Fruits Basket: 12 Zodiacs! 12 Astros!

Earth's Mother

Just when Yuki thought that there was no end to the road they had taken. Suddenly, they heard the sound of whispers that became louder as they approached the source; that was easier to identified as a female voice. "Is okay, little ones. I'll take care of you, while you slumber." The voice would say in a tender tone, as a caring mother would say to her children. Yuki and Rosalind walked a few steps further down the path to see, a green haired young woman that seemed to be in her early twenties. Her figure was of a fragile appearance. An unexplained sense of pity emerge from him as he thought of her to be a sick child. The young woman was kneeling down by the edge of the stone floor. For what he could figure out with her movements. She was gently tending the grounds of unknown sprout with her fingers, which were wrapped in bandages. The bandages were the remedy of constantly been working with plants that had thorns.

"Sasha!" Rosalind suddenly exclaimed as she rushed her way toward the young woman. Her voice echoed throughout the spacious building; alerting anyone close by.

The green haired woman abruptly rose her stare at the sound of her name. She seemed to be surprised to see Rosalind, more than expecting her. "Rosalind?" Sasha replied in confusion as she rose from the ground to greet her cousin, "I didn't expect you to be here so soon. Where are the others? Weren't they suppose to be here with you?" She added to her confusion when she didn't see the familiar faces of her cousins, but instead an unfamiliar one.

Sasha Clark has a reserve character, almost tilting to be a timid person. However, do not let this traits fool you. She takes responsibilities seriously, while also she's very ambitious when it comes to the things that goes with her interests, like her botanic temple. She's very much persistent when it comes to her goals, to the point of being stubborn. Sasha is one of the few members of her family that demand some requirements to be follow, just because she had placed the same requirements upon herself; for that reason, in her perspective is only fair that her cousins should behave the same way. Also, she's very cautious about everything in her life, even the people involved, making her a bit of a pessimist. Because of these brief facts about her; her

cousins, have a hard time dealing with her.

"Well... Is a long story..." Rosalind said with a wide smile and explained everything to her cousin, while Yuki had finally joined them and presented himself to Sasha.

"So... Let me see if I got this right." Sasha said pushing back her spectacles, after Rosalind explained, for what it seemed to had taken like hours; the situation between Arista Clark and Yuki Sohma. "You think is a good idea to give Arista a chances to be happy and that you want us, your cousins, to support this crazy idea of getting her away from Ruben because YOU think is the right thing to do." What exactly had taken Rosalind an extensive moment to explain, it just took Sasha a few seconds to summarize. Also, the way, she expressed herself made the idea sound so ludicrous, it cause Rosalind to feel embarrassed. It even convinced Yuki that their situation did sound ridiculous, almost like Romeo and Juliet but in modern times. Obviously, he didn't want to have the same tragic ending for Arista and himself.

"Um... Yes...?" Rosalind began to questioned her own idea. She even started to idle fiddle with her fingers as she began to doubt her own believe in helping Arista to find her freedom. A behavior that Yuki had never seen before in Rosalind. Ever since he had met her at his school; she was so confident in her words and actions. Those that knew Rosalind, could easily explain Rosalind's behavior by mentioning how much respect she has for Sasha, besides the fact that Sasha was one of the biggest influence inside the Clark family because of the rank of her constellation, which is Capricorn.

"You do understand what exactly you're asking of me? Her destiny... All our destinies are written since the days we are born. We are bound to follow the same path as our own ancestors. Is the way of the Clark family for many generations." Sasha explained to the both of them, even if Rosalind should already know of this small information.

The moment that the clock strike midnight, a child is born on a special day; the day that begins an horoscope. The starry black sky shines brightly on a set of stars that form the constellation that marks that child's birth. A small invisible light shines down upon the child's forehead. In a way, the constellation is blessing the child with the power of the God or Goddess that represent the set of stars. In the Clark family, the blessing is a honor and should be followed by the history it carries. Of course for others, the blessing was actually a curse. Those born under the constellations are force to follow a specific role and rules within the family. Obviously, there's was nothing they couldn't do when their abilities came naturally to them, but there was a consideration that they could explore other social situation.

"I understand what you and your cousins are going through." Yuki said. This was more of a meaningful fact than just empty words. He had seen just how their family curse had rule over their lives and related family member. Especially, the outsiders, whom accepted the Sohma family curse, or those that were still unknown to it and soon feared it when their child ended up having the Zodiac curse. Tohru was a good example of an outsider that accepted the Sohma's Zodiac curse, and yet she had a hard time understanding the reason of why, the Sohma family, were treating each other so harshly and withdrawn from the world around them.

'Sister... We're here...'

Suddenly, Rosalind's eyes open wide when she had heard her brother's voice within their telepathic link. "Oh no! They're here!" She shouted, and glanced over at Yuki. "Sasha, we need to hide him!" Rosalind couldn't let Nina see Yuki. Just to see him in the family temple would only cause more harm between Arista and Yuki. In fact, the two families, the Clarks and the Sohmas, wouldn't be able to cross path ever again until who knows when; or so, Rosalind speculate that would happen to them.

Sasha nodded, understanding the predicament that they all would be in, if Nina saw Yuki with them. "I'll greet them, while you hide him! Quickly now!" She replied, leaving Rosalind's and Yuki's presence to reach the entrance of the temple.

Rosalind took Yuki by the arm and pulled him forward to guide him through the large temple. They were lucky that the place was large enough and full of vegetation to hide their presence. On their quest to find a hiding location, Yuki saw a beautiful crafted fountain that was showered by the natural illumination that came from the large window on the roof. There were many trees around the fountain, but the one that had caught his eyes was the Sakura tree that didn't have any flowers, instead they were scattered on the floor in a natural and beautiful flower-rug fashion. Yuki woke up from his minor distraction when he took noticed that he couldn't see Rosalind in front, or anywhere for that matter. He was about to called out her name, but he quickly shut his mouth when he heard voices coming his way. The once cool-minded Yuki was now panicking as he glanced around to search for a hiding place...

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