Fruits Basket: 12 Zodiacs! 12 Astros!

Astros' Triangle Love: Part 2


The sound of a loud male screaming was heard inside Shigure’s resident making everyone, except the one screaming, to jump out of their bed to witness what had happened.

“That stupid cat always have to be so loud in the morning…” Yuki lowly grumbled under his breath, while rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. Even if he tried to wake himself up and appeared, at least, alive to the world; his effort was in vain. His purple eyes seem drowsy from the lack of sleep he had after he talked to everyone yesterday. A tired sigh escaped his lips as he walk down the hallways toward Kyo’s room, where angry grunts and curse were heard loudly.

As Yuki approached the door, the sound of footsteps was heard from behind him. He took a moment to glance behind him and was met with the sight of Tohru and Shigure. Tohru was wearing a pale pink pajama shirt and pants, who still had drowsiness upon her brown eyes with her hair slightly ruffled up in a mess, courtesy of the aftermath of bed hair, however how she looked in the morning; she still had a small smile on her lips at the sight of Yuki, even though she was worried for Kyo, who was screaming inside the room. Shigure was in a comfortable yukata of light blue and white color, who looked like a mess with the small dimples upon his chin, but what was strange is that he seemed to be better rested than Yuki this morning while also having a playful grin upon his face. That could only mean one thing…

As the angry grunts continued inside the room, Yuki took hold of the handle of the sliding door and slammed it opened to witness Kyo holding a silver snake within his grasp. To any outsider, the sight of Kyo only wearing his trouser while holding a struggling snake in his hands would be disturbing, but for the ones living in the household, it was different for each. Shigure had a plaster and goofy grin on his face, even if his best friend and cousin might be in danger, but he knew that the silver snake that was called Ayame would be alright in the end. Tohru was slightly blushing at the sight of Kyo shirtless, even if she had seen it a few times before she will never get used to it and it wasn’t helping the fact that she still felt the sensation of the first time that Ayame had crawled inside her clothes to reach for warmth. Yuki had an eye twitching at the sight of his older brother in a snake form and began to wonder for what reason his brother was present in Shigure’s house; hopefully not to torment him with his idiocy, which he clearly doubt that will never happen.

Yuki loudly clear his throat making Kyo stop in his movement to notice he had an audience in his room. When Kyo glance at Tohru, he lightly blush in embarrassed since he was half-dress and most look ridiculous fighting a snake, which actually caused him to throw Ayame on the floor in disgust. The snake hissed as it harshly hit the floor, before a poof of smoke would take over the room and the snake was replace by a man of his late twenty. He was an handsome man, to the point of beautiful, with his long silver hair that adorn his heart shape face, but what made the man so attractive was his golden almond eyes that were frame by thin silver eyebrow follow by a straight pointy nose and luscious thin lips. The only problem with this man was that… He was naked!

“Cover yourself up, idiot!” Kyo barked in anger as he hit Ayame by the back of his head, who winced in complain but quickly recovered at the sight of his cousin, brother and Tohru in the room.

“But my body is perfect to be admired! Even Tohru can’t stop staring!” Ayame playfully taunted while teasing the poor girl that was blushing madly with a wink.

“Perverted Snake!” Kyo growled once more, before throwing his blankets on Ayame to make him decent enough for Tohru to endure his presence. And taking a mental note for later to buy new ones after burning the ones he gave Ayame.

Ayame slightly struggled with the fabric before making it suitable for him to have upon his body; it look like a roman emperor as he had it on. Finally, he happily grinned while been comfortable in his temporary clothes. “Shigure! How cruel is time to separate us for such a long time!” The snake possessor exclaimed happily as he extended his arms toward Shigure, who was having fake tears rolling down his cheeks.

“But at last! We’ve finally cross path for us to be together!” Shigure said in the same tone his best friend had used toward him.

“Oh, Shigure!”

“Oh, Ayame!”

They both suddenly held hand in a playful half-way hug, before parting to give each other thumbs up followed by their own laughter.

Yuki and Kyo could only glare at them, clearly showing their annoyance as they mumbled, “Idiots…”

Only the female of the room voice out in a low tone the question that all the teens were wondering, "What brings this lovely visit, Ayame?" She sounded reasonable after controlling down her flustered self. Not in the same sentence the other two had in mind, but Tohru will always be polite, no matter who or what.

"Oh, that's right!" The silver haired man exclaimed as he was reminded of the reason he had stop by Shigure's home. "I have come to take my favorite model to help me in my shop!" He said in a happy tone as he suddenly approached Tohru to quickly wrap his arms around her, like she was a teddy bear.

"Me?" Replied the confused girl, while Kyo and Yuki shouted their disagreement with a straight, "No!" As they pulled Tohru away from Ayame.

"B-But! I need her! She's the right size of a one of my clients!" Ayame shouted in desperation as he had fake tears rolling down his cheeks like waterfalls.

"Then I'm coming with her! I don't trust you!" Kyo exclaimed in annoyed tone, while shaking a fist to project his emotion.

"If the stupid cat is going than I am too." Yuki said in a calmer tone, wrapping his arms over his chest to show that no one will change his mind.

"Perfect! That's fine by me!" Ayame quickly change his previous posture to show his handsome grin, before leaving the room after picking up his clothes to change in Shigure's bathroom.

Shigure already had left the room to make himself some tea. He was still feeling drossy from waking up so early. Kyo had quickly climbed up on the roof after his decision. And Yuki had left the room to have decent clothes for his later activity.

Tohru simply sweat drop as she watched the three males making decision for her, then all of them leaving the room, making her wonder out loud by herself, "Don't I have anything to say in this?"

The environment around Ayame's store was slightly cold. It caused for the teens to eyed Ayame a few times before arriving just to make sure he didn't transform into a snake on their way to his store. They knew that whenever he got sick or had a small hint of shiver from a cold wind. He would turn into a snake and find a warm spot that would be close by; and most of the time it would be Tohru his favorite target. The pervert. However, lucky for them, Ayame didn't go through the transformation.

On their way, Yuki had been glancing outside the window of the car and took noticed of a craftsmanship store across the street from his brother's store. Last time he was at Ayame's store, he never saw the craftsmanship store before or probably, he was too worry with what might happened in Ayame's store that he was oblivious to the surroundings to even take notice. The store was of reasonable size and neutral colors of white and light brown, unlike his brother's flamboyant taste. There were two large glass windows that were divided by a well crafter wooden door made of oak, which had a fancy and beautiful marks and adorn with colorful mosaic crystal window of red, blue, yellow and a few hints of green. Behind the two large glass windows, you could see paints, sculpture, meddle weapons among other things that were also advance that any craftsman should have within their store. The store was called, The Polúmetis, which was a different language that Yuki was lucky enough to know how to read and figured out that it wasn't a local store like the other ones, including his brother's store.

When the car finally had stopped and everyone was beginning to dismount the vehicle. Yuki kept starting at the store with interest as he heard everyone closing the door of the car and entering the store. "Yuki? Are you coming?" Tohru's voice could be heard from the door as she was wondering what was taking her friend so long to enter the store. She was starting to believe he didn't want to enter, just like last time when he was force to visit his brother.

Yuki glanced between Tohru and the store, before answering, "I will catch up with you, I just realize that I need some supplies for my drawings." He explained to his friend with a smile since he in fact needed some supply, so it didn't look like he was lying. Tohru made a silent "oh" with her lips, before waving a farewell to him since she will see him later on, as she entered the store. Yuki glanced back at the store as he took the first steps into crossing the streets and enter the craftsmanship store called, The Polúmetis.

The moment Yuki entered the store, he was greeted with strong mixture of aroma that were wood, clay, metal, paint and a few others that he couldn't grasp since the stronger ones over power the other ones. The young man was amazed by all the art within the store; it was amazing and beautiful that Yuki began to envy the author behind every single art inside the store. Yuki stopped before a sculpture that was female which was made of Parian marble; a high quality stone that has a pure white tone to it. The female sculpture had long curly hair that reach down to the middle of her back that was enough length to barely cover her chest, but her right arm was slightly over breast to cover herself while her left arm had a silk mantel to cover her lower torso the best way that she could to have a mixture of provocative and innocence within the expression of the sculpture body language. Yuki took a close observation to the sculpture's face that seemed to be serious or without any emotion, but there was a small tilt upward at the edge of her lips that made her seem like she was smiling out of embarrassment from her situation. If the sculpture was real in the moment; she would had a blushing tint of her cheeks with that small smile adorning her face. Yuki was amazed by the wonderful way the author had capture the emotion and beauty in a marvelous sculpture and with such details. It made him realize that he wasn't in some amateur store, but a professional.

"Excuse me? May I help you?" The gentle sound of a female snapped Yuki out of his observation to glance in the direction the voices had came from.

Yuki was greeted by a blonde beauty with gentle brown eyes and a charming smile on her lips that were glossed by light pink lipstick. She was of average height with curves that would have any model of the world envy to have and her fair skin would have added more to that envy for she had the perfect skin color and texture. Her golden locks were curly that reach down to the middle of her back and would bounce slightly with every step she took toward Yuki making her playful because of her hair. Her gentle brown eyes were inviting to gaze on and friendly that would make difficult to resist her company. The young woman that was in her late twenties was wearing a business woman's uniform of navy and white colors with beige cover heels. Yuki could silently admit that she was a beautiful young woman and every male's dream of a perfect woman.

"Hello? Sir?" The young woman gentle called out again, while slightly tilting her head in curiosity.

Yuki quickly blinked in surprise, while clearing his throat as he felt embarrassed into be caught staring at the young lady before him, that must be thinking that he was a perverted teenager, who only came to the store with the idea of simply staring at her when he actually wasn't. "Sorry..." As he mumble under his breath, while glancing away from her for a moment, before facing back at her again with a serious expression. "I was wondering, if you had drawing supplies?" He asked.

The young woman softly smiled at him while giving a small nod to his question, "Of course. Please, follow me."

They walked toward the counter, where the supplies were held against the wall. Each item was neatly organized, in labels, numbers and categories. The young woman pointed out the drawing supplies area, which held so many items that any artist would love to have in their work area. However, Yuki only needed a few pencils and an eraser for now. As he was purchasing his new items, Yuki began to deeply observed the young woman before him again that was taking everything to the cash register to seal the deal between them. He had seen her face before, especially her smile. Could it be?

"I'm sorry that this might sound strange, but you look like the statue by the entrance." Yuki honestly let out, not feeling embarrassed by comparing a woman to a statue that was probably done by imagination.

The young woman gently laughed at Yuki's respond in delight, before glancing toward him with a graceful smile. "That's actually me." She let out a low chuckle. Apparently, she was very proud of the statue and was glad that someone have notice the resemblance between her and the statue. "I was modeling for my husband when he was studying in his career. That statue help him pass the test and gain him a degree in college." It could be clearly seen that she was very proud. Her eyes were glittering with happiness at that memory.

Yuki was slightly smiling at the way the young woman was taking the memory that caused a simple statue. "Your husband most really love you to have you as his muse." He complimented her, but it ended dryly when the young woman's body language change complete from happy to sad in a second. It took him by surprise since he didn't expect this from her, when she was getting happy because of a memory with her husband involved. Or maybe, is the statue she is proud of, instead.

"Sometimes... I wonder..." The young woman mumbled under her breath, in a sad tone as she glanced down at the cash register with lost eyes. She seemed to be defeated and was simply just surviving each day that passed by. Yuki felt bad for saying those words before that had turn a wonderful and bright young woman into a depressing one.

"I'm sorry..."

The young woman glanced up at the sound of his apology to her, which she thought wasn't necessary. "You didn't do nothing wrong. It's just personal." She assured Yuki with a smile, while also wanting to end the conversation around the subject that involve her husband's feelings toward her. "Alright! It will be $5.58, sir." She announced with a smile, like the previous conversation between them did not happened.

Yuki gently nodded with a silent understanding, while also grabbing his wallet to obtained his credit card and pay for his items. As she took the credit card in her hands, she took a moment to glanced down at the card and whatever she saw caused her eyes to widen in surprise and to shiver in fear. It took Yuki by surprised her expression and reaction that he cautiously asked, "Is there something wrong, miss?"

"I can't accept this card..." She softly whispered, in a scared tone that made her seemed as if she would had spoken any louder, something bad could have happened. "Take everything! And don't ever come back!" The young woman was now screaming in desperation that before Yuki could open his mouth to voice out his concerned; she was already moving into pushing him out of the store while shouting, "You didn't see nothing! We didn't speak to each other! In fact, this place does not exist!" And by then, they have both reached the door, which she slammed shut when he was finally out of her store.

Yuki stood completely confused outside the store, wondering what exactly did just happened. He glanced down at the plastic bag that held inside his drawing utensils, like they might have an explanation, but received only silence in respond. That young woman's behavior reminded him of someone that he was starting to get close to him, that it made him ponder if there were something wrong with the shop receptionist. Yuki gave the door one last glanced, before walking away from the store to enter his brother's store that was across the street. Still in deep thought of what just occurred.

Meanwhile, inside the store the young woman was hiding behind the counter. She was breathing harshly and deeply, while having a hand over her chest feeling her heart hastily pounding inside. "Why...? Why now?" She softly whispered to herself, like a ghost of her past had come back to hunted her. She didn't know what to think of her encounter with a Sohma. It's been a long time since anyone of that last name has ever exchange a conversation with her; or even dared to enter her husband's store. Although, she knew Ayame Sohma was across the street and he could have seen her or enter the store at any moment, but he never did. She understood his motives. He didn't want to be around her husband and neither did she. The young woman hated the fact that she was married with him... by force. She let out a deep sighed of despair, after calming herself; before taking the decision of closing the store an hour earlier than usual.

After spending her last hours in the store, making sure everything was in place. The young woman had finally reached her home. She called out gently that she had arrived, but met with silence instead. Her husband wasn't home yet. She let out a sigh of relief since she would always be tense whenever her husband was around. He had never made her feel safe, especially when she did let him know how much she rejected him. The rejection was only happening because he didn't seemed human when he was socializing with her, beside the other fact that she didn't love him.

A thought quickly entered her mind, causing for the young blonde woman to walk toward her kitchen, which held a door with stairs that would lead down to her basement. It was the only place that her husband would never enter, since the kitchen was mostly her area in the house, or more what Greeks traditionally believe was the role of a woman in the house. She carefully walked down the wooden stairs to finally reach the basement. She took a moment to observe her surroundings after pushing a button that would turn on the lights inside the room. The basement had many boxes and plastic containers which held different kind of foods, for different kind of meals that could be prepare for any occasion. The young woman had took as a job into learn as many recipes as she could, but her true passion was been a Model and fashion designer; that she had to leave behind after getting married. Because her husband always thought he was the only one that had the right of her beauty and making her more beautiful with jewelry he created for her.

The young woman approached one of the metal shelves that was far in the right of the basement, which also had food stock on it. She began to move some off the shelves to reveal a small security box, that successfully opened with the password to reveal a small wooden chest. The young woman's own, Pandora box of secrets, with her forbidden memories. An atmosphere of nostalgia surrounded her as she gave the small wooden chest a sad smile. The wooden chest seemed to be old, contained five slots that had ancient Greek numbers on it. She quickly solved the code, after so many times she had opened the wooden chest to comfort her, whenever she was depressed and needed to shut down the world that was around her for only a few minutes. Once it was finally opened, it contain photos and letters that she hold so dearly in her heart. She picked a picture that showed two teenagers that were sitting close together, while they made peace signs with their fingers with a huge smile upon their faces inside a photo booth. The female teenager, who was her by that time, was having her hair flowing down her shoulder and back that was briefly covering her blue tank top and sitting beside her was a male teenager, who had black hair and dark brown eyes, was simply having a white shirt under a beige jacket. The young woman knew that man as Shigure Sohma; her secretly best friend.

"I met someone that had your last name, Shigure..." The young woman softly whispered with a smile as she continued, "Is he your son? No... He doesn't look anything like you. He is probably your cousin... I did treated him rudely, but I hope he does not hate me for it." She softly contemplated out loud. "I heard that you published a new novel. I wished I could read all of them, but I'm afraid that they might be burned the moment they would enter my home..." Her voice was slowly becoming raspy, as she was composing herself not to cry, but she was already sniffling her tears. As she kept looking at the picture in her delicate hands; a flashback of that day was already forming in her mind...

They both had sneaked out of their homes to meet at a large carnival that was happening in the main city. There were a lot of people laughing and celebrating, which was what they exactly wanted. To forget about their problems and just to enjoy each other. They had lunch and dinner in restaurants. And they were talking about their dreams and wishes, since they were going to graduate soon enough. She remembered telling him that she was going to be a model, while getting a degree in fashion designer. She wanted her name to be known in the world.

Expecting to be judge by her dreams, she had stopped herself. Her parents were raising her to be a wife and breeding children in the traditional manner of the Clark family. Her family would simply judge and at the same time looking at her in disgust, whenever she spoke of her dreams that were slowly fading in the background. Even so, she still held hope in her dreams. As she waited to be judged, she was surprised to see admiration from Shigure's eyes. It seemed so genuine that it pleased her, even to the point of slightly teared up her eyes of happiness. Shigure was encouraging her into following her dreams, which was the opposite of what she was receiving in her own home. Even her own arranged fiancé was opposed to the idea of her modeling for other people and with other males admiring her beauty. However, he didn't mind that she had a degree in what she wanted, so that was at least good for her.

After having their meals, they were having fun with the games that were in the carnival. Shigure saw a photo booth and pulled her toward it to take pictures of that fantastic day. They had made many poses as they enjoyed each other company inside the photo booth. When the machine had finally stopped taking pictures, they walked out to see the pictures. They appeared to be so happy that it was perfect idea to have taken pictures, they had a copy, to have something to remember the wonderful memory they had shared together.

It was getting late and they were tired, besides the fact that they needed to get home before someone might find out that they were missing. Nevertheless, thinking of reality for one moment did not pull them away from the happiness they were having together. As the young woman was glancing deeply into Shigure's dark brown. She noticed that his face was getting close to hers, and in reality, they were both getting close into sharing a kiss. The kiss felt so right and perfect. It made her feel butterflies in her stomach. Although, at the end, it turned so bittersweet when reality finally had reached them as they stopped their kiss. She kept a smile for him, while she felt her heart got broken inside.

They both had said their farewell with the deep desire to stay together making the whole experience too harsh for them. A few days later, she had realized that she loved Shigure with all her heart. Even so, it was too later to tell him, because her transformation took over making it impossible for her to see him and afterwards she had gained the news that it was forbidden for the Clarks and Somas to ever see each other ever again...

"I've missed you so much..." The young woman sadly whispered, while lightly rubbing her finger over Shigure's face upon the picture, while tears were sliding down her cheeks.

"Amanda! I'm home!"

The young woman, called Amanda Clarks, had jumped in fright at the sound of her husband's voice coming from the front door, but she quickly recovered in time to place the photos and letters inside her wooden chest. After locking it, she returned it to her hidden place, making sure it was covered, making sure her husband wouldn't find it. She walked up the stairs of the basement and closed the door behind her after reaching the kitchen. "I'm in the kitchen, Ash." Amanda called out, while making herself presentable and unsuspecting.

"Oh, there you are." A young man in his late twenties with long shaggy black hair and piercing blue eyes, called Ash Clark walked toward his wife. He had a small difficulty with his steps, for he had a leg shorter than the other one, that he needed especially designed shoes to help him walk. However, that did never stopped him on been swift in his feet when defending himself. Ash abruptly approached her with the intention of giving Amanda a kiss on the lips, but she was quick into knowing his purpose when she had turn her head to replace her cheeks for her lips. A small grunt in frustration came from Ash, but he calmed himself with optimist thought that it was better than nothing. After all, they only had been married for two years. 'She will give in, eventually.' Ash would always thought with determination.

"Do you need anything, Ash?" Amanda asked while swiftly moving away from Ash's grasp and walked to the kitchen counter to make a green tea for herself.

"Yes..." Ash replied, while other intentions involving his wife entered his mind , before quickly remembering a task that needed to be done, and so, he continued, "The family will gather together on November 21. Zoe wants you to help with preparing the food for a small celebration among the family that Ruben wants to do. But I know, that he just want to celebrate that Arista's transformation is soon and she will become of age." He explained with a bit of despise at the end of his sentences.

Amanda gently frowned on Ash's tone toward his own sister, Arista. She had known the history between the two siblings, but that does not give him a right to treat Arista so poorly for what her celestial being had done in the past. Nevertheless, Amanda couldn't do anything to change the male's mind about his sister. He was a stubborn mule. "Alright." She kept her response short and simple as she watched her husband feeling satisfied with her answer and began to exit the kitchen. Probably toward his studio on the second floor. Amanda let out a deep sigh of relief and soon began to make recipes that she will share later on with her cousin, Zoe.

After a weary afternoon inside Ayame's store; the Sohma cousins and Tohru had finally arrived to Shigure's house. Yuki was surprised to have kept his cool for such a long time around his brother, Ayame. The one who was having a hard time after the visit was Kyo, who was grumbling while hiding from Tohru an obvious blush with his jacket hoodie, before escaping everyone by climbing up to his favorite spot, the roof. Yuki had an amused smirk upon his lips as he understood Kyo reaction. He remembered the first time he had seen Tohru wearing many of Ayame's designs. Tohru would always look beautiful with each outfit she was wearing, making Yuki blush every time he saw her. This time Yuki did not blush. That's a lie, he actually did slightly blush in a few outfits. However, he didn't have the same feeling he had before for Tohru, after knowing that Kyo had won her heart in the end. That's the only battle the cat had won.

An hour had passed and the phone began to rang loudly. Shigure, who answered then announced that the phone call was for Yuki. Curious, Yuki walked toward the phone from the living room, to take the call. After making sure that Shigure had walked away, he spoke, "Hello, I'm Yuki."

There was a long pause, until someone began to answer back. "Hello, Yuki!" The cheerful tone of voice that belong to Rosalind Clark could be heard. Yuki raised an eyebrow in wonder as he asked, "How did you get this number?" He heard soft giggles from Rosalind, "Oh, I have my way." She replied. He could even imagined a mischievous smile on her lips.

"But that's beside the point. I've good news. Is almost time." Rosalind's announcement sparked an interest in Yuki, that they could finally do something to help Arista. He was surprised that it didn't took long for that good news to happened. "But remember, we still need help." Well, at least, they could proceed with something. "I'm listening." Yuki replied, understanding her request. "Good! This what's going on. Ruben is going to make a party in November 21. We have got to get, Arista outside of the main house before midnight, otherwise everything will be in vain. We need at least half of the Astros Clarks to help us. I know, where and who to begin with. Meet me tomorrow in Geranium Garden at 3:30 pm, after school." There were so many question that Yuki wanted to ask, but kept them to himself, until they see each other tomorrow. "And one more thing, Yuki."

Believing that Rosalind was already over. Yuki was about to say his goodbye. "Yes?" He asked in a curious tone.

"I forgot to tell you! Silly me! A message from Arista... That Sakura flowers are her favorites to enjoy with someone."

Yuki's eyes widen in astonishment from hearing that message. Only the real Arista would know what really had happened between them to make such statement about a flower. Before he could recover quickly and ask about Arista. She already had hanged up. He was clearly disappointed that he couldn't get to know how Arista was doing so far. He felt defeated and useless, because he had to wait until that day to do something. However, her message gave him hope that Arista was thinking of him and that she was alright. That put a small smile upon Yuki's lips, before he hanging up and went to sleep. To dream about that day when Sakura petals were dancing around him and Arista. The only place where they were the only ones that matter in the world.

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