Am I A Ghost Or Real?

Maybe You're Right

"So Gail. All set? alcohol, food, drinks, tables, everything?" Steve was true to his words. He did come in early to help me set up. It worked well for both of us considering we both had today off. I also happen to have tomorrow off.

He came by around noon, I guess he remembers that I hate to be waken up in the morning. I did wake up in the morning though. Had a talk with my superior and with Marcus. The cameras in the house will be activated by my phone according to what I see fit. I activate whichever camera I may think is needed. Especially if Jameson goes into a room by himself or takes a phone call. Then I activate the camera of whichever room he's in. The cameras are completely hidden so he won't be able to detect them.

I am supposed to socialize with everyone, making sure Jameson is in the group. Lead him off of his infatuation with me. Learn things about his cover up story from him and everyone else. Show him that my house in normal and that I am not anything other than a detective. Do one big clumsy act that will show him that I am not well balanced to be a danger to him.

Marcus wants me to injure myself. If the 'hot pathologist' is coming, I should get injured so that she would stitch me up. 'it would be so romantic'. The idiot.

"All set Steve. The food is ready to be grilled as soon as people show up." I confirm to him as I grab a beer bottle for myself and one for him. I had set up everything outside. The weather seemed nice today for october in Canada. And the backyard was big enough to fit everyone I guess.

"You got a nice place sis." Steve tells me as he grabs the beer off my hands and sips it.

"Yeah, I thought what the Hell. Put my money to use." I shrug at his comment.

"Seriously. I may have not said it, but I am proud of you." He says with a smile and somehow that makes me wary.

"Oh no, no no no. I left for five years with no word. Stick to that. No proud of me shit. You're supposed to still be mad. So be mad." I Ramble on. It was easier when he was still a little upset with me. I am going to hurt him again, and it would be a bit easier if he was mad at me already. Now it will break him more.

"I am still mad. But I am also proud. I can do both." Steve defends. "You left for five years but you put them to good use. You cleaned up your act, you went to college, you went to the academy, you made detective. And Gail, you did it all by yourself. So yeah, I get to be the proud big brother here." He then clinks his bottle with mine. "So deal with it."

"You stink." I give him a silly answer. What else to say? I am mad, but his words kind of make me feel good. Even if all he knows is a lie. I'm sure the if he knew the truth, it would still be the same. I did work hard for this. I mean, I didn't just get the job handed to me. I wasn't even thinking about applying for such a job. I just happened to be there when a band thing happened. I let my Peck instincts take over, and I caught the bad guy. It so happens that it wasn't the police that was after him, but the spy agency. I was offered a place, a test, and I took it. Once I proved myself, I was given every mission, and I did it all very well. My job is too dangerous but it pays well, and I managed to invest the right way. I'm sure mom would like that fact. She would hate the secrecy part of it though. What's the point of having a great job? Saving the day? And being rich? If you can't tell the world about it? If you can't show off about it? If you can't have people respect you or fear you because of it?

"So Traci will be here soon. She just finished her shift." Steve lets me know as he makes his way towards a chair and takes a seat. I follow him and sit close by.

"She bringing the little guy?" I ask him.

"Yep. He's coming. He misses his favorite gaming partner." A chuckle leaves his lips and he just shakes his head in amusement. "You know, we haven't played video games in a long time."

"Yeah, I used beat your ass every single time." I say as I laugh at the memory.

"Only because I let you." He scoffs and sips his beer.

"Oh sure. Use your excuses. You know, I have a console set up, finish your beer and it's Game On!" I challenge him and he just smiles. "We can have a couple of games before people start showing up."

"How many people are coming again? Everyone at 15 or half?" He asks me.

"I don't know. I invited who I wanted. You guys did the rest. So I set up to be prepared for the masses." I say as I look around me to the huge amount of alcohol and food.

"So it's all cops and detectives and white shirts? Wait. Are mom and dad coming?" Steve looks at me for answers.

"If they were, I'm sure you'd know. I already called them. Just so mom wouldn't throw a fit for being left out. They can't make it today. Something about a city lunch thing." And that's a good thing too. If they were here, things would have been harder. "And yes, it's mostly gonna be cops, detectives and one white shirt."

"Mostly? As in there will be someone who's not a cop?" He caught on to my words and he gives me that amused knowing look with raised eye brows.

"Maybe." I answer vaguely and busy myself with my beer.

"Maybe? As in yes? Is she coming?" He asks knowingly.

"Who?" I play dumb and he doesn't buy it. He just gives me an expectant look and waits for me to relent. "Fine, yes, she is."

"You've only just got back and you've already met somebody. Not that I'm surprised. You were always a heartbreaker." He muses.

"Were. Until I got heart broken. Besides, it's not even like that, we're just friends." I defend my relationship with Holly. We've only known each other a week, barely even. If you don't count the first time we met by bumping into each other. And yet, even I know that friends doesn't even fit this.

"Yeah, friends." He scoffs at that. "You're gonna have to do better than that. I see those looks you guys share. You kind of like her." He concludes and gives me a smug smile.

"Well yeah, otherwise we wouldn't be friends." I state.

"For now. Even I see where this is headed. Holly's gay Gail. And you're… Well you just don't care. She's a good person. She could be good for you." He tells me seriously as he finishes his beer and I just give him a warm small smile. He doesn't push the subject more. He just settles for that statement. I may have left for five years, but he knows that talking about feelings isn't my best quality.

"Maybe." I answer after a while and then I just throw away my empty beer. "Now let's go play some games. I miss beating you at things."


"Hey Gail." I hear a voice behind me and then small arms surround me as I turn around.

"Hey buddy. You made it." I greet Leo who releases me and steps back to stand next to Traci.

"Hey." Traci greets me and I greet her back.

"Nice place." She comments as she looks around. "And nice crowd." She adds once she really looks around and sees that almost half of 15 and all her friends were there.

"They're here for the food and alcohol. My presence is just a bonus." I say with a smile and Traci chuckles.

At around 5PM people started showing up. Half an hour later almost everyone was there and the food was in the making. Dov was standing by the grill with Chloe, who is still too perky for my likings. Next to him is Chris. And oliver who came with his girlfriend and his eldest daughter has made his way towards the alcohol. Everyone else was scattered around talking.

I made my round talking to everyone, until I sat down next to Steve who just found a chair and stuck to it. When James showed up I went over to chat with his group. Which consisted of Andy, Nick, Sam, and I think officer Brooks.

I'd barely been standing with them for a minute before Leo found me.

"Steve's over there." I tell Traci and point towards the chairs near the alcohol table.

"Of course he is." She says with a shake of the head. She then greets the people standing next to us and makes her way towards Steve.

"Peck!" Frank stands next to us then and gives me a greeting. Next to him is Noel his wife.

"Frank, Noel. Glad you guys made it." I smile at them. Frank then moves around to greet the people next to him.

"You got a nice house Gail. They must pay a detective back in Vancouver more than we do." Noel notes.

"That's what I said." Sam tells her.

"Yeah, no." I could feel Jameson eyeing me then. Answer quick and reasonably. "I may have taken a lot of jobs, worked overtime, went undercover a lot. Didn't have much to spend on. So I saved up, came here, and spent most of it. And the best part, being a Peck had nothing to do with it." I tell them with a smile and they laugh at that.

"Being undercover can be hard sometimes. How'd you manage doing it too much?" Andy asks me then.

"I don't know. I mean, I did get hurt a few times. But I didn't have much to lose and I just wanted to put the bad guys away. I am not exactly friendly sometimes, so my life wasn't that exciting which is why going undercover was a way to kill boredom sometimes. Though the people I worked with thought it was career ambitions." I tell them with a shrug.

"The scars on your wrists?" Andy asks as she looks at my wrists that happened to be covered since I'm wearing a long sleeved shirt.

"Yeah, my cover was blown and the guy I was after wanted to know how much we knew. I refused to tell him. He started making cuts in my wrist thinking that I'd confess if I was near death." I tell them.

"Did you? Confess?" James jumps into the conversation and looks me in the eye as he asks his question.

"I almost did, but my undercover partner found me then and got the guy, before he got me." I answer.

"Any other scars?" He then questions with raised eye brows and a challenging look. If I say yes he'd be suspicious, if I say no, he'd also be suspicious. I'll keep closer to the truth.

"I got shot a couple of times." I cringe at that. "The worst part about being undercover, is you don't have a vest on, so in danger situations, it's easy to kill you."

"Getting shot wearing a vest is bad enough." Andy says as she shudders at the mention of being shot. "Remember that guy last month?" She directs her question to James. "He shot me right in the stomach, hurt like a bitch. James here dodged his bullet easily though and shot him in the leg."

"I didn't dodge it. I turned around at the sound when you got shot and found myself facing a gun, what was I supposed to do? I reacted. I was faster than him I guess." He tells her.

"He did shoot, I heard a second shot." Andy protests.

"I didn't hear it. If he did shoot, he missed. Lucky me." He says.

"Oh come on. Stop being modest. If you did dodge it, it's kinda cool. I should learn how to do that. Don't feel like going through the pain of being shot, ever again." I say. He may have used his spy skills in the job, but no one seems to be suspicious about it, and I needed him to believe that I was impressed with it.

He just gives me a cocky smile then.

"I think I need more alcohol. And food." I excuse myself with that. As I turn around I find nick standing somewhere alone. I decide then to be the better person and talk to him. He was right before. If we will be working together, we need to fix some things.

"Hey." I greet him and looks surprised that I approached him.

"Hey. Thanks for inviting me." He says with a genuine smile.

"No problem." I give a bit of a smile back. "Why are you being mister loner? The army got you anti-social?"

"Nah, I was with Chris and Price. One went to get drinks, the other food." He tells me.


"I'm sorry." He says suddenly and I look at him questioningly. "I should've said it a long time ago. I'm really sorry Gail. I really didn't want to hurt you." He apologizes and I know he means it.

"We wouldn't have lasted anyways." I try to lighten the mood, hoping to divert it from the serious path it was heading to.

"Maybe. I just got scared and… I should've told you I couldn't do it. I should've talked to you before I left. I shouldn't have just disappeared." He continues with his apologizes.

"Don't worry, you're not the only one who disappeared." I remind him and he chuckles a bit. "Look, it didn't work out. We're different now. Let's just move past this. I've moved on, I hope you have too. So let's just put it behind us and work together."

"That would be good." He says and smiles.

"Well alright, I'll leave you to your weird lonely soldier act. I need food." I excuse myself with that.

Once I grab a burger plate and eat it whole, I make my way towards the alcohol grabbing a beer. Once the beer is opened, I feel a presence behind me. James. It would be best to acknowledge him after a turn around, right? So I do turn around.

"Ian. Beer, whiskey or tequila?" I ask him hoping to avoid any conversation he may have wanted by playing hostess.

"A beer. Thanks." He says and I turn around and get him one. Once I hand it to him I try to walk past hoping that he had no conversation in mind. Unfortunately he talks before I could get away.

"You got tomorrow off right?" He asks me. Oh no. He's gonna try his luck with me again.

"Yes I do." I answer simply with no emotion.

"I do too." He lets me know. "Wanna hang out?"

"I already have plans, but thanks for the offer." I reject him nicely.

"I'm really harmless Gail. I swear." He says. Right. Harmless. Doubt that.

"I know. But I do have plans. And I already told you, I'm not really interested in you that way." I try shutting him down again.

"You might change your mind if you give me a chance." He keeps pushing.

"You're really not my type." I try to convince him, hoping he'd catch the hint in my words. But then someone walking through the backyard door catches my eyes. A tall toned body with long dark hair. glasses, a white shirt with a leather jacker atop and black pants. And then our eyes lock and my breath hitches. Holly smiles at me and I return the smile.

"Oh, I guess I see why." I forgot Ian was there. When I look at him I find him looking at Holly. "Sorry, it's just you dated Nick. So I just assumed…" He trails off. "Sorry I kept pushing." Oh, he thinks I'm rejecting him cause I like women now. Well, if it gets him off my back, I'm not correcting him. I do like women. Well one, to be exact. And that one happens to be walking towards us.

"Dr. Stewart." Ian greets with a nod that she returns and then he walks away.

"Oh thank God you came." I tell her.

"Too happy to see me?" She teases.

"I thought he'd never leave." I point in Ian's direction. Making her think that I am only happy she came cause she got Ian away from me. She chuckles at that.

"Well you saved me from a pushy date. Let's call it even then." She says and smiles. I couldn't help but smile back and somehow we end up with our eyes locked.

It isn't until Leo calls out to me that I turn away.

"Gail." The kid starts as he reaches me. "Steve says you have a console with some cool games. Can we play?" He asks me excitedly.

"Sure thing kid. Maybe later?" I ask him then.

"Okay." He answers. Not as excitedly but still excited enough.

Once he leaves back towards Steve and Traci, I turn my attention back to Holly.

"So what would you like to drink?" I ask her.

"A beer would be good."

I grab a bottle and hand it to her.

"Food is over there. Handled by Chris now apparently." I tell her as I point towards Chris. "Let's go get some."

"You haven't eaten yet?" She asks, but her tone shows she knows fully well I have so I don't give her an answer. I just show her my smug face.

"Right." She says. "Well I'm starving so, some food would be good."

I then lead her towards Chris. And we get some burgers and hotdogs. Holly then leads us towards the table where Steve and Traci are sitting, with Leo, Oliver, Celery and Izzy (I think that's Oliver's daughter's name). I was hoping I'd just enjoy the food with just her and me. But she already sat down, I couldn't drag her away now.

"Hey Holly. Gail being mean to you?" Steve asks her once he notices the small scowl I was wearing. Holly just looks at me and chuckles when she sees the expression I throw steve at that moment.

"No, not to me. But I think she will be mean to you now." She says and she's right.

"Oh I'm used to that. She's always mean to me." He replies.

"Maybe I should upgrade then. Be worse than mean." I say through gritted teeth. I then feel a hand on my knee under the table. Holly has reached down and she squeezes my knee in order to calm me down. That act may have calmed my anger but it has started something else. I lose the scowl immediately and I look her way. Her eyes are gentle and warm, and her hand is sending tingles all over my body. Her eyes leave my face and she turns back towards her food. Then her eyes aren't the only thing that leaves me, her hand is up and she uses it to eat. But the tingles are still there. And I just couldn't stop staring at her then.

"Or you can get distracted and forget all about it." Steve notes then but I ignore him.

"Something interesting about Dr Stewart Gail?" Steve teases, and I could see Holly smile through her bite. I just turn away before she could look at me. Why did I have to be so pale? I'm sure everyone's seen my blush. Even Holly.

"Ass." I spit towards him. I then eat my food.

"Hey children present here Gail." Oliver warns. Right Leo. I give Traci an apologetic look. But Leo's not who Oliver meant. "Izzy, ignore the bad mouthed girl over here." He adds teasingly.

"Dad." Izzy wines. She then pulls out her phone and starts typing.

"Hey Oliver. You dragged her here didn't you?" I ask him and he just smiles at me.

"What'd you do Kid?" I ask louder knowing Izzy would know I meant her.

"Got suspended from school." She grits out in a barely audible voice.

"Ah. Do anything bad?" I try to keep her attention on me.

"Maybe. Mr Burt has it in for me." She grunts out.

"Hey now. We don't accuse people of such things. You did talk back and leave his classroom." Oliver warns. Accusing a teacher of being unjust is not a good thing. But then again I had a math teacher like that back in Highschool.

"Wait. Burt? Short. Dark hair. Doesn't pronounce his 'R's well, and always wears ties?" I ask Izzy. What if it's the same.


"Oh God. I went to your high school." I laugh at the realization. "He hated me too. Ever since I corrected him once. I'm guessing you did that? He hates having a student outsmart him. He's a snot."

"Yes. He doesn't even teach us how to do things. We have to figure them out ourselves. He had his equation wrong. I was trying to help so he kicked me out." She tells me.

"That can't be why you're suspended, can it? It's unfair." Traci then jumps in.

"He got me suspended after he kicked me out ten times." I tell Traci remembering when the principal had to call my parents and the anger and fear I felt when mom would know.

"Me too! And the principal is a… jerk." She remembers Leo's at the table and chooses a better word. "He's too lazy to investigate a teacher."

"OMG! I remember this. Mom was furious. And she wouldn't believe you when you told her about the teacher. You actually were telling the truth!" Steve exclaims.

"Duh! I got suspended for other things. And I told mom about those too. Why would she think I lied about that time, I have no idea. Oh wait. Right. Because you told her the teacher was great. But you slept through math when you had him. So you wouldn't know." I point out to him and he grimaces at the memory.

"Trouble maker in school then?" Holly asks me.

"How else was I to have fun?" I tell her and she just looks at me amused.

"How bad is this teacher exactly then?" Oliver then asks worried.

"The worst!" Me and Izzy say together.

"I'm sure you had plans with your friends but Oliver made you come here?" I ask her.

"Yep, punishment."

"Unfair Oliver." I tell him.

"I see that now." He says. "I'll have to look into this Mr Burt. Have a chat with him maybe."

"Oh No! He'll even hate her more. Let me take care of it." I tell him with a smile.

"Oh no. Put that smile away Gail. You're not going to that Highschool and scaring the teacher." Steve warns me.

"I wasn't gonna. I just have connections on school boards. I'll have them do it." Or his idea could sound better. I make a mental note then to call someone about Mr Burt. I was sure he'd eventually get kicked out.

"Good." He says and Izzy just says a Thank you.

"You'd still like to go there and scare him wouldn't you?" I heard Holly say close to my ear so only I could hear.

"Oh definitely."

She then gets closer. "It's kind of cool, you're looking out for the kid." I could feel her breath tickling my ear as she says that. Once it's said she moves back to her previous position.

I just turn towards her and she was still smiling. Two can play at this teasing game. Right?

I lean over and whisper in her ear huskily. "Maybe one day I could show you how cool I really am."

Once I move away she meets me eyes and I could see she got my meaning, and her eyes darken a little bit.

I smile triumphantly then and turn towards Celery. Traci said she was a witch. It would be cool to get to know about her.

While we're all talking at the table I look around and I see James walking away with the phone to his ears. He enters the house and I know that I need to record this conversation. But when I look over I can't tell which room he's in.

So I pull out my phone and activate all cameras in the house. I then text Marcus and tell him to check all cameras.

Four minutes later I see James walk back out and join his group. Right then I get a text from Marcus.

This has so gotten more interesting. Whoever he was talking to wanted him to do something. He turned him down saying he couldn't leave now or he'd blow his cover. He told him he'll finish the job soon though. I'm going to try to pull a check on his phone number and see what number has called him. It'll take a bit of time to make sure he doesn't catch me. Good job.

So this is a cover and he's working with someone or for someone. What could his job be? I text Marcus back.

Try and get this number. We need to know what this job could be. We'll get together after everyone leaves here and talk about this more.

Of course -M

I then put my phone away and think of what could James need to do. Why would an ex spy need to pose as a police officer?

"Hey you okay?" Holly's hand is back on my knee.

"Yeah, sorry. Zoned out." I reassure her with a smile.

"Okay." And her hand is off my knee again. Damn it. Stop teasing me woman!

Oliver then calls my attention and we get into another conversation. It's great to see everyone interact. To see the people Steve has surrounded himself with and know that they are great.

They're fun and easy to get along with. Oliver seems to hold a father figure for the rest of the officers. I could see that they looked up to him.

And Holly. Just her being close radiates heat unto my body and it makes me steal glances at her whenever I could.

She maybe my means of diverting James's attention away from me. And that's with good reason. Because I truly do like her. I've been intrigued by her since the day we bumped into each other outside the station. It's great to see her interact with the people around her. She's only been the forensic's pathologist for the past 9 months but she's so damn good at her job and it was clear she gets respect for that.

An hour or so later. Some of the people start to leave. By the end all who's left are: Dov, Chris, Nick, Andy, Sam, Chloe, James, Traci, Steve, Leo and Holly.

We all gather for a conversation and I realize how much of a close and fun group they are. Would I have been friends with them if I hadn't left five years ago? If I stuck around and became a cop here in the city? Would it have been easier then? To like Holly this much? I hoped I'd get a chance to be alone with her tonight, but I also didn't hope for that. I wanted her, but I was scared of being alone with her. I was still unsure if I should drag her into all of this.

Everyone offers to help me clean up but I refuse. I tell them to relax, I have this. I'll just do it in the morning.

That's when I realize that the night is coming to an end. And I remember that I did everything needed of me in front of James except one thing. Clumsy act.

What could I do? Trip? Cut myself as Marcus suggested? Hit a door or a wall?

I guess if I show imbalance it could work.

"I'm just going to grab one more beer. I am like completely sober now. Gotta change that." I exclaim and Steve tells me to bring him one too cause he and I only had three, he was keeping count. We need to at least get tipsy.

I thought I'd trip while I make my way back from where the alcohol is. But I didn't plan on Holly following me. Somehow I let my guard down and didn't feel her following me. It wasn't till I felt her breath on my ear and her words echoed in that I jumped back.

"I'll have one too." She says softly in a whisper and I jump back and drop the beer I was opening. It breaks on the table. And as I try in that same second to step away from the glass I bump into Holly who was behind me and the feel of her body surprised me that I step back forward and put my hands down towards the table, where unfortunately the glass was. In one second I had cut my hand.

"Shit." I exclaim once I feel the pain.

"Shit Gail. I'm so sorry for startling you. Let me see." She apologizes immediately and reaches out for my hand.

"It's fine." I tell her once I look at it myself. I've had too many cuts in the years to know when I have a bad one.

"It looks deep. You need to get it cleaned. Do you have a first aid kit?" She asks me and I nod.

"It's in the bathroom." I tell her.

"Come on. If you're lucky you might not need stitches at all." She says as she grabs my good hand and drags me away. On her way she picks up a towel that was laying by the barbecue.

"Put this on the cut. You don't want to bleed all over the place." She instructs.

"Really I'm fine. It's not a deep cut." I try to reassure her. I don't know how I'd feel if she dragged me up there and fixed me up. If I was alone with her in a room. If she was touching me.

"I'll feel better if I see that for myself." She says and keeps dragging me.

"You okay Gail?" Traci asks when we pass by her.

"Dropped a beer and cut myself." I inform her lifting the hand I'd wrapped the towel around. "Doc here is going to fix it apparently."

"Still Clumsy Gail?" Steve taunts and I just pull out my tongue at him like a little five year old. "Real mature." He says.

"How bad is it?" James then asks with his face towards Holly. Wait, I did it. Clumsy act in front of Jameson. It wasn't an act though. I was truly clumsy.

"Once it's clean I'll know if it'll need stitches." She tells him and with that she drags me into the house. She asks where's the kitchen and drags me towards it.

She pulls out a bar stool I had and orders me to sit. When I do sit I realize Steve had followed us. Holly informs me she'll go get the first aid kit and I give her directions to the downstairs bathroom and she leaves to find it.

"Do that on purpose Gail?" Steve taunts.

"Shut your face. I was startled." I pout at him.

"By Holly?" He gives me a smug face.

"Go away." I wave him off.

"Oh I will. Once Holly comes back. I'll just leave you alone with her." He informs me, smug face still in place.

"Steve leave Gail alone." Traci show up and scolds Steve. Go Traci. Steve just lifts his shoulders and saunters past her towards the outside.

"You know, she likes you too." Traci tells me once Steve is out of ear shot. "It's okay to be happy. From what I heard about you, and learned about you. You don't think you deserve much. I may not know you that well, but I am observant." Traci was an insightful person and a gentle soul. But she was right, she didn't know me well enough for that.

"And what have you observed?" I ask her a bit defensively.

"That you like her. She likes you. She's good for you." She tells me. She stated what she has been seeing this night I guess. I can't blame her for her comments. I do like Holly, and I have a feeling it's mutual. It showed tonight. I could drag this for a while, or I could acknowledge this now. And God, do i just want to do that now. Just kiss Holly and show her I like her.

"Maybe." I relent and confess to Traci.

"Maybe?" She prompts for more answers.

"Maybe." I repeat and don't say more.

Holly walks back in with the first aid kit and Traci smiles at her. "I'll let you do your job doctor." She says to Holly before she leaves the room and I am left with Holly alone.

"You got a good kit here. Let's see that wound." She pulls out the stool next to mine and takes the towel off of my hand. She then inspects my hand before taking the tools she needs and gets to work. The second her hands are touching mine the tingles take over and I just stare at her. Ignoring the work she's doing on my hand and just stare at her face and the expressions that take over it while she does her work.

"Lucky, no stitches needed." She tells me once she's done. She then grabs the gauze and starts wrapping it around my hand. When she finishes she makes sure the gauze is secure and then she meets my eyes with worry written on her face.

"You should really be careful Gail. I know it was partially my fault but still. I'm just glad it wasn't your wrist that got injured. And it didn't get infect. You would need stitches then, You could faint and you could die from that. You're lucky it was a beer bottle, the alcohol wouldn't have let the cut get infected. You could have gotten an infection if it were anything else…" She's rambling and she looks so damn cute doing that. She does know I am a 'cop' right? I face worse than a simple cut everyday. But her rambling and her worry were just so adorable. "You could die from a simple cut sometimes…" I couldn't take it anymore. Looking at her ramble and the way her face was filled with worry and care. I guess I made my decision. Traci and Steve are right. Holly is good for me. I guess I made my decision. And it kills me that I'll be dragging her into something like this but I can't help it. I simply lunge at her. I just grab her face and pull her closer and I place my lips on hers. I couldn't help but kiss her stopping her rambling. She seems surprised for a second but then returns my kiss and I could feel her lips moving with mine making my whole body tingle and my mind lose every thought. All I felt and thought about were her lips on mine. A few seconds later I pull away and meet her eyes which were hooded and dazed. I'm guessing mine were the same.

"Too many words there." I tell her breathlessly and before she could reply I attack her lips again and I get lost in them.

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