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Am I A Ghost Or Real?


"You were found with a gun at the scene of a crime, only a few seconds after the gun shots were fired. And you expect us to believe it wasn't you?" Swarek Asks me incredulously .

I was booked in, and dragged into the interrogation room at 15 devision where apparently a now Detective Swarek and Officer McNally sat facing me. I was sure my finger prints wouldn't match anyone in their database. And I was determined to not give them any name. They don't need to know who I am. Not even my fake agent name.

"I already told you. I went out for a smoke. Heard a gun shot. Ran to check it out." I say calmly for the sixth time.

"Right. You carry a fire arm with you everywhere?" And the sarcasm starts.

Just then a dark haired, dark skinned detective walks into the interrogation room.

"The weapon is unregistered." The unknown detective says as she places a file in front of Swarek. "Care to explain that?" She points her question at me.

"Guess I forgot." I shrug.

"And what, did you forget your name as well?" Sam scoffs and tries to stare me down.

I just smirk. "You're a detective. Shouldn't you figure it out yourself." I tease.

I could tell Swarek was getting worked up. If I keep up this charade I was putting he's bound to blow up in anger in my face.

"So we'll call you Anonymous for now." McNally finally pipes in. She'd been quiet this whole time till now.

"Or you know, since you won't need to know my name, you can let me go and won't have a reason to call me anything." I shrug again, and point out the fact that I had no business being here once more.

"A bartender with a gun and no name. You must be special." Sam was back to sarcasm. I bet he and I would get along just fine.

"Depends who you ask." I say with a grin that I was sure would annoy him more. Staying quiet could've been a better option, but I was sure that in only a few minutes I'd be out. So what's the harm in annoying them and getting a kick out of it.

"Grin while you can. Once you're in the slammer I'm sure you'd forget what smiling feels like." He shoots back at my attempt to annoy him. I guess he thought I'd lost the grin at his comment but I just simple chuckled instead.

"I guess I won't be forgetting then. Since I'll be out of here in a few minutes." I shoot back at him with an even bigger smile.

He raises his finger at my face and just before he says anything the woman detective that I still have got no name for interrupts him by addressing me.

"You sound pretty confident." She comments.

"I did nothing wrong. So I have no business here." I say.

"If you did nothing wrong then you'd have no problem telling us your name." Officer McNally attempts to get my name yet once more.

"It's an ugly name, not good for sharing." I joke but they don't find it amusing. "Besides, you may never see me again. So what use would you have for it?" I add.

"You're being investigated for murder. I'm sure an ugly name is the least of your concerns. Besides, we will figure it out eventually." The woman detective says as she assesses my reaction and movements with her eyes. I'm sure they're waiting for my smirk to fall off my face at any moment.

If my timing estimate is right. I have less than a minute for their sergeant to walk in and tell them to release me. I guess I can have more fun annoying them in the little time we'll be sharing now.

"No you think you're investigating me for murder. But you're just delaying your investigation process." I say. "Now it was nice meeting you, but I guess I'll be going." I say as I stand up.

"Yeah, nice try. You're not leaving anytime soon." Sam says as the woman detective pushes me back into my chair.

"I'm sure it'll be way sooner than you think." I state as I look towards the investigation room door waiting for the staff sergeant with my smirk still plastered on my face.

And just like that the door indeed does open. And a man in a white shirt, whom I guess is the staff sergeant walks in.

"Let her go. Now." He says as he gestures with his hands indicating he wants us all to leave the room.

"What? Why?" Swarek asks.

"Just do as I say Swarek." The Staff Sergeant uses his authoritative voice. "Could you bring her belongings to my office? I would like a word with her." He says pointing at me.

I just get up and walk towards him as they all get up too.

"All my belongings." I add, meeting the sergeant in the eyes, letting him know I also meant the gun.

"Yes, of course. All of them." He says as we all walk behind him. McNally walks towards the booking room, so I guess she'll be bringing me back my stuff. While the detectives follow me and the sergeant towards his office.

"Detectives. Your presence is not needed during this conversation." Sergeant Best, as I happened to read his name while I walked out, says as he stands by his office door getting ready to close it in the face of his detectives.

The door may be closed now, but I could still see through the glass office that Swarek was still waiting outside chatting to the detective woman whom I still have no name for.

But I let my gaze leave them as I find a seat and get ready to lie in the moment. I'm sure the bureau has fed him a few lies about what I do in order to get me out. I just hope I sound as convincing as I should.

"I'm sorry for the misunderstanding detective." Sergeant Best starts. Detective? What the hell? "My officers only assumed you were the killer for being there, and I understand that you couldn't blow your cover."

So they told him I was an undercover detective. I gain composure and try answer him confidently. "I did warn Officer McNally. I guess it wasn't a clear warning."

"I understand that your name is to remain secret, even the fake one you're using for the sake of your mission. I apologize for jeopardizing your operation and putting you at harm's risk. I hope it's fixable." He says.

"The sooner I get out, the easier it'd be to fix it." I say to rush things up. I don't have all the details of what they told him. I was surprised they told him I was a detective. There must be a reason for that. I didn't want to say anything wrong and slip up. So I remind him how important it is to leave the station with that comment.

"Yes of course." He nods towards the door where McNally is standing to let her know she can come in.

She hands me my stuff and I opt to put my watch on. I place my ring on and turn off the trace as a way to let them know that their plan worked and I'll be released. I grab my wallet which only has my house key and some money, no ID, no bank cards, and put it in my back pocket. Just as I reach for the gun I can feel McNally's gaze following it as I place it at my back under my shirt.

"Thanks." I say towards an uneasy McNally. I guess if I found someone at a crime scene with a gun, I'd be reluctant to let them go. With said gun above all as well.

When I get no reply from McNally I turn towards Best and give him a nod.

"I apologize again." He says extending his arm for me to shake.

I only answer with a nod and turn to walk out with Best following behind me.

"You can't be serious." Sam was ready with his statement as we walk out of the office.

"Sergeant she has an unregistered gun." The woman detective adds.

"Nash, Swarek, let it go." Best says in a stern voice.

I just give them a smile and continue walking. They still follow me.

Sergeant I'm sure is following me to make sure I leave safely. While the others are following me cause they're wary of me. They probably think I'll be pulling my gun at them.

Just as we round a corner and I see the exit door at the end of the hallway, I meet a face I was hoping I wouldn't run into.

"Gail?" A curious voice I knew very well asks as he approaches.

Shit! Fuck! Don't react! Just keep walking! Don't let him address you! You're not Gail, so he can't be addressing you! You're not Gail anymore.

I had to keep repeating that in order to ignore my brother's face and voice as it comes closer. I had to stay neutral. Poker face on and walk to that exit. Dyeing my hair wasn't gonna make me unrecognizable, but it was the only difference I did. Changing it from blondish brown to bleach blond. There's no way he won't know it's me. But I'll just have to be convincing.

I don't meet his eyes, instead I stare right at the exit and keep walking as if he's talking to someone else, because it couldn't be me. But I get stopped as he steps into my line of view.

"Oh my god! Gail! Where've you been?" He says with an exhale as he wraps his arms around me.

I let him hug me for only a second before I push him away.

"Yeah. No. You don't get to hug me." I try to make my voice sound steady and sure.

"What'd you do to your hair?" He asks as he looks me over in surprise. As if he still doesn't believe I was standing there in front of him. It's then that I see the damage I'd done to him by leaving. It's then that I learn about the hurt I might have caused him. For a second I feel like hugging him and telling him I was sorry and that I'm here and alright. But I know I can't. I had to play this off right and leave. Gail is not here! I am not gail anymore!

"You know her?" Sam asks incredulously from behind me.

"My sister." He still has his surprised tone on as his eyes roam over my face.

I just scoff at his words. "Not likely. Now I was on my way out." I say as I try to push past him towards the exist.

"Gail." Steven reaches for my wrist then to stop me from leaving. I just take a deep breath readying myself for the coming onslaught I'd have to unleash on him.

"Look buddy. I am not your sister. My name is not Gail. I don't appreciate you touching me, or stopping me from reaching my destination. Just go find your sister wherever she is, and get out of my way." I stay sternly, watching his face drop into a mixture of hurt and sadness, and I try to push past him one more time. He doesn't stop me this time. I make it towards the exit door with Best behind me.

Once I'm outside I exhale the breath I'd been holding. When I ran away, my biggest fear was that moment that just happened. My biggest fear was that I'd end up in a situation where I'd have to face my family, and it just happened. I just faced my brother. I have no idea if it went well or extremely bad. It felt like it went extremely bad.


It's probably after midnight.

Just then my phone rings and I answer Marcus.

"I'm in the van one block away near the cafe. Hurry. We have a situation." And just like that the line cuts off.

I put my phone in my pocket and turn around to run in the other direction. In the process I bump into someone and I hear a thud as something hits the floor.

"Sorry." We both say at the same time. As I lean down to pick up a folder that has been dropped. A folder that turns out to be a police report.

I look up to give it to who ever dropped it, and I find myself lost as I am met by warm brown eyes behind glasses.

"Thanks." She says as she reaches for it. "I just wasn't looking."

"Neither was I." I answer my eyes still fixed on hers and I feel her lips forming a smile. She was about to say something when my phone chimes again disturbing our moment.

"I gotta go." I say to the tan skinned, dark haired brown eyed girl and leave her standing there as I make my way towards the van. I'm sure I've got her face implanted in my mind now. I just wish I had a name to go with it.

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