Am I A Ghost Or Real?

Gun-Shy Sunshine

"Maybe you should get that fixed before we go." Carl comments when we get into my car.

"I'm fine." I retort. "Drive." As soon as he drives off, I take off my jacket and then open the glove compartment to take out the first aid kit.

I clean the wound hastily and then I place a big bandage on it. Hopefully this time, this wound wouldn't need stitches.

"This mission is almost over Sawyer. Any plans on how to spend your days off after it?" He asks with an eye brow wiggle.

"Quitting." I say. Simple and to the point.

"You're leaving the agency?" He asks surprised.


"Holly?" He guesses the reason for it.

"It's just time I come back." I answer hoping that would convince him that Holly wasn't the only reason I want to stay, even though she is the main reason.

"Well it's been great working with you." He smiles as he pulls up to the address we're headed to, and he parks between cop cars.

"Likewise." I say as I open the door and walk out.

"What's the situation?" I ask, voice loud, tone authoritative.

"Gail!" Oliver booms in happiness.

"Hey Ollie." I greet with a grin.

"I thought you were inside?" He gestures towards the building.

"There was complications elsewhere." I explain. "What's the situation here?"

With that said I take a look around and notice that no one other than Oliver has noticed me yet. Good. Cause I can see Sam and Traci and a few other officers there too.

"We hear fire shots every few seconds." And to prove his point fires get shot from inside the building. "No one's tried to leave yet."

"Good." I then turn my attention to Carl. "Think we can make it in through the third side door?" I ask.

"Your car loaded?" He asks.

"Oh yes." With that I move towards the trunk of the car and open it. Then I move the bottom part to reveal weapons under it.

"Pick your weapon and let's go." I say and we both start picking up stuff.

First we pick up bullet proof vests. After that we start picking our choice of guns.

He picks up a couple of guns and their holders and puts them around his waist and I do the same, then we both pick up riffles and load them.

"Ready to go in?" He asks smirk in place.

"I'm so ready to finish this." I say as I close the trunk.

"Hey Oliver." I say once we turn away from the car. "We're going in through that door." I point at the door. "The third side door." I add for better location of the door. "It'll put us right behind some crates, we'll assess the situation before we attack. Again, no one leaves unless they have our mark, or your badge. But we need you guys to cover us until we make it inside." I explain and he nods.

"Do you need some of us to go in with you?" Oliver asks.

"No. Not when they'd have no idea what they're walking into." I answer and then make sure everything is placed right, from gun to riffle to knife and cuffs before I walk away.

"Gail?" Shit. That's Traci's voice.

I turn around and find myself faced with Sam, Traci and Andy.

I don't say anything though. I just give them a blank look.

"You're alive?" She asks after she gets to inspect my face.

"I knew it." Andy exclaims before I can answer and I just raise my eye brows at her. "And you." She then points at Carl. "When I asked you about it, you lied and said she really was dead. But you knew, you were in on it." She says accusingly.

"He had no choice." I defend him. I then look back at Traci's face and it's still pale.

"Look I'm sorry for fake dying, but now's not the time to talk about it. We'll talk after this is done." I say. I can't really deal with this before going in. The emotional confrontation with Holly was enough for now. So I just turn around and nod for Carl to follow me as I make my way towards the building.

"Wait. Where are you going?" Sam asks before I make it any farther. I guess it's time for coy Gail.

"Who do you think gave your orders?" I say as I turn around to give him a smirk, then I turn back around and continue my march towards the building.

It's a slow cautious walk. Who wouldn't be cautious when walking towards a gun shot fight? And the closer we get the louder the shots are.

"Okay, We go in, try to remain unnoticed until we reach the stairs and make it to the top level. Then we help out from there. Deal?" I relay the plan and ask if he agrees once we read the door and I place my hand on the handle.

"Deal." He nods and with that I open the door and slowly walk in, guns raised and ready to be used.

I keep the riffle around my shoulder towards my back and instead I raise both of the guns I have to point ahead. I made sure the guns had suppressors, to contain the sound of fired shots.

When I realize that no one has noticed us opening the door, I motion for Carl to follow me inside.

We slowly make our way around the place, guns at the ready. I probably shot a couple of people who saw me as I made my way towards the stairs. And as we climb up the stairs we've shot a few others as well, then we shot a few more who were at the top level too.

I probably got hit in the other arm but it's a graze. I keep getting bullet grazes on my arms. It's getting frustrating.

Once the top level on this specific side of the building was clear I take a position by the edge that overlooks the bottom level and pull out my riffle. Carl does the same, except he is facing the stairs. I guess he's covering me, in case they come for us.

From my position I see a clear view of the battle going on around the large spaced wear house. Most of them have lost their weapons and are just battling it out. Some are passed out or dead on the floor. And others are shooting at each other. Both covered behind something, and making sure their people who are fighting without guns are protected too.

So I watch, and I decide to only shoot someone if it's truly necessary. If they were really about to kill one of us.

So I watch, and take a closer look at the people through the scope. Our agents are all dressed in similar clothes and bullet proof vests. We're easy to tell apart.

"Hey, the guy in the blue shirt on the right side next to Miller, tell me that's not who I think it is." I ask Carl once I see a familiar face.

"Where?" He takes his attention away from the stairway for a few seconds to see where I'm indicating and who I'm indicating at.

"Isn't that… Special Agent Greene?" He recognizes the face. I wasn't wrong. It is who I thought it was.

"That bastard. He's our traitor. That's how they knew where to find our agents, how they knew our names, my name. And we had no idea." I conclude.

"The guy in the middle, in the green shirt next to Connor. That's the CIA traitor." He points out. I guess we found our traitors. Even though we didn't know we had a traitor. The CIA did know. Carl then points his rifle towards the CIA traitor.

Rapid footsteps on the stairs grab our attention and Carl turns back towards the stairs and shoots the figure once it appears. He didn't get his chance to shoot at the traitor but I'm sure he'll try again now.

I however don't move my attention away from agent Greene. And it's a good thing that I didn't because I saw him knock down Miller, pick up a gun and walk out through the people fighting.

"He's not getting away that easy." I announce before I get up and get ready to follow him.

"Where are you going?" Carl asks once he sees me pass by him.

"To inflict some pain," I grit through my teeth as I very discreetly make my way down the stairs. And once I reach the bottom I notice Greene making his way towards the same door we came in through.

I know the cops are out there and they'll stop him, but he's a skilled agent. He'll probably flash his badge and lie his way out of the situation. So I follow him. And the second he steps outside, I am right on his trail.

Once outside, and I few steps away from the now closed door, I lift my gun up and point it at him.

"One move and I shoot." I threaten, as I reverse the riffle, till it's hanging off my back.

He lifts his hands up.

"I'm on your side." His first attempt at a lie.

"No you're not." I say.

"I swear I'm one of you, I can show you my badge." This is not a lie, but he's not one of us anymore.

"I don't need to see it. I know who you are. And you're a traitor." My tone when I said that was angry. How could he.

He then starts to slowly turn around in order to face me. And the second his eyes land on my face, he freezes in shock.

"No." He whispers out, just loud enough for me to barely hear.

I however give him a small smirk in return.

"You're dead. You're supposed to be dead." He exclaims in surprise.

"Guess I wasn't." I answer simply.

"I saw you explode." He says, still not believing I'm here.

"You saw a house explode. I however wasn't in it." I explain. Now lift your hands up and turn back around slowly. You're under arrest for treason."

"You can't do that." I don't understand why he's doubting my ability to do anything. He knows who I am and that I can arrest him. Though I'm sure it would be pointless to just arrest him. I have a feeling it won't be a deep dark prison he'll be going to.

"Watch me, now turn around." I order and he slowly lifts his hands up and turns around.

Before I can get any closer and cuff him I hear footsteps behind me, and I freeze waiting to see if it's one of us or them. Their silence must mean not ours. I concentrate hard and I hear the whooshing of air, they just lifted their leg to kick me. I move out of the way immediately and hit the foot that's now raised and was aimed at my back down.

She however, hits me right in the face, which causes me to lose the gun.

My attacker was not someone I've seen before, so I won't be familiar with her fight tactics, but she seems to be a hard one to beat and I have to do it fast, because now I have no gun and two people against me.

So I recover from the blow to the face just in time to block another one of her blows and then kick her in the gut, once she crouches from that I hit her in the face.

She retorts by jumping up to kick me, and again as I move out she hits me again in the face.

I think my lip is bleeding.

Then she kicks me really hard in the chest.

That will leave some nasty bruises. Thankfully I'm wearing a vest which means no broken ribs.

I must end this fast.

So I fake hitting her with my fist and then glide down to her legs which causes her to lose balance and fall down.

As she's attempting to get up and I kick her in the face hard enough to cause her to pass out.

Before I can turn around to face Greene, I know that he's picked up my gun and is probably pointing it to my face.

So I stay in place, and try to listen hard to know where he's standing and if the gun is in kicking distance or not. I am also sure he will shoot me the second I turn around, but he won't shoot me in the back.

"This time, you'll actually die." He says and I hear the gun in his hands. I hear it move up. He's ready to shoot. I guess I was wrong. He will shoot me in the back. But he's stepped closer when he lifted the gun, which means if I move fast enough I can kick it out of his hands.

So I do. I move fast enough to kick it out of his hands. In the process, he manages to shoot the gun. But my movement causes him to miss and shoot me in the chest as the gun flies out of his hands after that.

I fall to the floor. Now that might leave a broken rib.

I ignore the pain and get up to fight him.

However, I don't have time to reach for the second gun I have around my waist because he's already close enough and ready to hit me. So I act fast and I just hit him really hard in the face. Hard enough, that I'm sure my knuckles are bruised. He tries to hit me back, but I move out of the way and I kick him really hard in the stomach ignoring the pain in my torso. The force of my kick causes him to crouch down and spit blood.

I think that's good enough pain for now.

Besides, I don't think I can move fast and keep hitting him, when my ribs hurt this much.

I pull up my other gun then and warn him to stay in place as I cuff him.

I make him stand straight, and decide to take him towards the cops. They can hold him for us. Before I can take a step though I hear a shot echo near me and I feel something big fall behind me.

I look back and I see a body on the floor.

I look ahead and I see my brother with a riffle pointed our way. He lowers it and looks at me strangely and surprised. I'm guessing he was either coming already to follow instructions, or Traci had called him and told him I was alive.

I give him a grateful smile and walk my prisoner towards them. But before I reach them, half way through the road I stop. If I get there, Steve will need to talk, and I can't do that now. I need to get back in there and help Carl monitor the place from the top. And if I make it there Steve won't let me go back. So I stay where I am and motion for Andy and Dov to come to me.

And they take the hint and both come, then Chris follows.

"Put him in a squad car and keep him under watch with guns pointed at him. He's a traitor, and he's good. So be careful." I instruct them.

"You've been shot. Are you sure you should be going back in?" Andy asks worried.

"I'm fine, go." And before they even make it halfway towards the squad cars, I've already taken my vest off, and I'm already on my way towards the building.

I make it into the building through that same door, and I am immediately faced with someone running towards the door, and he stops when he sees me in the door way.

I lift my gun up at him and he immediately lifts his hands up in surrender.

I don't shoot, I see he's unarmed. I guess he wasn't the fighter kind.

I look behind him and I see that most of the people are passed out. Some probably dead. While the others have their hands raised up, and most of our agents are standing with guns pointed.

That was fast.

It's over already? That was easy.

I indicate for the guy to back out. And he does.

I find Caroline standing in the middle of the crowd and make the guy walk backwards until I reach her.

"Anyone here tries to escape, know that there are cops surrounding the whole place so it will be pointless." I announce to them once I reach my place next to Caroline.

"Now what?" I ask her in a low voice, low enough for only her to hear.

"I called in agents for backup. You can call in some of the cops to keep these people in line till our agents arrive." She tells me and I nod.

I take a look around the place as I get my phone out of my pocket.

I see the traitor Carl pointed at dead, with a bullet in his head.

I look up toward where Carl was and I see him standing, no longer in hiding and smirking down at the place.

I also see a few of our agents down. I hope they're just passed out and not dead.

Marcus seems to be standing but he looks injured. His leg is bleeding.

I then notice Ashley on the ground, but she seems to be moving. She's alive. Thank God.

I make my way towards her as I call Oliver.

"Yeah?" He answers immediately.

"Oliver, send some of your cops in here. Keep enough outside to keep the perimeter under protection. The fight is over and we need some officers to keep the people here in place until our agents arrive." I order into the phone.

"They're on their way." He says and I hang up to check on Ashley.

"Hey." I greet her and then look her over.

She's been shot in the right shoulder right around the vest and she's lost a lot of blood, so I take off my jacket and press it on her shoulder, she grunts in pain.

"Hey you're going to be okay. Alright?" I try to assure her. Then I turn to Caroline. "How long till the medics come here?" I ask.

"A few minutes." She answers.

So I hold the pressure for a few minutes.

The cops come in and look mortified at the scene.

Sam is leading their team and he's the first to pull out his gun and point it at the people with their hands up. And the ground of officers do the same as him. I notice that there are twelve of them. Some I know, some I don't. I notice Dov and Chris though since their gazes are pointed towards me with worry once they notice the position I'm in.

I shake my head at them and then point it at the others. Telling them with that motion that they need to stay focused.

I then ignore them and keep the pressure on Ashley's wound and make sure she stays awake.

And then the agents show up, and they're inspecting the fallen. Whoever's not dead they're picking them up and taking them away, while the ones standing are all being taken away together. But I don't focus much on them. I'm still trying to keep Ashley awake.

Then the paramedics show up, and they're taking care of our agents.

And then someone's asking me to move aside and they're inspecting Ashley.

A stiller is brought in to take her away. I see that Eight others are on a stroller.

Six of them are passed out. Some have gun wounds. Marcus is one of them.

"Where are they being taken?" I ask Caroline. They're agents. We're usually taken to special medical areas.

"Hospital. Some wouldn't make it to our medical building. So they'll be taken to the closest hospital." She explains. I nod.

"Gail!" Chris calls out and makes his way towards me. "You okay?" He asks.

"I'm fine don't worry." I assure him.

"Gail, you were shot at. Are you sure?" It's sweet, he's worried.

"I'm good." I try to reassure him again.

"You were shot?" Caroline asks and inspects my body for wounds.

"In the arm at the morgue, barely a scratch." I point at my arm. "And outside, he shot me in the vest. So I'm fine." I say.

She surprises me when she lightly pokes me in the chest and I wince in pain.

"You might have broken ribs." She announces and motions for a medic.

"I'm okay." I say but she just gives me a look.

So I shut up and let the medic do her work.

She inspects my arm first. She cleans up the wound and bandages it up.

"This might need stitches if the bleeding doesn't stop in an hour." She announces.

She checks my face and tells me it's fine, my chin will hurt for a bit but nothing serious. Then she lifts my shirt. I don't protest and let her.

"Your ribs are already swollen and blue. You'll need an X-Ray." She announces to Caroline more than me.

Caroline nods towards a stroller and I see a couple of medics walking towards us with one.

"Oh no, I'm not going on one of those, I can walk fine." I protest and Caroline shakes her head at my antics.

"Okay fine. But they're walking you out and taking you to the hospital. Our agents will have a floor to themselves. We'll follow you all soon." She tells me then she turns towards Chris. "You can go with her."

He nods.

"We did good." I tell her before I let the paramedics walk me out, Chris following.

When we make it outside. The cops are still there.

And Steve is running towards me.

Before anyone has time to warn him, he's hugging me.

"You're alive." He breathes, not hearing my grunt of pain.

"Steve." Chris then warns and Steve ignores him.

"Steve." He repeats more urgently. "You're hurting her."

Steve then immediately lets go. "What?" He asks worried.

"Hey big brother. Sorry I faked my death. I'm alive. I missed you. But they need to take me away. I'm okay though." I say quickly and reassuringly.

"Take you where?" He asks.

"She might have broken ribs, she'll need an X-Ray. And her arm might need stitches." The paramedic answers for me.

"I'm coming with." He announces and walks with us towards an ambulance.

"When you're better, you'll have a lot of explaining to do. Not dead sister." He says once we're seated.

"Sure." I say.


"Okay, your arm needs stitches." The doctor announces once she checks up on my arm after I've had my X-Ray taken.

But she doesn't get a chance to do my stitches since a nurse with my X-Ray results walks in. The doctor asks another intern to stitch my arm as he looks over the X-Ray.

I can feel Steve's eyes still looking at me intently, but I ignore him. The pain meds they've put me on when I got here are making me a bit woozy, and I don't think I can have the conversation he wants with him now.

"Okay Agent Sawyer." The doctor addresses me with my agent name and I look over to Steve and see his eyes go wider. "You have two broken ribs. We'll have to wrap them up and we'll give you pain medicine. This means you can't do your job for a while, and no strenuous activities." The doctor orders.

Before he says anymore, Holly bursts through the door and into the room.

"Gail!" She announces worriedly and walks towards me.

"I'm fine. Nothing to worry about." I assure her but she looks at me with disbelieving eyes.

"Holly, I just have a couple of broken ribs, I'll live." I say and she narrows her eyes at me.

"For a second I thought i dreamed that you were really alive." She says.

I reach out and take her hand. "I'm here. Not going anywhere."

She then surprises me and kisses me. It's a short soft kiss, and I don't protest, even though my lip hurts. She most have noticed, or tasted blood, because she says "Sorry" when she breaks the kiss.

"I promise you I'll explain everything once I'm out of here." Then I look at Steve. "I'll explain to both of you but I need to check on the others. I need to make sure they're okay."

"Before you do that, your ribs need to be wrapped." The doctor says and they take off my shirt to wrap my ribs up. It's a good thing I'm wearing a sports bra now.

Holly's hand keeps holding mine.

"How'd you get here?" I ask Holly while my ribs are being wrapped by the doctor.

"Nick and Chloe. They called Andy to ask how everything went and she told them you were here. Half of the cops are outside, along with people I've never seen." She tells me and I squeeze her hand in understanding.

Once they're done I let go to put my shirt back on.

"Can I go check on everyone now doc?" I ask and he nods.

So I peck Holly on the lips and get off the doctor's table. Before I make it anywhere near the door though, Elaine walks in.


I wasn't planning on facing her now. I was planning on having recovered from the big fight before I even see her.

But I guess when you get back from the dead news travels fast.

I put her through hell. She had to hear my fake death. She had to freak out.

This won't be pretty.

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