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The diary of an orphan


It is about an orphan,who after loses his parents,writes his experience on his diary,turns back in time,throwing his worst memories in his personal book....

Drama / Adventure
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The diary of an orphan


Something that day wasn't right,as a little boy,i always had the idea that many things were missing in my life,but in fact i never realised the value of the things i had untill i lost them. I wanted toys,cars to play. I didn't have any but i had a mother who always would look after me,would love me a lot. She taught me how to walk when i was one year old. I had a father who taught me what a family really was,and how to take care of it no matter what. It was October,the saddest month of the year,trees were naked,lifeless. Even though i was only six years old, i could understand people from the way they used to look at someone. Just like October the majority of them had this sadness in their eyes. I lived in a city in Mexico. The place where i lived, used to have many criminal bands. One day,25-fth of October,five men with guns broke into my house. My father tried to protect us,but they killed him,they killed my mother too. They took me,put a black sack on my head and than took me inside their car,i could see some things because the sack wasn't too dense. I remeber that at those moements i was trembing like a leaf in October.

I was only six years old,after two or three hours,as far as i remember,we arrived at a dirty,hidden place,they took the sack of and put me in a room with other kids that were there. In front of us were two men in black with guns in their hands.

The place was very dirty,we were sitting on a dirty blanket,which looked like it was covered in blood. The smell there was horrible, i had never seen before such a horrible place. Probably because i was just a child and like that has stayed in my memories,like a very scary place. I was missing my mom more than ever at those moments. I remember that i was very frightened, hungry too, i wanted to cry but i was afraid of them. I saw other children that were there with me, they were weak, un protected, they had a clear sense of dissapointment.


Four days had passed. The only thing thay we had eaten was only bread and water. We all were dirty,the eyes of other children seemed hopeless,filled with pain,even though we were little,the situation was clear,they didn't have good intentions. One of the men in black, this is how i called them because they had masks and were dressed all in black,took one of the kids. After 2 or 3 minutes they took the other one, and than an another one and like this they continued untill came my turn. They took me,and put that black sack again on my head,and than inside their car. I remember that we travelled for a couple of time,i am not sure how many hours. When we arrived,they got me out of the car and ook the sack of my head than. In front of us,there was a big house with three floors. The man handed me over and took a lot of money. Than a tall man,with a white shirt,grabbed me from my arm and we walked towards the house. At the entrance there was a tall,elegant,clean woman. I was afraid but she took me from my hand,i took a bath,she helped me to clean up than she gave me some clean clothes. I sat ,on the dining table with her,she fed me,gave me food to eat. Two or three days after, i learned that her name was Ana. I didn't ask her before,because from one hand i wasn't really interested on knowing what her name was.


I was 7 years old. Even though one year had passed,every night when i would go to sleep i used to see nightmares of that day,i never could forget what happened. Sometimes i even thought it was my fault,i always cried,although i had started to feel calmer in that house thanks to Ana. Once i entered in one of the rooms of that house,there on a sofa',was Ana,elegant,with her black hair,and as always clean. Her hair always had a pleasant odor. She gave me a hug and then a very sweet smile,with a pure love. She won my heart, i started to love her,but never like my mum. The man with the white shirt (i never found out his name),was a really bad person. He yelled at me for everything,he hit me a couple of times. I couldn't stand him anymore. I had had lots of opportunities to get out of there,to escape,but from one hand i didn't want to leave,because i loved Ana,and i had found a bit of comfort in her...


Things were way worse than before... i just couldn't stabd that man anymore. I decided one thing that day,i wrote a letter,thanks to Ana i learnt somehow how to write. I wrote her a letter full of love and left...


Today,well i choosed this day,because in this date started everything... today i have achieved everything i wanted,after i left,i was wondering in the streets,when i had an encounter with a woman who was at her fifties,she took me at her home,took care of me,educated me in the best schools,well... she has passed away two years ago but she helped become the man i am today. I don't know what has happened to Ana,neither to the man in white shirt. I never understood the relationship that him and Ana had either. I never saw a sign of love between them,neither any other sign thay could let me know what they were,they rarely talked with each other. But i know one thing, that regardless of what happenned in the past i have my family now and i am happy...

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