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The Hidden Temple

‘Another day...’

‘I need to be free…’

“I don't want to be here anymore! Aaaaaahhhh!!!” A female scream of anger was heard, followed by the sound of glass breaking into million pieces once it made contact with a wall. Arista was deeply taking rough breaths. Obviously displaying her anger, discomfort and unhappiness by been locked up in one room for such a long time. If someone that didn't know her personally would glanced at her right now, they would think she was a lunatic. However, her family knew what was wrong with her. Arista was close to her month of transformation, which meant her personality was slowly changing. In the scientific sense; one could say, she had a double personalities. To back up that theory. After breaking the glass into million pieces, Arista bolt out of her bed to clean the mess she had made, but was soon reminded of her pain, causing her to be slower and careful with her movements until she approached the broken glass. "Gods..." She softly whispered to herself that continued in a silent prayed. She was not surprised by her actions after being a witness to her own uncontrolled mood swings.

Before becoming a celestial being in the month of your curse. There would be a few signs of unexplained behaviors that would happen when close to that month, but the most significant one was the alteration in their personalities. Each celestial being is different from each other and had their own personality. Think of them as Alter Ego. There's twelve months in a year. On eleven months your personality could be quiet and reserve then suddenly close to your specific month, because of your curse, your personality can start showing sparks of you being a social butterfly or a party animal. Although, there are common cases in the Clark family that they do adopt the same personalities as their celestial beings. It depends on the person who had accepted "their Alter Ego" personalities as their own. In Arista's case, she hated her negative mood swings and loud tone of voice that she would use whenever that side of her would show up. Of course, she had never seen herself doing those actions. Rosalind would constantly be a witness to her mood swings and would always describe in great detail what she did or say, which would cause a frown to appear from Arista.

Arista gently kneeled down to pick up the bigger pieces and then would stand up to drop them inside the trash can. Just when the last piece of glass was sliding down her fingers. The door suddenly opened causing for Arista to jump in surprise and unexpectedly cut the tip of her index finger with the sharp edge. "Ow!" Arista quickly place her finger inside her mouth to stop the blood from flowing, while tasting the metallic and heavy tang of her blood.

"Would you stop making noises?!" Arista had glanced behind her to see Nina standing at the door with a fierce glare.

"I just broke something. It's nothing, really." Arista responded with a roll of her eyes, while going to her bathroom to grab her aid kit. She unzipped the bag to lay it open before her. Searching inside the bag, she finally found a band-aid and quickly wrapped it around her injured finger. Satisfied with not having a bleeding finger anymore, she discarded the plastic of the band-aid and placed the aid kit back to where it belong.

"Don't tell me is nothing! You had been screaming and breaking stuff for the past four days! I'd enough of you." Nina obviously couldn't stand Arista, and would use any excuse to take her over to Ruben, so he could harm her. Even though Arista have already been hurt to the point that she couldn't move properly, it would never be enough for Nina. If she could have it her way, Arista would be dead by now; instead of been locked inside her room. "You're coming with me!" Nina exclaimed, grabbing Arista by her wrist and began to pull her out of the bathroom to see Ruben.

Nina had a satisfying believe that she will get away with what she wanted once more, which was to make Arista to be abuse by simple actions that really weren't that big of a deal. However, Nina's plans failed when she felt the arm that she was using to drag Arista, had made a harsh pulled back on it, then followed by a hard slap on her cheek. "Aah!" Nina loudly gasped as the impact had taken by surprise causing her to be unbalanced that she stumbled to the floor. She quickly glance up with anger, showing her red cheek. But as quickly as she had shown her anger, her expression changed into fear. Nina wasn't scared of anything easily. Unless, you were Ruben in full of anger... Or her. She wasn't looking into the eyes of Arista anymore. Her eyes were different. They weren't cheerful, soft and kind eyes. Instead, they were full of fury and authority.

"Don't you ever touch me again, you filthy little wench! Or I'll make sure you learn YOUR place in this family." Arista's voice had change drastically to a ruthless and commanding voice, even her posture as changed, showing how highly this side of her personality thought of herself. She could clearly see how frighten Nina had become of her. This other side of Arista had this sadistic satisfaction on witnessing the fear in the girl's eyes, but her somber expression didn't let anyone know what she could possibly be thinking. "Listen here, Nina... I'd been locked in this room for days now and I need to be free. You will follow my command into fulfilling that need... Understand?!" Nina could only slowly nod in respond, for she was in shock by the unexpected hard slap. She quickly stood from the floor and without a second glance she rushed out of the room to comply the request that was made with her. After Nina had left, Arista was left with a confused stare as she slowly glance down at her hand that felt hot from hitting something... or someone. 'What did she do this time?' She wondered.

Meanwhile, today was the day when Rosalind had to meet with Yuki. She had a plan and for it to succeed, she needed the cooperation of everyone in the family. Which will be a difficult task since every cousin had a bad history with Arista. However, just has she had told her brother, none of them were responsible of the past that their celestial sign had done to each other. Of course, there will be fights among them, but it had to be created because they had made it to be that way; not because of someone else. Besides those facts, Rosalind loved Arista very much to see her suffer any longer. Thankfully, she had met Yuki Sohma, who was willing to help.

'Where is he?!' The young woman was growing impatient. She had been waiting in front of the Geranium Garden for about an hour and time was ticking and precious for her. Roswell had told her that Nina had a confrontation with Arista's other personality around brunch and was order to take her out of her room, so she could breath in the outside world. A shiver had rolled down her spine at the thought of Arista's Celestial personality. She was a complete different person, like the soft and caring Arista that she had known for many years was so opposite to the one that everyone hated in the family. It wouldn't be a surprise that their cousins would reject in helping her. But Rosalind had to try in any way of form. 'I just hope everything doesn't blow up in our faces.' The female twin hoped as she observed the scenario until she notice a solitary person walking down the road toward her. Rosalind gently narrowed her eyes to see who it was, but soon recognize the silhouette of Yuki Sohma.

Yuki had been late for personal reasons. Those personal reasons been Kyo and Tohru. They were very insisting on coming with him. But, after lot of convincing while avoiding into explaining the situation, they both had finally gave in on not accompany Yuki to wherever he was going. The result was with Tohru understanding the circumstances that Yuki was in with the Clark. She understood by remembering all she did on her own into healing the hearts of all the Sohma cursed children that thought of themselves as outsider, not only in society, but also in their own home. Yuki was glad to see the support in Tohru's brown eyes when she took Kyo's hand and gently dragged him to their home.

"You're late." Rosalind scowled at the young man before her, placing her hands over her hips to express her disappointment with how unpunctual he was. When Yuki opened his mouth to explain himself, she stopped him by raising her hand. "I don't want to know why you were late. The important thing is that you're here. Now, I must warn you that my family will be coming here. Roswell is with them, he will be telling me when they have arrive. Come on!" She motioned him to follow her with a gesture of her head then turned around to guide Yuki inside the location.

The Geranium Garden was as large as a park. It was divided into two sections, the outside garden and the green house. The outside garden had a path made of black bricks of hard surfaces material to prevent anyone from slicking on their walk to watch the many flowers that the garden had to offer. At this precise moment, the flowers and brushes were covered by a thin green plastic that work as a temporary miniature green house. This technique was used to prevent the cold weather from freezing the flowers that needed sunlight and couldn't live inside the actual green house. The outside garden was a bit empty, besides the large trees that were around the garden. "My cousin must have taken the indoor plants inside the green house. She might still be inside." Rosalind gently said after she did her own observation of the garden and guided Yuki to the green house. As for the green house, it was more like a mansion than a house itself.

It was a two story building made of ivory marble material. The structure had a touch of temple orientation. There were Doric columns at the bottom but it had a Caryatid architecture style supporting the structure of the building, it gave the place its own uniqueness compared to the Japanese oriented buildings. At the crown of the building there were stone carves figures of males and females with bird-like wings that were surrounded by different types of flowers. Yuki just felt like he had left his country and entered another one. "The Clark's have many lands, including this one. We are all born in Greece, but then we come back to Japan to live the rest of our lives. So, we take a bit of our culture from our native country and incorporate it somehow in our new home." Rosalind's voice had averted his eyes away from the building for a moment to look at her. She most have notice how out of place he must have felt at the moment. "I can see the confusion in your eyes. We are a complicated bunch, making it a reason why we keep to ourselves most of our lives. I bet you and your family does the same as well? Because of the curse?" Yuki was taken by surprised with her words. Is true. The Sohma's kept everything between themselves and other close members of the family. They never allowed any outsider to interact with them. Unless, if by mistake those that didn't have a curse were surprised by the fact that their sons or daughters ended up with the curse.

They quietly entered the building to encounter a warmer and humid climate inside compare to the cold air from outside. There were flowers and exotic plants at ever corner of the green house. Just as there were flowers, there were also fountains that gave the building a tranquil and refreshing atmosphere. Only an ivory color stone floor parted making it easy for the visitors of the green house to walk inside. The path seem to begin in two directions, to the left or to the right. Without saying a word, Rosalind had taken the left path. Yuki followed after her without any complain. At each side of them, there was flourished flowers and brushes. They still held a youthful appearance by being a dark green on the leaves and vivid colors on the flowers. Yuki was surprise to see such brilliant colors around them since the outside of the building had a light layer of a mixture between snow and rain. He began to wonder, what kind of person can still bloom beautiful flowers against the harsh cold winter wind?

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