Am I A Ghost Or Real?


"Everyone got the plan?" I ask the massive crowd that's lodged in the house Carl had been hiding agents in.

"Everyone's ready." Ashley assured me as she gave me a smile that promises triumph. "Are you ready?" She adds.

"Oh believe me, I'm ready to come back to life." I promise and she smirks.

"Ready to come back to Holly?" She asks knowingly.

"Something like that." Couldn't deny it even if I wanted to. "If she won't hate me after this." I mumble to myself but Ashley hears.

"She'll understand." She tries to cheer me up but after the pain I know I've caused Holly I have my doubts. I wouldn't forgive me if I was her.

"In a few hours everyone of them will receive messages on the location." Marcus says to the crowd as he comes to stand next to me.

"Even Andy." He adds but only for my ears. "But don't worry, Carl's warned her not to go and to just wait for instructions from us. He's not spending much time with her cause she keeps nagging him with questions about you, and he doesn't want to jeopardize the mission, so he couldn't tell her much."

I nod, confirming that I understood.

He then turns back to the crowd. "Once we get the location, we go in, and we catch everyone one of them. Also, remember, there are rogue members of us there. If you see an agent you don't trust, capture them. Only trust this team." He adds on.

"I'm dying to put a bullet through the CIA rogue agent who sold us out." Carl says through gritted teeth.

"Easy, we don't have to kill everybody." I remind him but he just gives me a deadly glare.

"Oh, him I'll kill. He's caused us so much trouble and he's caused the death of so many, I think he deserves it." He spits out.

"Carl, we may need him for information." I try to reason.

"No we don't." He counters, and I opt to using my method of returning his glare with my icy one, which usually terrifies many people, but it seems to fail on him.

"We can kill him. We'll have all their database, so no worries. Besides, you already hacked them and found out what kind of intel they have so far and what type of weapons they're bringing in; they won't know what hit them." Marcus sides with Carl as he gives me a smirk.

"Whatever." I wave them off. I may have killed before, but I've never killed a large number of people in one day, and I've only ever killed someone when I had no way out, so I know that my reasoning was personal and that they have every right to kill the rogue agent.

"Well get everyone then." I say as I make my way towards the weapons table.

For the past week I've infiltrated their database. I've gotten a lot of needed information. And for the past week, I've kept freaking the officers of the 15th devision. Every clue I leave them means they'll be willing to help if they were needed. So for the past week, we've assembled every agent we trust and we've been planning our attack. Burt only informed us that a meeting will be held up on this specific date, but he didn't say where or what time because they were unaware, all he said was that everyone would be there, so we've put together our army to attack.

And today we take them down.

Carl, Marcus and Caroline had already filled everyone in on the plans, on the attack strategy. We take out any guards of the meet point and we corner the place, while we wait for Carl to give us the signal to attack at the moment he finds convenient. And if he found that it were needed, we'll inform the cops and ask for their help to secure the perimeter once we go in.

It was a solid plan, because we knew how to defend ourselves against their weapons, because we were more trained than they were, and also because we had a big element of surprise on our hands.

And I was excited.

Because now I can finally finish this mission. I can finally be done with this type of work, and I can finally see Holly again.


"What do you mean they're fighting?" Carl barks into the phone.

He got a call a minute ago and whoever was on the other line sounded worried.

"Well fix it, they can't kill each other in public." He warns and a few seconds later he hangs up.

"What's going on?" I ask him.

"Baron and Allan, they're the heads of two teams, are fighting and apparently with guns drawn. They've never liked each other, which is why they were never put in the same room together. You see, Baron works on the intel, and Allan is the head of the team I'm on. And they're fighting over something. Some intel, that the police got and Baron is blaming Allan. Because one of his men was transporting it, when he got caught with drugs while speeding." He explains.

"What sort of intel?" I ask him.

"Well they found a flash drive on him and he refused to tell them what was on it, so they opened it and it was encrypted. The man seriously needs to learn how to lie. I mean any other time we'd be happy we've got intel but we're close to bringing these guys down and you already got us the information we need. We don't need anything else to end this organization." He says.

"Well Is it being analyzed?" I have so many questions to ask since he's not giving me those informations.

"I don't think it is yet. They didn't want to ruin it, and you're not there, so they sent it to the lab. We were going to interfere and get it before it gets analyzed, but we're kind of caught up with this issue now." He then sees that I'm about to ask more questions so he adds before I can. "And no, they don't know it's at the lab, and the cops have no idea what it might be."

"Good." And before I can say anything else Carl's phone dings.

"The guy they caught might be released today though." He said with a cringe on his face.

"He was caught with drugs, speeding and information he refused to reveal. How the hell are they releasing him?" Are the police getting sloppy?

"They sent him a good lawyer." He answers and before he can explain more his phone chimes.

"We have a location. In two hours we attack." He informs us.

And we then forget about this conversation and get to retrieving every information on the address to add to our attack plan.


"The place is big, so they won't notice us if we hide at the top part. We can infiltrate it through the top and the back." Marcus concludes after we've studied the map to the address. "You can call the cops five minutes before we make a move so that they can secure the premises. We get their help and they stay in the dark on this. Safer for them." He addresses that part towards me and I nod. I already know my part. Call Andy and Nick, freak them out, then relay the emergency, and if they fail to convince the others, I'll call Oliver or Sam.

"We move out in an hour. This is a dangerous mission. If there's anything you want to do, do it now. And try not to get killed today. Let's make their number of dead higher than our zero." Caroline then jumps in for a small encouraging talk.

Before any more can be added Carl's phone rings and he indicates for us to be silent while he answers, which means it's them.

"Yeah?" He greets whoever called. "Yes I did get the location… Of course I'll be there… What do you mean late? … What? … Are they crazy?" Carl is getting furious and I have a bad feeling about this.

His eyes then meet mine in slight panic and I try hard to repress myself from asking him any questions while he's still on the phone.

"Tell them to wait. They can't analyze anything this fast. It'll take them awhile. I can infiltrate the labs and retrieve the files myself." His tone is reasoning and I think I'm getting an idea of what's going on.

"I don't care how important or dangerous the files are, the cops won't open them for a while… They could jeopardize everything if someone gets in their way." I don't know who he's reasoning with but if this means that they're headed to the lab to get a flash drive, then I hope Carl succeeds in his reasoning.

"Damn it!…" He curses loudly then. "I'll meet them at the lab. Tell them not to do anything stupid till I get there… I don't get why this couldn't wait till after the meeting. They'll get us caught and every major security detail in the country will be after us then…" He spits through gritted teeth, and I have heard all I needed to hear.

I head towards the chair that I've draped my jacket on and put it on, then I grab my guns and make sure their loaded as Carl hangs up.

"What are you doing?" He asks me when he notices my actions.

"They're going to the lab, aren't they?" I ask as I grab extra cartridges.

"I'll handle it. You need to be at the attack point." His face is serious. His eyes are warning me, and asking me to stay.

"No, where I need to be is at the lab. Besides how are they even going to get in there with all these people around?" I ignore his warning and place my guns in the holders.

"There's a conference or a meeting. The labs are almost empty and more than half the morgue are there." He explains.

"I'm coming with you." I state as I have myself ready to move.

"No you're not." He meets me right in the eye in a defiant look and I give him the look right back, and then it clicks to him.

"Holly's not even there Gail. She's still not back at work and she leaves for the holidays to Vancouver next week. She'll be safe." His voice drops with reassurance.

"The Lab is right above the morgue Carl, and Holly's there. She came back to work two days ago." I try to keep my voice from wavering with worry and anxiousness.

"No she's not." He says.

"Steve might not be back yet, but she is, and I'm sure she skipped the conference." I explain but I can already tell he won't let me come.

"Gail, if they see you before the meeting, they'll call it off. They'll know they've been tricked." He reasons. "I promise I'll keep Holly safe. I promise you Gail. But I need to go now, I need to get there before they do, or at the same time they do." I can tell he means his promise, and after searching for reassurance in his eyes for a few seconds I nod and move aside to let him pass. And then I wait.

We are meant to attack in forty five minutes. But now they will attack. Because five minutes after Carl leaves, I grab my stuff again.

"Where're you going?" Marcus asks.

"I can't sit here. You guys don't need me for this. Not when my mind is all jumbled and worried. I need to go make sure Holly's safe." I explain.

"Gail…" He doesn't continue after my name though.

"Go." Caroline interrupts. "Carl might need backup, and we can't have them run off when we get the big bad guys. So go." She found a reason for my leaving. She's allowing me to leave for Holly, so with a grateful smile I make my way outside.

The second I'm in my car I grab my phone and dial Nick, as I drive off, and put the phone on speaker.

"Hello?" He answers, while I pull off from the driveway.

"How far are you from the morgue?" I ask in urgency ignoring the pleasantries. We don't have time for them.

"Who's this?" He asks confused.

"Damn it Nick, I have no time for this! How far are you from the morgue?" I ask in annoyance.

"Gail?" His tone is stupefied then.

"Yes. I'm haunting your phone. Now answer my question." I breathe out.

"You're alive?" He's still on that subject.

"Nick!" I chastise.

"Right. Um, five minutes or a bit more." He answers hesitantly.

"Get there now. As fast as you can, No sirens, you don't want to alert anyone there." I order.

"What's going on?" He asks worried.

"Are you on the way? Put me on speaker and drive." After I say that, I hear some shuffling and an engine start from his end.

"Are you alone on patrol today?" I ask.

"No, I'm with Price." And just as he says that, Chloe's voice can be heard with her "Hi Gail."

"Hi… Look, I need you guys to go to the morgue and get Holly out of there now." I beg.

"Holly's not back to work yet." Nick says. Why is it that I'm the only one who knows she got back?

"Yes she is." I correct him. "So you better get there and get her out before they get to the labs. There might be a conference that got half of the lab to go to, but I doubt Holly would go."

"They who?" Chloe asks.

"I don't have time to explain, I'm also on my way to the morgue but you're closer. So don't tell Holly that I sent you, don't tell her I'm alive yet, just give her any excuse to get her out of there. There's a bunch of men coming in to steal some information. Me and Carl will handle them, but I need you to get Holly out. If you fail to get her out on time don't call backup. Hide. There's a big operation happening today, we can't risk them canceling it." I explain little but enough.

"Then when you get her out wait for a call from either me or Marcus, if you don't get one then Marcus would've called Andy. The reason I've been haunting your devision is that we'll need your help today." I add that part, just in case I fail to make that call myself.

"We're almost there. We'll get her out." Nick assures me.

"Thank you. Save this number and keep me updated." I breathe out as I hang up and focus on the road, hoping they've made it in time before the bad guys.

If my calculations are correct, Carl should arrive there in five minutes or less, so the bad guys could already have arrived or almost will, so Nick better hurry, because I still have eight minutes to go.

And those were long agonizing eight minutes.

And when I finally get there I realize that Nick has failed.

He probably failed to get Holly out before they got there, because his car is still in the parking lot, along with Carl's car.

"Shit." I exclaim as I grab my gun and extract the computer in my car to try and access the cameras I've installed in the labs and morgue.

In three minutes I'm already on the second camera. The first was on the empty entrance.

When I get to the six camera I see that Nick, Chloe and Holly are in an office, Holly's office, with the lights off. And I hope the doors locked. I see Nick give Holly the stay quiet gesture. So I'm guessing they're playing it off as Holly's still on leave so the office is empty, don't come in. Good.

How is it there are no cops here yet?

I check the rest of the cameras and I see that there's only seven people on the second floor, and there's six bad guys who have already taken them hostage, as they rummage through the lab and different files while Carl tries to reason with them.

The first floor only had Holly and three others as well. But the others seem oblivious to what's happening. I guess these guys snuck in and took over the second floor. Except they left one guy standing watch in the lounge that overlooks every room entrance.

But he's one guy. I can take care of him easily, and get Holly and the two cops out without the others noticing.

And then I can get to Holly's office. Which happens to be towards the back, where the elevator and stairs that lead to the second floor are situated.

I search for a tranquilizing gun in the trunk then.

Damn it.

I didn't load this car with the weapons I kept in the other car. Why did the other one have to blow up?

I can't shoot the guy then. I'll have to beat him up. Or throw a knife. I grab two knifes out of the glove compartment and hide them under my long sleeved shirt, right were I put secret placements for them in my sleeve.

I take a deep breath. I place my gun in the back of my jeans. I take off my jacket. And I march inside.

The guy left in the lounge is watching the halls. But his gun is hidden, so I got an advantage. His eyes narrow when he sees me, but I stroll in casually.

"Excuse me?" I ask and he looks up with his eyes gleaming dangerously.

He doesn't say anything just questions me with his eyes.

"I'm looking for someone." I sound inquisitive.

"Who?" He asks annoyed.

"You." I smirk at him, and before he can question me or attack me, a knife flies right into his neck, causing him to fall instantly to the ground.

Two guys in another room see and get wide eyed.

I immediately pull my badge out before they can react, and urge them to remain calm with my finger over my mouth.

"There's others here, on the second floor. Don't call the cops in panic. If these guys hear sirens they'll kill everyone. I need you to stay right here, but lock this door." I order them. But when I get no nod in return I know that I can't trust them to do what I say, so I walk into the room and pull my gun out.

"Give me your phones." I order. "Now."

They hesitate, but with the gun in my hands then scares them and they hand me their phones. I search if there's any other phone in the room and upon seeing only one, I cut off the chord.

"I'll lock the doors. Stay here. You'll be safe. There's already cops on the inside to take care of the situation." I hope for reassuring words, then I leave them in the room and lock the door myself, then place their phones on a nearby table.

I exhale, as I sneak towards Holly's office quietly. I take a deep breath.

I didn't want this to be the way Holly sees me alive, but they've left me no choice. This won't be pretty.

I pick up my phone and text Nick.

I'm at door to Holly's office. Open it.

I hope he checks his phone, because breaking into the office will waste time, and I can't call out to them just in case I get heard.

So I wait, and thirty seconds later the door opens to reveal Nick and I quickly usher him into the room.

Just as I lock the door and turn around I am met with Holly's wide shocked eyes.

"Hey." Dumb thing to say, but what else can I say?

"Gail?" she questions and I can see her hands start to shake and breathing speed up.

She's panicking.

"Holly. breathe. Stay calm." I whisper as I get closer.

"You're dead. You're…" Tears are streaming down her face now and I gulp and fight back the ones that are threatening to fall from my eyes.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." I whisper with a hand reaching out to comfort her, but she takes a step back before my hand can reach her.

"But, how?" Her eyes are still wide and wondering.

"I was never really dead. But I couldn't tell you." I can't explain anything. I hate that this is how it had to be.

"I can't explain much. I need to get you guys out of here first." I say as I clench my fists.

"The guy in the front?" Nick asks.

"Dead." I answer him and he nods.

Holly's eyes are glued to my face. I look at her closely and I can see the tiredness all over her face. She's tired because of me.

"Holly.." I try to get her attention but my phone vibrates.

"Damn it." I fiddle to make the vibration stop and then answer Marcus with a whispered and angry "What?"

"Still alive?" He asks.

"Yes. Hiding for now." I grit through my teeth in a whisper.

"Good. Call the cops. We're going in soon." He informs me and I grin.

"Good. But I'm already with Nick. And I thought you were calling Andy?" I ask.

"Already with Nick? What did you do?" His tone sounds mad.

"I needed help. Now didn't you call Andy?" I ask again.

"Yes. But not everyone's listening to her. So call them, spook them and get them here." He says.

"Okay. I'll call Oliver. Be careful. And end this." I say hoping everyone ends up alive and the bad guys are caught.

The second he hangs up, I pick up the phone to make a call to Oliver.

"Hello?" He answers.

"Andy is trying to get your help. All of you. So listen to her. I didn't die for this plan to fail now." I order into the phone.

"Who is this? What's happening?" He sounds confused. Did Andy not get to him?

"You know who this is. You've been looking for me. I've been leaving you clues and you knew I'd need your help soon. And now I do. Andy knows the plan. We need you to secure a perimeter. So no one leaves it unless they have a badge, or one of our agent's cards. We made ones for just our team, because there are rogue agents out there. Andy will explain everything." I drag the plan and ask for help without giving him a chance to interrupt.

"Gail?" Oliver asks once I'm done talking.

"Yes. Now go." I order.

"Yes ma'am." He then hangs up and I hope he's on his way to find Andy.

Andy who was told not to go to the meeting because she'll be needed in this raiding party.

I turn my attention to the people in the room with me. "We're attacking them now. So the guys at the top need to be dealt with before they run away. I need to get you guys out of here before I go after them."

With that I motion for them to follow me as I reach the door. I pull the gun out and make sure the sound barrier on it is placed right.

I motion for them to stay silent and I slowly open the door to peak outside.

I close it immediately when I notice a figure at the bottom of the stairs. Someone's checking on the first floor. They'll see the body. I need to act fast.

"Stay here till I get you. Keep her safe." I order and open the door to leave.

I make my way out quietly. The figure is getting closer to where the guy I killed lays and I tiptoe behind him.

The second his eyes find the body I have a knife lunged at him and it hits him right in the artery bringing him down as well.

I go back into the office then. I ignore the looks that three people in there are throwing my way and pull out my phone to attempt to text Carl.

Can you text? I send him.

yes? he sends back.

Good. I'm on the first floor. Two of their guys are dead. You have any attack plans? He'll be so mad to know I ignored him and came anyways.

WTF SAWYER? You were meant to stay away. He's furious.

Caroline sent me to help. So shut up and let me help. I defend.

What about Holly? He asks.

She's safe, hiding in her office with Nick and Chloe. I inform him.

You called them?

Would you stop. What's happening? I ask.

They found the flash drive but I guess they found something else and are looking through it. We need to stop them before they find anything. He explains.

Will they notice if I use the stairs? I ask in a text.

No. Get here, hide, and when it's acceptable we attack. Tell Nick and Chloe to watch the halls. If these guys try to escape, they shoot them. He texts. Here goes my plan to get Holly out then.

I put the phone away and explain the plan.

I Keep my agent tone.

"I'm going upstairs. Carl says you guys need to stay. He and I will attack the guys up there but we need you to watch the halls. If anyone of them tries to escape, shoot them. We're not sure exactly when our team will attack, so we don't want anyone to warn the bad guys about us." I sound calm, but in real I'm worried. I'm meant to be getting Holly out.

"Okay." Nick nods and gets his gun out. Chloe does the same.

Holly however looks at me with the same surprised expression.

"Holly. You have so many questions, and I'll answer them all after this. You'll probably hate me but for now, listen to me. Please." I urge. "Stay here and lock the door. I died to keep everyone safe, to keep you safe. That won't be for nothing."

When her eyes flicker to mine with a little warmth a small smile tugs at my lips.

"Here." I then remove my ring and reach for her hand. After she hesitates for a few seconds she relents and hands it to me. "Stay here for now. If anything happens though, run. And if you need to be found, wherever you are, twist this part," I explain while pointing at the part on the ring, "and someone will find you."

She nods her understanding.

Her questioning eyes are begging me to stay. Even if she's not doing it intentionally.

Before I leave this room and go face danger, I lean forward and take her by surprise as I kiss her on the forehead.

I missed her and I needed indication she was real.

A kiss on the lips would've been too soon.

I need to take care of these guys fast. So that I can come back to her.

This is easier than the raid the others are planning.

Only five guys to take out and I have help.

I hate that I'm missing the other party.

But we're closer to finishing this.

And if Holly forgives me, I'm closer to being hers for real now.

I get my attack pose on. And I make my way upstairs. Ready to attack.


The second I reach the top I find Carl facing towards the stairs as if he's waiting for me, while the other men are scattered around the room. One of them is by a computer, searching through it's files probably and the others are looking around the room.

I nod towards him and he indicates towards them with his head as he reaches for his gun.

I make a stay quiet sound towards the innocent guys as I flash them a badge.

It's attack plan then.

Slowly I make my way towards one of the closest guys who had his back turned and he does the same with another guy.

And together we hit them really hard on the neck that they pass out.

Then we both pull out two guns and point them at the three remaining guys in the room. Unfortunately, they've managed to aim their guns at us too.

"What the Hell?!" Exclaims the one sitting by the computer.

"Sorry man," Carl answers with a smirk.

"You betrayed us?" He adds.

"I was never one of you to betray you." Carl clarifies.

"And you're supposed to be dead." The same guy notes when he looks at me.

"I'm not? Damn! I thought I could go through things now." I say with sarcasm dripping heavily.

"You didn't kill her? Did you even kill the others?" He asks Carl, but Carl simply smirks wider and doesn't answer.

"Put your guns down." I order.

"You should do that instead." One of the other guys tells me and I raise an eye brow at him.

"We have four guns, you have three. We outnumber you." I explain.

"You need to fix your calculations." The guy at the computer warns this time.

I share a look with Carl then. A look that says: Shoot?

Once he gives a small barely noticeable nod, we both shoot at the same time, hitting all three men. As they fall two of them shoot their guns. One bullet grazes me in the arm.

"Not again." I hiss in pain.

Before Carl could say anything, he turns his attention turns towards me. And he suddenly lifts his gun to my head.

"Arms up. Guns down." He orders. And I look at him in confusion. What the hell?

Before I can voice my question, I hear footsteps coming closer from behind me. I follow his instructions then and put my gun down and lift my arms.

Nick and Chloe were supposed to be watching the entrance. If it's them, then why is Carl's gun raised at me, if it's not them, then where are they?

"I clear the top level and I come back to this?" The voice asks.

He was upstairs? Oh right. Empty small room on the roof. Used when they need to contaminate a victim for an autopsy.

But that's good. It means Nick, Chloe and Holly are safe.

"She can't do much now though can she?" Carl says, fixing his aim.

Before the guy replies, Nick shoots.

The bullet passes right next to my head. For a second I thought it was aimed at me, but then it continues it's course and I hear it hit the guy behind me, as I feel his body fall.

"There was a guy on the top level and you didn't mention it?" I hiss at him after I look back to make sure the guy was dead.

"I didn't know, he must have gone there the second they got here. They arrived two minutes before me." He exclaims as he tucks his gun away. "Sorry for aiming my gun at you."

"Yeah." I then address everyone in the room. "Everyone okay?" I ask and they confirm.

"Well this was easy." I comment as I do the same and tuck my guns away.

"Well they're a bunch of amateurs." He adds. "Is the raid happening?"

"As we speak." I inform him. "Let's go relieve Nick and Chloe. Then we can go help our friends bring these guys down."

"I'm kind of glad you rushed in here. And also Glad that Holly's okay." He says as he makes hi way towards the stairs.

"She's going to hate me so much though. She's barely said anything to me since she saw me." I exhale and follow him, and I feel the others follow as well.

"She's shocked, she'll come around." He adds and then makes his way downstairs.

"All clear." He informs the two officers.

"Ian?" Chloe asks when she notices him.

"Name's Carl. CIA." He introduces himself correctly then. "Call the devision. Tell them to send anyone available to help these people. But leave the bodies alone." He orders.

I ignore them and make my way to Holly's office door.

"Holly it's me. Open up." I say loud enough for her to hear and two seconds later the door opens.

"All's clear." I tell her.

"You're hurt." She notes the blood on my arm.

"Not badly." I assure her.

"You're alive." She adds.

"I'm alive." I confirm.

I am then taken by surprise as she shoves me.

"You jerk." She exclaims. "You annoying selfish jerk. How could you do this to me?" She adds, her voice rising.

"Holly." I say her name in pleading.

"What the hell Gail? I thought I lost you. You were gone!" Her voice is getting shaky, and I can see her eyes start to water.

I guess mine are about to do the same.

"I thought you were dead. Why couldn't you tell me you weren't dead. Gail! Why were you dead?" She's crying. Damn it Gail. This is what happens when you lie.

"God, I wanted to tell you. I had to protect you though. It had to look real, or they'd come after you, and my family. I had to die, so they wouldn't kill me for real." I am probably making no sense, but the tears on her face, and the ones starting to coat mine are making me lose thought.

And she still looks at me with sadness, with anger, with hope, with questions…

"Holly, I'm with the intelligence department. I'm an agent. A mission lead me back here. And these bad guys found out who I am. And they were going to kill me and anyone who stood in their way. So he…" I point then at Carl. "Helped me fake my death. But when you still held on to hope that I might be alive, I showed up, they still didn't tell you though." I then give Nick and Chloe a pointed look. "They weren't sure it was me, and they didn't want to hurt you. But I did. I hurt you. I wanted to keep you alive, so I hurt you. And I'm so sorry." I am full on crying now. "And I want to explain everything to you. I want to tell you everything. And it's a long story, that I will tell you after this is over. And I hope that you can forgive me for hurting you. But if you never want to talk to me again, I'd still understand…" Before i could continue my ramble, Soft lips touch mine.

She's kissing me.

And I relax and kiss her.

Her tears blend with mine. Her kiss is intense. And I burning all over.

I've missed her.

And I thought I'd never feel those lips again.

"Too many words there." She says breathlessly as she breaks the kiss. She takes a small step away from me then.

"You're alive." She says.

"I'm alive." I confirm again.

"Gail. We have to go. They might need our help." Carl reminds me of the raid.

"Right." I turn towards him and nod for us to move.

Holly however catches my wrist.

"Don't go." She pleads as she pulls me into her arms for a hug.

I lift my hands to rub her back soothingly.

"Hey. I'll be okay. I'll come back. I promise." I try to sooth her.

"Gail." She pleads. "Please, don't leave again."

"I'm not going anywhere. I'll come to you. If these guys are not taken care of, we'll never be safe though." I then kiss her to reassure her.

"Make sure she's okay?" I then ask Nick and he nods.

"I'm coming back." I add one last time to reassure her, as Carl and I then make our way out.

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