked over to where Jude was and asked “You really gonna get a dog?”

Jude looked up at him and said “How can you say no to this face?” as she held a puppy towards him.

“Well I guess I can’t,” smiling he answered, petting the little dog, “but what is Sadie gonna say?”

“I don’t care what Sadie says." Jude said picking up a little black lab, which seemed to be the runt on the litter, and tousled its fur and said “I want this one, isn’t she cute?”

Tom nodded and said “You ready to get going?” Jude nodded and happily walked towards the car, carrying the small dog in her arms. Just then her cell phone rang; looking down at the caller id she saw it was G Major.

“Hello.” She answered.

“Jude, I need you to come in now.”

“Why D, I’m not supposed to come in until later.” Jude questioned.

“I need you to deal with Patsy. She is getting out of control, stuff is starting to fly and she yelled something about corporate crap and the music industry as I left. She is scaring the interns.” D said with a hint of anger in his voice

“I’m on my way.” Jude said snapping her phone closed and smirked at the visual of what Patsy was doing to scare the interns this time and got into the car.

“We are gonna have to cut this a little short. Sorry, I have to get to G Major.” she said turning to Tommy.

“What’s going on?”

“There is gonna be some kind of nuclear meltdown if I don’t go and talk to Patsy. She doesn’t seem to want anything to do with anyone and I am the only one besides Jamie that can talk some sense into that girl and of course Jamie is gone so I have to talk to her and she is scaring the interns again.”

She said leaning her head against the headrest, “I will so make this up to you.”

Tom nodded and put the car in gear and drove down the gravel road.

“So, what do you mean by scaring the interns?” Tom asked.

“She likes to weird out the normals and it ticks D off and that makes it more fun for her.” Jude answered.

After a few minutes of driving they made it to G Major and Jude joked, “If I’m not out in 10 minutes send reinforcements.”

Tom laughed “Ok, will do.”

She could hear Patsy yelling before she even opened the doors. Walking in, she made her way over Studio C and opened the door and walked in to see Patsy yelling at Kwest and papers all over the recording booth floor. Upon hearing the door open Patsy whirled around and said “FINALLY someone sane.”

Kwest shook his head and Jude looked over at Patsy and asked, “What’s going on?”

“People like him are ruining music, you should hear what he did to my song; it sounds like a ugh… a POP song!” Patsy said with antipathy, throwing up her hands and mumbling “conformist” under her breath.

Jude said with a small laugh “I’ll take care of the conformist. Guess what, I got a sister for our brother Lynard.”

“She’s cute.” Patsy said, when Jude pulled out the puppy.

“Wanna go play with her and I’ll deal with Kwest.” Jude said.

Patsy gave a nod of agreement and took the puppy and Jude walked over to the soundboard. Kwest handed her the headphones and hit play as she put them on and listened closely to the beats. When it was over Jude turned to Kwest and said “This is good, but not for Patsy,” Kwest nodded “I would say take out the sax and put a heavy drum with light cymbals in it for more of a Joplin/3 Days Grace vibe and she should be happy.”

Kwest nodded and said, “If you are so good with her, why don’t you produce her?”

Jude smiled and said simply “Cuz we wanna stay friends.”

Kwest laughed and said “Oh so that’s how it is…”

Jude laughed and patted him on the back, “Damn right”

Patsy asked pointing to the dog, “What’s her name?”

Jude looked up and said, “She doesn’t have one yet…you wanna name her?”

Patsy looked at Jude and said “How could you not name her…you can’t just let her walk around without a name.”

“Well, considering I got her like 20 minutes ago and then had to run over here because I there was a need of my assistance because of a certain friend of mine, I didn’t have a chance to name her.”

Patsy smirked and said “Touché.”

Just then the door opened and Patsy whirled around and said “Oh thank god… I thought you were the king conformist.”

Tommy had a slightly confused look on his face and said “Looks like Hurricane Patsy stormed through here, should I call the National Guard?” as he walked over by Kwest and Jude. Patsy rolled her eyes and sat down and kept thinking.

“So, how’s it going in here?” Tommy asked as he put his arm around Jude’s waist.

“Problem solved, crisis averted.” Kwest said.

Jude laughed and asked Patsy “Did you pick out a name yet?”

“Well, it’s a toss up between Brooklyn, one of the toughest places in New York because Bronx doesn’t seem right for her and Lara, cuz Lara Croft kicks serious ass.” She answered.

“I vote Lara, cuz she is hot.” Kwest said as he bumped fists with Tommy.

Jude rolled her eyes and said “Well, I guess that’s two for Lara.”

Just then Darius walked in and said “Hi guys, how is everything going in here?” P

atsy glared and Kwest said “Everything is fine now.”

D nodded “Good, just one more question…what is a dog doing in my studio?”

“Her name is Lara and she can kick ass.” Patsy said pretending to sig the small puppy at him and the small dog ran up to Darius and rolled over and he bent down to pet it.

Jude laughed and whispered, “Yeah, she sure kicked his ass.”

Everyone on that side of the glass to burst out laughing. Darius rolled his eyes and said, “Get back to work and get that dog out of here…it’s distracting my artist and time is money.”

Jude nodded and said “Sure. We should get going anyways.”

Darius walked out and as he did so he called back “Jude I need a hit get in the studio.”

Jude said, “D, I’m working on it.”

She walked over to Patsy and took the dog now known as Lara and said, “Ok Pats, the song is fixed. Now please can you try and not scare any more interns today?”

Patsy laughed and said “I can’t make any promises.”

Jude said, “That’s all I ask.”

Patsy called to her as she walked away, “Oh yeah, Jude some moron called me last night and asked for you and said to give you a message right away.”

“Ok, what’s the message?” Jude asked

“Not sure…don’t remember.” Patsy replied “Kinda passed out after that.”

Jude said pursing her lips and said “Well if you think of it, let me know.”

“Will do” Patsy said with a mock salute. Jude and Tommy walked out and into Studio A and sat down in their respective chairs, Jude started slowly spinning around and reached out her hand and hit a button on the soundboard causing a soft beat with shaker over it to start leaking out of the speakers. “Nice,” Tom said, “Who’s it for?”

“No one yet, just something I put together a while ago and never used.”

“You should use it.”

“Yeah, maybe, I don’t have anything to go with it.” She answered.

A few minutes later Darius walked in and said “You got something yet?”

Jude said, “In the process, and D how many times do I gotta tell you barging in here, ruins the flow.”

D replied “Just about as many times as I have told you I am going to come in whenever I want.”

Jude smirked and said “Oh and by the way I’m not able to come in to work this weekend.”

“You just got back from vacation. What makes you think you aren’t coming in this weekend?” Darius questioned with a serious tone.

“I have issues in the form of family and I have to go deal with em. Apparently my presence is in demand for whatever reason in a few years so, yeah.” Jude said.

D shook his head and said “Wouldn’t working be a good thing then so you didn’t have to go there?”

Jude shook her head and said “In most cases yeah, but not this time. I have a feeling that won’t work for them this time, plus I tried it and I just about got my head bit off. Something about how family comes first or something like that.”

“OK, just do whatever it is you have to do and get back.” D answered and turned to Tom and said “Come with me, we have to talk about some details.”

Tom got up and followed him into his office. After about a half an hour Tom walked out of Darius’s office to see Jude and Sadie talking at the receptionist’s desk. He walked up to them and heard Jude say “Oh come on Sadie, how come you don’t have to go?”

Sadie replied “I am moving into my new place, I told you that this morning.”

Jude sighed and said “Yeah, that’s a good enough excuse and my having to work isn’t, now I have to go by myself…that is not cool.”

“You know you can’t keep avoiding them, they are your parents.” Sadie said.

“Know what Sades, I’m not like you. I can’t just forgive and forget that easily.” Jude said in response crossing her arms. Sadie shrugged and gave her a whatever look and started to work. Jude whirled around and ran right into Tommy.

“Sorry.” Jude apologized.

“It’s ok, what’s going on?” he replied.

“Nothing. What did D want?” Jude asked.

“Just to tell me about performing Let’s Talk at the mall this weekend, something about cheap publicity.” he answered.

“Yeah, sounds like D. Tell you what, I’ll be there” Jude said with a small smile.

“What about going to your parents’ house?” Tom asked.

“This is more important, plus I’m your producer I have to be there.” Jude replied.

“I thought you might say something like that so that’s why it’s on Sunday,” Tom said looking at her “so you can do both.”

Jude looked at him and said smirking “Well it looks like you guys have it all figured out don't you.” Tom gave a small shrug and smirked. Jude continued “and since you guys are so smart, guess what, you’re coming with me.”

“Okay.” Tom said and thinking to himself man, D knows her well.

Jude looked at him “Seriously, that’s it?”

Tom nodded “Yep.”

“Ok, let’s get going then,” Jude said, “Bye everyone, see you if I survive.”

She walked into Studio A and grabbed Lara and walked out to the car. They drove over to Jude’s house and grabbed a few things and left a note for Sadie and walked out to the garage. Jude pulled out her keys and walked over to the motorcycle sitting by the wall and secured Lara’s kennel to the holder on the back.

“Geez, how many vehicles do you have?” Tom asked.

“Just this and my Mustang, but I have my eye on something new” Jude said zipping up her jacket and swinging her leg over the bike and sat down.

“An 87 Monte Carlo?” Tom asked.

Jude laughed and said, “Not quite, but close enough. Now get on, let’s go.”

Tom smirked and sat down behind Jude.

“Ok, two things…one, my ride, I drive and two, hang on.” With that Jude backed out of the driveway and sped down the road towards her parents’ house.

The drive there was pretty quiet except for the typical traffic. When they pulled up to her childhood home Jude parked in the driveway and turned around so she was facing Tom and hugged him, “Thanks for coming with me."

Just then they heard the door open and a voice say “It’s nice of you to finally make it.”

Jude pulled away slightly and said hello to her dad without even turning around. Then she turned back around and got off the motorcycle and grabbed Tom’s hand and she picked up Lara with the other and they walked up to the house.

“Jude, it’s nice to see you.” Stuart said, Jude nodded.

“Who’s this?” he asked motioning to Tom.

“Oh sorry, Dad, Tom Quincy,” Jude said, “Tommy, Stuart Harrison.”

The two guys shake hands and all three of them make their way into the house. “Just make yourselves at home, Vicki’s not home yet, I have to go pick her up later.” Stuart said walking through the living room and into the kitchen.

“C’mon, let’s go put our stuff in my room.” Jude said setting Lara down and they went upstairs. Once they were inside her room Jude tosses there stuff onto the bed. Tom said, looking around at the many posters that adorned the walls, “So this is where Jude Harrison got her start?”

“Yep, looks pretty much the same as when I left it, thought they would’ve turned it into a game room or put a spa in here.” Jude answered. “I gotta show you something later, when we need an escape excuse.”

“Sure, but why would we need to escape, your dad seems nice enough.” Tom said.

“He is the nice one…except when you get him mad. But you don’t have to worry about that.”

Jude said as they walked out the door and down the stairs, “It’s my mom that has issues. My dad accepted what I do, she hasn’t. Apparently I am supposed to be a doctor or lawyer or something.”

Jude and Tommy laughed when she saw Lara running in circles around her dad in the middle of the living room and him trying to get her to settle down unsuccessfully. Stuart looked over at her and said, “Jude I take it she belongs to you.”

Jude nodded through her laughs and said “Awww, I think she likes you.”

Stuart knelt down to pet the dog, but she ran just out of his reach. He smiled and said, “Jude I think it’s time for her to get put in your room.”

“Lara stop.” Jude said but the dog kept jumping and running around.

“I don’t think she wants to listen to you.” Tom whispered with a chuckle.

“Fine, you try then.” Jude said.

“Lara come.” Tom said and pointed to a spot in front of him. Lara stopped and looked at him and walked over to him and sat down. He bent down and pet her up and Jude said “Sure, you listen to him.”

“That’s because she likes me more.” Tom said jokingly.

“Oh whatever.” Jude said.

“Well, I better get going,” Stuart said “I have to get Vicki from the airport. Nice to meet you Tom.”

“Yep, you too.”

“Bye Dad.” Stuart disappeared into the garage and Jude and Tommy walked over to the couch and sat down. Jude rested her head on Tom’s shoulder and pulled her legs up to her body and automatically he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer. They sat there for a few minutes before Jude’s cell phone rang. Jude huffed and said “Who would be calling at this hour?”

“It’s only like 9.”

“I know.” Jude said as she opened her phone and mumbled a hello.

“Don’t tell me Jude Harrison is asleep already…”

“Not sleeping.” Jude replied.

“So I hear your back in town.”

“News travels fast…I’ve only been here like a half hour.”

“Yeah, well you know how it is, so how about you come out with us tonight.”

“Shay, I just got here plus…”

“Oh yes, I do know how hard it would be for you to leave your parents’ house.” Shay said sarcastically.

“Actually they aren’t here so it’s quiet.” Jude replied.

“Alright, party at Harrison’s.”

“No, not party at Harrison’s last time you guys destroyed the place.”

“Fine, then you have to come out with us.” He said once more.

“One sec.” Jude turned to Tommy and said “You wanna go out tonight?”

They heard a “If you don’t get your cute butt out here we are gonna abduct you.” Jude shook her head.

“Don’t worry; they can’t kidnap you while I’m here.” Tom laughed and Jude said, “Fine, we’re coming.” into the phone and got a reply of “Who’s we…are you bringing your hot friend?”

Jude winked at Tom and said “Hot friend, yeah. Where are you guys?”

“Jude, it’s a Friday night, where do you think we are…you haven’t been gone that long.” Shay riposted.

“Ok, be there in a few minutes.” She said and hung up the phone.

“You have a reputation for partying don’t you?” Tom asked.

Jude shrugged “Yeah and I don’t even do it that much…but as you learned when I do, it’s pretty memorable.”

Tom laughed and said, “So, where are we going?”

Grabbing her keys she said, “A place a few blocks down called Bella and we are driving there because it isn’t safe to walk right now.”

“Sounds good.” He answered knowing what she meant by the comment. They made there way down to Bella and walked in. Right when they walked in Jude and Tom made their way through the crowd hand in hand. Shay saw her and waved them over. Shay walked up to her and gave her a hug and said “Hey long time no see.”

“Yeah, I think you should come around more often.” Jude said.

“Well you know how I roll.” Shay said “Speaking of which, where’s your friend?” Jude smiled and said, “Shay, this is Tommy. Tommy, Shay.”

“Sup man.” Tom said.

“Hey.” Shay replied and turned to Jude and said, “That’s cold dude.”

Jude laughed and said “Never said you would find him hot.” glancing at Tom who smiled. They walked over to the table and sat down. “You guys want anything?” Shay asked them.

“I’ll just have water.” Jude said.

“Yeah, me too.” Tom said

Shay nodded and walked off to get the drinks.

“So, how long have you known Shay?” Tom asked.

“Pretty much my whole life, we grew up together.”

“Cool.” He said. Shay came back with their waters and sat down. Shay turned to Tom and said, “So, good job on Instant Star. How does it feel to be working with Jude Harrison…the best in the biz, second to me of course.”

Jude laughed, “Get over yourself.”

“Yeah, it’s been good. Mornings are brutal…” Tom said the latter half joking.

Shay laughed and said, “Yeah sorry bro, you should’ve gotten a warning. I remember this one time we had to get up early before a show and Miss Jude here didn’t get her coffee. Yeah, that was a disaster waiting to happen. Let’s just say no one denied her anything until after she got the coffee she demanded.”

Jude retorted with “Well, that one was your fault. You made us late, like always. Late equals no coffee.”

“Hey, it takes time to look this good.” Shay reciprocated with and gestured to himself. They sat and talked for awhile longer and out of nowhere one of Shay’s friends said, “Hey guys, it’s almost closing time. I say we bounce before the traffic really kicks in.” There were a few “yeah” and a couple “sounds good”. Everyone, including Jude and Tom made there way out to the parking lot and everyone was shouting goodbyes to each other from across the parking lot. “So kind of a quiet gathering, but what do you think?”

“They seem pretty cool. Some of those guys were different, but they’re cool.”

“Yeah, different is putting it nicely.” Jude said causing Tommy to laugh and then they got on the bike and drove back to the house. They quietly made there way inside the house. Jude turned and quietly shut and locked the door. Then they walked hand in hand blindly through the dark room and into the kitchen. Light flooded through the room and Jude turned around and said, “You want anything?”

“Yeah.” He said with a look.

Jude smiled, seeing the look and walked over to him and said “And what would that be?”

Jude wrapped her arms around him and he looked into her eyes and said “You.”

Jude smiled and kissed him. They broke apart and took the back stairs up to Jude’s room. Just as they made it to the top of the stairs they heard a voice call out “Jude, is that you?”

“Yeah Dad, sorry I woke you up.”

“Just making sure. See you in the morning.”

“Night.” Jude said and the two quietly walked into Jude’s room and closed the door. Jude leaned back into Tommy whose arms were around her waist. Tommy rested his head on her shoulder and kissed her neck. Jude closed her eyes and smiled softly whispering “You know, we shouldn’t do this tonight my parents are right down the hall and I am pretty sure they are still awake.”

Tom mumbled into her neck. Jude turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled into the kiss she gave him and Tom placed a hand on her lower back.

Jude whispered, “Let’s continue this when we aren’t at my parents’ house.” and no sooner the words left her mouth there was a knock at the door.

“Jude honey, make sure you are up by eight tomorrow morning, we have some stuff we need to get done.”

“Okay, Mom.” She answered shaking her head. They looked at each other knowingly and crawled into bed and eventually fell asleep. Jude awoke a few hours later to a bump outside her window. She sat up sleepily and looked towards the window and saw a shadow walk away. She unwrapped herself from Tommy and got up and walked to the window. Upon looking out she saw a shadowy figure walking out of her yard. She was about to turn around and caught a glimpse of something stuck in the window pane. Opening the window just enough to stick her hand out; she grabbed the envelope and pulled the window closed. She walked over to the lamp and turned it on, a dim light flooded the room, and she opened and looked over the contents of the envelope. She closed her eyes and thought to herself in frustration why is this happening again?!?!? Jude looked up and saw Tommy looking over at her squinting in the sudden light.

“Sorry.” she said quietly.

“It’s ok, what’s going on?” He asked concerned, seeing the fear flicker across her face. Jude walked over to the bed and sat down. She closed her eyes and paused before handing him the envelope. He pulled out the items and looked over them and a mixture of worry and anger came over his features. Shaking his head he said “Something has to be done about this, it isn’t right.”

He stood up and Jude said “Don’t, last time you did something it was all over the tabloids, heads will roll if it happens again.” thinking back to when Braedyn told the tabloids about the fight, D was pissed.

“I don’t care what D says, I care about what happens to you.”

“I know and thank you, but if this isn’t done right something worse could happen.” Jude said placing a hand on his shoulder. She continued, “It will be taken care of in the morning.”

He turned to look at her and answered “Fine, but just so you know, I’m not gonna let this freak hurt you.”

Jude gave him a small smile and said “I know.”

They laid back down and laid there for a while before falling asleep. At 8:00 the alarm went off and Jude moaned and rolled over and hit snooze and rolled back over.

“Jude time to get up” Tommy said still laying there with his eyes closed.

“No.” she said

“You have to be up by eight, remember.” He answered sitting up.

“Yes.” She said.

“Okay.” He said. She still ignored him and started to fall back asleep. He looked at her and she opened one eye and said, “What.”

He smiled at her and leaned in and kissed her. She smiled and when they broke apart he said “Now c’mon, get up.”

She rolled her eyes and forced herself out of bed. She walked over to her bag and pulled off her shirt to change. She bent down to dig through her bag and she could feel Tommy’s eyes watching her. She turned her head to look at him and smiled as she said “Like the view?”

Tom smirked and said “Very much so.”

Jude laughed turned around put her hands on her hips and said “Bet you do.”

Suddenly the room door opened and her mom walked in looking at whatever she had in her hand and said “Just making sure you are up.”

“I’m up.” Jude said. Her mom looked up and saw Jude in her bra and pajama shorts and Tom shirtless on the bed and said, “Okay.” and walked quickly out. Jude laughed and pulled on her shirt. Tommy gave her a what’s so funny look and she said “Did you see the look on her face?”

Tom smirked and said “It was kinda funny.”

Meanwhile Victoria was down in the kitchen with Stuart. Stuart was reading the paper at the kitchen table. “Do you know that your daughter was in her room with a guy?”

“Oh, that’s just Tom.” Stuart said simply.

“So you know who he is?” She asked in a tone saying why didn’t you say anything

“Yep, nice guy.”

“What you didn’t know is they were both half naked, doing God only knows.”

“Vic, Tom is her artist there is nothing going on there. Darius wouldn’t allow it and even if there was, she’s 21, she can do whatever she wants.”

Victoria shook her head and turned to the sink and started working on the dishes. Jude and Tom walked downstairs to see Stuart going out the door to go to the office. They said goodbyes to each other and he was off. Before he was completely out the door Jude told him they had to leave this morning. Stuart nodded and said understandingly, “Well, nice seeing you and come and visit again soon.”

Jude turned to Tommy and asked “Would you mind letting Lara out?”

“Sure, be right back.”

“Thanks. Jude said as she turned and walked over to the kitchen to grab coffee. She walked over to the cupboard and grabbed a mug and poured some coffee.

“Morning Mom” she said to Victoria’s back.

“Morning.” She said, continuing to do the dishes.

“So, where’s that guy?” Victoria asked.

“Oh, you mean my lover.” Jude said jokingly.

Victoria looked at her sternly and Jude said “Chill, Tommy’s letting the dog out.”

“So I see you still didn’t get a real job.” Victoria said with a tone, turning to face her.

“You know what mom; I don’t have the time for this…” Jude started. Victoria started to interrupt but Jude cut her off saying “and to answer your questions, one it is only slightly work related and two it’s something that has to be done right now and no, a guilt trip isn’t gonna work.”

Victoria crossed her arms over her chest and said, “You don’t take that tone with me. I am your mother.”

Jude glared at her and replied, “I am done with this conversation.” holding up her hand, “I have to get this to Darius right away.” pointing to the envelope.

“What is in there that’s so important, it’s not like it can be life or death, you’re a producer.”

“Actually, it kinda is.” Jude said hearing the door open and close again.

“What is one of your artists gonna throw a diva fit if their sheet music doesn’t get there on time?” Victoria said with a sarcastic tone.

Tom walked over to Jude and said, “C’mon. We should probably get going.”

Victoria looked at him and said “Don’t even get me started with you.”

Tom looked at her shocked and said, “With all due respect, I don’t think Jude not spending more time here has anything to do with me.”

Jude looked at him; no one has ever done that before. She turned to her mom and pointed at her yelling “Don’t bring him into this, this is my battle. You wanna know what’s so important mom, you wanna know?”

Jude pulled the papers out of the envelope and holding them in her face, “This, it means I am being followed...again and I have to go take care of it before history repeats itself.”

Jude turned to Tommy and said “I’ll meet you outside.” Tom nodded and went outside. A shocked look appeared on Victoria’s face, she couldn’t believe her youngest daughter was going through that again.

“Jude, why didn’t you tell me?” she asked with concern in her voice.

“You didn’t exactly give me a chance.” Victoria looked down and then looked at Jude, “I’m sorry.”

“I know.”

“Is there anything,” Victoria started.

“Not really. “ Jude said.

“Well, let me know if you need anything.” Victoria said. Jude looked at her and opened her mouth to speak, but Victoria continued “I know we have our differences but I am here if you need anything.”

Jude nodded and turned to walk out the door. “Don’t let him get away, he’s a nice guy.”

Jude looked at her mom strangely and said “Okay, well I guess I’ll see you later then.” Victoria nodded and Jude walked outside and they drove back to town.

Jude and Tommy were at G Major. Tommy was getting ready for the mall performance and Jude was in D’s office. He looked over the pictures and asked “Jude, when did you say these were from?”

“Some last week, some last night. They put them in the window at my parents’ house.”

“Jude, I think it would be in your best interest to stay home tonight.”

“No D, I have to go.”

“No, you have to stay safe.”

“Yeah safe at home alone.

“Wouldn’t you be safer at home than in a big crowd where you can’t control the environment?”

“Yeah, I guess, but what if something does happen?”

“There is a greater chance of something happening out in public than in your house. If you would feel better I can send someone to stay with you tonight.”

“That’s okay, I won’t be by myself for long and I have Lara and remember she kicks ass.” Jude said.

D gave a small smile and said “Ok Jude, I’ll take care of this. You go home and try to relax.” Jude nodded and walked out of his office and over to where Tommy was.

“Hey,” she said “How’s it coming?”

“Good, what did D say?”

“He thinks I should stay home tonight.” Jude answered.

“It would be safer.” He said.

“I know, this just sucks.”

“I know.” he said.

“So I guess I’ll see you tonight afterwards.”

“Yeah, I’ll come right home” he said giving her a quick kiss. “Do you have someone to take you home?” Jude nodded, “Sadie said she would.”

He squeezed her hand, “Jude, everything’ll be okay.”

Jude gave him a small smile and said “Have a good show tonight.”

Sadie walked over to them and said “Jude, you ready to go?”

Jude nodded and said “Bye, see you tonight.”

They drove to Jude’s house and Sadie walked in with her and checked everything out. Everything seemed fine so Sadie left and told Jude to call her if she needed anything. Jude locked the door and called Lara over and they sat on the couch and watched a movie.

Darius said “Hey Tom, time to go on.”

Tom nodded saying, “I have a bad feeling about this.”

Darius said, “I know you’re worried about Jude, but you still have to perform.”

Tom looked at him and walked out on stage. He stood in front of the microphone in the center of the stage and spoke into it. “Hey guys, thanks for coming out.”

The fans cheered and called out. “This is a song I wrote a while ago and finally had the chance to perform. Let’s Talk.”

The crowd cheered louder as he smiled and strummed the opening chords and closed his eyes and sang.

Well I'm a liar on the weekends ohh yeah

and I’m so tired on the Monday mornings

so let me take a seat beside you and let's talk....

about what you like and what you don’t like and how we can make it work

I’m coming down your ally and I’m right by your door,

I’m coming through the window and I’m flat on your floor

and she said why, why mister are you never at home

figure out this picture cause it looks like its wrong.

well try to understand how I fit your mold

it’s a lot like business when your 10 years old

so plug me in and pull me out now ohh yeah

so let me go and let me light another

you think you got it figured out now well no

about what you like and what you don't like and how I can make it go

I’m coming down your ally and I’m right by your door,

I’m coming through the window and I’m flat on your floor

and she said why, why mister are you never at home

figure out this picture cause it looks like its wrong.

well try to understand how I fit you mold

it’s a lot like business when your 10 years old

ohh ohh ohh ohh ohh

ohh ohh ohh ohh ohh

I’m coming down your ally and I’m right by your door,

I’m coming through the window and I’m flat on your floor

and she said why, why mister are you never at home

figure out this picture cause it looks like its wrong.

well try to understand how I fit your mold

it’s a lot like business when your 10 years old

it’s a lot like business when your 10 years old

it’s a lot like business when your 10 years old




Jude was laying on the couch totally engrossed in the movie she was watching. Suddenly she heard the creek of the door opening. Barely taking her eyes off of the movie she called out “Tommy?”

Confused when there was no answer, she called out again “Tommy, is that you?”

Still there was no answer so she got up and slowly walked towards the entryway calling “Tom” out curiously. When she made it to the doorway she saw a man standing by the door mumbling to himself with his back turned to her.

“Who are you?” Jude called out and the man turned around.

Jude’s eyes went wide and she yelled “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!”

She pointed towards the door. She yelled for Tommy once more, just to see if by chance he was there, and the man known as her stalker looked at her evilly and yelled, “Your boyfriend’s dead, I killed him.”

Jude’s hand flew to her mouth and the man tried to chase her around the living room. He lunged over the couch and grabbed her, knocking her over and her head making a thud and it connected with the floor. Suddenly out of nowhere Lara lunged for Jude’s attacker and grabbed onto his arm and bit down hard causing the man to yelp in pain and release his grip on Jude, giving her the chance to run into the kitchen and call 911. When that was finished she ran back into the living room with a wooden baseball bat that was stored in the closet and saw Lara cornering the man next to the front door, growling at him with fury in her brown eyes. His hand slowly edged toward the door knob, once he grabbed it he swung the door open and hurriedly made his escape into the cool night air and took off running. Jude stepped out onto the porch with Lara protectively at her side. The cops walked up to her and she yelled, “He said he killed my boyfriend. He took off that way.”

A couple of the cops took off in the direction she pointed and a few stayed with her. Jude sat down next to Lara and petted her saying “Good girl Lara, good girl my baby, you saved me.”

Lara rested her head on Jude’s lap. Jude looked out into the night, millions of thoughts running through her clouded mind. Just as the police caught Jude’s stalker and threw him into the back of the police car Tom’s blue viper pulled up. As he got out of the car Jude ran up to him and threw her arms around him crying “He told me you were dead.”

“Jude, what’s going on, why are the police here?” Tom asked worried and confused. Jude explained everything that happened that night. Tom was amazed at how brave Jude was to chase after her attacker and how Lara saved Jude. Tom wrapped his arms around Jude and whispered into her hair “I am so sorry girl.” Jude looked up at him and said, “It wasn’t your fault.”

“I know, I should’ve been here though, I don’t know what I would’ve done without you.” Tom said wiping Jude’s tears.

Jude rested her head on his chest and they rocked back and forth. Tom whispering to Jude, trying to calm her down a bit.

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