Am I A Ghost Or Real?

Out Of Breath

"So what do you have?" I ask, entering Marcus's apartment and taking a seat on his couch, more like lounging on his couch.

"Check this." Marcus then presses play and on the TV in front of us the video starts playing.

The video starts with a far away footage of Marcus.

"How'd you get this?" I ask him.

"I did a bit of stalking. I saw him leave the station and I followed him from far." He explains and then we watch the video in silence.

I watch as James stands at a sidewalk in a very remote place, and waits. A couple of minutes later a black SUV shows up, the window opens slightly and someone hands him a small envelope. James simply takes it, tucks it into his inner jacket pocket and nods at the other person before they drive away. Then we see James walking away.

"That's it? That's what made you think we have something? That doesn't show us anything." I complain once the footage ends. We don't see the other guy's face and the SUV obviously doesn't have a plate number.

"I thought so at first, but then I zoomed in on the exchange. Here check it." He then rewinds and zooms in on the moment where the mystery guy hands our guy the envelope.

"Under the sleeve." He notes.

As I look closer under the sleeve I notice what he means. The guy has a tattoo.

"A tattoo? We only see half of it though. Is it enough to get a match?" I ask.

"We don't know yet, all we notice is that what's visible is a snakelike tattoo. I sent it to Stevens, they're checking it in your databases." He explains.

"And if there's no match, we're back at nothing." I remind him.

"Then we send it to every law enforcement database." He says and I look at him in alarm.

"No you won't! James! He works with the cops! He'd see, you idiot!" I remind him as I swat him.

"Right, so we can't send it to them, but we'll check their database. We'll do what needs to know who this guy is." He corrects himself then, realizing my reason.

"Stevens says to keep an eye on James, like we agreed, from distance, and don't let him get too close, and try as best you can to discreetly do your job. When you're not on his tale, I will be. If needed, they will send someone else to help as well." He tells me the additions to the plan.

"What happened to get him alone and shoot him?" I whine. The mission was so much easier when all I had to do was kill Jameson. Now it's too mysterious and too much time consuming. Now I'm back home, I'm among people, I've met someone, and I'm hanging out with my brother. Now I don't know what I want anymore.

"Send me a picture of that, I'm gonna go home and crash. Keep me updated if you figure anything out, I'll do the same." I grab my stuff then and walk towards the door before he can lure me back for more talking or even training. I was too tired to fight. Or play fight. Keeping my back to him I simply lift my hand up and give him a wave before I exit his place.

Once I get home, I immediately strip into some PJs and go straight to bed. With the reminder that tomorrow I get to have lunch with Holly.


"Hey Gail, sure you don't want to come with us camping this weekend?" I hear an invitation aimed at me as I walk out of the Ds offices. It was Chris. He was out of uniform with his bag flanged across his shoulder.

"I'm pretty Chris." I tell him trying to sound apologetic, but couldn't hide the small smile that was taking over my lips.

"Oh okay." Chris says as he turns away and starts to tidy the desk he was sitting at a bit awkwardly.

"You're not coming?" A voice behind me asks. Traci. It's weird how we've become good friends since I got here. I was never the best at making friends, but somehow I managed to have her as a friend. Maybe her dating my brother had something to do with this.

"I already have plans," I explain as I meet traci.

"Oh, plans with the doctor?" She asks knowingly with a bit of a smug face.

"Maybe." I say chastely as I start to walk away, making my way towards the exit.

"Have fun then." Traci says to my retreating back. I simply lift my hand up as a goodbye wave.

This past week has been good. I've managed to have lunch with Holly on Tuesday and Thursday. In the small amount of time we had we talked about silly things, memories, anything really, that would help us to get to know each other a bit more. She told me stories about her and Zoey, I shared some stories about me and Steve, we avoided the parents talk though, probably for my sake and I managed to steal a few kisses.

There wasn't a lot of big crimes this week, aside from Monday, so I spent it doing paper work, behind the offices. Which was good, because Jameson had same shifts that I took, and two out of this week's days, he was on desk duty, so I got to keep an eye on him.

As for the tattoo, still no luck. We're now looking through the police database, in hopes of finding something. For a second there I thought about asking Steve if he knows anything about this, but then that would spring a whole series a questions that I couldn't answer. So I decided not to involve him in this. Marcus will figure it out eventually, I had faith in the guy. He's been watching Jameson from far, and in the last few days we've trained almost every night.

My mother on the other hand has called me three times this week. She wants me to come to dinner saturday, which is tomorrow. I'm still looking for an excuse not to go. Let's just hope she hasn't asked Steve to make sure I make it there. Even though Steve will be away camping with the others, so it would just be me and that's a definite no. And I'm grateful she didn't ask for dinner today. It wouldn't have been easy telling her I already had plans, and convincing her that I wasn't lying, and still keeping what the plans were and with who away from her.

So today, I still get my evening with Holly.

I made it to my house, showered, changed my clothes into jeans, black top, boots, jacket, grabbed a bottle of wine and made my way out towards Holly's house.

I knocked on Holly's door, and waited for her to open it for me. ten seconds later her footsteps echo closer and the door swings open.

"Hey." She greets warmly with a smile that I couldn't help but return. She was wearing her jeans, a red shirt that made her skin look radiating, and her glasses with little make-up. She looked amazing, even in her simplicity.

"Hey." I say as she steps away, as a way to invite me in. As I walk into her house, I hand her the bottle of wine. Once she closes the door, I take off my jacket which she relieves me of and hangs it on the coat hangers by the door.

I stand there in place looking at her as she hangs the jacket, once she's done and she turns around, she immediately meets my eyes and steps closer.

"Hey." I say again softer.

"You said that already." She reminds me.

"It did sound familiar." I say. "I kind of just need something." I whisper as I get even closer. Close enough to share the same air, and feel her breath on my lips.

"What?" She whispers back.

I simply lean forward and press my lips to hers, allowing our lips to engage in a slow dance. I don't let the kiss last long, or deepen. If I get lost in her lips, I may not emerge anytime soon, and I couldn't let that happen yet.

"This." I say when I pull away, with my eyes half closed.

"Oh." She whispers, her breath still tickling my lips, inviting me to kiss her again.

So I step back from temptation.

"So what's for dinner Doc? I'm kind of hungry." I say trying to change the mood we've found ourselves in now.

Holly then just fully opens her eyes and meets mine. She shakes the fog out of her head and then lifts her lips into a smirk.

"You'll just have to come and taste." She says a bit seductivly as she walks by me. Once she reaches me though he voice lowers. "I might just make it fun." She says seductively into my ear as she passes me.

Her point didn't get lost on me. She was referring to our phone conversation on Monday, when I commented on how food wasn't as fun as her, unless she was the food.

Her words make a flutter go through me, running right up through my heart and ending between my thighs. DAMN IT GAIL! KEEP IT TOGETHER! Slow down heart!

"Tease." I mumble as I shake my head and attempt to follow her. She must have heard my mumble though, because she starts lightly chuckling as she keeps walking.

She had plates set up on the dining table, that was in the room right next to the kitchen. SHe had plates and glasses set up. She places the wine bottle on the table next to another one. On the table lies various dishes. There's salad, of course, it's Holly. There's Scallops and pasta.

"I remember you said you were allergic to tomatoes, so I didn't want to risk it." She says once she sees me looking at the food and I notice even the salad had no tomatoes.

"Only raw tomatoes, I can eat cooked, I just don't risk it much. But this looks amazing and smells so good." I compliment her cooking.

She smiles as she pulls out a chair for me and I take a seat. She grabs the wine bottle she already had opened and after getting a nod from me, she pours me some wine.

She then takes a seat opposite me and pours herself some wine.

Dinner was delicious. Holly can really cook. I did tell her that while eating. I think she got the message from the moaning I let out when I took the first few bites. Her face turned a bit flushed at that, and then after she managed to shake it off, it turned to amused.

Our conversation during dinner wasn't very long, we just talked about our day, and work. I may have been too busy enjoying the food and staring at Holly.

So after dinner, and desert, and after getting the plates off the table, Holly grabs the wine bottle and her glass, I grab mine too, and we make our way towards the living room area, where we then take seats on the couch, sitting close to each other. Conversation picking up where we left it.

"Well I didn't mean to blow up the whole system!" I remind her once she starts laughing at my latest story.

"How'd you even know how to do that?" She asks.

"My friend, she was into computers and stuff, she taught me a few things. At the time, she had just started teaching me about things, so when the teacher pissed me off, I thought it'd be funny to turn off her computer through mine, just like I was taught, but I messed up a bit and ended up breaking the whole system." I explain my story and she laughs.

"And you didn't get caught?" She asks incredulously.

"Well the whole system got fried, it's not like they'd know who did it." I tell her and she chuckles.

"So you got turned into little hacker?" She muses.

"I know, how very unethical of me."

"Did she just teach you that trick? or more?" She asks me then.

"More. She was so into computers, she wanted to study computers in college. For a second there, even I considered it." I confess. "Can you imagine me? Doing computers?"

"I could, you'd so be a nerd too then." She says with a grin and I grin back.


"So was she just a friend?" She asks shyly and I chuckle a bit.

"Maybe. We were friends, until we started making out from time to time." I say. I'm guessing her question is about to lead to a series of others. She did confess to me that she was a lesbian at the lab, I however didn't tell her anything. Probably up until I kissed her, she thought I was just a straight girl.

"So you've always liked girls?" She asks, shy tone still in place.

"Yes." I confirm. "I was never into labels. Always found both men and women intriguing. I've had a couple of girlfriends. Just like I've had a couple of boyfriends. It was never about gender with me, more about who interests me."

"Oh, how'd you get to that point though?" She asks and I get what she meant by her question. How did I realize I liked both?

"I didn't have much friends, I wasn't always the friendliest. But I did meet this girl, computer girl, Amy, in detention." I start the story.

"Detention?" She interrupts.

"Mr Burt, he hated me. And she was caught getting the block off the campus computers. So we met there and chatted. She had a boyfriend at the time, I had just broken up with mine. I was maybe sixteen. We became friends, she intrigued me. I found myself wanting to learn about computers from her, and hating on her boyfriend, who was a jerk by the way." I say as I point at Holly.

"Naturally." She mocks and I smile before continuing my story.

"I wasn't quite sure why i found her so interesting. At first I thought I wanted to learn about computers from her, because it would be cool to do tricks on teachers and freak some people out, but a month later, after she dumped the boyfriend and we hung out even more, I realized that I wanted to learn just because I liked her voice, and her teaching me things. If it was someone else, I probably wouldn't want to learn. So when we went to that party together, and she dragged me to the dance floor with her, before I even could get more than two drinks in me, I started getting flushed from her closeness, and hello, I'm so pale, of course she noticed! So when she asked if I was okay I simply nodded and we went back to dancing. Until somehow, I don't know how, we ended up kissing. We weren't even drunk. We both freaked and separated. Next day she showed up at my house though to appologize, but we ended up making out, and then we sorta were dating for a while, till she had to move away. After that I had a short fling with another girl, and then I met Nick." I conclude my story.

"How long did you and nick date?" She asks intrigued. "Cause you guys seem to be good friends, without the awkwardness and the sexual tension." She notes.

"We dated for about two years. Until on a stupid impulse we thought we'd elope and get married in Vegas." The shocked expression she wears then doesn't go unnoticed. "Yep, I thought I loved him and we'd piss my mother off as well. But when we got to Vegas, he didn't show up to the chapel. I found a stupid note later that said he was sorry and joined the army. I didn't come back home after that."

"He was the reason you left?" She asks.

"Part of it. I don't regret leaving. I made a career for myself without the influence of my parents or my last name. And Nick's a good guy, he just had a freak out, in a way I'm glad he bailed. We were always good friends, I guess that's why it's easy to be friends without any attraction. Besides I don't think I'd be attracted to him while there's you." I say the last part with a seductive look.

"Oh really?" She challenges.

"He's got nothing on you." I add as I lean closer and just peck her lips.

"And after Nick?" Her curiosity is getting the best of her.

"No relationships after Nick." I tell her.

"So you just had fun with people?" She asks warily, probablya fraid of her choice of words.

"Not really." I say and she raises her eyebrows in question.

I could probably see where this conversation is headed, or where she's trying to lead it to. She's making sure she's not just for fun. She was supposed to be, to keep James off my back. But she was never just fun. She intrigued me since I bumped into her outside the precinct. I should've walked away from this, never gave it a chance to happen, but I couldn't. I'm in too deep, and I'm so serious about her. And she needs to know that, or part of that. So I place my now empty glass of wine on the table and look her right in the eyes.

"You're not just fun Holly." I reassure her and she looks surprised that I got her drift. "I like you. I really do. And I may not have been in a relationship in a few years, I'd really like to see where this thing between us would lead to."

"Yeah?" She asks and I nod. "Cause I like you too." She says as she scoots too close after placing her glass on the table too. She then places her glasses next to her glass of wine.

She lifts her arms and cups my cheek before leaning in for a kiss.

A kiss that starts slow but deepens fast. Soon our tongues are battling for dominance, and her hands lower from my cheeks to my back, gripping my shirt. My hands were still around her shoulders trying to keep some self control. Until Holly moans into my mouth and I lose all self control. I lower her onto the couch then with me on top. My hands start roaming he sides, never breaking our kiss. Her hands go under my shirt and start caressing my bare back. My hands lift her shirt up a bit, one hand placed next to her keeping my weight up, while the other roams her side getting closer to her breast. One of her hand roams closer to my stomach, and goes up close to my breasts before she lowers it back into my stomach. I couldn't help but moan into her and lift my hand and finally cup her bra clad breast in my hand. Her knee jerks up at my movement as she moans into me. Her knee ends up in between my thighs, right onto my core, and I couldn't help but get lost, and feel the moister and the flood of wetness overtake me, and I start a grinding rhythm. One of my knees flinging up towards her center as we both moan and start to slowly grind. I feel so much want and need then. I want every part of Holly, to taste every inch of her, to feel her so close that it hurts if we weren't connected. I was feeling a fire that would be hard to put out. I've never felt this kind of excitement and fire from anyone, not from Nick, and not even from Amy. And if this continued like this, I wouldn't have any self control, I wouldn't be able to stop this. I'd take her right there. And that's when I remembered that we agreed on slow, and this was anything but slow.

So I slow the kissing and slowly stop the grinding as I retreat my hands and place them on both sides of her head. Then I simply lift myself a bit off, and meet her gaze. Her eyes were completely black then, and I'm sure mine were too dark from arousel too. We were both out of Breath and panting, staring at each other with lust.

"We should probably stop before we can't." I let out between short breathes.

"So much for slow." She breathes out.

I wait till my breath evens out and till my body calms down a bit before I say anything else.

"Sorry." I whisper. In a way it felt like it was my fault for getting things so carried away.

"Don't be sorry, I was in this as much as you were." She reminds me, and it's then I feel like I need to elaborate more on my situation. We got into the kissing before I could tell her about about the lack of fun I've had in the past few years.

"It's just I haven't been with anyone in a while, so I kind of got carried away." I confess.

"How long a while?" Holly asks curiously as she lifts her hand to pull a few stray locks that were falling down, behind my ears.

I then squint and stammer a "Since Nick." As answer.

"Seriously?" Holly looks at me in shock.

"I told you, I'm not into having fun with people, and I didn't meet anyone I liked enough to actually date and have a relationship with. So other than the fake kisses I had to undergo while undercover, I've been celibate." I add to my confession as my cheeks redden and I lower my face to burry it in her shoulder, to hide the embarrassment.

"Hey it's okay. I get what you mean." She reassures me as she starts to pass her hands through my hair. "Besides, I'm not exactly complaining. You can get carried away with me anytime." She adds.

"Not helping." I mumble into her shoulder. She simply chuckles and kisses the top of my head.

"How about we just watch a movie or something?" She suggests.

"Hmmm, sounds good." I mumble into her shoulder.

"And cuddle." She adds.

"Okay." I agree.

"Really? I thought you'd be against that." She says and I lift my head to meet her eyes then.

"You're kind of warm and you smell good. I don't mind being too close to you." I tell her as I peck her on the lips and lift myself up, helping her up in the process.

"So what do you want to watch?" She asks once she's seated up and she passes her hand through her hair as she grabs her glasses with the other hand and places them on her face.

"Anything interesting." I answer shrugging.

She then gets up towards her movie collection and starts naming options.

Once we settle on one, she puts it in and grabs a comforter that was placed on the small seat next to the TV.

She then takes a seat at the far end of the couch, scooting back up and looking at me invitingly. So I scoot back towards her and snuggle into her as she places the comforter over us. She presses play on the remote to start the movie and I hope that I'd be able to focus on the movie and pay more attention to it then I'd be sneaking glances at Holly.

But Holly's arms around me felt nice, and her breath tickling my neck sent tingles all over my body. I knew then that I was done for. There's no way I'd be really watching the movie.

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