Am I A Ghost Or Real?


"Enjoying yourself detective?" Dr.Stewart asks me when she catches me sitting on the desk in the morgue and flipping through some science magazine or something, while she has her hands busy working on the dead body.

"I would really enjoy my time more, if you had something else to read." I say.

"I thought you knew your science stuff. Didn't think it'd bore you." She shoots at me, considering my smart ass move at the crime scene.

"Well, I'm not a complete nerd." I get off the desk and put the magazine down. "But you seem to be a big one, with all the medical magazines and stuff. Must be so annoying having to read those stuff." I say just to annoy her.

"Actually I write that stuff." She replies as if writing these articles was just another normal thing to do, and then she turns her attention back to the body. I may not understand most of what I just read a while ago, but I know it's very impressive. She seemed to turn away right after she told me that piece of information which means she missed the impressed look I gave her.

"Like I said. NERD." I say after I compose myself and roll my eyes at her. I make my way towards the table to inspect what she's doing.

"So you got anything there?" I ask once I'm close enough to see what she's doing.

"You got any ideas?" She teases, again reminding me of my smarts moves at the crime scene.

"I'm not that up on my medical jurisprudence." I confess and refocus my attention to the dead guy. I shouldn't have said much when we were at the crime scene. Being a spy meant I had to learn certain things. And knowing a cause of death on sight if possible was important. I couldn't help myself though. I felt the need to impress and yet annoy this doctor at the same time. Also being here, means I had a lot to prove. I am a Peck here. I had to impress not only my family but everyone else. They had to see me and not my last name. So I noted my realization, and even behind all the teasing and the annoyance the doctor shows, the look on her face when she realized I'd been right by saying the guy was poisoned, was an impressed look.

"He's been dead for about nine hours. Cause of death is Carbon Monoxide, it was inhaled slowly. He must have been inhaling it for hours before it killed him. I'm guessing he was starved as well." The doctor explains to me while she works on the bullet wound. So he was tortured. The Pathologist then pulls out the bullet and bags it. "The gun shot wound is clean. Whoever killed him isn't sloppy. It seems he was shot after death, which is why the bleeding wasn't as severe." She finishes explaining what she's got so far and then walks towards the computers to check how far ahead the DNA process was.

I walk around the table and stare at the tattoo. I can't remember where I've seen it before but I'm sure I have. Marcus said it was a secret organization. I will need to talk to him soon.

I feel eyes watching me. I look up to find the doctor staring at me. I simply raise my eyebrows in challenge.

"Fascinating tattoo?" She questions after she clears her throat.

"Just a little." I say and go back to looking at the tattoo.

I had to admit that the pathologist fascinated me. She was witty, smart, and beautiful. But I couldn't let myself get lost in anybody. Not in this line of work. And not now.

My phone ringing startles me. I was lost in my thoughts of why I couldn't look at the doctor, and the simple tune of my phone made me jump. I look at the caller ID and it reads: The American. Which means it was Marcus. I debate whether or not I should answer it in the presence of Dr Stewart. Should I take this outside? She can simply think it was someone from the station. Or should I just go outside and answer?

"You gonna get that?" The Pathologist asks.

"Um, yeah." I fumble with the phone before I tap the answer button.

"What's up?" I say casually.

"Where are you?" Marcus asks and I just glance up at the doctor.

"At the morgue."

"Any ID yet?"

"Nope." I make my way away from the table and towards the desk.

"We need to talk. Urgently." He says and emphasizes on the urgent.

"Yeah I am aware of that." I say. "But I can't now. I'm working."

"Sawyer, this is serious." He tries to reason with my tone.

"I know it is. We'll talk when I'm done. I'm just waiting for the doctor to give me all I need." I say as I give a meaningless smile towards the doctor as she glances my way.

"Ah you're not alone now then?" He catches on.


"You volunteered to go to the morgue then?"


"Smart girl." He compliments me.

"Sure." I could feel the doctor's eyes glancing towards me every once in a while.

"When you're done text me, we'll meet up. You need to fill me in on what you know." He reminds me that he can't know what I know.

"Yeah, so do you." I remind him as well.

"Right. Now tell me, is the pathologist hot?" He jokes.

"You're an idiot." I say seriously.

"What? it's a simple question." He defends.

"Mhhmm." I say as I watch the doctor take off her gloves and walk towards the computer.

"He totally is." He says cheerily.

"Not really." I deny.

"Or she is?" He asks then.

"I'm hanging up now." I say as a way to shut him up.

"Come on. Say yes." His voice was getting louder. Loud enough to be heard by the other companion I had the room. When I look up I find her looking at me with a questioning look in her eyes.

"Bye now." I say in a fake cheery voice before I hang up and put the phone back in my pocket.

Doctor Stewart then picks up some papers from the printer and walks towards me.

"Boyfriend?" She asks trying to fish for information on who could be on the other end.

"God no!" I say with a little shudder. During the past year Marcus became like a brother. He always reminded me of Steve. "I'm not really up for the whole boyfriend thing right now." I continue. I don't know why I felt the need to give that information, but if I needed to know if she had somebody, there was my opening and I intended to take it.

"How about you? Boyfriend?" I say with fake cheer and a smile.

"I don't do the whole boyfriend thing." She says.

"Ah, you're one of those girls who play the field then." I say to annoy her. She looked to sweet to be that kind of person.

"Are you?" She asks.

"No." I say with a smile. "Now you're turn." Just to let her know she hasn't confirmed or denied my guess yet.

"No, I'm not." She says returning my smile.

"Then you'll need a better choice of words." I say and she chuckles at my remark.

"Well then. What I meant was, I'm a lesbian." She confesses as she looks me in the eye waiting for a reaction.

"Oh, I just hate people." I say as if it was obvious and then reach out to take the paper from her hands.

"And what does this mean then?" I ask pointing at the codes and lines on the paper.

"It means no match." She exhales.

"Damn it." I was hoping I'd get a name on the victim. I can then understand why there were two victims dead within the same month, the same way and with the same tattoo. And I wanted to see if Jameson was involved.

"I am waiting for the blood test to finish to see if there were any substance in his system. And I will send the bullet for scan and study." She goes back towards the body and picks up gloves to get to work again.

My phone chimes with a text from Marcus.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how hot?

Idiot. Shut up. I text back.

Come on! He pleads.

I look up at the Doctor and I couldn't help but notice how perfect every aspect of her was.

Fine! 10. I give in and tell him.

Him or Her?

Go AWAY. I put my phone away in hopes he would, but it doesn't. It chimes with another text.

As I look at the phone I notice it's not from Marcus, it from Sam. I gave him my number when we were in the car on our way to the scene.

Anything yet? The text reads.

No ID on the DNA. I reply.

Well I'm outside. Here to pick you up. I think we could use your help on this case.

I'm on my way. And with that text sent, I pick up my jacket from the chair I draped it over when we got here.

"Well Lunchbox, I guess I'll see you around. Send those results to the station when done." I say to the doctor as I put my jacket on.

"I have a name you know." She gives me the same reply she gave the first time I called her lunchbox.

"Well I didn't catch your first name, Dr Stewart." I say remembering I never caught her first name.

"I didn't get yours either." She reminds me.

"Well, I'm Gail Peck." I introduce with a smile.

"Holly Stewart." She says returning my smile.

"Okay then, see you later Lunchbox." I say as I walk out, not giving her a chance to answer back, but I do hear a chuckle.

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