Fruits Basket: 12 Zodiacs! 12 Astros!

Dinner and the Forbidden

After saying a bit about her, Arista and the others were eating in the dining room enjoying the delicious food that Tohru prepared. Arista have being observing the Sohma closely because they acted in a cautions way around her, even thought she was doing the same with them; but there was something that was in the tip of her tongue that she knew it was strange but at the same time familiar for her.

The three boys of Sohma were observing her as well but some were more prudent to pretend they weren’t looking at her. They knew her aura was strange but also familiar to them but they couldn’t get was it. Shigure knew who she was exactly but he was very curious to know more about her.

Tohru was enjoy a bit of silence for once but if was uncomfortable for her since it didn’t have Yuki and Kyo always firing at each other and that was very unusual for her. Tohru then notice something shined a crossed her eyes, which took her attention and notice that Arista was wearing a necklace.

“That’s a pretty necklace you have, Arista.” Tohru smiled at her observing the necklace closely once Arista looked down to her neck and took out the necklace.

The necklace had a delicate golden chain and on Arista’s hand there was a symbol in form of an archer (Sagittarius) it was also golden, in fact it was 14k of gold. Arista looked at it with a small smile.

“This is a necklace passed down in my family for generations, and time by time they tried to craft the necklaces pure and new for the new generation to wear them. My other 13 cousins have their own necklace, including my brother…” She stopped herself before she talked more than she should to them.

“That’s lovely! I didn’t know you have a brother. What’s his name?” Tohru asked not knowing that Arista didn’t like to talk about her brother, but fortunately Yuki notice the discomfort in Arista when she had to talk about him. The others Sohma notice the change of atmosphere in the room.

“Miss Honda, do we have desert after dinner?” It was a dull question but it was enough to distract Tohru, who freeze in shock after taking a bite while waiting for Arista’s answer. Tohru wasn’t sure it there was any dessert in the fridge, but she stood up from her futon and launch to the kitchen.

Arista sighed in relief, glad she could avoid the question. She raised her left hand passing it through a few lock of her magenta hair, forgetting that was the hand that had the bruise. A few of the bracelets went down with her movement which made visual a purple dark skin around her wrist.

“Miss Clark, what happen to your wrist?” Yuki knew now he wasn’t imagining things when he heard her wince when Tohru grabbed her wrist. The others noticed as well when Yuki have mentioned it making all eyes laying on her.

Arista was very nervous with all the eyes staring at her with suspicious. How can she explain this without mentioning that Ruben did this to her?

“U-Umm…” She stuttered as she looked for a way to explain.

What do I say?! I can’t tell them that Ruben did this to me! He will know if I do and I’m going to be in trouble!’

“Well… you see… I…” She began to say, but was interrupted by Tohru’s voice walking inside the room.

“I found desert!” Tohru came out of the kitchen with a chocolate cake in hand bringing everyone attention to her and forgetting about Arista for a moment, except one. Arista felt like melting after being in this stress position, never have encounter this moments. She deeply sighed and smiled at Tohru, who place the cake in the middle of the table.

Dinner time was over and it was time for Arista to leave but it was very dark outside and none of the Sohma plus Tohru agreed for Arista to walk alone in the dark

“I’m going to be all right. Is only sunset, I think I can make it by night fall.” Arista convince them for the third time she have being there.

“At least call someone to pick you up.” Shigure suggested with his hands inside his yukata looking upon the girl. The other agreed with him which made Arista sighed in defeat.

“I suppose… I could call someone. May I use your phone then?” Shigure pointed to the phone that was a crossed the room hanging on the wall. Arista walked to it and started dialing a number, at the moment the person she calling answer it, Arista started to talk in a whispered matter and then hang up.

“Someone is picking me up, so I will start my walking then.” Taking all her things and putting on her shoes, just at the moment she was out of the house someone called her which made her glanced behind her to see… guess who? Yuki…

“I’ll accompany you until that person pick you up.” Arista slightly nodded at him with a small smile, taking a few slow steps waiting for Yuki, who quickly catch up.

They were walking in silence in the middle of the forest that was owned by Shigure. Again the silence was getting on their nerves as they glanced at their surrounding looking for something to talk about.

“So… Who did you called to pick you up? If you don’t mind answering…” Yuki asked looking in front of him as he calmly walked. Arista twisted at long strand of her magenta hair around her index finger using her right hand this time.

“One of my cousins… fortunately he was close by…” She whispered as she looked down at the ground. Arista didn’t have anything against her family, she was being cautions into not say too much information about her family.

“Oh… That’s good. By any chances, what’s his name?” Yuki keep asking her not wanting to be in total silent again.

“His name is Marcus…”

“Umm… Does he works or something?”

“Yes… He’s a Lieutenant General” She gently said at the end, solemnly thinking, ‘Maybe because his sign made him be passionate about being in wars.’

Before Yuki could asked more, they were out of the property and a white BMW was waiting a crossed the street making a beep beep with the horn, the moment Marcus noticed Arista.

“Well… That’s my ride…” Arista glanced at Yuki, who also glanced back at her.

There was a mere pause between the two as they silent stare to each other. A soft wind could be felt around them making a few lock of dark gray and magenta hair to move swiftly with the current, while the moonlight landed on their skin, assembly a soft glow from it. Each other sight before them was magical and beautiful.

“Bye Mr. Sohma…” Arista whispered to him, before running to the direction of the car, but of course looking both side of the street before continuing her running.

“Bye Miss Clark…” Yuki whispered but was a bit too late since she was already at the other side. Yuki watched as Arista got inside the car before turning around walking back to Shigure’s house.

Once inside the car Arista was greeted by a small smile coming from Marcus Clark.

He had shaggy dark red hair with a few locks of hair around his heart shape face, covering his dark golden eyes, followed by a narrowed and small nose and thin lips. His skin was light tan and his body was muscular and well-build from all the military exercises when he started in his younger years of 18, not Marcus was 29. He was wearing a light blue shirt that was supposed to be long sleeves, but they were wrapped up until they reach his upper arms with the same golden chain that Arista had but it had the symbol of a ram instead, follow by dress back pants and shoes. Marcus usually had a cigarette in his mouth, but was slowly leaving them.

“Had fun?” Marcus voice was deep and a bit rough as he asked waiting for Arista to put the sit belt on before driving away.

“Yes…I did” Arista whispered to him looking outside the window. She was still thinking about everything that she did and said today. If she did any mistakes and also that pause she had with Yuki.

“And who was that boy?” Marcus dared to ask since Arista wasn’t very opened about her personal life; otherwise she would have blab about it.

Arista slightly glanced at him with a small smile. Marcus was always with Arista in any moment, unlike her brother. Even thought Marcus, Arista’s sister and another cousin of them didn’t get along very nicely. There was always a fight between the three. A love triangle since they were children.

“His name is Yuki Sohma…” Arista replied gently.

Suddenly the car was dryly stopped by Marcus and luckily it was night and no cars were in sight before an accident could happen.

“Marcus! What’s wrong?!” Arista alarmed glanced at Marcus, who had a strong grip on the car’s handle.

“Arista… You can’t be around The Sohma’s… Again…” Marcus slowly told to Arista slightly still looking forward, avoiding the confused Arista.

“Why can’t I? They don’t know about it…” Arista softly whispered, disappointed with his words.

What was wrong for Arista to be around the Sohma? She didn’t do anything to make them suspicious that she was protecting a family secret. She neither expected this action from Marcus, who was brave, energetic, kind, action-oriented and intelligent.

“Is not that they know about us or not. Is the fact that Ruben won’t like for you to be around them. He has something against the Sohma…” Marcus barely explained to Arista the reason of Ruben’s rivalry with The Sohma, but he believed it was enough for her to know the basic.

“What does he have against them?” Arista was still confused about this. She surely knew Ruben had a few enemies but why The Sohma? After she was a good friend of them?

“Arista… Don’t ask questions; just promise me you will avoid them…”


“Promise me!”


That were Arista’s last words throw the whole drive until she got to the Clark Resident and immediately entering her room avoiding everyone that she had passed.

Now she had to pretend that Tohru, Kyo and Yuki didn’t exist around the school. That was a hard one to do….

She wondered why she tried to make friends… Everyone was off limits to her…

But she thought it over and realized it was better this way… She didn’t have to deal with people accidently knowing her secret… Especially the Sohma’s…

But why did it hurt so much…?

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