Roles Reversed


Darius had just finished announcing Tom’s debut album, “I Get Carried Away…”, and that he would be singing a few songs. The crowd of people swarmed around the stage cheered as Tom walked out on the stage. Tom grabbed the microphone and said, “Hey everyone thanks for coming out here tonight.”

The crowd cheered and he continued “The first song I am going to sing is my first single Let’s Talk.”

The band started to play and he started singing. He glanced at Jude, who smiled at him from the soundboard on the sidelines of the stage. He smiled back and looked out at the crowd. There were a few business people in the crowd along with a whole bunch of fans. He continued to scan the room and saw Kwest, Sadie, Rylie, Brien, and Blayke watching the show from a table next to the stage. Adrian was leaning against the wall next to them, taking it all in.

Once the song was over she turned around in her chair and walked over to the table where everywhere was sitting.

“Hey Jude.” Sadie and Kwest said as Jude walked towards them and the rest of the people at the table turned and looked at her.

“Hey guys.” She responded.

“It’s Jude Harrison” the three remaining men at the table respond simultaneously.

Jude chuckled and Adrian said, “Guys.”

“What, it is.” Rylie stated simply.

Jude smiled, “Kwest, you ready to take over?”

He nodded and they walked over to the board and then Jude made her way backstage to change. After she was changed she went to hair and makeup. Looking at her reflection, she played with her hair a little. She then walked back over to the soundboard area, remembering that she had to tell Kwest about the levels but she got side tracked when someone called to her “Jude?”

“Yeah?” she turned around.

“It is you,” they said, “You look good.”

“Thanks.” She said, departing as they did.

Suddenly Jude could feel the heat of someone’s eyes burning into her, suddenly feeling overly exposed wishing she had put up more of a fuss when it came to her attire she turned around and scanned the room for the source of the attention. She soon made contact with a pair of bright green eyes burning a hole in her. She quickly looked away and joined in as applause filled the room as the song came to an end. As the next song was introduced and started someone walked up behind her and said in a low tone “Hey babe.”

Jude didn’t say anything and just kept her eyes locked on the show, recognizing the voice and choosing to ignore it.

“Can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Sure, what do you want.” She answered, remaining civil.

“I would like to apologize,” they answered, “for how I treated you.”

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