Am I A Ghost Or Real?


I woke up, tangled in Holly's arms, to the sound of my phone vibrating on the bedside table next to me.

I slowly untangle myself from her, making sure I don't wake her up in the process. Once I'm sure I'm free, I reach for my phone and see that it's 4:30AM and Marcus has texted me asking if I can meet them at his apartment now.

I reply with a 'on my way'. Before I get up to get dressed.

I hope Holly doesn't wake up before I come back. But just in case I put a note on my pillow, saying: 'Got called in for something, I'll probably be back before you wake up, but in case I don't, I'll be back soon. So wait for me in bed.'

I smile at how cute she looks sleeping. I still can't believe she's mine. And I intend to keep her. I intend to finish whatever is keeping me from her as fast as I can. So I kiss her on the cheek knowing that won't wake her up. In the past few weeks I've learned that she's a heavy sleeper. And then Saunter out, hoping I come back early.

As I make it into my car, I notice the bracelet on my wrist as I turn the car on. The bracelet Holly gave me last night, when we got to my place, for my birthday.

"I know it's cheesy, but I found it fitting." She said before she revealed a small box.

I laughed and opened it to reveal a bracelet.

"You're right. This is cheesy." I tease. "But I'll totally wear it." I add as I lift it up and realize that the charms attached to it are handcuffs and a lunchbox.

"A lunchbox?" I ask.

"Since you insist on calling me that. And I know my name on your phone is Lunchbox. So I found it fitting." She admits with reddening cheeks.

"Thanks, you big cheese ball." I keep on teasing as I approach her and peck her lips and she just opts to glare at me playfully as she watches me place the bracelet on. And it's been there on my wrist ever since.

So with a smile still plastered on my have, I drive towards Marcus's place. And when I make it there I find them both in the closet where Carl (Ian) is searching like crazy through some papers while Marcus types frantically on the computer.

"What's going on?" I ask them curiously as I step into the closet.

"The shipment, it was weapons at first, but then they got a box that had four hard drives in it." Jameson answers me as he keeps looking through the papers in his hands.

"What? What are you guys doing?" I came here to help, which means I'll need way more information.

"We printed the names on the flash drives. We're looking through them to see if any of those are computer techs." Marcus explains as he then points at the computer next to him with a nod. So I take his hint and sit there to help him with his search.

"The name didn't come up on our files either." A voice echoes in the room, and I turn around to find that's coming from Carl's phone.

"Christie, are you sure?" Carl asks.

"No record. He's not registered. He's in these countries illegally." Christie explains.

"Maybe it's not his real name. Put Miller Branford on the list." Carl orders.

"What list?" I decide that I am way behind on my information.

"We're making a list of names that are good with computers or that we suspect." Marcus explains, but I still have a lot I need to know.

"Hold on, the shipment was weapons?" I ask and they both nod in confirmation. "What kind of weapons?"

"Guns, Machine guns, grenades .. Of different kinds." Carl informs me.

"Okay. And there was a box that had hard drives?" I ask. If it's true that means their big weapon is the hard drive, especially if they get to instal it into a governmental computer.

"Yes, inner hard drives." Carl confirms

"Shit. Don't search just computer tech names, search anyone who could work for the government. Police, firemen, council members, lawyers, judges, forensics… Anyone who could have access to a governmental computer. They're going after different computers. There's four hard drive, and all they need is one to get into the system and corrupt it." I say as I reach for the papers already put for me with names on them, so I can start the search.

"Say the names out loud. Christie doesn't have a copy of the list and the guys are searching through american database." Carl tells me and I nod in confirmation.

"If there's someone at 15th devision working with them, we need to find him. Now." I say and start the search.


Two hours later. We were done.

"Okay the list has thirty names on there. Check every part of their lives. Get everything you can find on them. Four of those people are going to install those hard drives into our systems." Carl informs Christie who was not alone on the other end of the phone.

I pick up the list to read through the names Marcus and Carl added and one name on it stands out. A name that makes my blood run dry and my face go cold. "One of those four names is at 15 devision."

"What?" Carl asks as he picks up the list in his hands to skim through it.

"Sixteenth name." I indicate which name he should look for.

"I don't know the name." He says once he reads it.

"I do." I choke out. "Alex Raven. It has to be my brother. Those are our middle names. Alexander and Raven."

"Are you sure?" Marcus asks.

"No, Yes. I don't know. But when I was growing up and I'd get mad at my parents and their expectations. Steve used to remind me that our name doesn't make us. That we can always use the names given to us but never used, and we can be Alex and Raven." I explain my reasons for thinking it's Steve.

"Shit. But why would Steve be one of them?" Carl asks.

"I don't know." I answer as I pull out my phone.

"What are you doing?" Marcus asks once I unlock my phone.

"Calling Caroline." I tell him as I unlock my phone.

"Are you crazy?" Marcus asks and I dodge the hand he extends to snatch my phone.

"We need her help." She can get me the information I need and they know it.

"You can't trust anyone." Carl reminds me.

"But I can trust her. I've worked with her since day one. And we need her now." I reason.

"Sawyer. Our lines are not secure." Marcus tries to reason.

"This one is." I point at the phone in my hands and I then pull out the other phone from my pocket, wave it and put back in. "And I know her secure line so calm down."

I dial Stevens and wait.

"Charlie?" She answers on the third ring.

"We need your help. Is this line secure?" I rush out the words.

"Yes. I'm in my house, completely safe. What's going on?" She asks worried.

"I hope you're seated for this." I say and then I tell her what we've discovered. I tell her about Carl being on our side. about CIA and police members helping the bad guys.

"Damn it. This complicates things and puts us all in danger, you guys more than others." She sounds mad and I can't blame her. I'm glad she believed us.

"Another thing. One of the names on the list is Alex Raven." She knows me enough to recognize the name.

"Isn't that the name you used on that assignment in England?" She does remember.


"But if it's not you, and just in case it's not this person's real name, you think it might be…" She trails off before she finishes her sentence.

"Yes." I confirm for her before she could even say his name.

"Is it even possible? I mean could he do such a thing?" She has a point there. Could he?

"No. I don't believe he could. I know I've been gone for a while but Steve is still the same, and he would never betray his country like this." I say convincingly. I think he's undercover then, or associated with the name somehow. Can you check on that?"

"Of course. I'll check and see if any police teams were given an assignment on this. And I'll call you with any detail I find." She says and I'm just hoping that whatever she finds out, it'd have nothing to do with my brother.

"Thank you." I say and then after a few more strategy talk with all of us, I hang up.

I check to make sure I have no messages from Holly, and I don't, which hopefully means she's still asleep.

"You can go if you want." Marcus suggests when he notices me checking my phone.

"Yeah, we've got it from here." Carl adds. "We'll call you if anything new comes up. Besides, doesn't your shift start at noon? Go have some time with Holly before then. God knows Hell's gonna break loose soon."

I chuckle at his statement and nod my confirmation to them.

"Hold on." Marcus stops me when I stand up though.

"What?" I ask curious.

"Your stitches." He points at my arm. "Aren't they supposed to be removed today?" He asks and I nod. I'd totally forgotten about those. "Want me to call someone to do it?" He offers and I ponder it.

"Nah, I'll do it later, or just ask Holly to do it." I add with a smile as I think of Holly. I pick up my jacket and walk out with a "I'll see you guys later then."

"Nice bracelet by the way." Marcus yells after me, and it's a shame that I'm no longer in his sight, because I would've given him the finger.


When I get home, I find that Holly is still asleep, except she's no longer on one side of the bed, but she's in the middle hugging my pillow. I smile at the image as I take off my shoes and jacket and join her, spooning her from behind.

But my presence seems to stir her awake.

"Hey." She croaks out as she turns to be face to face with me.

"Hey yourself." I say softly, lifting one hand to caress her hair.

"You're dressed." She observes.

"I got called in for something. I was only gone a couple hours." I explain with a smile, knowing that what I'm saying isn't technically a lie. "Lucky me, you slept through my absence. I did leave a note though." With that I turn to point with my face to the note I'd placed on the night stand. "And I brought decent coffee and breakfast." I add with a smile.

"Hmm, sounds good." She then leans in to peck me on the lips.

As the peck turned to a real kiss, Holly's hand roams up my arm and ends up on my stitches.

"Aren't you supposed to get the stitches out today?" She asks as she breaks the kiss.

"Yeah, maybe I'll do it later, or you could do it." I say.

"Sure. I'll do it." She agrees.

She stretches out and then gets out of bed. She's wearing an oversized t-shirt and her panties. And my eyes just roam her up and down as she stretches out.

"I need a shower first though." She announces before she walks into the bathroom with a wink in my direction.

I sit there for a few minutes, still effected by her presence.

Only when I hear the water start in the bathroom do I notice that the door is still open. I haven't showered yet. So I jump out of bed and take off my clothes to join her.


I got into the station trying to decide if I was hoping to see my brother there or dreading it. I won't know how to face him unless I get the answers I'm looking for. I guess I'll have to wait for Stevens to get me the information I need. Just hoping he's not a traitor.

"Hey. You look tired." Traci comments when I walk into the detective's office.

"Yeah," I answer vaguely as I lift my cup of coffee to emphasis on the need for it.

"Holly keep you up all night?" Traci teases.

I refuse to give her an answer. Instead I raise my eye brows in question at her and she lifts both of her arms in surrender.

I start on my paper work silently, all the while sipping my coffee. And waiting. Waiting for that call.

"Going to grab some lunch, want something?" Traci interrupts me from my focus an hour later.

"No thanks. considering it's a late shift, I already ate." I thank her with a smile and as she leaves I go back to the paper work, with my head still thinking about my original case.

It was about fifty minutes later when my phone rang. And I was anxious and nervous when Caroline's code name showed up on my screen.

"Find anything?" I ask as I answer the phone, dreading the answer.

"Yes. I did." She pauses in her answer and it makes me even more nervous when she does that.

"And?" I prompt.

"There's been a mission sent out after our guys, without informing every board." She answers. "Don't worry. Your brother's not a traitor, just an idiot who put together a suicide mission and sent someone undercover to die."

"Shit." If what she's saying is true, than whoever he sent in is from 15 and whoever was sent in, is in big danger. I am sure my brother has no idea who these guys are and he has no idea what he's gotten into with this mission.

"I need to find out who was sent in. Whoever was sent in, needs to be informed of everything." This means I'll have to ask my brother about the mission.

"I've already contacted SIU and the board. The mission will no longer be their's, and you have full leadership on it. I trust you'll fix the situation soon. But be careful, things just got way too complicated." She warns.

"Tell me about it." I say with a sigh. "This mission wasn't supposed to be this hard or this long."

"Let's finish it soon then. I'll keep my eyes and ears open on headquarters, you go save someone." She instructs and with an 'Of course' I hang up.

Just at the moment that I press the END button on my phone, Traci walks back in.

"Is my brother working today?" I ask her, and my question seems to surprise her.

"No?" She informs me.

"Any idea where I can find him?" I hope she says yes, because I cannot waste any more time now.

"Probably at his place sleeping." She says.

I immediately close the folders on my desk and grab my keys and phone.

"Where are you going?" Traci asks worried, as she sees me stand up.

"To scold my idiot brother." I answer her as I make my way out of the station and towards my brother's place.


He doesn't answer when I knock. If he's asleep as Traci guessed, then I'm going to need to bang harder.

So I keep banging on the door for two whole minutes before he finally answers, with a "What?" as the door opens.

I don't give him any answer. I simply nudge him into the apartment and close the door behind me.

The second the doors are closed and my brother is facing me, I go for the questions. And considering Steve just woke up, he probably won't be too difficult.

"Who's Alex Raven?" I ask him sternly.

"What?" He tries to play dumb.

"Don't play dumb with me Steve. Who. Is. Alex. Raven?" I ask again.

"Gail…" He Is obviously still trying to evade the answer.

"No, you are going to tell me." I interrupt whatever excuse he was trying to come up with. "You sent someone in after the tattooed people, and I want to know who?"

"Why do you even want to know this?" He decides not to deny the mission then.

"You just sent someone to their death without informing the higher boards. So yes, I want to know who. Now." I am getting impatient. The fact that he doesn't know why I'm even asking is getting me irritated.

"How do you know this?" So many questions I can't answer now. Damn it Steve.

Think fast Gail.

"Do you think I'm just a homicide detective? Do you think I got here easily? You don't need to know how I know, but it is my business now to know. You just sent someone after a gang that no one knows much about. A ruthless gang that will kill whoever stands in their way. You sent someone in blind to meet their end. So you will tell me now who you sent in." I am hoping he gives in this time.

"Gail, we got this." He tries to reason again. "We're close."

"Not as close as you believe you are. So I'll ask one more time. Who is Alex Raven?" I say the question through gritted teeth.

"Gail…" Stubborn man. I give him a glare and he finally gives in. "It's McNally."

"You're off this case. Everyone working with you on it, is off this case. Your superiors have been notified, they should notify you soon. I'll take over from here." I inform him and with that I choose to walk away.

"What the hell is going on?" Steve asks before I can leave.

"Nothing you need to worry about." I say and make my way out.

I hear him call my name when I close the door but I choose to ignore it.

I'm sure if he was more awake, he'd have asked much more questions, but my guess is, next time he sees me, all those questions will be asked.

I need to find McNally.

I call Stevens from the car and inform her of the development.


"Is McNally in this station?" I ask Traci when I walk back into the detective's office.

"No, she's out on patrol." She answers. "What's going on?"

"Who's she patrolling with?" I ignore her question.

"I think Nick." She tells me and I whip out my phone.

"Gail…" Traci tries to grab my attention but I ignore it.

I call Marcus.

"Meet me at the Fortress in thirty minutes. Both of you." I hang up before he answers.

"Gail…" Traci tries again but I keep ignoring as I search for Nick's name on my phone.

"Detective Peck." Swarek greets me as he walks into the office.

"Swarek." I greet back.

"I hear we're off the case?" Oh, he was on the case with my brother. Figures, since it was McNally they sent in. Sam would want to stay close to the case.

"Yes you are." I answer without giving more information.

His facial expressions indicate that he's not happy with the news, but that's not my problem right now.

"And why is that?" He pushes for more.

"Nothing that concerns you anymore." I say sternly.

"You can't be serious. We've been working on this for weeks. You can't just jump in, when you barely know anything about this." He argues. It's a shame he doesn't know who I truly am.

"No." I answer, standing up and getting right in his face. "You don't know anything about this. You've been working on this for weeks?" I ask with a scoff. "I've been working on this for years." I can see his expressions change at my revelation. "You would have gotten her killed. I on the other hand, will keep her safe." I refer to McNally, promising indirectly to keep her safe.

With that I walk past Sam and out of the office, as I dial Nick's number.

"Hello." He answers on the third ring. I guess McNally is driving.

"How far from the station are you?" I ask.

"Well Hello to you too Gail." He teases.

"No time for pleasantries. How long would it take you to get to the station?" I rephrase my question.

"About fifteen minutes?" He asks more than says, as his tone changes.

"Then get here now, both of you." I order.

"Okay." I could hear the hesitancy in his voice before he hangs up.

I feel someone behind me.

I tense up for a bit until I smell the perfume. Traci.

"Did Steve call you?" I ask without turning around, knowing that she heard me.

"Not really. What's going on?" She asks.

I turn around to face her and take a look around the station. This needs to be discussed in private. So I look around and realize the best option is outside, so I nod towards the exit and she follows as I walk outside.

"Safe enough to talk now?" She asks once we're outside and settled near my car.

"Did you know about the undercover mission?" I decide to lead with a question.

"The one he and Sam have been working on?" When I nod at her question she continues. "All I know is they sent McNally in, and that it's very low key, not even some higher ups know about it, in case it jeopardizes Andy's life."

"Oh it's jeopardizing her life alright." Sarcasam is my best answer to this situation. "They sent her in blind after people that we've been after for years. And we were not aware of the mission. They jeopardized our mission, our agents, and Andy's life."

I could see her expressions change to worry once I'm done explaining the situation we're in now.

"Oh my God. What are you going to do?" She wonders.

"Steve and Sam are off the case, and so is everyone involved, except McNally. I'm on the case though. She's gonna need to know what's going on." I'm sure Traci understands what needs to happen. Andy's in big danger, and I hope we can help her to fight these people.

"Is there anything I can help with?" She offers and I think about it for a few seconds. Traci has a son, and she's dating Steve. She doesn't even know much about my case, so I can't really pull her into this.

"I don't want to pull you into this. But if I need anything, I'll let you know." I answer with a smile. Hoping it's a smile that reaches my eyes.

"Well did you go easy on Steve when you went to chew his head off?" She breaks the serious mood with that question.

"I actually did. All I did was ask for information in an authoritative tone. But then again, that might have scared him more than my mean face." I say with a chuckle which Traci returns.

Our conversation gets interrupted by my phone ringing at that moment. I pull it out and a smile that truly reaches my eyes takes over my face.

"I'll leave you to your call." Traci teases, realizing that my smile must only mean one person, Holly. And she stays true to her words, as she walks away, back into the station, leaving me alone to answer my phone.

"Doctor Stewart," I answer formally.

"Detective Peck," She returns the seriousness. "There's a situation here."

"What kind of situation?" I ask, hoping she doesn't really mean a bad situation.

"I kind of can't stop thinking about you." She confesses and I chuckle at that.

"Oh really? Makes us two. I can't stop thinking about me either." I tease.

"Have you always been this full of yourself? If so, then I think my situation is getting better. I can honestly stop thinking about you then." She teases back and I groan.

"Well I kind of think of you more than I think of me. Better?" I confess.

"Much better. So will you satisfy my need for you and let me see your face tonight?" She asks hopefully. "That's if you don't mind my sister's presence, she's begging me to go out somewhere." She then adds with a groan.

"Gah, I really want to, but I don't know if I can. I just took on this mission and I might be doing surveillance tonight." I actually groan at the fact that I can't go or see her tonight. The new events have complicated the mission and it'll need total focus now to finish it as soon as possible.

"You're not going to be in danger though right?" I could feel the worry in her voice when she asks that.

"No." I reassure. "I'll be the one in the van while someone else does the dangerous part." Technically this is true. If McNally will be called for the job tonight, I'll need to be in surveillance, so I won't be in direct danger, at least not yet.

"Well please be safe anyways." She begs.

"Of course. When do you get off work?" I ask her.

"Probably at six, then Zoey will probably drag me into some club where she'll dance and I'll just sit at the bar." She recites what she thinks the plan will be like.

"You can dance." I remind her.

"Not without you." I think my heart just did a double beat.

"Just try to have fun. And if I don't get to see you tonight, I'll do my best to see you tomorrow." I promise her.

"How late will you be working?" She asks with a sigh.

"I have no idea. Let's just hope not the whole night." I hope it doesn't take the whole night, cause that'll mean no sleep at all tonight, since I have an early shift tomorrow.

"Well I hope so too. If you do get off early though, come find me." She adds with a teasing voice and I just chuckle at that.

At that moment, Nick and Andy enter the parking lot and park the car.

"Hey Holly, I'll call you back later okay?" I tell her dejectedly.

"Okay, be safe." She says mimicking my tone.

"You go have fun. Bye Nerd."

"Bye Detective."

I hang up and make my way towards Nick and Andy who are exiting their car.

"Both of you, go change into your normal clothes, get your things and meet me back here." I order them without even a greeting.

"What's going on?" Andy asks while Nick gives me weird confused looks.

"I'll explain when we're on our way. But for now, go change." I order them again and they both go back inside the station, and I follow them to get my things.


"What's going on?" Andy asks curiously the second I park outside my house. "Why are we at your house?"

"I'll explain everything inside." I say as I leave the car and usher them into the house.

When we walk in, Marcus and Carl are already waiting for us in the living room and that seems to jolt Andy up in surprise.

"McNally? Collins?" Carl asks the second he sees who's walked in with me.

"James? What's going on?" Andy answers with a question.

"Let's talk downstairs. Now." I say urgently while nodding at Marcus as a way to reassure him that it's okay and they can know. Once he nods back I stand in position above the entrance.

"Agent 875 requesting entry." I say loud and clear.

"Access granted." The house confirms as the basement opens.

"Get in." I usher them in and I could see the impressed look on Nick's face, while Andy carries a surprised look. A look that's somewhat scared, and yet fascinated.

Once we're all inside I ask them all to sit down, and then I face Andy.

"Steve and Sam are no longer working your mission. I am." I start with that information and her eyes widen at my announcement.

"What? Why?" She asks and I decide it's time to ease her confusion.

"Because they don't know what they've gotten into, or what they've gotten you into." I look towards Marcus who's still not understanding what's going on. "My brother has risked our mission and your life, among the lives of many others. They sent you in after an organization that plans to take over our countries. An organization that even it's members don't know each other. Not without a tattoo. A tattoo which I'm guessing you have." I point at her arm and she complies by lifting her shirt to prove my point. "But did you honestly think that you were the only one sent in after them? There are many others. Others that are being killed, and some that are right in front of you." With that I nod at Carl who reveals his tattooed arm to her and her shock widens at that.

"I don't understand. Where am I?" She looks around her, she looks at the room that's equipped with technology and large screens and weapons.

"You're in a base. Our base. We're spies." I reveal and she looks at me disbelievingly.

I chuckle at her expression.

"I knew you guys had a lair." Nick exclaims and I just laugh.

"Yes, Welcome to The Fortress."

Marcus still doesn't agree on the name.

"Bat cave." He interjects.

"Hey, I got the house, I get to name it." I remind him.

"You knew?" Andy asks Nick then, and I realize this will take a while for her to sink in.

So I start telling her what she needs to know.

I tell her how I got to this situation here. How i got to this mission. I tell her what we know so far about the organization she's after. I also ask her what she knows about them, what she's learned so far, which turns out to be so little. I do leave out the whole list of names we got, just in case that information could jeopardize her.

I ask her how long she's been undercover, and she reveals that she was sent in a few days after the first body with tattoos was found, which was before we even met, which would explain why Carl suspected there to be a traitor in the station.

After I explain everything, we start the planning.

"Their shipment last night didn't just bring in weapons. It also had hard drives. We believe that might ask you to use one to help them filtrate our systems. If they give it to you, you hand it to me before you make any entries." I tell her and she nods.

"I'm meeting up with a couple of them really late tonight." She reveals.

"How late?" Marcus asks her.

"At around 2AM." She answers. "They are supposed to deliver something to me with instructions."

"The hard drive." I say. "When you go in, we'll be at the ready. Give me your phone."

She hands it to me and I plug it into our computer systems. Two minutes later I've already added an app to her phone and added her to our system.

"This app will protect you. I added in our four numbers into it. So whatever happens, you open it and press the color that represents the severity of the danger you're in. Also to access the app, you'll need to type 922. It's access code, otherwise it's just another app, just another game." I hand her the phone and asks her try it. She does and the app accesses.

"Okay now each color means something. The grey…" I start explaining what each color means. "If you ever feel like you're in a situation where you'll only be able to press one button, remove the lock and keep the app open. We'll know where you are from the signal, and we'll be there immediately if you need us."

"That's a lot to process." She admits as she once again takes a look around. "All of this has been a lie? Everything you're doing?" She asks and my mind immediately goes to Holly, who happens to send me a text at that moment.

"No, not everything." I reply as I take a look at my phone. And then notice the ring on my finger. The emergency ring given to me, when I became one of the best at the agency. The true tracker. The undetectable tracker.

"Marcus, how many of these do we have?" I ask knowing that we should have more than one. There's always a spare.

"I think there's two more." He says as he goes towards the gadget drawer to look.

"Take the tracker out of one and add it to a different ring, and size it to fit her finger." I tell him and he nods.

"Undetectable and excusable. This should work." He says as he picks one ring and starts working on it.

"If they ask about it, you'll tell them it's a family ring. Someone died and you inherited it. Figure something out." I'm probably throwing a lot on her right now, but they dragged her into this, and it's the only way to keep her alive. On the other hand, this might be in our advantage as well.

"Okay." She answers still processing everything.

"Nick, your job is to keep her sane. She's going to need someone to talk to about this and you're the only one who knows and can help. I don't want to drag Traci into this. And no one else can know." I explain why Nick is there and he nods in agreement. "Also, having one more person on our side at the moment won't hurt."

"So what do we do now?" Nick asks.

"Now, you go back to your shifts, and so will I while they set things up." I point at Marcus and Carl then. "We'll meet here at 1AM, make sure everything is in order. And then Andy will go, and we'll always keep short distance from her. We'll follow the tracker." I relay the plan and they all agree to it.

Nick and Andy get up to leave and I grab my things to follow.

"Let me know if you need me." I tell Marcus once I'm ready to go.

"We'll be fine. We'll meet back here at 1AM like you said. Go be a cop." He reassures me and I just give him a small smile at the last comment.

I take a few steps towards the exit of The Fortress, but he stops me with yet another comment.

"Oh and go see your girl a bit. Now that things are getting crazy, you might not get much time with her." He suggests and I pause in my place to think about what he said.

He's right. I may not get to see Holly much now that the mission is too complicated and too big. More reason to finish it faster.

I'd usually give Marcus a mean reply to such a comment but this time I just say an "Okay" before I walk out.


I walk into the club with full intention to find Holly as fast s I can. I have four hours before I need to be at the house to meet with the hours. I have three and a half hours to find Holly and have a little bit of fun before the craziness starts.

Once I left the house, I checked my message from Holly and it was her telling me that Zoey wants to drag her to the loudest club with the weirdest name.

I had planned on meeting her before she leaves, but I got caught up with work that as a detective, I am supposed to do. So it only left me with the choice of meeting her at the club.

So the second my shift ended, I texted Holly to see what time she'd be at the club, and after finding out the time, I search to see what type of club it was. To see if I could just go i with the clothes I had as spare in my car. Once I realize that I can, and that Holly would be there in a few minutes. I change into the clothes needed and drive right to the club.

And Holly was right. This is a loud club. And crowded tonight.

I search through the people in hopes of finding Holly. And then I remember that Holly said she'd probably sit at the bar while Zoey had fun. Which means I have to search the bar.

And that's where she was. Sitting on a bar stool.

She was wearing her tight black jeans and white top. She's not wearing her glasses, so my guess is she's wearing contacts. She has a drink in front of her, but she's absentmindedly playing with the straw.

I smile at the sight. She does look bored to me. I scan the room to find her sister's whereabouts, but I don't see her anywhere.

So I decide to save Holly from boredom and go keep her company.

When I reach Holly, she is still unaware to my presence, so I lean in and whisper in her ear. "Is this seat taken?"

She twirls around fast at the sound of my voice and her eyes widen in surprise when she realizes that it is me standing there. So I return expression with a smirk.

"What? I ask, smirk still in place, as my eyes roam her face.

"You're here." She states.

"Well, I couldn't leave you here, looking beautiful and bored." I flirt and she just shakes her head.

"Well I'm glad you're here. But don't you have that surveillance?" She remembers.

"I'm not needed till a little after midnight. So I thought I'd spend my time with you." I tell her and she smiles gratefully.

"So can I get you a drink?" She asks, and I shake my head no.

"Can't drink before the job." I remind her.

"Right." She nods in acknowledgment. "This job, you're sure it's safe?" She asks. I thought I'd helped calm her worry, but I guess I was wrong.

"Holly, I'll be okay. I promise. I'll just be watching." I try again to re-assure her. "It's kinda cute that you worry about me though."

"Oh really? My worry is cute?" She doesn't seem to like my cute reference.

"Just a little." I raise my hand to make space between my thumb and index finger to indicate a little.

"Come here." She demands and then pulls me towards her for a kiss. And I just smile into the kiss. A sweet gentle kiss.

"Seriously? I was gone for a few minutes to the bathroom, and I come back to find you making out with your girlfriend?" Zoey interrupts us, and at that we break the kiss.

"Do you guys, take a break from each other?" She adds and Holly makes a mocking face at her, which makes me chuckle.

"Since Gail's here, I'm going to dance." She announces and leaves us alone, as she makes her way to the dance floor.

"Wanna dance?" I ask Holly.

"No." She answers as she picks up her drink and sips from the straw.

"Sure you don't." I say sarcastically as I tug on her arm. "Come on."

She then puts her drink and faces me. "You can't be tired. You have to work later." She reminds me and exclaims why she's refusing to dance.

"I can handle a little dancing. Come on." I tug again at her arm, only this time she gets up and follows me.

The song playing was upbeat so we dance goofily a little. Until songs got more serious and we drifted towards each other, and dancing became two bodies moving really close to each other to the music.

The feel of her body rubbing against mine was too much for me to handle. Especially since I knew that I can't be with her later, and I can't feed my need for her at all anytime soon.

"I don't think I can handle this." I admit loudly into her ear.

"Me neither." She says loudly into my ear.

We stop mutually and make our way off the dance floor and away from all the moving bodies.

Once we sit at the bar again I groan. "I hate that I have to work tonight."

"I hate it too." She says as she then orders a drink for her and juice for me.

If only this mission was easy, and it I could end it sooner. If only I was free to tell Holly everything. I hate that this is the situation we're in. But there's nothing I can do about it until it's done.

If only I'd met Holly earlier. If only I met her when I was still young and haven't met Nicolas yet. Or even after I met him. Because Next to her he's transparent. Maybe then I would've stayed. I wouldn't have become a spy, and put my life in danger over and over, and I wouldn't have been away from my family for years.

I may have ended up in the police force, or I may have taken computers, and I'd have a steady job, and I wouldn't have to lie to Holly then.

But all these 'if only's mean nothing. Because an 'If only' is a never knowing thing. So all I could do is hope that this mission ends soon.

And before it gets dangerous and tricky, I want to spend my time with Holly, getting to know Holly. And that's what I do. I sit with Holly at the bar talking and getting to know more stuff about her, and falling for her more than I already am, and even Zoey joined us a while later and I got to know her sister more too. And we stayed like that, talking until they wanted to leave.

"How'd you two get here?" I ask.

"Cab." Holly answers.

"Come on, I'll drop you off on my way." I offer.

"You have to get to work, we'll just call a cab." Holly declines my offer.

But I am not letting her take a cab or get out of my sight when she's drunk, at least not until she's safe in her own home.

"Come on, you're on my way. I'm going to my house, not the station." I say knowing that would convince her that she won't make me late for my job.

"Okay." She agrees and her and Zoey follow me out into my car, where Holly takes the front seat and Zoey makes herself comfortable in the back.

On our way we pass a 24/7 store and Zoey asks me to stop.

"What?" I ask once I pull over.

She points at the store. "I really want some chocolate. Ooohhh Chocolate ice cream." She says in a slurry tone.

I turn to Holly and ask if she wants anything, and she just shakes her head no. She's getting sleepy. I've realized that she's a sleepy drunk.

"I'll be right back then." I say as I grab my wallet and make my way into the store.

I get Chocolate ice cream and chocolate. And I get some Vanilla ice cream, knowing Holly loves it.

And I must have been gone for no less than three minutes, but when I get back in the car, I find Holly less sleepy, more alert, and looking at me in question.

"You okay?" I ask and she doesn't give me an answer. That's when I notice my phone in her hand.

Right I grabbed my wallet on my way out but I left my phone in the car.

"Holly?" I ask looking at the phone in her hand, hoping that nothing was revealed to her through my phone.

"I'm sorry, but it kept ringing, so I answered." She explains why she has my phone with her, but it's who was calling that I was dreading. So I nod urging her to continue.

"Why did this person calling you, call you Sawyer? Why did she say Agent Sawyer?" She questions.


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