Am I A Ghost Or Real?

I Won't Fight It

"Too many words there." I tell her breathlessly and before she could reply I attack her lips again and I get lost in them.

And just the feel of her lips on mine was more than enough to ignite a part of me that has been dead for a long time now. I don't even think anyone's ever made me feel this alive with just a kiss. And the way she was responding to my lips was fogging my brain.

All I could do was feel. With both my hands cradling her face bringing her closer to me, and her hands seemed to have found their way to my waist, holding on to me.

I wanted more.

I guess she did too. Because seconds later, I feel a tongue tracing my bottom lip and I open my mouth to meet it with my own making our kiss more heated.

I slid my injured hand down to her shoulder and rested it there while the other hand just tangled in her hair. Holly's hands on my waist flexed and I just needed even more.

I knew that we had to come for air sometime, but I didn't want to.

This moment I let all thinking out, I forgot that I was on a mission, that I will be leaving after it's done, that I was bringing someone into a dangerous situation. Just for those minutes, I was being selfish, and went after what I wanted. Because I couldn't deny it or even control it, the fact that I wanted Holly. I wanted her from the day I bumped into her, and the day that she handled my snark. For just a few minutes, I wanted to feel alive, and she somehow, in this moment, made the hate, the regret, the anger and the guilt go away.

I tried to pull the stool I was sitting on closer to her with my feet, hoping that our kiss wouldn't break. When it seemed a bit difficult I simply stood up and moved closer. I could feel the heat radiating off of her body before mine even touched it. I was contemplating actually straddling her in her seat until she stood up during the kiss as well. Once it seemed possible I reached my good hand down towards her lower back and pulled her towards me until our bodies met and my tingles increased. Until my want became even more, became a desperate need. And right when our bodies met, with no space between us, I heard her moan and I couldn't hear that sound and not match it with my own.

I was so lost in the moment, in the feeling that I forgot that there was a world outside of the one we were in. I forgot that there were people in my house still. And Steve thought it'd be great to remind me.

"Gail! If you're all good now in there, let's play some xBox?" At the faint sound of Steve's voice, our little bubble breaks and we fall back to reality.

I break away from our kiss and I just rest my forehead on Holly's with my eyes still closed, still holding on to the feel of her closeness refusing to break apart just yet. A few seconds later I dare to move my head away a little and open my eyes and I find myself met with brown eyes looking back at me. Eyes that are darker than their usual color, eyes that are still concealed with glasses, eyes that are showing care and also surprise. Eyes that were just as dazed as mine and I couldn't look away.

"Gail?" Gah! Steve! I am so going to kill him! He's ruining our moment. I just wanted to ignore him and keep gazing at Holly. But I'm sure that if I don't respond anytime soon he'll come checking up on me.

"I'm all good. We'll be there in a second." I assure him glad that he didn't even come into the kitchen when he first called for me.

"We should um…" No, we should stay here. I didn't want to look away from her eyes, not now. But if I don't look away, I'll never make it out of this room anytime soon. So do just that. I reluctantly look away as I clear my throat. "We should get back out there." With that I drop my hands from her body and I take one step away. Her hands then fall to her sides and I instantly miss the heat.

"Yeah." She agrees. And I look up to her eyes and I see confusion all over her features. The glint that she had there before was fading a bit.

Okay Gail. Sawyer mode now. Process this fast. You just kissed her out of the blue in your kitchen, right after she finished taking care of your injury. You didn't give her a chance to say anything, just attacked her lips again. The kiss went from being innocent to full on heated. Steve breaks the spell and you don't say anything about what happened. You just step away and tell her you need to go back out there. Does she think that this was a one time deal thing? Spur of the moment? Just a kiss that I won't even give second thoughts to? Or maybe the glint is fading because she didn't want the kiss to end as well? Because she was just as irritated at Steve for breaking their moment?

Either way, I want that glint back.

When the processing was over I find that she had already started to make her way out of the kitchen. Before she reaches the doorway and walks out I make sure to make my way there and reach for her wrist and I stand ground until she turns to meet my eyes.

When she turns halts her steps and meets my gaze I step forward again getting closer getting us back to our previous embrace. I place both my hands around her and she then lifts hers towards my waist. When I see the glint back in her eyes I move my head forward and capture her lips once more in a small innocent kiss. A kiss that was meant to reassure her that it wasn't a one time thing. That I meant the kiss and that I wanted it to happen again.

When I move my head away she was holding a smile on her face.

"You working tomorrow?" I ask her with my voice still dazed.


"Well neither am I. So would you like to go to lunch with me?" I ask a bit hesitantly.

"Lunch?" She repeats.

"Yeah, maybe even do something after that." I add hopefully.

"Like a date?" She asks her smile still in place.

"If you want."

"Okay." She answers. And before I could say anything she breaks our current position, grabs my good hand and drags me towards the other room where I find that everyone was hanging. Once we reach that room Holly drops my hand.

"Hey. You okay?" Steve asks me as soon as he sees us.

"Yep. No stitches needed." I reply as I lift my gauzed up hand.

"So you can still play?" Leo asks hopefully.

"No." Holly answers for me before I can even form words. "You shouldn't move you hand too much for the next day. I didn't stitch your wound but that doesn't mean that it wasn't bad. Just let it heal."

"Sorry kid. Doctor's orders." I give him with an apologetic look. "Well at least it was my left hand that got injured. I can still use my gun with the right one." I add happily.

"Then take better care of it. Considering you're still clumsy you may injure that one too." Steve teases. "How many drinks did you have tonight?"

"I'm not drunk if that's what you're implying at. Not even tipsy. And I still have a good hand and good aim." I tell him and he doesn't get what I meant with that until he feels a pillow hit him right in the head. "So this makes me wonder how many drinks you had."

"Join the police. Cop… detective…" Steve mumbles and that was all I could catch. I guess he was just mumbling about me being a detective and being a match to him now. I just ignore his crazy mumbles and pull Holly down to sit next to me.

Once we're seated I don't let go of her hand. We just sit and watch the guys play while some engage in conversation that we even jump into. All during I keep hold of Holly's hand and steal glances at her. And every time I do, I see a smile on her face. And yet no one notices that my hand is still holding hers, I don't feel any of the eyes of the people around us linger on our joined hands. I don't see anyone looking at us in question. It was as if they were oblivious. Except for 'Ian'. About thirty minutes later he notices our joined hands and he just looks at Holly with a weird expression. And just the fact that he's looking at her makes me uneasy. I guess my grip on her hand tightened because she breaks her conversation with Traci and squeezes my hand to get my attention.

"You okay?" She asks in a whisper.

"Yeah." I match her tone. "My hand just hurts a bit." I try to blame the sudden tense pose on my injured hand and not on the fact that Jameson was just looking at Holly.

"Maybe I should've given you a couple of stitches, just in case." She says voice at normal volume, worry filling it.

"I'm okay. Really. This is nothing. I've had worse." I reassure her but that doesn't seem to work.

"How much worse?" I guess telling someone who's worried about you that you've had more pain than the pain that's worrying them now, isn't a good idea.

"It comes with the job. Ask everyone here." I was sure everyone was listening to us by now. And I didn't feel like getting into a conversation about the scars I had. I'm lucky I injured my hand and the left one at that. My long sleeves concealed my scars and the ones on the left arm were higher placed than the ones on the right arm.

"Yep. I needed three stitches done to my hand first day on the job." Andy pipes up and with that people started sharing stories about injuries they've gotten on the job.

The conversation dragged on while the games were still being played. And for once I was having fun. I was glad the cameras were manually activated, I didn't want anyone privy on these moments. Moments that I may not have again when this is over.

"You need help cleaning up Gail? I'm sure it'll be a pain with your hand injured?" Chris offers.

"Nah. I'll just dial a cleaning service. I call them a couple times a week." I assure him.

"Gail." Steve scolds. He can't expect me to clean. I never have. Besides, being a Peck, we always had someone do it for us.

"What? I'm a Peck." I remind him and he just shakes his head at my comment.

When Leo starts getting sleepy, everyone automatically takes it as their cue to leave. The cops say their goodbyes with a 'thank you' and nod. Except for Traci, Andy, Steve and Leo who give me a hug.

Holly seemed to linger at the doorway after everyone else left.

"So I'll see you tomorrow?" She asks hopefully with a small smile.

"Yes. We may have a few things to talk about." I tell her returning her smile.

"Things, like a kiss?" She asks with a smirk.

"Yeah, a kiss, or two." I remind her that there were two kisses, not one. "Or three." I add as I step closer to her and give her kiss similar to the second one I gave her in the kitchen. A kiss with the same purpose, to reassure her that the kissing wasn't just a now thing and that I plan on it happening again. When I break the kiss she reaches for my neck and pulls me closer again.

"Or four." She whispers against my lips before she captures them once again in a kiss that's more heated than the one I just gave her, and a kiss that lasts slightly longer.

"Pick you up tomorrow at noon?" I ask her breathlessly once we break the kiss.

"See you then." She says with a smile and then she makes her way out, I simply follow her out towards her car, which she parked a couple of houses away and she doesn't protest.

"Goodnight Gail." She says before she opens her car door.


And with that she gets in her car and I wait for her to drive away before I make my way back into the house.

Once I'm inside I call Marcus and tell him to that everyone's left, so he needs to come so we can clean up and discuss things.


"You know, you could help." Marcus reminds me as he lifts up the last of the garbage bags. He was the one cleaning up while I just sat at a chair and watched him clean.

"Can't, injured hand." I raise my left hand as evidence.

"Not THAT injured." He contradicts.

"Whatever. You're the one who didn't call in extra help!" I remind him that we could've called for help from the agency. It was their idea to do this anyways.

"I'm almost done anyways." He picks up what's left on the table and puts it in the trash. It took him about an hour or so to clean everything. The guy works fast.

"How'd you get your hand injured anyways?" He asks as he lifts the last of the garbage bags and puts it aside by the othe two.

"I was supposed to do something clumsy. So I just accidentally layed my hand on some broken glass." I say with a shrug as if it was no big deal.

"Accidentally? Not on purpose?" He asks with a raised brow.

"Well, I had to make it look real."

"Did he buy it?" He then asks.


"And did the hot doctor stitch you up?" He teases and I just narrow my eyes at him.

"No stitches were needed." I say through gritted teeth.

"But she did fix you up?" He pushes.

"Whatever. Are you done now so we can discuss the James situation?" I dismiss the trail the conversation was headed towards.

"Let's head inside." He walks ahead of me and stands where the door to the basement should be and waits for me to stand next to him.

"Agent 875 requesting entry." I say clearly and wait for the floor to open.

"Access granted." We hear replied and the floor under us drops until we are standing in the basement.

"Okay, let me conjure up the video so you can watch." Marcus then makes his way towards the computer and finds the video.

"So he was only alone once?" He asks me.

"Yes. I kept an eye on him almost 98% of the time. He only left to take that one phone call. He did text a couple of times though." I answer him explaining why I only got one video.

"Okay. Well watch this." He presses play and the screen moves.

Jameson is pacing in the middle of my living room with the phone to his ears and he's speaking in a bit of a hushed tone.

"Yes… I am aware of that… No don't… I said I'll do it myself… I can't leave now… You know why… We needed this cover, I leave with no reason or explanation I blow it… I said I'll finish the job myself… It'll be fine… Yes I am aware of that… We'll discuss this later… Yes sure, bye." With that he just tucks his phone and walks back out. And that's where I cut off the cameras.

"Any luck on the number?" I ask him.

"Not yet. His phone number has a firewall. Everytime I try to access it I get blocked, and if I try to reach behind the block he'll be notified." He informs me.

"It would've been easier if I just pretend to date him, steal his phone, get the number, know everything and then shoot him." I whine.

"Yeah, or he'll blow your cover, kill you and run away." He reminds me. "Besides, I thought he creeped you out."

"He does!"

"And also, I thought you liked the hot pathologist." He comments and I roll my eyes at him.

"So how are we going to deal with this? I'm sure you've contacted Stevens and sent her this. What are our orders?" I ask.

"To go on as we are. This is going to be slow. We don't do any movements until we know something. At least know who he's working with. So we watch him same way we are now." He tells me and I just nod.

"Oh and also, when was the last time you trained?" He asks me while getting up and walking towards the other side of the basement where it was equipped to be a place to train.

"Not since I started on this." I answer as I get up and join him.

"Ready?" He challenges raising his hands defensively and I just give him an evil smirk.


I'm outside. If you don't want me to honk like last time, find your way out. I text Holly once I park outside her house at noon on Sunday.

I'll be out in a second. keep your hands off the horn. She texts back. I then get out of the car and lean on the passenger door. Three seconds later she walks out. She walks towards the car with her hands in her pockets. She was wearing black pants, with a red shirt and a dark grey jacket. Red looks good on her. Once she reaches the passenger side door she smiles at me and my breath hitches.

"Hello Gail." She greets smile in place once she reaches me.

"Hey." I answer softly with a smile of my own. I really wanted to move closer and kiss her at that moment. She looked stunning. But I knew that I couldn't do that yet, not until we talked. So I move and open the door for her. Her smile turns grateful then and she gets in.

I walk around the car back to the other side of the car and I get in.

"So where to?" She asks me once I turn on the ignition.

"Lunch? Then maybe a movie or arcade?" I suggest. "Or you know something else even. Your pick. But Lunch first."

"Of course." She answers knowingly before she laughs. And that sound right there is why I can't fight this anymore. Why I can't just stay away from Holly. Even though it would be for her own safety. But that sound, once heard, needs to be heard again.

"Well I hope you like Pizza." I thought it'd be a good choice for lunch. Not fancy and a food that everyone likes. I'll make sure to take her somewhere nice when it's dinner plans.

"Pizza's great." She answers and I just smile and drive towards the same place where I got into this job in the first place. Hopefully there will be no cops there at this time, and I'll have Holly to myself.


"Pineapple on your Pizza? Seriously Gail?" We made it into the restaurant and luckily it wasn't crowded. We found a table and once we pondered over the menu, Holly ordered herself a vegetarian pizza while I ordered a pizza that's half hawaiian, half with toppings. Of course we ordered fries with that and a salad. Holly however questions my choice in pizza while we wait for our food.

"What? It's good." I reason and she just gives me a questioning look. "Oh come on! You can't judge it till you taste it."

"Are you offering to share food?" She asks with amusement. "Cause I remember Steve saying that you don't share food."

"I seem to recall that I did share my food with you. Oh and this won't be sharing, this will be an introduction to good food for you." I tell her.

"And what if I don't like it?"

"Then you're weird." I say with a shrug.

"Oh I'll be the weird one?" She asks incredulously.

"Well you're the nerd." I say as if that should answer her question. As if being a nerd means being weird.

"Not the only nerd here." She argues.

"You have no proof of that." I narrow my eyes at her. Maybe I am a nerd too, so what? I like my share of comic books, I'm good with computers and maths, and I also have a bit of medical knowledge. She doesn't have to know that right away does she?

"Oh I'll find proof." She promises.

"You can try." I smirk at that.

"Well you have a knowledge of superheroes. That's a good start for me. Just give, you're one of us." She returns my smirk with one of her one.

"Well I don't carry a lunchbox to work." She just laughs at that.

"It's a medical kit." She argues.

"Yeah whatever, rather carry my gun to that."

"And what if it was an actual lunchbox with food. Still prefer your gun then?" She gives me challenging looks then. Challenging me to deny that I'd prefer food over a gun.

"Depends." I answer.


"The food it has inside." I answer and she laughs at that.

Before we pick up on any conversation our food arrives.

"You're tasting this." I say pointing at the Pineapple side of my pizza.

"No I'm good."


"Oh god, stop. Fine." She relents and I just take a slice off my plate and place it in hers.

She picks it up and eyes me questioningly before she brings it up to her lips and takes a bite.

"Okay, you're right. This isn't bad." She confesses and takes another bite.

I just smile and start eating. I think she's gotten to know me a bit more since she didn't talk much during the eating process. I was finished with my food before she was though.

"So it's great that you got a whole weekend off on your first week on the job." Holly comments.

"Well I come highly recommended so." Yep, ego play time.

"Oh is that so?"

"Yep. I'm the best." Which is kind of true. I am the best at the agency right now. Spy, detective, what's the difference? Right? And I'm glad that she found my trying to show an ego amusing, because she chuckled. "Just like you are the best at what you do." I add.

"And where'd you hear that?" She asks surprised and a little blush.

"From everybody at the station." I tell her. Which is true. I heard a lot of praise about her work.

"Well, I guess we're both the best at what we do." She then gives me that lopsided grin and I think my heart skipped a beat.

I had to look away in order to form an understandable sentence.

"So um…" Clears throat. "Why pathology?" I ask interested.

"I don't know. I mean, I just didn't like poking at the living." She says and shrugs, but I could see that the side of her face twitched. Could that be what she does when she lies?

"That can't be it." I call her on her lie and she just raises her eyebrows at me.

"Well why did you join the police force?" She asks ignoring my comment.

"I know most people think it's because of my family. It's not." I decide to answer her truthfully. Maybe I didn't join the police, but joining the agency was for the same reasons I will site to her. "I was just good at it. Since I was a kid, I was trained to be the best. It was as if I had already went to the police academy. So when it came down to choosing something, I could either pick what I was good at, or just stay wondering what to do. Besides, I like this job, I can help people."

"But your family influenced you in a way?" She remarks.

"Well yeah in a way. I mean, they prepared us for every case scenario. But I just didn't want to be shadowed by them when I join the force. Which is why I did it elsewhere. I built myself up without the expectations. It's not easy being a Peck." I had to throw sarcasm in there.

"Plus you get to hold a gun right?" She throws that one in.

"Yes, I get to use a gun." I say with a chuckle.

"When I was a kid, I loved science. Every aspect of it. By the time I turned sixteen I knew that I wanted to be a doctor. I wanted to help people, you know? But my second year in med school, I learned that I can help people in other ways too. I can help give people closure, or prevent any other murders, or put a bad guy behind bars. I could help in those things. I wasn't made to be a cop, but I could still help in other ways. Plus, there's no risk of killing people. They're already dead. My friends don't understand my choice much though." She answers my previous question with that. From the tone of her voice I could tell that she was proud of her choice.

"Well you're a genius, you could pick anything and do a great job at it. They don't have to understand it. As long as you do." I just smile at her and contemplate my next words. If she hadn't picked pathology, she wouldn't be here right now. But too soon to say that right?

"Some people find working with the dead weird." She says but her tone was more of a playful one.

"Well normal's overrated." I say as I lift the side of my lips into a small smile.

"Agreed." And with that we just go silent.

After a few minutes of staring at each other Holly breaks the silence.

"So how'd you like Vancouver?" I found her question weird.

"It was okay. But I missed home, otherwise I don't think I would've left." Weird as her question might be, I knew she had a point behind it.

"My sister's there for college." She tells me.

"What's she majoring in?" I ask showing interest. Which was true. I was interested in everything Holly.

"Architecture. Can you believe it? I'm totally into the science. And she just loves art. Complete opposite." She answers fondly with a smile.

"Where did you go to college?"

"I went to the University of Toronto. Had to pick the best in my field." Right. Toronto has the best medical university in the country. "My sister wanted to stay closer to home though."

I was surprised that I never asked where she was originally from. I was so lost in the fact that she was here at this moment that I didn't think she could've been somewhere else before.

"You're from Vancouver?"

"Victoria actually." She pauses for a second. "I visit when I get the chance. Sometimes my family visits me instead."

"Sounds like you miss them."

"I do. But my best option was here." And I'm glad it was.

"I wish I could deny it, but I missed my family too when I was away. Kind of. Steve mostly." Which is true. When I was away I turned a lot of emotions off. I thought I'd forget all about them, but the second I came here, emotions came back. And even though this mission is dragging on for too long, I'm glad I got it. I got the chance to spend it with my family.

"They can't be that bad."

"You have no idea."

Our conversation then went back to life in Victoria, and about the things she remembered from Vancouver, we even discussed a few places that I've been to.


After lunch we decided to go to an adult arcade instead of a movie.

I don't remember the last time I actually had fun with someone. Might be Nick. But I don't want to think of him at this moment. Or any moment that I'm with Holly. I kind of missed laughing and being carefree. I missed not having to keep an act all the time or always keep a look out for my life or having to always pay perfect attention to my surroundings.

We each had one beer, as we played some air hockey. Even some pool. We ignored the Bowling section of the arcade. Or well I did, she tried to get me to play some bowling but I kept avoiding it and she just laughed at me.

We even tried one of the zombie shooting games. It was amusing to watch her lose every time. She gave me a pout once she got exasperated with losing and I just jumped in to the rescue. I didn't consider the consequences of being close to her. I just stepped in behind her to teach her how to hold her gun properly and how to aim. And the second I got closer, she leaned a little bit on me. That action alone made me breathless. Once I knew she got the hang of it, I stepped away so that I could breathe again. When she shot her first zombie she just jumped she jumped in joy which distracted her and got her eaten by the other zombie coming her way and I couldn't not laugh at that.

"Oh shut it." She shoves me playfully and I just laugh harder.

After two hours of playing games, getting competitive, making stupid playful remarks about the other, shoving each other playfully and laughing we leave the arcade.

"That was fun." She notes.

"Yes it was." I agree with her as I meet her eyes and smile. I'm sure my smile was big, because it reflected on her and she smiled back, while meeting my eyes.

"You know what we should do now?" She asks her voice getting lower as she takes a step closer.

"What?" I manage to ask managing her tone. She doesn't answer me back though, instead she raises her hand to point behind me while her smile turns devilish.

I turn around to see what she's pointing at and I flat out refuse.

"No. I am not going in there."

"Oh come on. It could be fun." She tries to reason but I'm stubborn.

"No! I don't do sports."

"Or bowling apparently." She remarks. Considering I also refused to bowl.

"I am not going to the batting cages." I try to make my tone final but I know it's wavering. Especially when she just looks at me with those hopeful eye.

"Please." Damn! And there goes my resolve!

"Fine! But if a flying ball kills me. It's on you!" I warn her as I let her lead me towards the entrance to the batting cages. She just smiles while I groan.

Well can't say I didn't warn her. I just stood there and watched her hit every single ball coming her way.

When she was done she walked towards me and handed me the bat.

"Oh no. I think I'd rather watch." I raise my hands refusing to take the bat.

"Yeah, had fun watching?" She asks knowingly with raised eyebrows. She caught me. I may have been staring at her. "Besides. You're a cop. You should be able to do this."

"You say it as if being a cop automatically makes me good at everything." I then relent and take the bat.

"One way to find out." She says and I just walk into position.

I was never good at sports, but first year of training my aim got better, my posture got better. I got better at a lot of things. Doesn't mean I don't still like sports, I just wasn't as bad at them anymore. I guess I kind of had to keep a sort of charade though right? Even if it was with Holly? I hate this double life thing right now. I used to like missions, being someone else for a while, but right now, I hate that I have to be someone else. Even if that someone that I have to be is myself. Ugh, this is confusing. Gail Peck has changed, and I can't show most of those changes, I guess that's the point I'm trying to make, and I hate that I can't show Holly the changes I've made.

So when the first ball comes at me I totally miss it on purpose. Holly just laughs in the background and I just glare at her and then wait for the next ball to come. I miss that one too.

"See I'm hopeless. We can go now." I whine as I hold the bat facing downwards with my right hand.

"No you're not. Come on." She then steps closer and holds my hand up making sure I lift the bat.

"You need to fix your posture first." Her feet kick my feet apart and then she uses her hands to lift my own. Once I'm in the position she wants she steps closer and her front is glued to my back as she adjusts my hand posture and my grip on the bat.

"Now when the ball comes, just concentrate on it and swing." She whispers in my ear and I just shudder and almost lose the position she put me in.

Before my knees buckle at the feeling of her being close, she moves away and stand watch again. So when the next ball comes flying I actually swing and hit it.

"Wow. That one worked." I Point out and she just laughed.

"Well I'm a good teacher." She says proudly.

"That you are."

We play a little more. And once we're done I drive her back home. When I park I actually get out of the car before she says anything and I open the door for her.

"Chivalrous are we?" She taunts and I just shrug it off.

"Thanks for today." She says sweetly.

"Anytime." And I do mean it. I realize I'm smiling. It's been really long since I've smiled this long in one day.

"It wasn't quite the traditional date, but I enjoyed it."

"Me too." I enjoyed it a lot, and I think it had more to do with her than the actual date.

"I'd suggest we do something tomorrow as well, but my shift tomorrow starts at an unGodly hour! And ends late." I whine and she chuckles.

"I wish we could. But my shift matches yours tomorrow." She adds with a smile.

"I am taking you out again this week though." I tell her with a serious face.

"I'd like that." She says. "I'll probably flood your phone with texts."

"Like you don't already." I taunt and she slaps me playfully. "I like it when you do though."

She then closes whatever space is left between us, and makes sure her lips meet mine.

This kiss was sweet and slow. I guess our kisses yesterday were so unplanned that we actually got lost in each other. This kiss though was a promise of what's to come with time.

"Here's something to think about at that long shift." She whispers once our lips part. And with a smile she starts to walk away.

That's it? No I don't think so.

I just grab her hand lightly before she can step farther away from me.

"I think I'll need more things to think about." I say before I step closer and give her one more kiss.

Once we break apart she walks backwards towards her door, keeping her eyes on me.

"Goodnight officer." She says once she's far from my reach.

"I'm not an officer anymore, we established that." I remind her.

"Whatever you say." I guess she will keep using that against me. My fault for annoying her first. Oh well, I can annoy her more now.

"Well goodnight Lunchbox."

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