Am I A Ghost Or Real?

Losing Grip

"You look awful!" I comment to Traci. I hand her then one of the two coffees I was holding. She and I were taking the early shift this morning. 6AM shift. I'm used to little sleep. Early missions. But Traci looks super tired.

"Thank you. I stayed up late. Leo had a fever." She says as she lifts her cup up to take a sip.

"Is he okay now?" I ask worry filling my tone.

"Yeah, his fever broke a few hours ago. He's with my mom." Right, Steve had a steak out last night.

"Why don't you take the day off? I'm sure Frank would understand."

"Maybe when Sam gets here. Hopefully we don't get any big cases today. I have so much paper work to finish." She sighs and fiddle with the papers in front of her. "How's the hand?"

"Better." I answer lifting my injured hand that now has less gauze.

I have some paper work of my own as well. Hopefully she's right. Hopefully we don't get any big cases today, so that I can finish my shift early and maybe go see Holly.

God it's only been a few hours and I already want to see her.

I just take a seat behind my desk and start on my own paperwork. I can't text Holly yet, I doubt her shift was as early as mine. I'll just wait a few hours before I text her.

A couple of hours later, Traci's phone rings.

"Hey Andy." She greets when she answers it. "Wait, hold on, Gail is here, I'm going to put you on speaker." Traci then places her phone on her desk and I scoot my chair closer to listen better.

"Okay, you can repeat everything now slowly." Traci informs Andy.

"Okay, hi Gail." Andy greets me with a shaky voice. That doesn't sound like a good thing.

"What's up Andy?" I ask her.

"Well a call came in a few minutes ago, someone reported a breaking and entering. We were closest on the scene. When we arrived the caller said that she found the lock broken and the door open. After we checked she said nothing was stolen, but she can't find her daughter." Andy explains the situation she's in.

"A kidnapping situation?" Traci asks her.

"Yeah, but see the thing is… We found blood in the kitchen… and well the father is missing too. We checked everything, except the basement, it's locked." Andy's explanation wasn't very clear after that, but I knew well that when a child is missing and blood is at the scene, the worst is feared.

"We're on our way. Address?" I don't even look at Traci for confirmation, she's surely on board.

I get up and wear my jacket while Andy tells us the address.

"Who's there with you?" I ask her.

"I'm riding with Collins right now." She informs me.

"Okay, we'll send in another squad car." With that Traci hangs up and we leave the station. On our way we call Oliver and ask him to meet us at the scene.

I may not be trained to be a detective, but I was trained to pay attention to every small detail around me. I'm sure I can handle this. So when we arrive at the scene I take everything in without touching anything. The house was in a nice part of the city so I'm guessing they're a wealthy family. The door was open, and yes the lock seem to be broken. But everything on the inside looks normal, and if nothing was stolen then I'm sure nothing's broken. I walk towards the kitchen and find the blood on the floor. A few blood stains fill the floor, but no sign of being dragged, the blood is in one area, and it's right in the middle.

I turn towards Traci. "Did you call Forensics?"

"Yes, they'll be here soon." She tells me and I nod.

I ask Andy then if she took full statement of woman who called it in and she nods I ask her to make sure no one other than forensics or police comes near the scene while I go talk to Mrs Whitman (caller).

Once Andy walks out I go towards the lady, Traci right behind me.

"What happened here? Can you restart at the beginning?" I ask her as I whip out my notebook to take notes.

"I was out of town for a business deal, I was only gone two days. I told Jim not to pick me up at the airport, that I'll just get a cab, when I get here door's already open. First thing I do is run up the stairs towards Carly's room, but it's empty, I check our bedroom but it's empty too, so I call my husband but his phone is right at the bed stand, so I call you guys. Right before the officers got here I'd walked into the kitchen and found the blood." She retells me what happened with a shaky voice and very shaky voice. "Please, my daughter is five, please tell me you will find her, find them."

"We'll do our best." Traci reassures her.

"What are we dealing with?" Oliver asks me once he enters the house, Ian James right behind him.

"Five year old girl, missing. Father can't be reached, blood on the floor. Someone from forensics is coming to take some blood samples. We need to clear the house. Basement hasn't been checked yet, it's locked." Traci informs him and explains the situation more for him.

"On it, Collins, you take the top floor, me and James will take here and the basement, we'll break into it." Oliver directs them around and once they take their places two forensics walk in.

Oliver walks down towards the basement while I stand by and watch the forensics take photos and a few blood samples.

"We'll take these to the lab and see if we'll get a match, see who's blood it is." One of the forensics informs me a few minutes later and I nod at him as he leaves while the other one remains.

"Peck!" I hear Oliver call for me from the basement. "You need to see this."

I walk down towards the basement and make my way to where Oliver's standing.

"Shit." I say once I see what he called me down for. There in the corner sits a body. A man who looks to be in his mid thirties. Dead, I'm guessing. It seems he has a wound in his abdomen that has bandages on it.

"I'm guessing this is the husband." Oliver says as he takes a step closer and I follow behind.

"Don't touch him, I'm sure he's dead." I tell him once I notice the marks on the guy's neck and the color of his lips.

"Are you sure?" He asks. I then simply take the purple glove out of my pocket and put it on my right hand. I approach the body slowly, hoping I down touch anything that could compromise evidence, once I reach the body I place my finger to the guy's neck. No pulse. "Yes dead." I then take back my previous position.

"Looks like the guy's been strangled. I'm guessing it's his blood up there, the bandages explain why the blood was only in one area, he put something on the wound, but it wasn't enough once he got down here." I then point at the wound and the floor. "See?"

"Nash!" I call out but I get no answer, so I just dial her phone number and ask her to come down here.

"We got a homicide on our hands." She tells me after she sees what we're dealing with. "We gotta call Holly."

"Yes, and we need more uniforms on the scene. We need a forensics team. And someone needs to tell Mrs Whitman up there about this and question her about her daughter. This may be a homicide but we still have a missing child on our hands." I say and I just hope I won't be the one who will have to tell the wife.

"Dispatch, this is officer shaw, we need more units here, we are dealing with a crime scene."

"I'll call Holly." I tell Traci.

"Hm, of course you will." She says it a bit playfully and I just roll my eyes at her.

I take out my phone and walk up and out of the basement. I find Nick and Ian.

"You." I say pointing at Nick. "Get the Yellow tape out of the squad car and put it around the house." I then point at Ian. "And you, go help Andy out with keeping everyone away. This is a crime scene now. More uniforms are on their way." I inform them and I look behind me to see the wife sitting on one of the couches in the living room where Oliver approaches her. I guess he decided to be the one to tell her what's happening. Once the boys walk out, I dial Holly and follow them out of the house.

"Miss me already detective?" A soft heart stopping voice answers on the second ring.

"Might have." I answer playfully. "But this is not a friendly call, though I wish it was." I know that if I don't cut to the chase immediately we'll be stuck flirting for a while.

"What's wrong?"

"Are you at work?" I ask her.

"Yes, just got in an hour ago."

"We got a call in for a breaking and entering and a missing child. We also ended up with a homicide." I say. "So can you make it here?"

"Yeah just text me the address. I'll grab my kit." She tells me and I can hear her rummaging through her stuff.

"You mean your lunchbox?" I turn my tone teasing a bit.

"forensic kit." She corrects.

"Whatever you say nerd." I say with a bit of a chuckle. "And for the record, I did miss you."

"Yeah? Cause I missed you too. Text me the address, and you'll miss me less then." She says before she hangs up.

I text her the address just as more uniforms arrive on scene. Once I spot Dov, Chris and Chloe I direct them towards me. I tell them our situation and ask them to question some of the people around, because a small crowd was already forming. I even call Nick once he finishes putting the yellow tape.

"Can you go question some of the neighbors that haven't made their way here please? We need to find this kid as fast as we can." I tell him and he nods.

"With the father killed, yeah I agree. We need to find her fast." He says before he walks towards the houses. All the other uniforms and forensics make their way in.

I look around me and I find Dov questioning a woman. She kept glancing towards the house and not once looking at Dov. She looks to be in her late twenties. Her facials were filled with worry as she kept looking at the entrance of the house.

"Detective!" Dov calls for my attention so I just walk towards him and the lady. He simply closes his notebook once he calls for me.

"She has the kid." He informs me.

"The kid? Carly?" I ask him just to be sure and he nods.

"I'm sorry but what's going on?" The woman asks. Her expressions seem panicky and anxious. She must know who lives in the house. Especially if she has the kid.

"I'm detective Peck. You are?" I ask her then.

"Anna Jenkins. I'm Christine's sister." She answers. Right! Mrs Whitman's name is Christine.

"And you have her daughter?" If she does, then we're only looking at a homicide.

"Yes. She's in the car." She says as she points to a car parked on the side of the road a bit far from the scene. "What's going on?"

"First, why is the kid with you?" I had to read her behavior when she answers. See if she'll lie or tell the truth.

"Jim called me yesterday at around 4PM, said something came up and he asked if I can take Carly for the night. I knew my sister would be back the next morning, so I told him I'd bring her back in the morning around the time her mom comes in so that she can have breakfast with her mom and dad. But I come back to this, and I'm a little freaked out now. So what's going on?" Her tone made it obvious that she was worried and freaked out. She wasn't lying. So now I know the husband had something.

"Dov, go inside and tell Mrs Whitman that her daughter is fine and that she can come see her." I tell Dov, the woman must be going crazy, husband murdered, daughter missing. At least we can fix one of those two problems. Dov simply nods and walks back into the house. "Price!" I try to grab Chloe's attention. "Can you go to the car over there and make sure the little girl in there is safe?" She nods and walks off towards the car. I then turn my attention back to Miss Jenkins.

"Step in Miss Jenkins," I lift up the yellow tape and ask her to step closer to the house. Once we're both in there I start. "I need you to stay calm when I tell you this." You never know how they'll react to things and I hate informing people of bad news. "This morning your sister called 911. She said her daughter and husband were missing and that there was blood on her kitchen floor. She wasn't aware the child was with you."

"Blood? Everyone okay?"

I take a deep breath before giving her an answer. "I'm afraid not. Mr Whitman's body was found in the basement."

"Oh my God." She exclaims as she lifts her hands up to cover her mouth. At that moment her sister walks out and runs straight towards her.

They embrace, cry, and then Mrs Whitman asks about her daughter. I simply nod at Dov when he looks at me asking if she can be taken there. I tell him Chloe's already by the car, he should take them to the station as well when they're ready, and that I'll take over the questioning for now.

Once they walk away I look around to see who's fit for questioning. I notice a woman, late twenties or early thirties, standing by the back of the small crowd. She looked out of place. Everyone else looked disheveled, having to be up this early in the morning, the only ones who looked decent were the ones headed to work. This woman was dressed, her hair was fixed, and her expression was unreadable. If she didn't have a job, why is she this ready this early? So I walk towards her ready to question her.

"Miss. I'm detective Peck." I introduce myself as I show her my badge. "Do you live around here?"

"Uh, yeah. I live three houses down the street. Over there." She points at her house.

"May I have your name?"

"I'm Emma Tallon."

"Okay Emma, are you close with the Whitmans?" I regard her carefully, studying every aspect of her body language.

"We were friendly, I guess." She replies and her posture remains the same, except for the slight twitch of the fingers of her right hand.

"Well Mr Whitman was found dead in his basement this morning." She gives a faint 'Oh God' at hearing the news. "As procedure I have to ask where you were last night and if you saw or heard anything suspicious." I inform her.

"I was home. I was tired so I went to bed early. I just woke up to sirens and police cars in the neighborhood." She answers. Twitch. Her right hand twitched again.

"So you just woke up a little while ago?" I ask hoping to trap her.

"Yes." Trapped.

"Is there anything you know about Mr Whitman that could help us? Have you ever noticed anything weird about him? Or anyone around him?"

"No. Not really." And the fingers twitch again. "I don't know them really well." Twitch. "I sometimes babysit Carly when Anna can't take her and they have something really important." On that she was telling the truth. And then her hand lifts to her forehead. "Oh God. Is she okay? Is Carly okay?" She asks worried.

"She's fine ma'am." I answer.

"Can I see her?" She asks.

"I'm afraid not. I'm guessing she's still unaware of the situation. And she's under protection right now." When I say that her eyes start to search around the crowd, I'm guessing for the little girl and somehow I get a feeling this is more than about making sure she's okay.

Before I could ask anything else, I hear Traci calling for me. So I excuse myself from miss Tallon and turn to walk towards Traci. On my way I bump into Ian who wasn't far behind me.

"Keep an eye on her." I whisper and nod towards the woman.

"Suspect?" He whispers back his question.

"Probably. She just lied to most of my questions." I mutter before I make it towards Traci.

"So I just talked to the wife and the sister. Mrs Whitman agreed that her daughter needs to be kept away from this so she agreed to let us take them to her sister's place once we're done with them. And from what I gathered from them, the husband doesn't have any enemies. He's pretty decent. But the wife confessed that they weren't exactly the married couple of the year most of the time. And he did call for the sister to take care of the kid. So maybe we should consider that he was having an affair? I mean they do work a lot and the wife has to go out of town a lot." Traci analyses to me once I reach her.

"You know what? I think you're right. And I think I know exactly who he's having an affair with." I say as I nod towards Miss Tallon.

"Her?" Traci asks once she follows my gaze and nod.

"Emma Tallon. Neighboor. Friendly with the Whitmans. babysits Carly when Anna can't. And most of her answers to my questions were lies. Besides, she says she just woke up but it doesn't look like it." I leave out what I was guessing next. This woman probably killed him, by mistake. And she has a fascination with Carly. So she must be kept away from the kid.

"Okay, I'll go ask a few questions as well. Compare her answers to yours. Maybe we can trap her." Traci says before she walks towards my suspect and starts questioning her. I stand in place patiently waiting for Traci to agree with me and bring the woman in for more questioning.

Probably three minutes later Traci stops her questioning and makes her way back to where I was standing.

"I don't know Gail. It didn't sound like she was lying to me." Traci says and I look at her in disbelief.

"Are you serious?" I ask. "She definitely knows something." I then let out through gritted teeth.

"Gail. We can't know for sure. We need to study the scene, the evidence. If she has anything to do with this we'll catch her." Traci tries to reason with me.

"Evidence? Her lies are evidence. Her look is evidence. She's guilty of something." I tried as much as I could to keep my voice down. I know in a way Traci is right. Not all of them here are trained the way I am. Or as perceptive as I am. And detective work is different from my work. I just couldn't help but worry for the kid.


"No, look at her. Did you not see her right hand fingers twitch every time she lied? Or how she's looking through the crowd, for Carly probably, but in concern?" I try to convince Traci of the urgency to catch this woman.

"Gail, stay calm. Like I said, if it's her we'll catch her." Traci tries to reason with me again and I scoff. "Gail. Let it go."

Before I could say something, I would probably regret, to Traci, a voice calms every nerve in my body. A voice behind me. "Gail." I turn around and I find myself faced with Holly and I couldn't help the small smile that took over my face.

"Dr Stewart. Glad you made it. The victim is in the basement, and the house has been cleared." Traci greets Holly and informs her of the body's whereabouts while I just stay put and look at Holly. "I'll lead you there." She says and Holly nods. But before they walk away Traci turns towards me. "Don't do anything stupid." And just like that, the tension is back.

"Like what? Catch a killer?" And I couldn't help but be sarcastic.

"Um," Holly interrupts. "Detective Peck could show me where the body is if you want." I meet Holly's gaze then and she looked at me with a bit of concern. I'm guessing she was trying to keep me out of trouble with this.

"Yeah why not." I say and try to smile a bit at Holly before I lead her inside the house. I mean, why should I care about this case this much. They'll catch the killer eventually, not as fast as I'm sure they can if they'd listen to me, but they will in time. Besides, I'm not really a detective and this is not my case.

Having Holly this close, and remembering what her lips felt like yesterday, makes me want to pull her into me and give her a hello kiss. But this is work, and I knew that even though she probably wouldn't mind, that I couldn't do that now. Even though, kissing her would make my irritation subside and my anger go away, I had to wait, probably for a while. So I ignore my urges and I lead her down to the basement where the body is, and she takes off her gloves and gets ready to take photos and examine the body where it lies. I simply stand by and let her do her job and listen to the comments she makes about the victim and his death.

"The wound is sloppy, this wasn't planned, it just hit his abdomen, thus the extensive bleeding. The marks on his neck indicate he was being choked but that's not the cause of death, bleeding to death was it. I'll know everything for sure once he's on the slab." Holly informs me once she's done checking the evidence and as she stands next to me and takes off her gloves.

She calls in her forensics team to take in the body for her to the morgue. While she does that we both step out of the basement and up towards the entrance of the house.

Before we actually make it any closer to any crowds I reach out and grab her wrist in a halting way and once we stop walking she turns and faces me with a gentle smile.

"You know, I really want to kiss you right now…" I say in an almost whisper.

"I really want you to…" She says with a tone matching mine.

"It would be wrong to do it now though right? At work? When we haven't even established what we are yet." I ask her.

"It would."

"I still want to kiss you." I confess as I take a step closer. I lower my voice close to a whisper again. "Maybe later, when I visit you in the morgue for information. I'll make sure I get my way with your lips." Once that was said I step back and I could visibly see her gulp while I give her a smug smile.

Before she could answer me though, the forensics team bring up the body and we follow them out.

"Epstein, can you go with Dr Stewart to the morgue? We need immediate updates." Traci calls out for Dov and asks him to go with Holly. I'm just glad she didn't pick James. Dov then just nods and walks towards Holly who was already retreating towards her car and my eyes follow her with longing. But before she leaves through the yellow tape completely she turns towards me and gives me a radiant smile that calms me completely.

"So we practically have no suspects?" Sam asks as he takes a seat in the parade room. We've been trying to figure things out in this room since we got back into the station and Sam got debriefed about the case. The room contained, Sam, James, Andy, Chloe, Nick, Chris, Traci and myself.

"We've just gone through everything and no one stands out." Traci informs him as she shuts the folder she was holding. I've been quiet since we got in. My theory was that Miss Tallon was the mistress and killer. An she has a fascination with the kid. Traci was very much aware of my thoughts on the woman, she's just been ignoring them. I understand the woman had somehow mastered her facial expression while lying, but she couldn't handle the twitch of her hand, which I'm guessing was a nervous habit more than a lie detector.

"What about that woman Gail suspected?" James surprises me by pitching in that question. When I meet his gaze he gives me a knowing look. Did he notice the lies as well? I'm guessing he did, he was trained to do that, probably better trained than I am.

"I questioned her, but it didn't look like she was lying, and we have no evidence to come after her. I even asked Mrs Whitman about her and she had nothing bad to say." Traci defends her decision.

"Why did you suspect her Gail?" Sam asks me then.

"She lied. Every answer she gave me to every question, was a lie." I say calmly.

"How do you figure that?" Sam asks as he stands up.

"Her right hand fingers kept twitching every time she lied." I keep the calm tone.

"Are you positive she was lying then?"


Sam then nods his head and turns his attention towards Traci. "Is she worth looking into?"

"Considering we have nothing, I say yes she is." Traci answers him.

"Okay then. Let's see what we can find on this woman. I need every information you can get. Let's see if we can find a connection between the victim and her, a connection that could allow us to question her again and maybe even bring her in." Sam orders everyone and they stand up.

I didn't feel like researching the woman. I already knew all I needed to know. She did it.

So I check the time and when I realize it was almost lunch time, I decide to go out and see Holly. I already have an excuse to do that.

"I'll head to the morgue and see if Holly has anything that could help us." I inform them and before they could agree to that or protest, I make my escape.

"Hey! Got anything yet?" I ask Holly once I walk into the morgue where she's handling the body, and Dov is just sitting on the chair by the desk. She poses whatever she was doing and looks at me with greeting once I announced my presence.

"Well, like I said, wound was sloppy. He died of blood loss, not choking, even though the marks on his neck indicate that there was a choke attempt, he was probably strangled till he fell asleep. I also found some scratches at the back of his neck, which indicates whoever scratched him is a woman considering they came from someone who was wearing nail polish. Red nail polish. I found some traces of it on his neck." Miss Tallon has red nail polish. "I tried to get a hand print off the neck, but it seems the evidence was wiped off. From the angle of the strike of the knife, my estimate is the killer must be about 5.5" and the knife used it probably a normal kitchen knife." Holly was really good at this job. She probably just gave us a lot of reason to go after Emma Tallon.

"Thank you." I say to her. "Dov, go back to the station, they'll be needing you, I'll stick around here for a few minutes." I then give him the lunch I got him, I felt bad getting Holly something and not him. "Here, I'm guessing you're hungry." He takes the sandwich I offered him as he thanks me and walks out.

I then take out my phone and call Traci to inform her of everything Holly just told me and let her know that Dov was on his way to give them further information. Traci assures me they'll be going after Emma Tallon, and that she'll let me know once they bring her into the station. With that, I hang up and lift the lunch bags to show Holly.

"So, Are you hungry?" I ask her.

"Starving," She answers as she takes off her gloves and moves towards the sink to wash her hands.

"Well can we take this to your office? I don't think I'd like to eat lunch with you while there's a dead body close by." I ask her as I fake shudder at the thought of eating food with a dead body around.

"Yes, come on." Holly then leads me away front he morgue to her office and I just follow with a smile.

Once seated I take out the sandwiches from the bag.

"So considering I don't know much about the food you like, yet. I thought sandwiches would be the safest bet, so I got half a sub of a few things. So grab whatever appeals to you." I tell her as I reach over and grab a half of my own. She then follows suit doing the same as she thanks me.

After we each eat one half, it was safe to have a conversation then. As I try to form a way to start the conversation about how I feel, I come up blank.

"I like you." I blurt out before I could help it. Thinking about a way to break it to her, while shaving those three words be all I think about, i just couldn't stop myself from saying them.

"I like you too." She reassures me once she sees the semi-panic that was taking over my features and with that the panic fades and is replaced with a smile. I don't think I've ever smiled at anyone as much as I smile at Holly.

"Good. I'd like to take you out on dates, and see where this thing goes, if that's okay with you?" I inform her as I grab another half sandwich.

"More than okay. Let's just go slow and see where this leads." She agrees with me and does the same by reaching for the food.

"Good. Glad we got that out." I tell her as I exhale. Serious conversation off the table. And then we start talking about random things, just getting to know each other, until the food was done.

I know our talk wasn't over yet. But this wasn't exactly the place for it. I just wanted her to know that whatever this is between us, isn't just a game for me, that I was serious about it, which is why I even brought up the subject in the first place. And after we established that we liked each other and that slow was a good way to go about things, we steered away from the serious talks, saved them up for later.

Once the food is done, Holly cleans up after us by throwing everything in the trash.

"Thank you for lunch." A smile takes over her face then.

"I'm just glad I didn't have to wait more days to see you." I tell her as I lean forward onto the desk closer to her.

"Yeah? Miss me?" She raises her eye brows teasingly.

"I already told you I did, didn't I?" I tease back and with that she gives me her lopsided smile.

"We should do this more often," She gestures around the desk and then towards the trash where the food was and ended up. "Have lunch together."

"I'll make sure that happens." I say as I stand up grabbing my phone off the desk and pocketing it. Holly stands up and walks around her desk so that she's closer and facing me.

"Have to go already?" She asks.

"There's a bad guy or girl in this case to catch, so yeah." I then take a step closer towards her and put my arms around her waist. "There's just something I've been wanting to do all day." I say in a husky tone.

"Oh yeah? what's that?" Her tone matches mine then.

"This." And with that I give her a gentle kiss and I could feel her smile into the kiss. It was a gentle kiss that lasted a few seconds. Once I pull back I end up faced with a smile taking over her features, somehow I was sure my features looked the same. And then she leans back in for more.

This kiss was urgent though. This kiss had more feelings and a few seconds later I could feel her tongue finding mine and I find myself moaning into the kiss, my hands getting firmer and strengthening their hold. And then she moans and I lose all self restraint that I possessed. I turn her around until her lower back hits the desk and the kiss grows more heated. A minute later I lift her unto the desk and step in between her legs and I immediately moan at the contact. Her hands find their way under my shirt and start tracing my lower back as mine also go under her shirt and start going up her sides and her legs just press closer, bringing me closer to her heat. Her hands reach my sides as mine go up and find their way under her breasts. Before I could raise my hand higher though my phone rings, loud and interrupts our heated kiss.

Damn phone.

I groan then as I step away from Holly and her groan matches mine once we lose contact. Our gazes never leave each other though as we both breath heavily, trying to catch our breath.

"So much for going slow." I breath out before I reach for my phone.

"Yeah, I'm not sure slow will be easy." Holly says just as breathlessly as she eyes me with want. I almost forgot about the ringing phone at the sight of eyes darkening and roaming over my body. But having it vibrating in my hand then kept me in check.

The called ID indicated it was Traci.

"Hey." I probably couldn't manage more than that word and still sound decent.

"Hey, we have a problem. Carly's missing and Miss Tallon is nowhere to be found." Traci says fast and worried.

"Shit, she took her." I had a feeling she might if she got the chance. But why?

"That's our guess."

"I'm on my way." I hang up, peck Holly on the lips one last time before saying goodbye. I couldn't allow myself more than a peck, I knew I wouldn't be able to handle more at that moment and that I'd probably never leave then. So after I give her a peck, I say goodbye and promise to call her later.

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