Roles Reversed

Many Changes

Jude woke up the next morning and the events of last night flashed back into her mind. She shook her head and thought "I can't keep doing this...” as she silently got out of bed and walked into the bathroom and got into the shower. Jude couldn’t help but relax slightly as the hot water beat down on her. “This is getting to be too much to handle. I am so confused.” Jude finished up in the shower and she walked into the laundry room and grabbed some clothes while towel drying her hair, her phone rings. She walked into the living room and sighed answering it.



“Who else would it be, you called my phone D.”

“Yeah, I need you and Tom to come in today, we got to talk business.”

“Okay,” Jude answered without any type of an annoyance or any other tone in her voice and that concerned Darius, “Be there in a few.”

“Ok, bye” Darius replied.

“Bye.” Jude said, snapping her phone shut. She finished grabbing her stuff and walked back in the bathroom and got dressed. When she finished her makeup she walked back down the hall and into her room. She walked in and saw Tom asleep I feel kinda bad for waking him up… Jude walked up to him and shook him just enough to get his attention.

“Hmmm...” he asked sleepily.

“Time to get up.” Jude said, “We have to go in and talk business with D.”

“It’s like 7:30 in the morning.” Tom said, opening his eyes

“I know that, but look, I’m up and dressed.” Jude said with a tone of mock importance.

“Yeah and you look good.” Tom said, looking her up and down.

“But why do you have to go in today?” he asked getting out of bed.

“Because apparently the world stops for no Jude and whatever the business is, it couldn’t wait until tomorrow,” Jude said, “so get up and the sooner we get there the sooner it can be over.”

Jude and Tommy walked into G Major, people shooting sympathetic glances at them as they walked up to D's office.

"Man news sure travels fast around here," Jude mumbled, as she knocked on the door and walked in. "some things never change."

D looked up at them as they entered and said "Jude I am so sorry...are you ok?"

"I'm fine now, just glad it's over."

"I think..." he started, but Jude cut him off giving him a look that said not now.

"I thought you wanted to talk business D, that's why I’m here at 8 in the morning."

She is still scared, why is she fighting me? D thought to himself.

"Fine then," he said looking over at Tom, who was quiet the whole time, "Tour dates are in."

The three of them discussed and when they were finished Tom and Jude stood up to leave but Darius called out “Jude.”

“Yeah?” she answered turning around and he motioned for her to stay.

Jude turned to Tom and said “I’ll meet you out there in a minute.”

Tom nodded and walked out. Jude closed the door behind him and turned back to D.

“Okay, D what’s up?” Jude asked.

“We need to talk about what’s going on.” Jude nodded and he continued.

“The police are still investigating your case. They identified the man at your house last night…”

Jude closed her eyes and said, “D, stop. I don’t want to know.”

“What?” D asked, “You don’t want to know who was doing this to you?”

“No, I don’t.” Jude said simply, looking down.

Darius gave her a questioning look, “Why not?”

“Because I’m scared D, scared that if I know, something worse is going to happen…I think the phrase ‘Ignorance is bliss’ applies here.”

“Jude, you have every right to be scared, but ignoring the problem won’t make it go away.” D said calmly.

Jude shrugged slightly and replied with a quiet “I know.”

She got up to leave and glanced at D, who was shaking his head, before leaving the room silently.

Tom was waiting for Jude out by Sadie’s desk; when he heard the door close he waved bye to Sadie, who was on the phone and walked over to her.

“So what did he want?” Tom asked.

“Nothing really, just wanted to fill me in on some stuff that’s going on.” Jude said playing everything off as cool.

“Are you excited for tour?” Jude asked, changing the subject as they walked out the door.

“Yeah, sounds awesome. Six months of traveling and singing…” He answered with smile.

Jude smiled, “Yeah tour is great. A lot of stuff happens.”

“Yeah,” Tom said with a smirk “what happened when you went on tour?”

“Let’s just say be glad you aren’t touring with SME, like I did, the prankage was brutal. You were always watching your back.” Jude answered with a laugh.

“Ahhh…I see.” Tom replied

“Note to self: get Spied to tell some tour stories.” He said with a laugh. Jude playfully shoved him and he put his arm around her shoulders as they walked over to Jude’s Mustang. They drove around for a bit talking about whatever came to mind before returning to Jude’s house.

Jude sat down on the couch with a box of cereal and turned on the TV to some random TV show and started munching on it while blankly staring at whatever sitcom was playing before her, thinking about whatever Darius was trying to tell her. It must’ve been pretty important or he wouldn’t have called me in. I was stupid. I have a really bad feeling about whatever is coming up…why am I being so stupid. Tom walked in and sat down next to her interrupting her thoughts. She looked over at him and smiled.

“Hey.” She said.

“Hey, what are you watching?” he asked.

“I have absolutely no idea.” Jude said with a small laugh. “Want some?” she asked offering the cereal box.

“Nah, I don’t want any cereal.” Tom said putting his arm around her shoulders. Jude leaned into him and shrugged as to say suit yourself, Tommy continued “Jude what’s really going on?”

“What do you mean?” Jude asked turning her head to face him.

“I can tell something is going on.” he answered.

“It’s nothing really,” she said. Tommy looked at her; “seriously” she finished and gave him a quick kiss.

“Okay.” He said softly leaving it alone once they broke apart. He could tell by looking in her eyes that she was beating herself up inside.

“Jude, you know this isn’t your fault right?” he told her, Jude gave him a small smile, “Don’t beat yourself up okay.”

Jude smiled, “You are sweet you know that, that’s why I love you. I mean you were there helping me the first day you met me, even when I was being a bitch you were still there.”

Tom gave her a small smile saying “I love you too girl and I will be there for you no matter what.”

Jude smiled and leaned back into him and put her head on his shoulder, instinctively Tom wrapped his arms tighter around her. They sat in silence for a few minutes before Jude tilted her head to the side and asked,getting up slowly and starting towards the kitchen, “Want some hot chocolate?”

Tom walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist as they walked.

“It’s like 26 degrees outside, why would you want hot chocolate?” he said.

“I have a craving.” She said simply. She started to grab the stuff out of the cupboard, but Tom took the stuff from her and said, “Here, let me help you.”

Jude hopped up onto the counter and watched him pour the water into the coffeemaker. Jude reached over and grabbed the can of whipped cream and started to shake it. Tom turned around and laughed as he looked at Jude, who was spraying the whipped cream into her mouth.

“Want a little hot chocolate with your whipped cream?” he asked, still laughing.

“Shut up I like whipped cream.” She said laughing now.

Jude pulled him closer and took the can and squirted some into Tom’s mouth and then into her own. Then Jude mumbled something but he couldn’t understand what she said.

“Didn’t your momma ever teach you to not talk with your mouth full?” he said jokingly.

“I think she tried, but I must not have learned,” Jude said with an amused look on her face.

“What are you gonna do to punish me, since I’ve been such a bad girl?” Jude asked in a tome full of implication.

“Well, lets see...” he said, “I could do this...” placing his hands on her cheeks and kissed her forehead,

“Or this...” he said kissing her cheek.

“Or this...” he said kissing her softly on the lips.

Jude smiled into the kiss and said, “I think I am gonna like this punishment.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer, letting the can hit the floor. Tom chuckled and lifted her up slightly; Jude wrapped her legs around his waist never breaking apart. They made their way out of the kitchen and into the living room. They heard a phone vibrating across the coffee table, ignoring it they continued down the hall and into the bedroom. Tom took one of his hands from cradling Jude’s back to close the door.

The next morning Jude awoke in Tom’s arms and him lightly playing with the ends of her hair. Jude smiled to herself, tilting her head up and kissing his jaw line. Tom smiled and kissed her on the top of the head, both of them wishing they could lay like that forever. They lay there quietly and started to fall back asleep until footsteps and a few thumps were heard in the living room. Jude sat up quickly pulling the sheet with her, instantly feeling the absence of him and craned her neck to listen. She looked back at Tom and saw that he was pulling on his jeans.

“Where are you going?” Jude asked in a whisper.

“I’m gonna go see who is out there and tell them to go away.” He whispered back.

“You don’t know who’s out there” she said, getting up and picking up her robe. “It could be the guy from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or I Know What You Did Last Summer.” Knotting the strap she followed Tommy out the bedroom door.

“That’s real likely at nine in the morning.” He replied as they continued into the living room. They peeked around the corner and saw who it was, Tommy rolled his eyes and Jude let out a breath. They looked at each other and smiled, there minds on the same wavelength. Jude nodded and Tom tiptoed up behind them and gave them ‘jumper cables’

“Holy Sh…” Sadie screamed dropping everything in her hands. Tom stepped back and laughed, but Jude was laughing the hardest and said “You….sh...should…have seen….your…fa….face.” between laughs.

Sadie glared at them both and said “What the hell!” with her hands on her hips.

“That’s what you get for scaring the shit out of me this morning.” Jude said glancing over at Tommy who smiled and walked into the kitchen.

“I wouldn’t have scared you if you would’ve answered your phone last night.” Sadie stated with a smirk, “But by the looks of this place I have a pretty good idea as to why you didn’t.” Jude grinned and blushed slightly.

Sadie continued “I came to get the last of my boxes and give you your key back.”

“You can keep the key Sades.” Jude said. Sadie nodded and started to pick up the stuff she dropped; Jude bent down to help her. Once they had everything picked up Sadie said goodbye and told them about how she was headed to the studio later and would see them then walking out the door. Jude turned around and walked into the kitchen, Tom handing her a mug. She looked down at it and smiled.

“Thanks,” she smiled, “Yeah I guess I never did get my hot chocolate last night.”

“But that was so much better than hot chocolate.” Jude said, her smile getting bigger

“I would hope so.” Tom said with a laugh. Jude laughed and pulled him in for a kiss. They broke apart and walked over to the couch and Jude sat down on Tom’s lap. Jude took a drink and set the mug down. She looked up at Tom, whose eyes she could feel watching her, and smiled. He leaned down and kissed her and automatically her arms wrapped around his neck. They leaned down onto the couch and they broke apart. Tom started kissing her neck; Jude tilted her head and smiled. Jude then heard her cell phone vibrating on the table again. She sighed and answered it without even looking at the ID saying “Go away Sadie, I’m busy.” Tom still kissing her neck.

“Not Sadie,” the person on the other side said, “You have to come into the studio today.”

“Yeah, later.” Jude answered.

“No, now.” they demanded.

“No later.” she said hanging up and dropping her phone. She turned her face back to meet Tom’s and gently kissed his jaw line. Jude’s phone started to vibrate again, this time Tom picked it up and said, “Hello, the sexy Jude Harrison’s phone, how may I help you?” Jude laughed.

“Can I talk to Jude?”

“No, Miss Harrison is unavailable at this time can you call back later or would you prefer to leave a message?” Tom said with a smirk. “Ok, I will let her know. Thank you and have a wonderful day.”

Jude laughed even harder and Tom said “Ok, D said that we need to come in right now, that your job is on the line.”

Jude rolled her eyes and laughed, “I can’t believe you said that to my, our, boss.”

Tom stood up and grabbed both of her hands and pulled Jude up with him. He laughed too and said “He didn’t sound too happy, but I think he’ll get over it.”

“Yeah.” she answered as they walked into the other room to get ready to go.

They made it to G Major in a half an hour. Sadie looked up at them with a smirk and waved as they walked in the door. Jude rolled her eyes and smiled back at Sadie and walked over to her.

“So Sades, what time did you get to my house this morning?” Jude asked.

“Don’t worry; I didn’t see you guys rolling around like Britney and that guy in the Curious commercial.” Sadie said with a laugh.

“Not why I asked,” Jude said “I just never heard you come in.”

“That’s because when I come into a house before eleven I am quiet,” Sadie said jokingly, “and I bribed the dog.”

Jude laughed “Did you get all your boxes out or do you still need help?”

“I think I got all of them,” Sadie said “but I think you still have my shoes. I went in to check but I saw you were sleeping so I just left it.”

“Okay, I can get them for you after I am done here.” Jude said.

“Cool,” Sadie answered, “I have a question for you, well actually two.”


“What was with the whipped cream all over the kitchen?”

“Hot chocolate,” she answered “and I was kinda eating it.”

Sadie scrunched up her nose in disgust and Jude laughed. “What’s your other question?”

“How was it?” Sadie asked raising her eyebrows.

Jude smiled and Sadie could tell by the look on her face what the answer was.

“You are so nosey,” Jude said, “incredible. It’s like whenever I am near him I feel safer and when we kiss it’s like I don’t know, there isn’t anything wrong in life.”

Sadie smiled and said, “Yeah, I can tell.”

“And Jude, you guys are so cute together.” she continued. Jude smiled at her and waved bye and walked over to hospitality to get coffee. Tom was standing there and he smiled at her.

Spied walked up to them and said, “Hey guys, I just found out some interesting news.” with a mischievous grin.

“Cool, can you tell me later I gotta find D?” Jude said taking a quick sip of her coffee, “Do you know where he is, he threatened my job so whatever he needs to tell me must be important and can’t wait.”

Spied nodded and said, “Throne room.”

“Thanks Vin.” Jude said before walking off towards his office.

“Yep,” he said, “no problem dude.” He had a slight look of disappointment on his face.

“So Spied, what’s the interesting news?” Tom asked.

Spied’s face lit up and he said “If I tell you, you have to promise to not tell Jude and to act surprised when she tells you.”

“Promise.” Tom said “How is she gonna know if you don’t tell her?”

“I have a feeling that’s what Big Baldy wanted to talk to her about.” Spied answered. Tom nodded and Spied whispered the news to Tom in a barely audible tone.

Tom smirked and said, “Nice, carrying on the tradition.” Spied laughed and nodded.

Jude knocked on the door and waited for a mumbled “Come in” from D before entering. Upon walking in D motioned for her to sit. He hung up the phone and turned to her.

“Jude, do you remember what I told you before about your relationship getting in the way of work?” he asked.

“Actually I believe what you said was ‘I don’t care what you do with your life, just don’t let it hurt us or Tom’s career’” she said, giving him an exact quote.

“Exactly Jude, I think you guys need to cool it until his tour is over.” He said, “I think your performance this morning proved that.”

“What performance?”

“You refusing to come into work on time because you two were too busy getting busy. And you guys are never in the studio anymore, which costs more money than it’s worth.” He said.

Jude rolled her eyes and said, “Not gonna happen, new subject please.”

“Ok, then I want to talk to you about the other night.” D said, knowing this was a worse topic than the previous one.

“D I told you I don’t want to talk about this!” Jude said angrily

“Wouldn’t you like to know that they couldn’t hold him for lack of evidence?” he said loudly, getting frustrated with her stubbornness.

Jude’s head shot up. “What?!” she yelled “How did that happen? They’re just gonna let this creep walk!”

“Apparently the evidence wasn’t sufficient, the handwritings didn’t match and since anyone could’ve taken the pictures there isn’t any evidence.” He answered sympathetically.

Jude shook her head “Isn’t that just great!” she said sarcastically and got up to storm out of the room.

“Jude,” D stopped her “don’t do anything stupid.” remembering what happened last time.

Jude whirled around and snapped, “Yeah."

She breezed past Sadie’s desk on her way into Studio A, shaking her head to rid her eyes of the tears that threatened to fall, where Sadie and Tommy were talking, receiving a questioning glance from both of them. Jude flipped the switch as she walked into the soundproof booth and shut the door. Drawing in a breath and closing her eyes she screams as hard as she can. Upon hearing the door slam Tom walks in and sees her screaming.

“What is she doing?” he wondered out loud.

“Just blowing off steam.” a voice said from behind him.

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