Am I A Ghost Or Real?

The Twist

"Peck." Callaghan greets as I enter his office. "Anything?" He asks as he walks out carrying a few folders.

"No. No match on the fingerprints or the DNA." I tell him as I walk behind him.

"Damn it. Just like the other victim." He swears.

"Yeah, I'm gonna need a look on that file." I point out at him. If he needs help I'll need to know what we're dealing with. I already have a feeling that I won't be sharing much with them on this case. If they have no match on the finger prints or the DNA, then someone must have wiped them from the system.

"Yes I already placed a copy at your desk."

Nash and Swarek seem to already have made their way into Parade room as we enter. Callaghan closes the door and the blinds.

"We can't let the officers know much about this. We can't send them out there blind. We have to know what we're dealing with first." He says as he makes his way towards the board and starts putting pictures up.

"How will we identify them?" Nash asks. "We barely have anything on this."

"Well what we know is that both victims seem to be in their twenties. Last victim was mid twenties, while this one is late twenties. They both died from poison, carbon dioxide, slow death. And they both have the same tattoo. Same place." We have things in common to work on.

"Well our new victim was starved." I might as well tell them. It'll be in the pathologists report anyways.

"Tortured? Captive?" Swarek thinks out loud.

"Should've gotten Dr. Stewart on the last victim." Callaghan says. "We don't know if the last victim was starved as well." I'm guessing since it was in another farther devision some other pathologist got the case. Detective Callaghan seems to be working with any devision that needs him. He's no longer attached to one devision.

"So the answer lies in the tattoo now." Traci Nash guesses.

"Yes. The only thing we have going now. We need to know what it means." Callaghan points at the picture of the tattoo he's got hanging.

"Hey." The door bursts open and in walks Steve. Steve takes a seat right next to me and smiles at me in greeting. I simply return the smile.

"No ID then?" He asks Callaghan.

"None." Callaghan answers exasperated.

Secret Organization. That's what Marcus said about the tattoo. What kind of organization could it be. I needed to know before I share anything. I needed to know what I was allowed to share and what I wasn't. Both victims don't exist in the database. The only people who don't exist in the database are spies. Who could possibly want to wipe their victims clean? Why are we not supposed to find them? Unless they were already subject to not being found.

Of course.

What if they were spies? What if they were like me?

Our fingerprints and DNA were wiped from the systems the second we were deemed fit for field duty.

Shit! I needed information from Marcus now! This can't wait till after shift.

"Excuse me." I say as I stand up and I startle everyone in the room.

"Gail?" Nash asks me.

"Gail? What's wrong?" Steve asks me concerned.

"I need to make a phone call." I explain as I start to walk towards the door.

"Gail. Wait, what?" Steve calls after me.

"Do you guys want to know what the tattoo is or not?" I shoot at them as I walk out and find myself an empty interrogation room.

I wipe my phone out and call Marcus.

"Hey." He answers on the second ring.

"Where are you?" I ask mimicking his tone when he asked me previously.

"What do you need?" He asks dodging telling me where he is. I'm guessing he's at his apartment then.

"I need to know what that tattoo means." I say urgently.

"Okay. Can't it wait?" He asks.


"Something happened?"

"Yes. They're investigating everything and it seems the answers lie in the tattoo." I explain.

"Wait, investigating what? You do know I still don't know what happened right?" He reminds me.

"Right. Look we were called into a crime scene. Victim died of carbon monoxide poisoning, he was late twenties and had that tattoo on his left wrist. The thing is, there's another guy found dead a few weeks ago at another devision who died the same way and has the same tattoo at the same place." I tell him as I take a deep breath to tell him what's to come. "To top it all off, both victims have no ID. No fingerprint match, no DNA match, nothing. You know what that means right?"

I give him a few seconds till it kicks in. "They're like us?"

"That's my guess." I say.

"But they can't have that tattoo. They can't be with them if they're like us." He reasons.

"Who's them Marcus?" I push for answers.

"The tattoo is a simple three lines where the top one is thickest and bottom one is thiner. It's simple and supposedly meaningless. It's a common thing that no one would expect as a tattoo, which is why they used it." He explains. "They, being high members from every mob come together to bring down the big powerful countries, including their own. They're secret organizations because we have no idea who's with them and who's not. Even they don't know each other. The only way they can tell each other is with that tattoo. It took the government a while to know about them, and a long time to know what identifies them. The tattoo doesn't necessarily have to be on their wrist. It could be anywhere they choose."

"And why don't I know about this?" I ask.

"I don't know. You'll have to ask your department. But Charlie, if your guess is right, then we have big big problems." And he's right. If they are spies who joined the bad side, then they can't be the only ones, but why kill them?

"Can you call Stevens? Put me on speaker? I need to speak to her now." I ask.



"Okay hang on." And then I hear the screen ding as he makes the call.

"Agent Carlin," I hear Caroline Stevens's voice then.

"I've got Sawyer on speaker. We have a situation." Marcus says.

"A victim with the three lined tattoo?" She asks.

"Yes, but there's another." Marcus then explains the situation.

"Have any spies gone missing lately? Because the only explanation I can come up with is that they're like us." I ask.

"I'm guessing they're our undercover agents." Stevens confirms.

"What?" Ours? undercover? They were sent in?"

"We sent in a few agents into the midst of the organization. We needed to infiltrate it and know who's in it and what they're up to. We couldn't kill anyone or do anything until we knew exactly who was involved and which countries. Do you have any photos of the victims so we can know if they are ours and which of ours?" She asks after she explains.

"Yes, I'll send them to you when I'm back to my desk." I answer.

"If they are ours, they know we're onto them now then." She says.

"One more thing. What am I allowed to share with the others here?" I ask.

"Nothing, We don't need Jameson knowing anything. He could suspect you." She answers.

"Jameson knows nothing about this. The detectives don't want to send the offices in blind. So they want to figure out what's going on before anything." I explain.

"He could still find out. So we tell them nothing. We can work on this from here." She says.

"You're right. I can't explain anything without revealing who I am." This is an intelligence department issue. We can't drag the cops into this.

"If these are indeed our men I will inform you. Send me copies of both case files." She tells me.

"Will do." I answer and I hear the screen beep off.

"Okay well I better get back into the parade room." I tell Marcus.

"Hold on. One question." He quickly says before I hang up.

"What?" I am already dreading his question.

"Pathologist. It was a she wasn't it?" He asks cheekily.

"Jerk." I answer as I hang up and walk out towards the detective's office. I find the files on my desk and I snap pictures of the victims and send them to Caroline Stevens, then I grab the files and make my way back to the parade room.

Just as I open the door to the room my phone rings. I can tell all the detective's eyes were fixated on me and they weren't happy. I simply shrug and walk back out. I answer just as soon as I close the door.

"Hello." I answer as I make my way towards the empty room again.

"Sawyer you were right. They're our agents." Stevens informs me.

"This is bad. Especially since it landed in the hands of the police." I tell her as I pace the room thinking of what it could all mean.

"We have more agents in there. We need to warn them. They seem to know about our plans. We can't pull the plug on this though." She sighs. "If we don't catch these guys they'll bring both America and Canada down along with other countries."

"You do know the detectives won't stop on this case now? Two dead bodies, identical kills, it screams serial killer. They can't keep this under rapture for long." I warn her.

"We're aware. Which is why we're going to take over their investigation. We're sending some people there now. They will have no further ties to this." She explains to me. I have a feeling that even if they pull out every evidence away from these detectives, they will still look into the case. And what happens if we find another body?

"What happens if more bodies show up?" I ask her. "Won't be easy to cover it then."

"Let's hope they don't. If more show up, we'll deal with it then. Your priority right now is Jameson."

"I know. But so far nothing about the guy seems off. He's playing his part well." I still don't get what being a cop helps him with. "I need to know what I am going to say now. How to cover this up? The only way I could escape that meeting room was by saying I could get the meaning of the tattoo."

"Well tell them what we know about it, it means nothing." She then sighs. "You're good at keeping things at bay, I trust your judgement." She adds. "As for now do whatever you can to get information on Jameson." And then the line goes dead.

Okay then.

I go back to the parade room.

"Well?" Callaghan asks irritated at my sudden actions of leaving the room.

"Well, nothing. The tattoo means nothing." I answer him as I make my way towards my seat.

"All this time you were out and you got nothing? Your dedication shows." He jibes at me.

"Hey easy man." Steve tries to defend me.

"She leaves, comes back only to leave again, and she has nothing." Callaghan wasn't very pleased right now, but I wasn't slightly worried. "Did your calls even have anything to do with the tattoo?" He asks me then.

"Gail, did you get anything else on this?" Steve tries to approach me in a different manner than Callaghan. He knows me. If I was to answer Luke's jibe, I would be mean and a total bitch. Can't do that on my first day, so he thinks if I was to be a bitch, he'd rather be on the receiving end.

"Like I said. The tattoo means nothing. It's meaningless. Which means that they have it to be able to tell each other." I answer Steve in a bit of an irritated voice.

"Care to elaborate?" Sam asks then.

"Did you know that in Victorian England, the color green was associated with homosexuality? They used to wear green so they can tell each other." I simply give an example more than an answer and wait for it to sink in with them.

"Last I checked, they use the rainbow flag now, not a three line tattoo." Callaghan says not liking my way of explaining things. I'm guessing he's more of a straight forward answers kind of guy.

"You think the tattoos are simply made so they can identify each other?" Steve asks me.

"Well since it means nothing, and no one's seen it or heard of it till these bodies showed up. I'm guessing yes." I explain and I see Steve contemplating what I was saying.

"You have a point. Some gangs use tattoos as initiations," Steve agrees.

"Can we get the database on every person we ever booked in here with a tattoo?" Callaghan then asks. "Maybe we'll find a match."

"That will be a long list. But worth a shot." Sam chimes in hopefully.

"I don't know. This feels like it's bigger than us." I try to tell him that we can't get too caught up in this case with that statement. Looking into it will be a waste of time and will cause more frustration once it's taken away.

"Meaning?" I'm sure I'm Callaghan's least favorite person at the moment. With all my vague answers and careless behavior.

"Look, back in Vancouver, a couple of times when we're working on a big case, some higher ranks came in to take over it, and they told us to forget about this case, like it never happened." I elaborate.

"You think this is one of those cases? Why?" I almost forgot Traci was in the room till she asked me that question.

"Usually they take over cases that are filled with secrets. This is definitely a secretive case." I point at the board. "Unless they are still unaware of the similarities between the two bodies, and that we have nothing. No match on anything." I add.

"Considering we can't keep anything from the staff sergeant, I'm sure the higher ups must know by now." Luke says as he starts pacing.

"Let's hope I'm wrong and we keep on this case then." I say and everyone nods in agreement.

Steve then gets up and makes a call, asking for files of people booked with tattoos that are none gang related. He then walks out to get them and I walk towards the lounge room to get some coffee for all of us.

I could tell all the cops in the room were looking towards the parade room, wondering about what they were being put in the dark about. When I make my out of the lounge room and towards the parade room I feel eyes on me, following me.

I look up and try to look at the room casually hoping to meet my watcher's eyes. I scan the room until I am met with Jameson's eyes. Or officer James's. I try to read his expression, trying to tell what emotions he seems to be having as he watches me. His gaze was expressionless. Perfect spy move. Never tell your feelings. The lack of expression put me on edge. Has he figured me out yet? Marcus isn't here to back me up if needed. If he figured anything about me, then he's got the upper hand, because I still know nothing about him. I needed to play this safe. Very safe. If he is suspicious, I need to divert his suspicions. If he is not, then I need to know why he's watching me.

I nod at him in greeting as I make sure my expression remains composed. He simply smiles and nods back and with that I make my way out of his sight and into the parade room where Steve was already back and everyone started looking through files and files.

As I search through the files my thoughts start to wander. Jameson's gaze at me still baffled me. He may have been a great spy, but so am I. 'Ice Queen' has been a nickname that followed me in the agency. We had to be cold in our line of work, but I was colder than any other agent. I was good at hiding my feelings, no one knew anything about me, who I really was, what happened to me. And no one ever got my time of day. I never showed interest in anyone. I guess that kind of offended the other spies. The fact that I never returned their interest. Most thought I just thought of myself above them. They called me stuck-up. I was just not into the whole getting emotionally attached thing. After Nick left and I joined the intelligence department I shut my emotions down. I was never the kind of person to get into anything for fun, either serious or not. Which is why it was easy for my heart to get broken. So I refused to get emotionally attached, especially not while doing this job. The last person I was with emotionally and physically was Nick, and he broke me. So I put my walls up. High up. Keep people away. Marcus got through the barriers because he never tried to get with me. He never asked for anything. He simply offered me friendship and I took it. So other than him no one came close to unraveling my personality. That was until today.

Even though the interaction was short timed, every time she watched me talk, I could feel her eyes seeing through me. If anyone else asked me if I was talking to my boyfriend on the phone, I'd simply ignore to answer. Yet I found myself making sure she knew I was single. I should've just stayed silent. That's how I would've treated anyone else. Left them to their conclusions. But I felt I had to tell her I had no boyfriend. Once she announced she was into girls, I knew then I had to stay away, otherwise Marcus would get his wish, and I'd probably get lost in her. Who am I kidding? I was already getting lost if I was still thinking about her.

Damn it! Pull yourself together Gail. You can't risk anyone's life. Not when you're on a mission like this. Especially not Holly.

"Nothing." Steve says as he closes the last file after a couple hours of searching through them.

"Anything else we can look into?" Callaghan asks.

"Maybe they were foreigners. Maybe that's why they're not in the database." Traci suggests.

"Maybe." Callaghan points at Traci and nods.

Before any more suggestions and actions could be made Best walks into the room. I'm guessing the department got to him. He's here to end our relation to the case.

"No more investigating this. Every file you guys have on this case I need you to hand them over. 52 will be doing the same. Everyone here is off this case." The sergeant says in his authoritative voice.

"What? Why?" Callaghan asks irritated.

"Our divisions are off this case. The higher ups are taking over it. So every trace of this case that you have, hand it over immediately. I expect to have everything in my office in twenty minutes." Best orders. "And looking further into this case will lead to dismissal. Am I being clear?"

We all simply nod and Best walks away.

"Damn it." Luke Callaghan says as he storms out of the room and towards his office in this devision. I'm guessing to collect all he has on this case.

"Well, looks like you were right." Sam says to me.

"Yeah, I hope the higher ups figure this out. I'm not sure it'd be good if another dead body shows up." I say as I collect the files in front of me.

"Agree." Traci says as she does the same.

"Well, The Black Penny anyone?" Steve asks. "I could use a drink after this."

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