Roles Reversed

An Old Friend

Tom turned around, unaware that anyone else was in the room and said, “Who’s there?”

The owner of the voice stepped out from the shadows. He was tall, with dark brown hair and green eyes.

“Just an old friend.” The man replied with a slightly cocky smile and his arms crossed over his chest.

Tom smiled, “Hey man, long time no see.”

“Yeah, it’s been a few.” Adrian answered.

The guys shook hands and started bull shitting. Just then Jude looked up, sensing other people in the room. Stupid Darius, king buzz kill. Why did he tell me this, I don’t even want to know. She looked at Tom and then looked past him at the other guy. Her eyes were still wide, fear and anger still evident over her features but she stayed silent even though inside she was still screaming. She recognized the other man in the room she, but couldn't place him. I know this guy, but where from, God this is gonna bug me.

Tom introduced them to each other, “Jude, Adrian Matthews. Adrian, Jude Harrison.”

“So how have you been my little Judey?” Adrian asked with a smirk. She didn’t know why, but this guy bugged her already and the tone of his voice when he talked to her gave her the chills and she hated him for calling her Judey.

“Fine.” She answered simply. She looked at the man and still not being able to place him she continued.

“Do I know you from somewhere?” Jude asked. His voice sounds familiar too. She sighed internally in frustration as Adrian got an amused look on his face.

“You two know each other?” Tom asked.

“We have met before…briefly.” Adrian mentioned. “But it was years ago, I can see where you might not remember, even if it is a little disappointing.”

Jude shrugged, “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some work to do.”

Jude sat down in her chair in front of the soundboard and put on her headphones and let the loud rock music enter her ears, but she heard nothing but her own thoughts, racking her brain. I don’t know what to do anymore. This not remembering certain things is pissing me off and now a psycho is after me again. This Adrian guy is bugging the hell out of me and I don’t know why, I don’t even know him. I have to get some air. Frustrated with herself and overwhelmed with the events of the day, Jude stood up quickly after a few minutes, tossed the headphones down and said, “Well I am gonna go.”

Tom could tell by the tone of her voice that something wasn’t right. He stopped her as she walked and quietly asked what was wrong.

“Nothing,” Jude said and he gave her a yeah sure look so she continued “We’ll talk about it later.” glancing at Adrian, then back at Tom.

Tom followed her gaze and said, “Okay, I’ll see you later then.”

“Bye.” she answered starting to turn away.

“You got a ride home?” Jude nodded and turned to walk out. She strode quickly into the lobby and walked over to Spied.

“Hey Spied, you busy?” she asked.

He turned around and said, “For you Dude, never.”

Jude smiled, “Then you wanna give me a ride home?”

“Sure,” he answered “didn’t you and Quincy ride together today though?”

“Yeah, but I have to go now and he’s got other plans.” Jude replied.

“Ok,” he said, wondering what was going on, “Let’s go.”

He put his arm around her shoulders and as they walked out Jude asked “So Spied, what was your interesting news?”

Spied’s face lit up once more and said, “You mean D didn’t tell you?”

Jude shook her head and he continued, “Well he told us about Tom not having a band for tour and we decided to help him out and take Tour Bus Betty for another spin.”

Jude laughed, “Seriously?”

“Yep.” He smiled.

“This is awesome.” Jude said, “Don’t you dare do to him what you did to me.”

“Awww Dude, you know us, that’ll never happen.” Spied laughed as they pulled up to Jude’s house.

Jude laughed, “Yeah right, thanks for the ride.”

“No problemo, Jude,” he answered, “You know if you need to talk about anything I’m here, right? All you need to do is call.”

“Thanks Spied.” Jude said and she walked up to her door and let herself in. She threw her keys on the table and reached down and petted Lara, then locked the door. She walked over to the stereo and cranked the CD up. As soon as the song started to play Jude felt her cell vibrate in her pocket; she dug it out and answered it.

“Miss me already?” She chuckled walking over to the stereo and turned it down.

“I’m just seeing how you are doing.”

“You saw me like twenty minutes ago; nothing has changed as far as I know.” Jude answered with a small smile.

“I’m just checking because I am going to be there a little later tonight.” Tom told her.

“It’s okay, Sadie is coming over.”

“You sure?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m sure, go have fun.”

“Okay, I’ll see you tonight.”

“Bye, love you.”

“Love you too, bye.” Tom said.

“Wait.” Jude said right before he hung up.

“Yeah?” he asked.

“Be careful.”

“I will be.” he said, “Shouldn’t I be telling you that?”

“No.” she shook her head.

“Why?” Tom asked.

“I don’t know,” she answered, “Just a feeling.”

“Okay, I will.” He said, “I’ll see you when I get there.”

“Bye.” Jude said and hung up, then walked over to the stereo and cranked it back up.

The two guys watched Jude walk out of the studio and Adrian turned to Tommy and said, “What’s her deal?”

“Nothing.” Tom answered, knowing that Jude didn’t want her issues publicized.

“Yeah right,” he said, “She was kinda rude and a little bitchy.”

“Dude, don’t.” Tom said, shooting him a look.

Adrian nodded and said, “You wanna hang out with some of the guys tonight?”

“Where you going?”

“To this place a couple blocks from here.”

“Maybe,” he answered “Let me make a quick call.”

“Why, you guys aren’t married or anything, you don’t need permission.”

“Shut up.” He said, pointing to his phone, “I am trying to make a phone call.”

It rang three times and then all he heard was Talk Dirty To Me by Poison blaring in his ear. He talked to Jude for a bit and as soon as he hung up he heard Adrian say, “You are so whipped, never thought I would meet the girl that could settle down Tom Dutois down.”

“I thought I told you to shut up.” He said in a vaguely joking tone. Adrian shrugged and laughed and they made their way downtown.

Just as Jude hung up the phone she heard a knock on the door, Lara darted to the window barking like a madwoman. Jude peeked out the window and hushed her as she walked over to the door and pulled it open. A pajama clad Sadie walked in carrying a bag, the contents unknown to Jude. She eyed the bag carefully and said “Sades, what’s in the bag?”

“Just some stuff for later.” Sadie said sneakily, setting the bag down by the couch.

“Now what’s going on?” she continued, talking over the music.

“What are you talking about?” Jude asked.

“I am talking about the fact that you only blare Poison when you are upset.”

“I do not,” Jude said, knowing it was true and continued while walking into the other room, “I listen to it all the time.”

“Yeah but never this loud, unless something is wrong.” Sadie said, following her.

“Don’t wanna talk about it.” Jude said.

“Fine, but be ready for the best chick flick night you have ever been to.” Sadie told her has she picked the bag back up. “We have movies, nail polish, expensive chocolate, touch up colorings, cheap chocolate, and facial stuff.”

Jude smiled at Sadie, knowing this as part sisterly boding and part attempt to make sure she didn’t do anything stupid that Darius demanded of her, but still she was grateful.

“So Sades, what’s first?” Jude asked.

Sadie smiled “I am thinking touch up colors, then facials and movies and chocolate.”

“Sounds good.” Jude said following Sadie into the bathroom. Sadie had Jude sit in a chair facing away from the mirror and started to put the color in her hair.

“Sades, why can’t I see it. It’s the same color as my hair is now?” Jude asked.

“Just because.” She answered, setting the timer “I want it to be a surprise.”

“Okay.” Jude agreed, knowing she wouldn’t see it before Sadie was finished no matter how much she asked. As they sat there waiting for the timer to ding they talked about all kinds of things. When the timer rang Jude rinsed her hair and wrapped it up in a towel and scrubbed her face to make sure there wasn’t any dye on it. Jude walked out into the living room and asked Sadie “How come you never went to cosmetology school, you love doing this spa stuff?”

“It just never happened.” She pointed to the couch, “Now sit down, mask time.”

“What kind is it?” Jude asked sitting down cross legged “Not the seaweed one I hope, that one feels gross.”

“Nope, this one is oatmeal. Makes your skin glow.” Sadie replied rubbing the mixture onto Jude’s face and then her own. While waiting for it to dry Jude put in one of the movies Sadie brought.

“Which one did you pick?” Sadie inquired sitting back down on the couch after rinsing out the bowls she used.

“The Notebook.” Jude answered pulling her blanket off the back of the couch and wrapping herself in it.

“Good choice.” Sadie agreed and opened a box of chocolate.

“Thanks.” Jude said, grabbing a piece of chocolate and placing it in her mouth. “Good chocolate.”

“I know.” Sadie laughed and pushed play on the remote.

Tommy and the guys were standing around bull shitting and playing pool in a noisy bar.

“Eh, just like old times.” Rylie said, “Sittin' here playin' pool.”

“Us taking all your money.” Tom said, as he sunk in the 8 ball and picked up 20 bucks off the edge of the table and making all the guys laugh.

“Yep, nothing better.” Rylie laughed, “But I have been practicing, you know so be prepared to be amazed.”

He took a shot and it bounced off the corner of the pocket and rolled right into another ball and that one sunk right in.

“I am officially amazed.” Tom said laughing.

“Thank you, thank you.” Rylie said taking a bow.

Adrian, Brien, and Blayke rolled there eyes and said, “Lucky shot.”

“Let’s see you try and do that, bet you 20 bucks you can’t.”

“Deal.” Adrian said, slapping a 20 on the table.

They arranged the pool balls exactly how they were before and Adrian took a shot. He failed miserably at Rlyie’s shot, but he did sink two balls in with one shot. Rylie laughed and picked up the 20, “Now who’s taking whose money?”

The guys laughed and Blayke looked down at his watch “Guys, I am gonna take off. Gotta work in like 4 hours.”

Tom nodded, “I should probably take off too.”

“Come on guys, you only live once.” Adrian said.

“Yeah I wanna keep it that way,” Blayke said, “Wife’ll kill me if I am not home in oh about 10 minutes ago.”

“Whipped.” Adrian coughed.

“Yeah maybe, but I’ll be alive.” He laughed and walked towards the door.

“So, what’s your excuse?” They asked Tom.

“Don’t really have one except I don’t wanna live out Look What The Cat Dragged In.” He answered, “You know I went to…”

Before he could finish his sentence that song started to play on the jute box, all thanks to Brien. The guys smiled at Tom and said “You gotta stay for a little bit, they’re playing your song.”

He laughed as they all started to sing along.

I went to bed too late
and got up too soon
My poor head still spinnin’
from too much booze

I got a foot in the gutter
A foot in the grave
I ain’t seen home
In the last three days

Oh my god look what the cat dragged in
Livin’ my life sin after sin
Night rolls up and I do it again
Oh my god, look what the cat dragged in

No tell, motel, hotel bed
If it wasn’t for the sunlight I’d swear I was dead

I got a girl on the left of me
a girl on the right
I know damn well I slept with both last night

Oh my god look what the cat dragged in
Livin’ my life sin after sin
Night rolls up and I do it again
Oh my god, look what the cat dragged in

I’m late for work on Monday
and my boss is bitchin’
Can’t get out of bed
cause my head’s still spinnin’

My hair’s in a rat’s nest
I look like hell
Half alive or half dead,
I just can’t tell

Oh my god look what the cat dragged in
Livin’ my life sin after sin
Night rolls up and I do it again
Oh my god, look what the cat dragged in

They were all laughing once again at the end of the song.

Tom turned to them and said "Now I really have to go because if I am half asleep when I go into work my boss really will start bitchin’.”

“Ain’t your girlfriend your boss?” Adrian asked.

“No, producer; I am talking about the boss, you know the guy that signs the paychecks.”

“Whatever, man.” Adrian laughed.

They said their goodbyes and Tom walked outside and got into his car and drove home. He pulled up to the house and saw Sadie’s car still parked in front. He saw that the lights were all off so he walked in quietly and saw Sadie and Jude asleep on the couch, Jude, with her hair still wrapped up, on one end with her head on the arm of the couch and Sadie asleep sitting up with her head tilted to the side. He smiled looking at them and walked over to the T.V. and turned off the movie playing, which looked to be The Prince and Me, leaving the sink light the only form of light into the room. Jude stirred as the T.V. clicked off and halfway opened her eyes, only seeing a figure walking around; she jumped about a foot in the air and yelled, “What the hell.”

“Oh sorry, didn’t mean to wake you up.” Tom said.

Jude’s eyes focused in the darkness and she said sitting up “Oh my God, you scared the shit out of me Tommy.”

“Sorry.” He apologized again, “I was trying to be quiet.”

“It’s alright,” Jude yawned, “I’ll get over it.”

They sat there for a few minutes and Jude started to nod off.

“Night Jude.” Tom said as she fell asleep.

“Night.” she answered sleepily.

Tom gave her a light kiss on the cheek; she leaned into it and smiled in her sleep. He walked back to the bedroom and got into bed. Just as he was asleep he felt Jude crawl into bed next to him.

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