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His Virgin


"Getting hurt doesn't get old, Getting painted to grey from a bright gold. How was i supposed to know, Loving you turned me to stone." Dark secrets unravel, when a bunch of friends try to complete a college tradition. ©XEROPHTHALMIA

Romance / Mystery
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Life is short, live it.

Life is unfair, you, yourself make it fair.

Life is a bitch, slay it.

Life is beautiful, embrace it.

All of the above mentioned is exactly my life. I try hard, I give my best, I struggle, but no matter how hard I try, how much I struggle, there's always this one voice lingering in my head. It's his voice, the raspy, deep, hoarse, manly, the one which induced an unknown fear in me. The one, which ruined my life, broke my heart and took my virginity. And by virginity, I mean everything.

I didn't party, he made me. I didn't drink, he made me. I didn't lie, he made me. I never had sex, he did me.

Uh, regret, guilt, hatred.. all in me was at a peak.

You see, being a foreign student, out in a foreign country, with some not-so-innocent people, changed my entire life. I tried escaping my own reality, I tried avoiding my tangible feelings for a jerk who defiled my very existence.

That's where the fun began, I was being played by him, like a puppet. And some part of me enjoyed it.


The Kim Brothers

- Richest siblings in the college

- Known for charming looks

- Can buy the entire stadium with their pocket allowance

- ignored children

Kim Seokjin: 21 year old.

- Eldest one of the Kim Brothers

- Charming, handsome, pure

- Loves cooking, majoring in Hotel Management

Kim Namjoon: 20 year old

- second eldest in Kim brothers

- A nerd with devilish looks

- Dimples worth dying for

- Honor roll student

- science major

Kim Taehyung: 18 year old

- youngest of Kim brothers

- A jerk and Playboy

- Not so good on academic level

- Loves high end brands and fashion

- science major

Min Yoongi: 20 year old

- Major fuckboy

- Loves sleeping (with girls too)

- Hides his feelings for Jung Hoseok

- spits fire

- overprotective of Eun

- studies music

Jung Hoseok: 20 year old

- Too bright, a sunshine inhabiting earth

- Takes care of everyone and cheers them up

- Doesn't hide his feelings for Yoongi

- also overprotective of Eun

- studies art

Park Jimin: 18 year old.

- Cutest fluff ball

- acts cute to get out of problems, and no one can deny his puppy eyes

- too cute for everyone.

- Likes Jeongguk

- studies dance

- takes care of everyone, a little too much.

Jeon Jungkook: 18 year old

- A heartbreaker

- Taehyung's best friend

- Falling for Jimin, unknowingly

- science major

- overprotective of Jennie.

Kim Jennie: 18 year old

- pastel girl

- loves food

- Eun's roommate

- has a crush on Jungkook

Manoban Lalisa: 18 year old

- badass girl beneath an cute demeanor

- loves cats

- smiles all the time

Park Rosé: 18 year old

- Eun's classmate

- Jimin's twin sister

- loves food and sleep

Wong Yuk-hei (Lucas) : 18 year old

- enigmatic persona

- arts major

- hates Taehyung

- secretly has a crush on Jennie

- wants revenge.

Kim Eun: 18 year old (based on your imagination)

- virgin

- nerd

- baby girl

- honorable student

- loves music, food and sleep.

- huge fan of kit kats.

- science major

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