Fruits Basket: 12 Zodiacs! 12 Astros!

The Greek

It was a spring morning as the sun was shining brightly in Japan, which gave a warm atmosphere among all the people that lived in the said country. In the city of Hiroshima, after the tragic destruction of the place, it was reconstructed once again and added the Peace Memorial Park as gesture to the calm that have return to the city. (The anime doesn’t have the name of a city, so I’m giving it one for the moment.) A sweet breeze will always be around the peaceful park, it tranquil the many souls that contained the city as they strolled upon the landscape of concrete and soil green paths. The sakura trees adorned gracefully in every corner of the place giving it an innocent beauty with wooden benches that faces toward the two rivers that surrounded the park. The park had a small number of people since most of them were doing daily activities. Among these people, a young girl of seventeen years old was very unusual, just like a black dot in a white paper, because of her appearance.

She had magenta hair that could reach to the middle of her back, but was pulled in a round bun and only letting a few locks of hair to frame around her heart shape face. Her almond shape eyes hold the odd color of bright purple, while thin and curve magenta eyebrow that were raise a bit around the end frame above her eyes, followed by a narrow bridge of a small nose with a round surface and under that nose, half full luscious pink lips. Her skin was of a porcelain crème color with a slender body; she had an average torso and hips, not giving anything exaggerated upon her exterior but the right volume while her height was around 5’5. The mention body was covered in a long sleeve navy blouse attached with a sailor-style collar and a short navy blue pleated skirt, adding long navy blue socks that reach under her knees and brown penny loafers.

The name of this peculiar girl was Arista Clark. As her last name and physical appearance can show, she wasn’t Japanese but from Greek heritage. Many have been curious about her, especially in her high school, which was her destination by passing through the Peaceful Memorial Park. Although her fellow students had a curious gleam in their eyes, Arista always thought they should had been used to it since there were many transfer students in Japan from around the world. Therefore, a girl from Greece wouldn’t make any difference to them.

Taking in her last admiration of the park, which was the place, she would frequently been found to have a pleasant and soothing day. Arista walked toward the other end of the park that was her way out to then take a left and after a 2 blocks down the streets, before her was the Hiroshima High School. A small smile grace upon her luscious pink lips at the sight of her school, she kept moving forward getting her closer to the building.


The young Greek glanced in direction of the shout that came from a girl that was standing by the gates of the school and held her small smile.

Her hair was long and straight brown hair that reach the middle of her back, with cheerful oval brown eyes that were a bit covered from the long lock of hair around her fore head and framing her round face follow by a small nose and light pink lips. Her skin color was light yellow with a slender body that was also covered by the same sailor style uniform that Arista had on. The girl’s name was Tohru Honda, who had a few classes with Arista.

They didn’t become aware of each other at first since Arista never interact with anyone in a social manner, like for example gossips among the students. Something Arista wasn’t interested, even though it didn’t mean she couldn’t maintain a good conversation with any other topic.

One day Tohru have forgotten to do her homework on the subject of basic questions for English class. Her household tasks in Shigure’s house and her late work were taking up all her energy to the position that she would quickly dragged herself to her room and put out of her mind about it when her body slump on her soft bed.

Arista took notice of Tohru’s worries and how dreaded she seemed to be. The Greek girl felt pity of her and decided to lend a hand to her. Tohru didn’t think it was all right since she never liked people, never less her friend, to be worried about her. Arista insisted and didn’t mind at all and Tohru gratefully showed a wide smile on her face as she accepted the help and completed her material. Ever since then, they became good friends in school, but not personal.

“Hello Miss Tohru.” Arista’s was voice soft, calm and collect as she greeted the brown haired girl.

Tohru always become aware of the similarity on how Arista said her name with a “Miss” to a particular young man, who had offered her the chances to have a roof over her head after her tent, was destroyed.

“How are you today, Arista?” Tohru cheerfully greeted the girl with a smile.

“I’m good, how about you, Miss Tohru? Did you finish chemistry homework?” Arista’s smile vanished upon her face to be replaced with a light frown as she saw how the girl’s face went white with panic. Tohru had forgotten to do her homework once again because she had over work herself again! “Not too well, apparently.”

“There was homework!?” Tohru repeated in panic as she stared at Arista with wide brown eyes.

“What’s wrong, Miss Honda?” A curious and worried voice was heard behind Tohru. Both girls glanced behind her and saw Yuki Sohma.

His hair dark gray was short with just two long locks on each side of his heart shape face and short ones upon his fore head. His large almonds were of dark purple, staring down at Tohru with gleam of concern, followed by a narrowed and small nose with a spiky surface. His body was slim and well-tone with light color skin, making him look pale. He was wearing the boy uniform which was of a dark blue; almost seem black, with white end on the fabric and a white necktie and black dress shoes.

Neither, Arista and Tohru, had notice the young man until he had spoke for the reasons that Arista had her attention on the Japanese girl in front of her being worried; while Tohru was in a panic shock to notice anyone else around her, even though she shouldn’t be surprise if Yuki or Kyo would be close by.

“Oh, Yuki! Everything is fine!” Tohru quickly lied, smiling sweetly to cover up it up.

She was so easy to read that Yuki knew she had lie; Tohru didn’t like making her friends worried about her. He knew that from experiences after a year living with her and her classmate, that he shouldn’t pushed her to answer him. Now they were both in senior year, including Arista.

“Miss Clark.” Yuki greeted her with a light nod as he acknowledged her presence.

He knew Arista by being one of the outstanding students, beside him, in their high school. She had been elected to be Vice- President, but refused because she wouldn’t want to overstress herself with more paper work and intended to do it in college, studying for Physiology of Cell and Molecular Biology as a career. He always scowled himself for not thinking of the same excuse or any other, just to get him out of the President post in school. The thought of his brother being a President before him was mere reason to reject it, but fate was cruel and he was given the post in the democratized structure of votes.

“Mr. Sohma.” Arista greeted as well in the same manner.

Arista held the front of her book case facing toward her and opened it by unlocking the metal handle that kept her school items inside. Her case was well organized and clean, not a single book, notebook, paper or pen was out of place. Each notebook had a mark in different colors to make the distinction of the subjects she had and for easy access to them. Arista picked the third note book that had a blue mark knowing that it was her chemistry note book and took it out of her book case, before closing it.

“Here, Tohru,” She offered to the brunette, who turned too looked at her.

“No, Arista, I shouldn’t! Is not right for me to copy your work!” Tohru said shockingly, gently pushing the notebook back to its owner.

Tohru wasn’t going to take advantage of Arista’s kindness. After helping her on English class a month ago, it didn’t felt right to take offer again, no matter how much she needed too.

“It wouldn’t be copying my work, if you change a few words here and there.” Arista smiled at her and moved the notebook back toward her.

The notebook gave a blinking light as the ray of the sun rested against the neat and organized cover. Tohru knew it was taunting her. She could even hear a small voice in her head saying, “Take me, Tohru… You need me…” were making her uneasy. It felt like having your two feet in different grounds that were separating between the decisions whenever to take it or not.

“You should take it, Miss Honda. She does want to help you.” Yuki encouraged her to take it with a small smile of his own

“O-Okay… Thanks, Arista.” Tohru stuttered nervously as she gentle took the note book, holding it against her chest like it was a precious item. She had a wide smile on her face while glancing at Arista. Her brown eyes were shining brightly on how much she appreciated the kind offer.

“You’re welcome, Miss Tohru. I’ll see you in English class.” Arista smiled giving her a light nod and lightly waved her hand before walking away from both of them to be inside the building.

“All right!!” Tohru cheerfully shouted with a wave at Arista while Yuki simply stayed quiet beside her.

A few minutes later the clock tower of the high school started to rang loudly, indicating that classes have started and everyone should be inside the building before they were late. Yuki and Tohru walked inside the building toward the lockers to change their shoes and school items, if it was needed. On their way inside the room, they found Kyo Sohma, who was changing his shoes already.

His shaggy hair was bright orange, which complimented his heart shape face. His almond eyes were dark orange that seem to be brown, if people didn’t look at him very well. His body was slim and well-tone just has Yuki’s, but his skin had a light tan color instead. He was wearing the same high school uniform has Yuki, only wearing sneaker instead.

“Who was that girl you were talking to, Tohru?” Kyo asked confused, his thin eyebrow furrowed as he glanced down at the brunette, who was changing a few items of her book case.

Tohru smiled at him and slowly opened her lips to answer when suddenly was interrupted by Yuki.

“Her name is Arista Clark of senior grade as us. You should have known that, but now that I think about it, I shouldn’t expect much from a stupid cat like you.” Yuki replied with a bored expression upon his face, placing his last book inside his book case before swinging it over his shoulder to glance at a fuming Kyo. Yuki really enjoyed mocking him.

“I wasn’t asking you, Damn rat!” Kyo growled in respond at Yuki, his hands close in fist making his knuckles white as he wanted so much to punch him, but been in school wasn’t permitted by the rules.

“Oh, shut up, Stupid cat. We are getting late because of you.” Yuki said still with a bored expression as he began to walk out of the room, passing the angered cat zodiac holder. “Let’s go, Miss Honda.” He called for Tohru a few seconds later.

Tohru always felt small beside this two, whenever they started fighting for small things. ‘If only they could get alone’ She always thought as she watched them. Before Tohru walked after Yuki, she gave Kyo a small comforting smile.

“Damn Rat! I’m not finished with you, come back here!” Kyo shouted as put the futon shoes in a rush trying to follow Yuki to their class that unfortunately they had together.

Hours passed and English class period had finally started, but the teacher wasn’t in the class yet. Arista entered the room and took her sit, which was the last chair on the fourth row line out of five lines. Arista opened her book case by unlocking the handle and started to take out her English class notebook, which had a green mark on it, from her bag and placed it gentle on the wooden surface of the desk followed by her pen, pencil and eraser.


Arista swiftly glanced up to the familiar voice of Tohru, who was walking inside the classroom holding Arista’s notebook in her hand. Arista smiled at the sight of the Japanese girl with her beloved notebook unharmed. Not that she didn’t trust Tohru on keeping it saved.

“Thank you so much! I finish the homework thanks to you!” Tohru approached her desk and returned Arista’s notebook by placing it on her desk and lightly bowed as thanks.

“You’re welcome, Miss Tohru.” Arista replied still holding her smile. She took her chemistry notebook back and placed it inside her book bag in order. “You know, you can always ask me if you need help with any homework that you might have.” Arista offered to her once more as she glanced up at the girl that was still standing beside her desk.

“I know, but I don’t want to be a burden.” Tohru explained with a sad smile as she rejected the opportunity.

“You are not, Miss Tohru. I bet your friends would love to help you as well.” Arista comforted the girl with a smile; while gently hold her hand to giving it a light pat. Arista couldn’t believe that Tohru would think that way about herself. She had so many friends in her life, who always offered her a bit of help. But she always refused, because she didn’t like to bother anyone at all.

“Of course we would help you, Tohru.” A loud and deep voice approached them and both girl, Tohru and Arista, glanced in the direction of it and recognized as Arisa Uotani, who wrapped an arm around the mention girl’s neck in affection.

She had long blonde hair that reached to her back with long locks of hair that covered the right side of her face, just only showing wide-apart blue eye followed by a narrowed and straight nose under it a small and thin pink lips. Her body was slim and thin of a small torso and straight waist because of her tall figure with light yellow skin. She had the same uniform as all the high school girls, the only difference was that her skirt reached to her ankles. Arisa was only called Uo-chan from Tohru and the Yankee around the school, for the reason of her old gang life.

“Yes… Tohru…” A low and monotone voice was heard alongside Tohru, who was Saki Hanajima.

She had long black hair that reached her lower back tied in a braid with locks over her fore head. Her wide-apart and round eyes were dark brown, they almost seem black. Her body was slim with small torso and slightly wide waist of light pale skin color. Her uniform the same as the other, only her skirt reach upon her knees. Saki was only called Hana-chan from Tohru and the Psychic of school because she could people’s vibe and let out electronic ones.

Arista’s smile had completely vanished as she briefly glanced over these two girls, Arisa and Saki. She didn’t know them very well, just only their names and reputation in and outside of high school from a few gossips. Arista didn’t like to talk about gossips, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t listen about them. After all, most of the girls were loud mouthed. Nevertheless Arista never did judge their life style or how they were with other, especially with Tohru.

A few second later; Arista had become aware of the intense stare of the Psychic girl. Her dark brown eyes seem like whirlpools of darkness, draw you in to read your soul and sinful secrets. It made Arista so uncomfortable that a shiver creep down her spine making her looked down at the floor for a moment.

“Thank you, girls, but I think is asking too much from you both and also you, Arista.” Tohru insisted, trying to convince them that it wasn’t necessary. However, it seemed that wasn’t working.

“No, is okay! We’ll be glad to help you in everything, Tohru.” Ou-chan happily shouted embracing the girl with excitement.

“Yes, Miss Tohru. Don’t feel bad asking for help. Everyone needs help.” Arista softly said as she slowly glanced up at Tohru with a small smile, ignoring the fact that there were two girls with her; especially, Saki Hanajima.

“Yes… Everyone…” Saki slowly agreed with a melancholic tone of voice. She kept glancing at Arista feeling a strong and celestial vibe from her, which was very odd because Saki never had felt something like that before in her life.

Arista gradually glanced at Saki when she said those two words with deep meaning, like telling her a small message. Arista wanted to be alone at the moment, to control her tension.

“I appreciated your concerned and help, girls.” Tohru cheerful said who gave up on convincing the three girls and smile at them.

“Alright, everyone! Sit down! Class begins now!” The teacher shouted as he entered the room, placing his case on his desk and taking everything out of it before turning toward the blackboard and began to write down on it.

The three girls, Tohru, Arisa and Saki, walked toward their chairs; while Arista faced in direction to the blackboard still feeling troubled. She took a deep breath in and out to lower her tension, before gripping her pen and started to write down the lesson of the day.

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