Roles Reversed

Getting Ready

“You could’ve at least mentioned something and I already told you, it’s just this CD.” Jude said, “When.”

“Saturday and…” Darius replied.

Jude cut him off before he could continue “How come you feel you can just decide what can or can’t be done with out even saying anything?”

“Because I sign your paycheck.” Darius answered, waiting for a typical outburst. “And I am in charge.”

Jude made eye contact with him and crossed her arms. She tossed the CD on his desk and walked out without another word, leaving Darius silent and slightly taken aback.

Jude walked into her studio and said in a normal voice, “Guess what we’re doing tomorrow.”

“What.” Tom said, looking up from his journal.

“Putting on a show.” She answered.

“What?” he asked.

“We are performing on Saturday, in honor of your upcoming tour.” Jude said.

“That’s like tomorrow.” Tom said, surprised.

“I know.” she flopped into her chair.

“It should be alright.” Tom said, “No worries.”

“Yeah, hopefully.” Jude replied, looking down at her lap.

He smirked at her, “You scared Harrison?”

Jude looked up at him and smiled and after a short pause she shook her head, “No.”

“It’s cute, you know.” Tom stood up.

“What is?” Jude asked, still smiling

“You being scared.” He answered simply as he grabbed her hands and pulled her up.

“I’m not scared.” She answered and Tom put his arm around her and they walked out of the side door and into the alley.

Jude sat down on the rail facing Tommy, who stood on the other side of the narrow walkway.

“So,” Jude said, “How did you meet Adrian?”

“In grade school,” Tom answered looking up, “Got each other out of a few situations, been friends ever sense.”

“You good friends then?” Jude asked, leaning back over the railing looking up at the sky that was slowly turning a dismal gray.

“You could say that,” he answered, returning his gaze to Jude.

“Girl, knock it off, you're going to fall.” He said.

“No I’m not.” Jude responded simply.

“Why do you ask?”

“Just curious,” she replied “I just never heard you talk about him before that’s all. What does he do?”

“Pretty sure he’s between jobs right now,” Tom said “He got out of jail a few months ago.”

“Oh,” she said sitting up, “What did he do?”

“Not sure really.” Tom answered “All I know was he got the cops called on him and he took off, but they caught him and threw him in jail.”

“Oh.” Jude said, leaning back again.

“Will you quit that, you are freaking me out.” he said as he walked over to her.

She smiled and slid off the railing and once her toes touched the grated metal below Tom said, “Thank you.”

Suddenly the door swung open and an intern walked out and said, “Mr. Quincy, Miss Harrison, Portia is ready for you.”

“Ok, thank you.” Jude told him. He nodded and walked back inside.

“Who’s Portia and why is she ready for us?” He questioned.

“Portia is in charge of wardrobe and she’s,” she paused “Darius’s sister.”

“Oh,” Tom said and continued after a short pause “Is she anything like him?”

Jude laughed, “No, she is pretty nice, except when she’s hung over. Then she’s kinda cranky.”

They walked back into the building and up the short set of stairs to the wardrobe area and saw a dark, curly haired woman sifting through the racks of clothing.

“Jude,” Portia said, “Nice to see you again.”

“You too.” Jude answered.

They gave each other a quick hug and then Portia turned to Tommy and said, “Hi, I’m Portia Mills. You must be Tom Quincy.”

Tom nodded and they shook hands. Portia turned around and grabbed some clothes for Tom to try on and said, “Try these on and tell me what you think.”

Tom nodded and she then turned to Jude and said, “I found the most perfect thing for you.”

She handed Jude an outfit and scooted her into her into the dressing room. Portia turned towards Tommy, who was waiting and said “You fine with that?”

He looked at his jeans and black fitted tee with a loose fitting black button down and said, “Yeah.”

“Good wear that tomorrow night.” she said thinking finally someone easy to please, turning her back to him as he walked back into his changing room and said “Jude get out here.”

A minute later Jude walked out with her hands on her hips in a denim mini skirt that came to above mid thigh, black leather high heeled ankle boots, and a black three quarters length sleeved top that came off one shoulder with a gold chain strap over that shoulder and draped over her frame and said “You can forget it. I didn’t wear this skirt then and I won’t now.”

“Oh C’mon Jude, it looks good on you,” Portia urged “and it’s not even the same one.”

“I am not going to wear it.” Jude said, walking towards the dressing area.

“Still as stubborn as ever I see.” Portia called to her back, Jude nodded and closed the curtain behind her. Portia shook her head and mumbled to herself.

She walked back over to Jude’s dressing room and tossed a few more things over the top of the curtain. Jude walked out once more in another skirt and said “Portia, I am not going to be giving lap dances at the gentlemen’s club, so will you please stop giving me skirts that barely cover my butt.”

“Jude you are over exaggerating this skirt is longer than the last one,” Portia said, “and you’re butt looks cute in that.”

Jude rolled her eyes, “I am getting a second opinion.”

She walked down the stairs towards the front desk, “Sades, I need to ask you something.”

“What?” she asked, with out even looking up.

“Which bra would go better with this outfit, a half cup or push up?”

“Looks hot Dude.” Spied called to her from across the lobby.

Sadie looked up and smiled as she looked at her outfit and said, “I think either would suffice.”

“Thanks.” Jude answered and started walking back towards the steps and Sadie called after her “Make sure it’s strapless.”

Patsy looked up from where she was sitting and said in a tone “Jude, what are you wearing?”

“Does this make me look like I lost my way to the stripper pole?” Jude asked her casually as she continued up the stairs keeping eye contact with Patsy.

Patsy didn’t say anything; she just smiled and raised her eyebrows. Jude nodded in acknowledgement and turned around.

Portia said, “It’s settled then, you are wearing that tomorrow.” putting emphasis on the ‘are’ in her statement.

“Now, I have another fitting so just put the stuff on the table and I will see you tomorrow.” She continued and walked over to the clothing rack across the room.

Jude changed back into her normal clothes and Tommy was waiting for her.

“You got changed in under a minute.” He stated.

“Yeah, quick changes, you get used to 'em.” She responded.

“Nice,” he said, “by the way, you looked hot in that skirt.”

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