The truth shall set you free


Excerpt of part II

1. Resolutions

1. over her dead body

Was it morning? Was it night? How much time went away? Darkness was everywhere, surrounding and oppressing. It brought to the eerie silence an atmosphere of emptiness… void.

It was almost like she was already dead. No light, no sound, no air or perfume, and with her dry tongue glued to her palate only her body perceived was the hard cold floor pressed against her right side.

Delirium flashing dark ideas through her brain, detaching her mind from reality and making it travel through dark theories carried her far away. Her body was lighter and lighter… She was okay now. She was far away and nothing can touch her.

That feeling of nothingness brought her back to old days of her teenage.

A door creaked open but it felt so far away. A halo of light entered the room. The intrusion troubled her state of calmness. As she realized she had been staring at a wall ten inches away from her face, a rough hand pulled her up. She didn’t fight it.

Hinata closed her eyes in attempt to go back to where her soul had been for the past hours. How her feet sustained her body was beyond her as it felt disconnected, but maybe it was due to the hand supporting a bit of her weight. Finally her bottom landed on what seemed to be a couch. Immediately she brought her legs to her body and curled up, her face down and eyes closed.

Like iced water would abruptly wake up someone sleeping, her situation abruptly disrupted her peace of mind. Why she was there, how it happened and who came to take her. Cold fingers roughly massaged her back, and soon all her body was like drowning under cold waters.

He’s going to kill you

Don’t stay here

He’s going to torture you

She couldn’t look up even if her life dependent on it. What cause would it serve it anyway? He hated her more than anything, probably more than Madara of all people. What would there be in his eyes? Hatred, murderous intent…

She just couldn’t.

A sudden and piercing ringtone frightened her. It was without doubt a phone -his phone. Why was he receiving phone calls?

Her mind fogged again and dizziness crawled around. When the sound of him getting up reached her ears, buds of sweats started covering her skin while her heart raced madly against its coffin.

“Come today” he said coolly yet his tone added more to her growing terror “around eight (she could hear the other person voice being loud and noisy even if inaudible) . I got her” he said and then she heard the click ending the call

Tingling crawled in her fingers. She squeeze them together as hard as possible. The tingling continued, washing over her fingers without a care. Her end would come soon enough. Sasuke’s words came back. It could only have been Naruto on the phone. Obito had shot on him too.

Just like Sasuke, Naruto wanted his revenge and had craved for it over the course of one year. He had accumulated a powerful feeling such as hate seconds after seconds for 356 days, without a break and with the eternal remembrance of his friend being away and the child of his friend being death…

Two people who saw her like Christians saw the devil and demons. Those two would be reunited with just her in a room far away from the world.

Sweat dropped faster. The impediment doom of death was over her head, through her chest and into her lungs. Breathing was so hard it felt like death was already taking her away. She was losing control. Hinata pressed her hands so hard against her chest, trying so hard to catch her breath but no to avail. Soon all her body was trembling with each breathe took.

Her troubled vision sought for support through the black couch. The contrast between her clenched fists against the dark material was the last thing her eyes caught…




“You are there!”

Her eyes brusquely opened before her body connected to her mind. There was a wooden coffee table with nothing but a black ashtray. Her mind tried to make sense out of those common objects but didn’t have time. Soon boot-cladded legs entered her vision. She was pulled roughly by her collar.

“You monster!”

Sakura was before her eyes.

“After all you did you are here. You’re a pitiful excuse of a human. Murder! You killed our child! ”

Sakura’s hand landed on Hinata’s cheek in a hard slap and piercing flesh to flesh sound. Still shocked, Hinata didn’t cover her face or tried to sooth her landing. Her body glided on the floor opposed to the couch.

How many are they? Hinata wondered once her body reconnected with her brain. She didn’t attempt to sit down or anything. Maybe if Sakura get it done it would be quicker than with the two others… if they were only two. Begging wasn’t an option, he proved it yesterday…

And she was tired to beg or cry for that matter.

“I’m gonna kill you!”

Sakura sat over her and hit her this time. As her fist went up for another hit, Hinata felt Sakura’s weight shifted. She stayed on her back, wishing for death to come faster, despite her nerves threatening to loosen up anything soon.

She wasn’t strong. Hinata wanted to cry and beg for it.

“What are you doing?”

“Let me go! Let me go!”

“Your child won’t come back. You’ll only worsen thing!”

“You think I’m afraid of Obito?”

“You should”

“Why does it matter? After all that’ll happen, she’s gonna die anyway without him seeing her again. Did you forget what Sasuke said?”


“Let me go! I’m gonna kill that monster!”

“Sakura, stop it”

Hinata recognized his voice but didn’t move. Her eyes were opened on the wooden celling where dangled a white fan. It was turning and turning, letting her get lost into the everlasting spiraling. The warm and thick liquid escaping the broken skin of her lips was barely there.

Again her illusion was broken. Someone took her off the floor. Again she closed her eyes. She was back to darkness; the place she hated the most; the place that frightened her the most… where she would be anytime from then.

She was seated.

Well, in those last hours of her life she wanted to see their faces, all the faces of those that wanted her dead no matter the risks, that including prison and Obito.

Hinata didn’t expect so much.

Seated around a table in the kitchen was Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke right at her opposite end. The surprise there was Kakashi and Itachi. They were related to Sasuke as his adoptive father and lately found brother respectively, but something was off.

Over her dead body, couldn’t she help but thought. All her enemies, all the people that wanted her dead or in deep sufferance was reunited there, with faces expressions ranging from cold to heated anger. They all wanted a piece of her. They shouldn’t certainly go hungry.

Her surprise died away as she got imprisoned into Sasuke’s cold and immobile dark eyes.

Sasuke leaned a bit forward and pushed something toward her. Yet she didn’t look away. Her words were at the base of her throat.

“We’re here just for one thing: your cooperation. If you give us that, you’ll live” someone amongst them said but Hinata couldn’t look away

Silence dwelled in the small room. The more she looked, the more she saw hatred. He didn’t frown or anything. He didn’t have a real aggressive body language. To anyone he’d look normal, a bit too focused or stiff, but harmless. However, she knew him more than people would. She recognized that look, those cold eyes, and that stiff body. That was how she would stand in the morning when she was married. She would look Madara that way while sitting in the corner. She would look him with passionate hatred but keep the cool face of an in-control person. She didn’t know if she did that to hide from him or she was turning into a sociopath.

Now she had her answer. She had his answer.

When something shifted into her periphery, she turned toward her left. Itachi was there, with the object that was once before her on the table. His long fingers held a small old-fashioned phone. It was black.

“Obito is still a problem to all of us here” Itachi said, his tone as smooth but firm as possible “and your help will if not tone your sin, help you stay alive.”

He had the same gaze as his little brother, the kind that kept you from looking her, sucking you into. Itachi looked exactly like Sasuke, except he looked like a businessman instead of someone wanting to shed her blood.

As he stared, she stared back.

“We need you to help us to trick Obito… it’d be to your benefit too”

Flashbacks of Obito swarmed. Obito being there when Madara was torturing her; Obito helping her getting rid of Madara; Obito taking care of her interests after Madara; Obito bringing a doctor for her… Obito refusing to take all the money for himself no matter how she tried to convince him. up until now, she doubted about him even if only a bit, but if she had to betray someone, it wouldn’t be him.

“You want me to betray Obito”

“We want you to help keeping every person in this room alive… including you”

“SO, I help you kill Obito, and then you kill me”

“You’re an intelligent woman. I don’t need to repeat myself”

“It’s not about yourself but every person of this room. At least two people here promised to kill me”

The memory stroked her all body. The realization that there was a way out was slowly dawning on her.

“They certainly know where their interests are”

“I’m not betraying Obito”

“Oh, you’ve got notion about betrayal”

She turned to look at Sasuke. He was being sarcastic yet that expression that spiced sarcasm lacked on his empty face. Sure his face was motionless but that quick muscle in his jaw and crisped fingers gave him away.

Hinata blinked and gulped.

“You might as well kill me. I’m not giving you his phone number. I’m doing whatever you want. I am simply not giving Obito to you”

“I can’t take it! I’m out of here” Sakura got quickly up and her seat fell “I’m going to the living room”

“If that’s what made you keep me alive you’re wrong” Hinata added while getting up “he’s the last person I’ll ever betray”

“What? He treated you better than Madara did?”

Sasuke’s words pierced her chest fiercely. He got up too.

“After all you did, you feel like someone should beg you. Is money what keep you from selling him?”

“I like him. That’s why. He’s more to me than a stranger, more than a friend. He’s more than a brother…”

“Listen Hi-”

Kakashi tried to talk but she held her hand up.

“I see what you’re trying to do and what you want. I am not helping you to kill him. I’m not helping any of you to do anything to him. You’d better kill me”

“That’s what we’re going to see Hinata”

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