Am I A Ghost Or Real?

The Pit

Holly may not have gotten her make out sessions.

I wanted them too. But it had to wait.

Once I parked in my drive way I noticed Holly was zoning off. I guess she had more to drink than I thought, and she was probably too tired. She did go into work too early today after all.

"Come on sleepy head, let's get you to bed." I say gently as I brush her hair away from her face gently and she just smiles softly at that act as she opens her eyes and sleepily gets out of my car.

She was okay to walk by herself, but I still put a hand around her waist to help her into the house. I led her into my bedroom as I rummaged through my drawers to find her something comfy to wear. I hand her a pair of cotton shorts and a t-shirt.

"Here, wear this. I'll get you water in the meantime." I inform her as she takes the clothes from me. Once she starts to take off her shirt I make my way towards the kitchen to get her some water. I wait a minute or so before going back into the room, giving her enough time to be completely dressed.

When I get back into the room she was placing her clothes on the arm chair and she was dressed. I hand her the water and she drinks half the cup.

"Can you handle brushing your teeth? Or too sleepy to do that?" I ask and she just nods confirming she can brush them. So I point her towards the bathroom and hand her a clean toothbrush.

I uncover the bed and place the pillows in place. Last time we fell asleep together, it was on a couch and it wasn't planned. This time it would be in my bed. Much more comfortable. But not as small that it would require us to hold on to each other. But I wouldn't mind holding on to her in a big space.

When she emerges from the bathroom, I point her towards the bed. She nods and gets under the covers on the left side. I'm guessing she was too tired to talk.

"I'll be right back." I tell her as I then grab some shorts and a shirt and make my way to the bathroom to change and brush my teeth.

When I'm out in the room again five minutes later, Holly looks so peaceful in my bed. Sound asleep. She's adorable when she's tipsy and tired. I'm glad she came back with me. I'm also glad she won't be noticing the bandaged arm. Not when she's asleep already. She will notice eventually but not tonight. Which helps me avoid a conversation at this moment. A conversation that can wait for tomorrow.

I get under the covers on the right side and place my phone on the dresser next to me. I give Holly a last look before I reach over to turn off the light. Once I reach the switch for the light, I feel the bed shift. So I turn the light off and settle back, only to feel warm arms wrap around my waist. Holly has found me in her sleep. I guess she'll be the big spoon tonight. But I'm just glad she's this close. I lift my arm up to place it above hers, and I fall asleep.


I feel a vibration next to me. My phone, probably a text message.

I feel a bit of light seeping into my room.

I feel a hand around me.

I feel a nose nuzzled into my neck.

I feel steady breathing from next to me.

I feel Holly.

I don't dare open my eyes. We may have fallen asleep with her as the big spoon, but sometime during the night we shifted, and now I'm lying on my back and Holly has one arm around me, with her leg straddling me and her face nuzzled into my neck. Her breathing tells me she's in deep sleep. So I don't move of fear of waking her. I'm not sure if she's a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper. So I don't want to risk waking her up.

I used to be a heavy sleeper. Like you'd blast horns in my room, next to my ears, and I still wouldn't wake up. But since joining the agency, I've learned to have all of my senses on high alert. Any sound would wake me. If I wasn't aware of Holly in my arms, if I'd forgotten foggy and unknowing of my companion, and I felt an arm around me, I'd have attacked. But this is Holly. And I'm always aware of her. Even when I can't see her, I'm aware of her.

So I just keep my eyes closed, with one arm around her. I bask in the feeling of her closeness, and in the sound of her breathing.

Soon enough, a few minutes later, her breathing changes and her fingers flex above my abdomen. Her nose tickles my neck as she makes a content sound. She's awake.

So I wait a few seconds before opening my eyes and looking at her. When I gaze upon her, I find her already looking at me, with eyes half open, but still a warm look.

"Morning." She husks out and I melt at the sound.

"Morning." I smile at her as I lift my free arm to move her hair away from her face. "Sleep well?" I ask and she just hums as she tightens her hold on me and kisses my neck.

"I slept great, you?" She asks as she closes her eyes and lays her head on my shoulder.

"Me too."

"Sorry about my friends yesterday." She apologizes for Lisa, even though she shouldn't.

"Don't worry. They can't scare me off." I promise her as I bend my head to give her a forehead kiss.

She then looks up at me with adoration as she leans up and pecks my lips.

"Good." She says as she leans back for another kiss. A kiss which lasts longer. And then it deepens. She lifts herself up to be more comfortable. And then she lifts one hand up my arm. Unfortunately she reaches my bandaged arm and I wince. My reaction doesn't go unnoticed. Holly must have also felt the bandages, because next thing I know, she's retracting her hand and breaking the kiss. Once she has her eyes open again, she focuses her gaze on my gauzed arm.

"Gail." She starts to say and then she lays down next to me, as she caresses under my gauze gently with her hand. "What happened?" She asks with worry.

"Hey, don't worry. It's just a scratch. I'm fine." I try to reassure her.

"You were wincing yesterday when I touched your arm here. I'm sorry. Why didn't you tell me?" She asks with more worry once she realizes the reason for my actions yesterday.

"It's okay. It's not a big deal to tell." I say with a small shrug.

"Not a big deal?" uh oh, those weren't the right words then, her tone sounds a bit annoyed now. "Gail you're hurt. So it is a big deal."

"Holly…" I start but she interrupts.

"How'd this happen?" She asks with a serious look, and a pleading tone, begging me to tell her and I give in. I wish I could tell her the truth. It'd probably worry her more though. So I'll just tell her the lie version. Which is still technically close to the truth.

"One of my old colleagues, is undercover in the city. His cover was blown and back up was far away. I was the only other person he knew in the city. So he contacted me secretly. I just ran to help. Traci and Nick followed. When we got there, my friend was about to get shot, so I stepped in. Some shots were fired and this happened." I explain as I point at my arm, but during my whole explanation I watched her expression turn to complete worry and horrification.

"You were shot at? A bullet did this?" Her tone gets higher and I feel it'd be best if I nod and not speak. "You promised to be careful."

"Said I'd do my best. I did. I'm okay. It just scratched me." I remind her. I hope she doesn't freak out now. My job, even if this was the real one, is still dangerous.

"Fool." She whispers, before she attacks my lips. "Did they stitch it?" She adds after she breaks the kiss.

"Yeah, don't remember how many stitches though. I think a couple." I say remembering that while the medical staff was cleaning the wound she did add a few stitches.

"I'm really glad that you're here." She says with warmth as she meets my eyes to convey how relieved she is that I'm alive.

"Me too." i whisper before capturing her lips for more kisses. "I think your lips are addictive." I inform her in between kisses and she just moans at the statement.

We start a morning make out session. Making up for the one we missed last night. And I intend to make the most of it.

But before any body parts could be felt and any clothing could be shed, my phone rings, interrupting our tongue battle and I just groan.

"Why do we always get interrupted?" I whine and Holly just chuckles.

"Answer it." She says nodding towards my cellphone. "I need the bathroom." She then hops up off the bed while grabbing her glasses off the bed side table and placing them on her head.

"There's new toothbrushes in the drawer by the sink." I tell her before she makes her way towards the bathroom.

I then pick up the phone that was still ringing, annoyingly.

When I look at the caller ID it says private.


"Hello." I answer warily.

"Well the ice queen finally picks up. Don't tell me I woke you up?!" A voice answers back. A female voice. A voice I know well and haven't heard in a few months.

"Ashley? When'd you finish your mission? And how do you have my number?" I ask several questions due to my shock. I wasn't expecting her to call. She was probably one of the few friends I made in the Agency. She was undercover for a while on a very dangerous mission over seas. Which makes me really glad to hear her voice at the moment.

"I just came back two days ago. Asked about you. Stevens gave me your number. She said you were undercover but it's safe to call you on this number. It's been a long time!" She explains. "Just woke up did you?"

"I do love my sleep. Where are you now?"

"Back in Ottawa. But I hear you're in Toronto. With a hottie for a partner." She remarks and I just laugh at that.

"You know I'd never go there," I remind her. I never have a thing with people I work with. Never had a thing with anyone in a while either.

"I can't ask about the mission, but when you're done, we have to meet up. I have stories to tell." Now that her mission is done, she can talk to me about it. But considering my mission is still under go, I can't tell her anything.

"Of course. I have stories too." She'd flip if she heard about this undercover mission. How ironic is it? The place I ran away from and the identity I gave up, ended up being my cover up.

"Oh juicy bit of news. I can't wait." She says enthusiastically.

"Gah too preppy for morning. Stop with the high pitch!" I whine into the phone and she laughs.

Because I can scold her for laughing at me, Holly opens the bathroom door, still wearing my shorts and t-shirt. I couldn't help but stare with a goofy smile, which she somewhat returns. She walks towards the bed and I couldn't help but find her stride attractive and seductive. I could feel the tingles and the flood of wetness take over me at the site of her. God! This sexual frustration thing needs to be dealt with, because this woman is driving me crazy.

"Sawyer!" Ashley shrieks into the phone and I realize I've zoned out.

"What?" I ask startled.

"What was so distracting?"

"A lot of things." I answer her as I keep my gaze locked with Holly's, who is now sitting on the bed next to me.

"You have any food I can use to make breakfast with?" Holly asks me in a low voice, hoping she isn't disturbing my phone call. I just nod. She pecks me on the lips and leaves my room to make her way to the kitchen. Still wearing my shorts and t-shirt and I just stare after her.

"Sawyer." Ashley shrieks again.

"Sorry." I say.

"You're not alone are you? Because I can swear I heard a female voice." She remarks.

"You're losing it." I deflect.

"You have someone there! Oh my God! who is she?" She shrieks in her high pitch. How are we friends again?

"Stop with the annoying voice pitch!" I warn her. Weirdly she reminded me of Chloe and the way she uses a high pitched voice sometimes.

"Stop diverting my attention and spill!"

"Can't. Mission related." I say hoping she'd drop the subject now.

"Okay. Fine. But we're talking after this is done. So finish it fast!" She says and I hope I do finish it fast. The faster I finish this mission, the sooner I can really be with Holly, no lies, no secrets. "Now go, don't leave your lady waiting."

I chuckle at her statement before I end the conversation with a "Bye Ash, we'll talk later."

I then go to the bathroom. Brush my teeth, and make my way into the kitchen, where Holly seems to have found the bacon and pancake mix.

I take a seat at the bar stool by the kitchen island and watch her make breakfast.

A few minutes later a plate full of food is placed in front of me and I give Holly a beaming smile.

She takes a seat next to me with her own plate.

I taste the food and moan at the deliciousness.

"This is good." I tell her pointing my fork at the food.

"I know." She answers confidently, but yet in a playful tone. But I don't answer to that. I just nod at that statement.

"So have you heard from your sister yet?" I ask her remembering that her parents were worried cause no one's heard from Zoey in a while.

"Oh yeah, she texted me yesterday saying 'Sorry, busy week.'" Holly informs me as she digs into her own food. "She does that sometimes. Gets so wrapped up in what she's doing, that she forgets everyone else exists. I called mom to tell her what the message said."

"I'd be way too pissed off, if someone I was worried about for a while just says they're okay in a nonchalant manner." I tell her. If Zoey was my sister I'd probably fly over to where she is to give her a piece of my mind.

"I am mad, but I got used to it. She wants to be first in her class. So she works too hard. Forgetting that she has people who worry about her." She defends her sister's actions and continues eating.

"I can understand that. I did leave after all without a word to anyone." I remind her as I over think my actions again. I didn't do the best thing by leaving did I? If Steve has felt half of what Holly is feeling now, then I am such a bad sibling.

"I guess you had your reasons too." Holly reassures me once she notices the distressed expression I was carrying and I just give her a smile.

"Do you have to work today?" She asks me.

"Yeah. I'm hoping no crimes today. I'd like to stay behind my desk finishing paperwork." I answer with a sigh.

"I hope so too. You can't fight crime while injured." Her tone may have started serious but by her second sentence it turned teasing.

"Oh Please." I scoff. "When do you have to be at work?"

"Anytime before ten I guess." She shrugs.

"Good." I say before I finish my food. I guess this gives us at least two more hours of hanging out together. I might just steal a few kisses and a few conversations.

My phone beeps with a text from Marcus. They found a flash drive with one of the victims. It's encrypted. They're going to try and crack it, hoping to get the lists Scott was talking about.

Here's to hoping we know who to protect.


When I enter the detective's office, I find Steve standing by my desk.

"You were shot at?" He asks incredulously. He's probably mad he wasn't informed of the incident.

"Scratched by a bullet. Hardly life threatening." I tell him as I take a seat.

"It's a bullet Gail! It's always life threatening." His tone is getting higher. "Even if it fucking misses you completely." I guess I've upset him if he's cursing at work.

"Steve calm down. I'm okay." I try a softer approach then. Reassuring him that I'm fine.

"Well thank God for that. Don't go putting yourself in front of bullets!" He's not used to me being in the line of bullets, or any danger. You'd think with our parents both being on the force he'd be used to it. I'm sure my mother has heard of the incident. She on the other hand I'm sure is not worried.

"Not like I planned to do it." I can't help but be defensive. I'm not used to having someone worry about me in my line of work. "Besides, it's just a scratch. See? I still have a full functioning arm."I lift my arm up and down and flex my fingers as emphasis.

"A bullet's a bullet."

"Not to me. If it doesn't put me in a hospital then it's not dangerous." Shit. I just said that didn't I?

"A bullet has put you in a hospital before?" His face turns paler as he asks me that.

"I thought we already established I got hurt a few times when you saw these." I lift my arms, wrists facing him, to show the scars.

"Nothing was said about bullet marks." He reminds me.

"Steve…" I start but before I can finish or add anything, even though I had no idea what to say then, Traci walks in and stops in her tracks when she sees Steve standing there with a pale worried face and me with an irritated one.

"Everything okay?" She asks hesitantly.

"Everything's fine." I tell her hoping this would change the subject.

"Okay." She says uncertainly as she takes a seat by her desk.

"Gail." Steve starts again.

"Steve." I warn.

He just shakes his head at me as he kisses Traci on the cheek and then storms out of the office.

"What was that?" Traci asks me one Steve leaves.

"No idea." I deflect and pick up my paper work for the day.

"About yesterday…" She starts and I immediately lift my finger to my lips in a silence sign as I mouth 'later' and she just nods and drops the subject.


Laughter echoes loud in the precinct and I slap Dov on the shoulder as a warning to shut up.

I've been teaching him basic computer stuff. He wanted to mess with Chris so I taught him how to control the computer Chris was using from his own computer.

Chris has been going crazy for the past hour trying to figure out what's happening with his computer. First the mouse moves by itself. Then files get randomly opened. Dov even typed "I AM YOUR FATHER" and Chris freaked out. That should've given Dov and me away, but Chris didn't get the Star Wars reference. And after some other small things we did, we eventually turned off the computer after sending him a message that said "SELF DESTRUCT." Once the screen went off Chris jumped out of his chair freaking out, which is what lead to Dov laughing hysterically.

Dov's laugh gave us away. Chris eyed Dov for a few seconds before making the realization that all of that was Dov's fault. A minute later you see Chris chasing after Dov in the precinct like five year olds. I should probably tell them to stop before they get in trouble. But I guess they can handle it. Dov was the one who begged me for three hours none stop to teach him something. I eventually gave in when all my paper work for the day was done and I had nothing to do. So during my lunch break we ordered in and I helped Dov while we ate.

Today Holly had to give a conference at some college, so we couldn't meet up for lunch like we've been doing the past week. It's Friday today, and it's been four days of everyday lunch breaks with Holly. It's been four days since I shared a bed with her. It's been four days, and I've been dying to take things further. We've come close a few times. I'm just glad her office doesn't have any cameras, because those make out sessions we had there were a bit R rated.

Yet even though we missed lunch together, I'm still seeing her tonight.

The guys are going out for drinks at The Penny, then take the party somewhere else. I've been roped into going by Steve, and thus I convinced Holly to come too.

"Diaz! Epstein! Stop running around after each other, this isn't pre-school." Noelle Warns as she entered the room and sees Chris chasing Dov. She's still not back on duty, but I guess she was here to have lunch with Frank, considering the paper bags she was carrying.

My phone rings distracting me from the embarrassment that colors Dov and Chris's face.

"What's up?" I answer Marcus.

"Stevens called. They cracked one of the files open. It does have names, but not agent names. It has members names. Their members. They think the other files also have names of members." He informs me.

"Did his name pop up on there?" I ask him without using Jameson's name. He'll know who I mean.

"Not yet. Let's hope it doesn't. Otherwise, this mission would get so much more complicated." He has a point. If Jameson's name pops up there, then our mission would integrate with the other agents' missions on these gangs. Then our approach to this mission would have to change. Not in the pretty sense.

"Keep me updated." I tell him.

"Of course. Keep an eye on him tonight." He reminds me. "And don't show me your face till Monday." His tone becomes playful then. "Even though you have to do work, you still can have fun." He pauses. "With your hot doctor."

"Ugh! I'm hanging up now." I inform him before I hang up.

Jameson's out on patrol tonight. But I'm sure he'll be there. Steve said the gang will be there. I'm guessing Jameson is part of the gang.

Traci taps me on the shoulder. "Andy just brought in our robbery suspect. He's in interrogation two."

I nod and follow her there.


"Gail." Nick calls out to me once I'm out of the precinct with bag in hand.

"Nicholas." I greet, as I keep walking and he jogs a bit to catch up to me.

"Headed to the Penny?" He asks as he matches my stride now.

"Yes." I answer as I reach my car and unlock it.

"Okay." He says and I'm sure that's not why he called me. I stand there waiting for him to say more. He fidgets a bit before he gives in.

"Um. I know we're not supposed to talk about your mission…" He starts.

"Nick." I cut him off but he still continues talking.

"I'm not gonna ask about it. I just wanted to know that you'll be safe and that I'm here if you need my help with anything." He explains. "And if you ever did need my help, I promise I won't ask questions."

"Thank you." And I meant it. Not that I would ever take him up on it, but it was good to know that I had someone else watching my back. "Traci's been giving me weird looks." I confess.

"She's just worried. Steve and Leo are attached to you now." He starts to explain and then it clicks. He knows this because he and Traci have talked about this. When Traci tried to approach me last about the subject I told her we'd talk later, but we haven't gotten to it yet.

"You talked about this together haven't you?" I ask and he nods.

"I get where she's coming from. But if you talk about it again, make sure she knows I'll do my best to be safe and when all this is done, I'm not going anywhere." I tell him, knowing he'll convey my message.

His answer was a smile, and then it turns to a knowing smile and I immediately know the meaning behind it.

"Stop smiling like that, it's gross." My words don't phase him. His smile remains.

"Good to know your job didn't turn you into a robot." He says with the smile still in place.

I narrow my eyes at him before I lift my finger and flip him off. He simply laughs at my actions and takes a few steps back.

"See you later Gail."

"Whatever Jerk face." I then ignore him and turn around to open the door to my car. I text Holly, once I'm seated, telling her that I'm leaving the station now and I'll meet her at the Penny whenever she makes it there.

Once I get her reply, I put my car in drive and make my way towards The Penny.

Once parked, I check my phone to see if Holly had messaged me before I make my way into the bar. When I see the no messages I walk in.

"Happy Birthday!" Voices in the bar echo the second I walked in.

Shit. My birthday is this Sunday. I forgot. That's why mom called yesterday and said I had to be there for dinner on Sunday. She'd invited a few people and my presence was mandatory.

I haven't celebrated in years, hence why I forgot.

I notice everyone's here. Steve, Traci, Andy, Nick, Ian, Sam, Dov, Chris, Oliver, Noelle, Chloe,… no Holly yet.

The dumbfounded look on my face must have freaked everyone out. Because the shocked face is all the reaction they got. Steve decided to break the ice as he walks towards me with two tequila shots in hand.

"Here. A toast with the birthday girl." He says as he hands me a shot.

"My birthday isn't till Sunday." I remind him.

"Yeah, but mother is having that dinner thing, and most of your friends have tonight off, so why miss the chance of surprising you." He smiles sweetly at that. He then lifts his shot and announces. "To the birthday girl." And then everyone in the bar lifts a shot or a drink. As they all take a drink I lift my shot and down it.

"Happy Birthday." A voice whispers into my ears from behind me. A voice that sends tingles down my spine. I immediately turn around and greet her with a smile.


"Hey yourself." She breathes out.

"So…" Steve starts loudly. Ugh, he's gonna make some sort of speech. I turn around to face him, but I drop my hand down and reach for Holly's hand. "My sister has been away for a few years. In her absence she finished college, went to the academy, became a cop and made detective super fast. So cheers to the bravest of the Pecks."

I roll my eyes at that. Did he have to say 'Peck'?

Once it quiets down in the bar a bit I smile at everyone. "Thank you. I actually forgot it was my birthday." I confess and they chuckle.

That's when Andy appears with a cake in hand and they start singing. I'm going to kill Steve. Never has anyone sang Happy Birthday to me. Growing up, my parents would invite their friends over for my birthday, for a dinner. Even when I was a teenager, if I have friends over, they did too. And when it was cake time, I would only blow out the candles. There was never any singing.

I glare at Steve and he just laughs at my expression. Holly squeezes my hand though and I soften.

When they all stop singing, finally, I blow out the candles. Andy hands the cake to the barman before she gives me a hug with a "Happy birthday Gail." I on the other hand give her an awkward one armed hug.

When she lets me go the others file in for hugs and they all receive awkward hugs from me. Especially Ian, who I almost didn't hug. How can I hug the guy I was supposed to kill?

Steve on the other hand got a slap on the back. And except for Holly. Who I give an actual hug to.

"It's not so bad to hug people Gail." She whispers in my ear when she hugs me. I guess she noticed the awkwardness.

"It's not bad at all to hug you." I husk out.

"Oh really?" She asks as she lets me go.


Steve interrupts us as he hands me and Holly each a beer. And Traci behind him gives each of us a piece of cake.

About half an hour later we are all seated at several tables put together at the back of the bar. Everyone's chatting and I'm just watching Holly as she has a conversation with Traci.

Nick kicks me under the table and I turn my head towards him with a glare.

"Stop drooling." He mouthes and I just grab the napkin holder and throw it at him. Everyone at the table turns towards us with shock then. Waiting for a reaction. Knowing the history between me and Nick, they must think we're about to fight. Until Nick laughs and I roll my eyes at him. That's when everyone turns their attention away. Steve gets up to get another round of beers.

Holly turns back to her conversation with Traci, but I feel her hand reach out under the table and land on my thigh. I ignore the electric shock that coursed through me then and reach over to finish my beer.

But Holly makes ignoring her actions difficult as her hand starts going up and down my thigh, reaching into my inner thigh. My gasp wasn't audible thankfully, but the fact that Holly squeezed my thigh was message enough that she's heard it. I reach down my hand then and catch hers, stopping her from any other movement.

Steve is back and places beers in front of us. As he hands me one, I shake my head no and that results in him giving me a confused look.

"I already had two." I tell him and he just shrugs and hands it to Holly.

Whens she takes it I lean forward to whisper in her ear. She'd already had two, I didn't want her having more. "You really don't want to drink that." I whisper and she turns towards me with confusion in her eyes.

"I want you completely sober later." I keep my voice at a whisper so only she can hear.

"And why is that?" Her tone matches mine.

I then place my hand on her inner thigh and lift it up, so close to her center, almost touching. "You'll find out later." I husk out in her ear and then move away back to my previous position. Watching Holly's face I notice her eyes get darker and her face blush. I smirk at her with triumph. A few seconds later she shakes her head and turns back towards the others.

About another half hour, everyone's wondering where they should go now. I knew the plan was to go out somewhere after having a few drinks here. Everyone starts mentioning random places, some that I've never heard of.

"What do you wanna do?" Holly asks me and I smirk at her. She gets my drift fast and she narrows her eyes at me.

"I think you know." I tease and she slaps me playfully on the thigh.

"I don't' really mind. You?" I honestly just want to get this thing over with so I can take Holly home.

She leans in and husks into my ear. "I wouldn't mind dancing with you."

My face turns into a gloating smile at that. Dancing with Holly. That sounds like a good idea. I turn my attention towards Steve then and he notices the smile.

"What?" He asks me cautiously.

"Is the place still there?" I ask him. He knows what I'm talking about.

"Gail. We're not going there." He confirms it's still there, even though he refused my idea.

"You don't have to. I will though, with or without you." I say.

"Gail, a bunch of cops can't just walk in there." He tries to reason with me.

"Why not? No one's in Uniform. Besides, not like anything bad happens there." I remind him as I watch everyone else's expression. Everyone had confused looks except for Ian who's eyes looked at me weirdly, and expression I couldn't read. Steve takes my gaze away from Ian though.

"It's an underground place. Nothing bad needs to happen, that's reason in itself." His attempt to change my mind won't work.

"Steve. That's not a good enough reason and you know it. Besides, it's my birthday. I want to go there." I use the birthday card. That gives me victory.

"Where are we going exactly?" Traci asks warily.

"It doesn't have a name." Nick tells her. Right, I took Nick there a couple of times. Steve's reaction must have gave the place I had in mind away.

"Is that even legal?" She asks.

"It does have a name. It just doesn't have a sign to announce it." I defend.

"Why not?" Traci is worried.

"Because it's based on a fictional place. Where all the outcasts hang." I explain. "It's an all ages place so don't worry. No one bothers the other, and no one questions the other. Just a place for fun and dancing. " I smile at Holly as I announce the last part.

"And this place is?" Dov asks me.

"The Pit." I Answer Dov with a smile.

"Awesome," Dov announces. I'm guessing he knows what the name means. He is a dork after all. Not that I can judge, so am I. No one knows it though.

"I'm in for dancing." Andy announces and the rest agree.

I give Steve a look waiting for his answer. He sighs and nods.

An idea forms in my head. The place is too dim. Marcus can find hundreds of places to hide in. And his place was closer to The Pit, than this bar was. When we get there, he'd be there already.

So I text him.

Headed to The Pit. I send him the address. It's dim, go in and find a dark corner at the top where you can never be seen and hide. Jameson is coming with. Watch him for me?

A few seconds later he answers. On my way.


The outside of the place looks like an old wooden warehouse. But once in, there's a siege, and a couple of bouncers at the entrance. Once we all show our IDs we're let in. Underage people gets stamps on both hands, indicating they're minors. When we get passed them we see that the place is packed.

Holly, Steve, Traci, Andy, Sam, Dov, Chloe, Chris, Nick, Ian and myself were the ones who came.

My phone vibrates with a message.

I have visual. I can't be seen, so don't worry. Go have fun. I'm watching him. Marcus informs me and I send him a smiley face. I never send smiley faces but he deserved one.

"How is it we never heard of this place and yet all of these people seem to have heard about it?" Chris questions and I laugh at that as I put my phone away.

"I never would've pegged you for this kind of place." Traci tells me once she catches the whole scenery in front of her.

The whole place had dimmed lights. All the lights were blue. And there were two bars. One for the minors, one for the adults. Each bar had a sort of entrance with a bouncer in front of it. The dance floor was in the middle, and it was packed. The tables were on the opposite side of the bars. And the music was nothing like Radio music.

"Best place to escape to." I tell her.

"This is a cool place." Ian announces from beside me.

I don't know what to make of his statement. In a way this mission scares me. I've never been scared of a mission before. But this one is different. This time the target knows my family. This time he can hurt me by hurting the ones I love most. The guy is good, he gives me nothing. As if he was really just Ian James the cop and we are wrong to think that he's the Jameson wanted Rogue CIA spy.

I shake my head of those thoughts.

"Yeah, feels like you're in a movie, eh?" I ask hoping that my tone was teasing and he just gives me a nod.

"Have fun." I announce to him before I grab for Holly's hand and I silently lead her towards the dance floor ignoring everyone else. They can have fun themselves. Tonight my mind needs to be rid of Jameson. He will slip up soon and I will get him and all of this will be over, and the people I care about will be safe, from him at least. And I can leave this life behind me and start new. I can not worry about lies then. I can stay and be with Holly. This moment I just wanted to forget everything and forget that I should be watching Jameson. I just wanted to dance and enjoy the music. I wanted to dance with Holly. The music playing was almost Indie, kind of Shoegaze. Totally danceable to. Besides, Marcus is here somewhere watching him for me.

Once we make it into the crowd of dancers I step closer to Holly and start to move. "You wanted to dance, let's dance." I say into her ears.

She starts to dance in sync with me. We just let go and enjoy the music, dancing with little space between us.

It wasn't till two songs later that the distance separating us became none. I find myself placing my hands on her hips as she moves closer. Then she turns around and her back is pressed right into my front. The lights on the dance floor were dim, our movements were our own. I place one hand again on her hip as the other moves her hair away to expose her neck, where I plant small kisses. Holly reaches one hand behind my head and starts to grind herself into me as my grip on her hip tightens.

We dance like that for a couple more songs. Her back to me, my lips on her neck, her hand holding my head, my hand on her hip and her behind grinding into me.

A song I like comes on and I couldn't handle it anymore, so I turn her around and step closer to her, molding my body into hers. I lift up both arms and place them on her shoulders, locking my hands behind her head, which left her with no choice but to place her hands on my waist. I continue my dance slowly. I look up to see Holly's breathing pick up and her eyes dilate and turn black. I give her a seductive smile before I change dance tactics. I grind myself into her and she breathes a moan into my ear, that I could barely hear from the loud music.

I capture her lips in a chaste kiss before I stop the grinding.

"Take me home." I whisper into her ear and then trail kisses up her neck till I reach her mouth. The message was clear. When we get to her place, it won't be for sleep. I give a heated kiss that tells her exactly what I want from her.

I'm ready, I want her and now she knows it.

The look on her face tells me she wants me just as much.

She reaches for my hand as we make our way away from the dance floor.

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