Am I A Ghost Or Real?

This. Here and Now. With You.

The rustle of keys was starting to annoy me.

Here we are standing outside of Holly's door and she just can't seem to open the door.

"Hurry up nerd." I urge into her ear.

"It would be a lot easier if you'd stop doing that." She reminds me.

"Do you really want me to stop?" I ask her knowing the answer.

We left the club and made it to her house in silence, holding hands while I drive. Her house was closer so I parked there. And the second we made it to her door I couldn't hold it in. I kissed her. And when she turned around to open the door I couldn't help but roam my hands all over her.

It was cold after all. And I couldn't keep my body away from hers. I needed her more than anything at that moment, and I needed to feel her against me. So I molded my front to her back as my hands roamed and as my lips ghosted over her neck. Which is probably why it took her a while to open the door.

"No." She breathes out as she finally finds the key slot and unlocks the door.

The second the door is closed and the keys are back in her coat pocket, I turn her over and back her into the door as my lips find hers again.

She flings her arms around my shoulders and pulls me closer. She then reaches up and unties my hair, letting it fall from it's ponytail into tresses. And she buries her hands there as mine remain by her head on the door.

I press my body into hers, needing to feel every part of her as my lips seek out hers.

Once our tongues start battling, my hands start roaming. Her hands find their way into my back, as they start going up and down, sending shivers all over my body.

"Bedroom," she whispers in between kisses.

I reluctantly break off the kissing, as I take a step away, giving her a chance to breathe.

I watch her eyes as they regain a bit a of focus. She turns around to make sure the door is locked, then she reaches her arm for me.

I place my hand in hers, looking at her with promise, as she leads me up the stairs to her bedroom.


Once we're there she takes off her coat and places it by the chair in the corner. She then reaches over, takes my jacket off and places it in the same place. She kicks off her shoes and I follow suit.

Once that's done, she stands in front of me. Face to face, by the end of the bed. I reach out my palm and ask for her phone. She looks at me quizzically.

"No interruptions." I remind her that every time we get interrupted by a phone. She hands it to me then and I put it on Do Not Disturb mode. I do the same to mine. I toss them by the jackets. And I lock eyes with her.

Without losing eye contact, she slowly comes closer, reaching her hands up to cup my face, and she leans in for a kiss.

This kiss is different from the one we had downstairs by the door. That one was needy. And even though this one will probably turn to needy, it starts out slow, loving, promising and safe.

My hands find their way down into the edge of her shirt and I start to lift it off slowly.

Holly breaks the kiss and gives me a warm questioning look. As if to ask if I'm sure. I nod my confirmation and she lifts her arms up to help me take off her shirt.

When her shirt is finally off, she reaches over taking my shirt off.

I then take a step closer, molding myself into her, connecting myself to her addictive lips.

Breaking off the kiss I make my way backwards, as I sit on the bed and then drag myself upwards.

She follows, as she crawls up the bed. She finds her way on top of me and I look up at her with adoration.

I can't believe this amazing creature is gonna be mine.

She lowers herself unto me, elbows by my head supporting her weight, face an inch away from mine. I lift myself up a bit to capture her lips.

Her hands start to roam up my body as the kiss never breaks. As her hands make their way up they reach a couple of scars, which her hands hesitate over, but then she ignores them as she continues her roaming upwards. Until one of her hands cup my breast above my bra.

My hands slide down her back, finding the back buckle of her bra. I unbuckle it slowly. At that action Holly breaks the kiss and lifts her head up to meet my eyes. Once our eyes lock, she reaches up to her shoulders, lowering the straps, one after the other, and then removing the bra completely.

I keep eye contact with her for a few seconds, before my eyes falter down, taking in her beauty. I reach my arms up, with a little hesitancy, and find her stomach. I find her eyes again, wanting to watch her reaction to every action I make.

I start caressing her stomach, and then her sides, until my hands roam up finding both of her breasts to cup in my palms. Her eyes close the second my palms cup her flesh, and her breath hitches.

I lower my hands to cup her breasts from the bottom, as I then use my thumbs to brush against her nipples, once, twice, three times. That's when she's had enough and she lowers herself down and kisses me hungrily.

I return her kiss with just as much hunger, as I place my hands on her back and I pull her closer to me. And with one swift movement I turn her around and find myself on top.

She gasps in surprise. Then she recovers and kisses me as her hands find the bra strap at my back and unstrap it. I then mimic her previous movement and rid myself from it, finding myself naked from the waist up.

I look her in the eyes and I find her admiring me.

I lower myself slowly till our breast brush and we both moan at the sensation. She keeps her eyes closed as one of my thighs find shelter in between hers

"Holly." I whisper softly, and I wait till she meets my eyes. Whatever I was gonna add to that gets lost as I get lost in her and capture her lips.

With that a slow grinding starts. And it continues throughout the whole kiss. A kiss I had to break or I'd come undone right there, from that movement.

To keep a needed close contact with her, I latch my lips onto her neck and her hands get lost in my hair. She gently brushes her hands through my hair as her breath gets rougher with each kiss I place along her neck. Her breath gets shorter as my kisses get lower. I plant kisses across her collarbone and I keep going lower till I reach her breasts.

I plant gentle kisses over her left breast and she lets out a moan that leaves me trembling and wanting. I continue my gentle kisses across her breast and then I switch towards the other one. And once I'm satisfied with the gentle kisses I've given, I latch on to her nipple with my lips and I suckle on it. Her moans get louder then as I reach out my hand to rub my thumb over her other nipple.

"Gail." She moans out.

I switch between breasts then as I connect my lips to her other nipple, while my hand reaches for the one that was previously in my mouth. And that's when the grinding gets more intense. That's when her movement gets more needy, as I feel her bring down onto my thigh, which causes her thigh to grind onto me. And I moan at the sensation.

I disconnect from her breasts, and bring myself up for a kiss. A kiss that I don't allow to last for long. A kiss that I trail down her chin, down her neck, down to her collarbone, in between her breasts, down to her stomach, and down to her belly button. Once her upper part is lathered with my kisses, my hands find the waistband of her pants. I look up at her for approval and she nods, as she looks at me with clouded dark eyes.

I Unbutton her pants, as I sit up to have better access. She lifts up her hips and I slowly drag the pants down her legs, until I am rid of them. She then sits up to face me, connecting our lips as her hands find my pant's waistband, and she unbuttons them. I get her request, and I break the kiss to take off my own pants.

Once rid of that, I lower her back down onto the bed. And I lower myself to trail kisses up her legs, starting with her knees up, and I stop before I reach the place she needs me to reach the most.

Once I'm sure I've teased her enough, I reach my hands onto the waistband of her underwear and I drag them down, till she's completely naked.

I take a moment to admire her beauty.

It's been so long since I've been this intimate with anyone. But none of the people I've been with previously have been this beautiful. This breathtaking.

"You're so beautiful." I breath out. At that comment, she reaches out and pulls me completely on top of her as she gives me a deep kiss. A kiss that has my tongue battling with hers. A kiss that makes me forget my own name. And through the kiss she flips us over.

With her on top of me, she does the same I did to her before. She breaks the kiss to trail kisses down my body. And the second her lips touch my breasts I moan out her name. She keeps trailing her kisses down, she stops at some of my scars. She doesn't ask any questions, this is not the time for that. Instead she looks up at me with adoration, as she plants a kiss on each one of them, kisses that continue to trail all over my body until she reaches my underwear. She looks up at me, and while keeping eye contact she kisses me there. Right where my thighs meet. Right where I need her the most. And right above my underwear. Just one kiss, and I almost lose myself right there. As my eyes close and I hold my breath. Then I feel her dragging my

underwear down my body. And we are finally both completely naked.

I open my eyes to find her admiring me. Her eyes completely black with lust and love.

"You're the beautiful one." She breathes out before she lowers herself onto me. Both moaning as finally our completely naked bodies touch. She connects our lips, as her hands roam.

Her hands roam all over my body, until they reach my center. She cups me with her palm and I break the kiss with a hiss as my eyes close. Her hand movement becomes teasing then, as she trails a finger up and down my slit.

And I hear her whisper in my ear, "Open you're eyes for me." And I oblige.

I open my eyes as she lifts her head back up to meet my gaze. Her finger finds my clit and I moan at the flick. And she repeats that movement more than once. I'm already so wet. A few more touches and I'll be a goner.

She then trails the finger down till it's teasing my opening. And very slowly, and teasingly she enters me with one finger, and I couldn't help but whisper her name with need. At that she starts to slowly go in and out. After a few strokes, she adds another finger and I moan at the sensation.

She gives me a kiss, before she lowers her self, leaving a trail of kisses all over my body, until her face is aligned with my center. Without leaving my gaze she attaches her lips onto my clit. At that sensation my eyes close and my back arches as my hands fist the cheats.

"Fuck." I moan out as she sucks my clit, while she continues her fingers movement. And then her movement gets faster, and I am so close to losing it. And with just a few more strokes of her fingers, and a few more flicks of her tongue. I come undone right there, moaning her name. And she lets me ride out the orgasm as her fingers continue the movement and her mouth keeps on latching on my clit.

And once I come down from my high, she let's go, and lifts up to face me.

She gently brushes the hair that has landed on my face away, and plants a kiss on my temple.

"Are you okay?" She asks.

"More than okay." I breath out, meeting her eyes with a smile on my face. A smile she returns.

She plants gentle kisses on my lips, as I try to regain control of my body. And once I am sure I am completely able to move. I reach my arms out and I deepen the kiss, as I plant myself on top of her. It's my turn to feel her get lost in my arms.

I trail kisses all over her body, until my face is close to her center, and I get lost at the scent. I feel her shiver as I breath out with my face so close to where she needs me. One hand reaches out to land on my head and I understand her need right then. I could tease her more. But there will be time for that later. I lower my face and latch my lips unto her. Her hands leave my head then, as I kiss her, and taste her. And then with my tongue I map out her slit, and I hear her moan. I kiss up till my lips latch onto her clit. Keeping my lips there, I reach out a hand and I find her opening with a finger.

I start a rhythm with my fingers, making sure it's in sync with my lips and tongue. I add another finger and fasten my pace, until I hear her breath completely hitch and her moans get louder. And I keep the pace, till with a moan of my name she climaxes. And once she's completely ridden her orgasm, I lift myself up the bed, till I'm lying next to her. She looks at me with a satisfied smile, and I kiss it.

That was gentle and completely satisfying.

So I lay there next to her for a while, waiting till we both catch our breathes. Because we are far from done. I am far from done with her. And now it won't be as gentle.

And as a few minutes pass and I'm sure she's rested and awake. I give her a mischievous look.

"Ready for round two?" I ask, and without waiting for an answer. I kiss her as my hands trail down again.


The feeling of soft fingers brushing the hair away from my face wakes me up. I wake up to find Holly awake and watching me adoringly.

"Hey." I rasp out. "How long have you been awake?"

"Just now." She replies, voice heavy with sleep, as she stills her fingers and lays her palm on my cheek. I turn my face towards her palm and plant a kiss there.

"Sleep well?" I ask, as I circle her waist with my arms and bring myself closer to her. Closer to her naked body.

"Mmmm." She answers as she closes her eyes in content. "Last night was…" She adds and pauses.

"Amazing?" I add on and she nods before she plants a kiss on my lips.

One kiss from her always leads to more. And just like that one kiss turns heated. And after a few minutes of kissing and hands roaming, she breaks away brushing her nose with mine along the way, before she leans her forehead on mine.

"Gail." She whispers, as her thumb finds a spot on my stomach. A scar. "Why do you have these?" She asks.

I close my eyes as I untangle myself from her a bit. If I'm going to tell her I'll need to put some distance. Keep it as close to the truth, I remind myself as I exhale and turns towards her again to meet her concerned eyes.

"You don't make detective this fast without a big reason and background. Every time there was an undercover mission, or a stupid mission, or a suicidal mission, I was the first to volunteer. A few of them went wrong. You've seen the scars on my arms. Those happened because my cover was blown at an undercover mission, and they decided to torture me for answers." I see her flinch at that statement and I reach my hand to gently rub her cheek in reassurance. As much as I know the stories I have to tell will be unpleasant for her, I have to tell her. "So they strapped me down to a chair, and every few minutes, they'd make a cut on my wrist. Hoping the pain and the near death, would make me talk. Luckily my team found me in time before they moved onto other torture methods."

"Gail…" She says reaching out for me, but I stop her. I need to get this out.

"This one and this one here. They both come from the same situation." I then point at the scar on my stomach and the one by my left shoulder. "It was a stupid mission, and I was shot. My cover wasn't even blown. It was the other bad party that did this. I was wheeled into emergency immediately. I probably died for a minute. But they saved me." I then turn around to show her the scar I have on the back of my right shoulder. "This one here though, I got that while I was near a scene that exploded. I piece of glass caused this." I finish off telling her about my scars. And before I could turn around to face her, knowing her face might be filled with worry and horror, I feel her hands on my shoulders, and then her lips on my scar, kissing it. She plants two kisses, before she urges me to turn around.

Once we're face to face again, I find that her eyes are filled with care. She lifts my wrists up towards her face, and she plants a kiss on every scar that covers my arms.

She then moves towards the one on my left shoulder. She places a kiss there, then she lowers herself to kiss the one on my stomach. Once she's satisfied she'd kissed each and every one of my scars, she places her self on top of me, and looks me deep in the eyes.

"I'm really glad that you're here." She says. And I know exactly what she means. She's glad I survived all of this. I know she's worried. I know she'll voice her worry later. But for now, she knows that I just need her to be there, and love me.

And she does. Because right when she says that, I connect our lips, and we get lost in each other again.


Once I gain consciousness again, I find Holly still asleep. We must have fallen asleep after round 7 this morning.

We both have the weekend off. I'm guessing it's a good way to lazy off this day, and just cuddle up to each other doing whatever Holly wants.

It's been so long since I've felt someone this close. And I don't think I've ever felt this deeply about anyone so fast before.

I watch her for a few seconds. She fell asleep on her stomach, with one arm around me, with her head facing me. With a kiss placed on her forehead I lift the arm she has wrapped around me up, gently, until I'm out of the bed.

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this yet, but I still open one of her drawers and I find some boy shorts. I wear them along with my shirt. I decide to make her some breakfast. After all the activities we've been doing last night and this morning. Food is needed. Before I leave the room, I grab my phone and inspect the watch, 11AM. I guess brunch it is.

When I make it downstairs, I find a coat hanging by the hangers near the door, and Holly's keys at one of the tables near by. I remember the bag I had in my car. The one that has a change of clothes, my gun, and couple more things. I decide then to bring it in. Not safe to leave a gun in the car anyways.

So I make my way back upstairs to grab my car keys from my jacket pocket, and once retrieved I grab Holly's long coat, and the keys. I unlock the door, and make my way out towards my car. I get my bag and make my way back inside.

I put the coat back in it's hanging place, and place my bag on the couch in the living room. I remember the last time we were on this couch. We almost did what we did last night. And as the memories of last night rush back, my whole body floods with heat, and a smile takes over my face. I feel like jumping, like screaming out how happy I am, like singing out.

I guess I can settle for the last one. It's been a while since I sang.

I start to hum a few tunes as I make my way to the kitchen. And then the humming turns to singing as I get the ingredients I need to make some food.

The eggs, the bacon, the waffle mix, the fruits, the vegetables, the toast and I even find some potatoes. I start preparing the food, as I jump from song to another.

"I can't believe this is coming true, I'm up so close to kissing you, A breath away from never going home…" I continue singing as I hear Holly's footsteps down the stairs. Should I stop singing? Holly doesn't know I can sing. I guess she can hear me already anyways, so I continue. "I don't remember getting here, It seems to be sometimes next year. I hope you won't be, leaving me alone?"

I feel her arms encircle me. "Not a chance." She breathes into my ear as an answer to the question in the song. "You can sing." She notes.

"A bit." I answer as I turn my attention back to the pan I am holding, and flip the eggs.

"And you're making food." She notes again, her body still close, and her arms still around me.

"That too." I say.

"You're singing is kind of hot." She breathes out as she latches her lips onto my neck.

"Holly." I moan out. "If you don't want me to ruin the food, or burn anything, you'll need to stop that." I remind her through ragged breaths.

She frees my neck of lips as she bites my earlobe. "Promise to sing more?" She asks.

"Yes. Any requests?" I ask and she lets me go, finding the stool by her kitchen island to sit on, and watch me cook. I find that she's wearing her robe, and a peak under it tells me she's wearing a shirt and shorts.

"Anything you want." She says, and I continue singing the same song, as I finish up preparing the food.


We end up curled on the couch, with Holly's robe discarded, watching Smallville reruns. Holly protested at the choice of TV show, but I won in the end and convinced her to watch it. Which led to a bit of teasing for my liking of superheroes.

"Oh shush." I say as I tighten my hold on Holly. "You know you'd love to see me wearing those tights." I tease.

"You're gonna dress up as Supergirl for me?" Holly asks with raised eyebrows and a challenging tone.

"Supergirl huh? Maybe. If you promise to dress up too." I quip back.

"Now what would I dress up as?" She wonders.

"Oh I'm sure you'll find something. You do remind me of one of the heroes." I tell her, not revealing who I'd want her to dress as. She can figure it out herself.

"I do huh? And who might that hero be?" She asks.

"I'm sure you'll figure it out." She pinches me at that statement.

"Ow! Fine. Hulk." I joke and I get a gentle shove, before Holly reaches towards my stomach and starts a tickling fest.

"Oh God. Really?" I let out in between giggles.

"Tell me who? And don't say Hulk!" Holly says as she continues tickling my sides.

"Nope. Not telling." I then quickly grab at her hands and spin her around till I'm on top, an action that was done so fast, that it took her by surprise. I could hear the surprised intake of breath and the wide eyes. I pin her arms above her head and grin at her. I lower myself till I'm fully on top and she lets out a small groan. I follow my action with a small grind of my center on hers. I then find the side of her neck and kiss it, and I trail a few kisses up her neck till I bite her earlobe.

"You're no Hulk. No superhero can come close to how amazing you are. You even put Wonder Woman to shame." I breathe into her ear and I feel her shiver under me. I lift myself to meet her eyes and they're black with desire.

I close the distance between our lips and connect them with a kiss. SHe moans into the kiss, and I let her hands go free. I place my hands by the side of her head to support myself, while she places on hand on my back and the other in my hair, as she pulls me closer, deepening the kiss. And soon it's a battle of tongues, and moans. And with everything forgotten, our clothes get discarded and round 8 happens.

And After round 8, I find myself in need of a shower. So I drag Holly upstairs, grabbing my bag along the way.

And round 9 takes place in the shower.

I just can't seem to get enough of Holly. Now that I've had a taste of her, I never want to stop.


"Pizza or Chinese?" Holly asks as she looks for her takeout menus.

"Chinese sounds good." I answer. We'd cook, but we've been so lost in each other all day, that time has passed by fast, and we're not really up for cooking. We need food to refuel, cause I'm sure tonight will be just as intense as last night.

We finally made our way back downstairs.

After our adventure in the shower. I wore the sweats I had packed in my bag. Just a sweat pants and a black t-shirt. Holly had found an attire that matches mine. She wasn't much surprised with my overnight bag. I still explained that I always have a bag with a change of clothes in my car.

"Aha." Holly exclaims as she finds the menus and tosses me one. I turn them back towards her.

"Whatever you order, I'll eat. Just as long as you order some Lo Mein and Fried Rice." I inform her as I look for my phone.

"So that means I'm supposed to be ordering more stuff as well?" She asks knowingly.

"Much more." I peck her lips and unlock my phone. She then picks up the phone to make the call for the food.

I hadn't checked my phone all day. So when I unlock it, I find that I have three missed calls from mom, two from Steve, and two text messages, one from Steve and the other from Marcus.

I read Steve's text and it says Call me when you can.

So I call him.

"So you found your phone?" He says on answer.

"Well I was kind of busy. What's up?" I ask.

"Mom's been trying to reach you. She wants to remind you of your birthday dinner tomorrow." He reminds me of the dinner I'd forgotten about. I thought I still had the whole day tomorrow with Holly.

"Do I really have to go?" I whine.

"It's your birthday Gail!" He reminds me.

"Okay fine. Please tell me it's a family dinner and not a people dinner." I beg.

"Yeah sorry. Knowing mom, I'd say it's the second. You've been gone awhile and you come back on top. She will definitely want to show you off." Steve made plenty of sense, and I groan at his statement.

"Gah! She probably invited some of her colleagues sons for me." Considering she always brings up one of them, I'm sure she'd envied them. She'll definitely be hopelessly trying to set me up with someone she deems worthy of a Peck. Too bad she won't succeed. I already made my choice.

"Good thing you have Holly to save you." Steve says and I look at Holly then as she hangs up the phone, having already made the delivery request.

"I can't ask her to go through that. You know how mother is." I tell Steve. I can't put Holly through that. Elaine Peck is not an easy person to deal with.

"Just ask her. I'm sure she can handle herself around mom." Steve says. "Either way, you gotta be there. So be there at six. And dress nice." Steve mimics mom at the end and does exactly what she'd do at this situation. He hangs up before I can answer. He does that just to annoy me, because he knows I hate it when Elaine does it.

I text him an I hate you.

Before I check the text from Marcus. Give me a call when you come up for air. And meet me Monday morning for some debriefing, we might have something by then. The techs are analyzing some things for us and it'll take a while. Enjoy your weekend with the doctor. ;)

Did he seriously send a wink face?

Thanks idiot. See you Monday morning but if you find out anything before then let me know. Anything happen last night though? I text, knowing this might be a bit of a long texting thing.

Marcus: No. They all left about an hour after you guys left. And he went straight home.

Me: Well my parents are having a big dinner tomorrow, and he might be there, so I'll keep close watch.

Marcus: If he's not there let me know. You will probably hate this, but we might need to put one of your two friends on his watch.


Marcus: He'll never suspect them.

Me: No way.

Marcus: Let's just discuss this Monday. Just enjoy your time.

Me: Whatever bye.

And with that the text conversation ends.

I lock my phone and pocket it. I then look up to find Holly looking at me with a lopsided grin, from her seat on the kitchen stool.

"What?" I ask.

"Nothing." She replies with the grin still in place, and I just raise my eye brows in question at her. "You're just really cute when you're texting furiously."

"Yeah. I'm not that." I say meaning the whole 'cute' word.

"Yeah you are." Holly retaliates.

"No I'm not."

Holly's grin widens. "So cute when you do that."

"I am not cute." I answer defensively as I make my way towards her.

"Yep. Totally adorable."

"I am none of those two." I defend once I reach her.

"I think you are." She says cheekily. And I just narrow my eyes at her as I stand in between her legs and lay my hands on her shoulders.

"You're cute." She says as she pecks my cheek. "And adorable." She then pecks my other cheek. "And sexy." She then pecks my nose. "And hot." She pecks my chin. "And so beautiful." She then pecks my lips. And at that I lose the glare and the scowl, and reach for another deeper kiss.

"Nice save Nerd." I say in between kisses, and Holly just giggles as she reaches her hands to hold my head as our kisses intensify and become more numbered. We probably kiss for ten minutes if not more.

Holly breaks our kisses and rests her forehead against mine.

"So the food should be here soon." She reminds me.

"Good. I'm starving." I say.

"Aren't you always?" She teases.

"Well, someone seems to have worn me out and now I'm more starving than usual." I tease back and she chuckles.

"In all honesty. We're okay right? You don't regret anything?" Holly asks worriedly and I look wondrously at her.

"What part of round 2 till 10 do you think I regret?" I ask.

"It's just… I don't know what I'm saying." She exhales.

"It's okay. I was totally nervous. I haven't been close to anyone in a while. But I'm glad I haven't, because none of the people I've been with came close to making me feel as amazing as you do." I confess with a peck to the lips and Holly gives me a beaming smile.

"Oh really?" She asks.

"Totally." I admit. Yes, the ice queen has a heart and is falling for someone. So glad my colleagues aren't here to see this.

"Besides, I can't think of a better birthday present than you. Best birthday ever." I say teasingly and I see a slight blush form on Holly's cheeks.

"Oh I haven't given you your present yet. Not until i t's midnight today." Holly surprises me with that. "You're birthday isn't till tomorrow."

"Right. Which reminds me. Mother is having this dinner thingie. You up for that? Steve says some other people are coming." I remember what Steve asked and hope she does come. Even though I'm scared of how my mother will react.

"He already told me. He was kind of in charge of inviting people." She tells me. "Which is why you got no presents last night. They will all give them to you tomorrow."

I am not entirely happy with that statement. Still not used to being back to birthday celebrations and my mother's dinner celebrations aren't exactly fun.

"So that means you're coming?" I ask.

"Of course." She says as she connects our lips.

Just then the doorbell rings.

"I guess the food's here." Holly breaks the kiss and gets up to greet the delivery guy at the door.

She pays for the food and we sit by the kitchen island and eat our dinner. We do however sit close to each other. And every now and then I'd brush against her, and feed her something.

It's safe to say this is one of the best days I've had in ages.

When the food is done. We head to the living room and watch some more TV, cuddled up on the couch. This time however we don't get carried away.

When bed time comes. I follow Holly upstairs to her bedroom. I find a change of clothes in my bag. Some short shorts and a t-shirt. I change in the room while Holly changes in the bathroom. When she comes out she tells me there's a new toothbrush waiting for me to use.

I watch her walk towards the bed in her long t-shirt, no shorts. Once she's under the covers I enter the bathroom.

When I emerge back, Holly is laying in bed with the lights off. I slide in next to her and cuddle up to her.

"So are we really going to sleep?" I whisper into her ear as my hand starts drawing small circles on her thigh. She can't expect to be wearing only a shirt and - my hand reaches higher- yep- underwear, and not jump her.

"Yes." She says as she grabs my hand to still my movement.

"Okay." I give in, and peck her on the neck. I then lay right behind her, spooning her with my arm around her waist.

A minute passes, maybe less, before Holly turns around with a "So not sleeping yet." and she attacks my lips.

I don't complain. I return her kisses with just as much passion.

I guess more rounds are about to take place.


I wake to the sound of the front door gently closing.

I flex my arm a bit and realize that Holly is still lying in bed with me.

Holly is lying naked in bed with me, and someone just closed her front door.

I open my eyes in complete alert.

I try my best to listen, and I hear movement coming from downstairs. Light footsteps. Someone's in the house.

I slowly get out of bed, trying my best not to make any noise so the intruder doesn't hear me.

I find my shorts and shirt on the floor where Holly threw them when she rid me of them. I wear them quietly. I then gently walk towards my bag and grab the gun out.

It's time to use the skills I've acquired from years of training.

I walk towards the stairs and find that it's still dark downstairs. I stop to listen and barely there footsteps echo. Yep, whoever it is, they're still here.

I slowly descend the stairs, making no noise at all.

As I reach the last step, I hear the footsteps echoing towards the spare bedroom downstairs. I walk towards there and I can make out a silhouette in the darkness walking towards Holly's spare bedroom. It seems that the intruder is a female.

Without making a noise I am standing behind her, and I lift my gun right into her head.

"I'd suggest you stop. Or your brains will be splattered all over these walls." I warn into the darkness and I audibly hear the intruders shaky intake of breath.

"Wait." She pleads then as she lifts her hands up in surrender.

"Why are you in this apartment?" I ask as I nudge her head gently with the gently with the gun.

"Me? Why are you here?" Her voice shakes. I'm guessing she meant to bite back, but her fear has shaken her voice. But her question is out of place. She's the one breaking and entering. And seemingly unarmed.

"I'm not up for playing games, so answer the question." I add a bit of a less gentler nudge into her head.

"Who are you?" She asks fear still evident in her voice. Really? Does she not understand the meaning of having a gun pointing at you? You answer the question, not ask questions.

"You're getting on my nerves." I grit out, but before I could do anything the light is turned on, and Holly's voice echoes on the stairs, as her footsteps lets me know she's descending our way.

"Gail?" She asks.

"Oh that explains the gun." The extruder exhales as she puts her hands down.

I then feel Holly standing behind me.

"What's going on?" She asks worried. I'm guessing the worry has only happened once she's taken in the scene in front of her. Me with a gun pointing at someone.

"That's what I'd like to know." I say keeping my gun pointed at whoever this girl is.

"Holly, tell your girlfriend to lower her gun, she's kinda freaking me out." The girl begs.

"Zoey?" Holly asks in surprise.

Zoey as in Holly's sister? Shit! I immediately lower the gun. I turn to see Holly in a robe, and completely shocked.

"You're Holly's sister?" I ask as she turns around.

"Yep." She answers.

"You could've just said when I asked." I say kind of pissed off.

"I didn't know who you were." She defends.

"What are you doing here?" Holly asks still surprised at her sister's presence.

"I wanted to surprise you, but the only flight I could get was at night, so I used your key." Zoey explains as she lifts the key from her pocket. "I kinda left my bag there, figured I still had some clothes in this room." She points at the spare bedroom. "Sorry, didn't know you had company." Zoey says as she then raises her eye brows at Holly's attire.

Holly however smiles at her sister and gives her a warm hug. "I'm glad you're here and okay. You had us worried." I can hear the relief in Holly's voice.

"Sorry about that. Kind of had a big project. But I have a couple of weeks off, so I hope you don't mind me being here." Zoey apologizes as she returns the hug just as warmly.

"You can stay as long as you want." I guess my Holly time will have to be shared now.

"Hold on, are you naked under there?" Zoey asks Holly as she quickly breaks the hug.

"Idiot." Holly fires at her.

"So you're Gail?" Zoey asks turning her attention to me.


"You got yourself a hot ninja sis." Zoey comments as she grins at her sister. I however scowl at her.

"What?" She asks as she notices that Holly was scowling too. "I didn't even hear you or feel you coming up behind me. Freaked the shit out of me."

"Serves you right. Sneaking into other's homes unannounced like that." I scold.

"Well glad to know my sister has someone keeping her safe." She then looks pointedly at the gun.

"So am I." Holly says as she reaches for my hand.

"And someone kind of scary." She adds and I just smile mischievously at her.

"Gail." Holly warns.

"Hey, it's her own doing." I defend.

"Right. Sorry." Zoey apologizes. "Just don't scare me like that again."

"No promises." My snarky self doesn't mind dealing with Holly's sister. And she doesn't seem to mind it either as she lifts her eyebrows and question at me and then smiles.

"You got a good one sis." She tells Holly.

"I know." Holly says as she squeezes my hand gently. "Now go sleep, you look like hell. We'll talk in the morning." Holly adds. But before Zoey enters the room and Holly drags me away she stops and asks one more question. "Wait, does mom and dad know you're here?" She asks her sister.

"Oh yeah. I stayed with them the last two days. Told them not to tell you anything." Zoey tells her sister before she enters the room.

Holly just shakes her head and drags me upstairs.

"Sorry about my sister." She apologizes once we're in the room. She takes off the robe and gets under the sheets, naked.

"It's okay. I'm just glad I didn't hurt her." I put my gun back in the bag and make my way into bed where Holly already is.

"Me too." She pecks my lips. "You need to lose the garments." She then remarks lifting my shirt.

I do as she asks, and we get to sleep completely cuddled to each other.

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