Fruits Basket: 12 Zodiacs! 12 Astros!

Arista's Fear

“You can’t be around The Sohma’s… Again…”

Those exact words were stock inside Arista’s mind as she lay down in her bed, glancing up at her ceiling. Her dark purple eyes looked tired from the lack of sleep, her magenta hair that reach her middle of her back, was spread around her pillow like lots of rivers in the Amazon.

She had being awake all night and morning, just to find a way to avoid The Sohma’s but she found that impossible. She was friend of Tohru, which meant that Kyo and Yuki will be around her, which also meant interaction with The Sohma’s! This was harder than she thought.

Come on Arista! Think of a way!’ She thought in frustration.

Then after analyzing the situation at hand, she thought of a way. She could at least greet to them and walk away, and when they ask her to hang at their house she could refuse it with a stupid but obvious excuse!

“That’s it!” Arista shouted happily as she quickly rose up sitting on her bed before she did a little jump out of her bed to the bathroom.

Arista took a warm shower; letting the bad vibes she had all night running down to the drain. She sighed as she twisted the shower knob stopping the water from running out. Wrapping a towel around her slender body, Arista walked to the sink, to brush her teeth and as she did; she notice light black circle under her eyes, but it wasn’t like any make up couldn’t cover that up a bit.

She then brushed her magenta hair, making her front freckles to stick out and also half of her hair that was in front of her ear to stick out as well, then the her long hair was wrap in a messy stylish bond. She walked out of her bathroom and search through her closet, seeing her uniform she grasped it and wear it on.

Arista gave herself a look before walking out of her room to the outside world of her family prison, The Clarks residents. She had been force to live there even if she wanted to have her own apartment, but it wasn’t possible because Ruben wouldn’t like for her to live far away where he couldn’t keep an eye on her every move, thoughts or… feelings.

Arista only would sigh with those thoughts, more like broken dream of her moving out of the Clark resident. But her only hope was to be an adult and move far away from Japan, probably live around Europe, where her family name and history came from; she couldn’t relay on her curse being lifted, because that was impossible in the eyes of The Astros children.

Arista had finally reached her school. She looked at it as she mentally prepared herself for whatever situations destiny might through at her, hoping she could handle it. Just in the moment she place a step inside the campus of her school, she had being ambushed by… Guess who? The Prince Yuki Fan. Arista always found them annoying enough to just slap them all and put them in their place, but she couldn’t lower herself into their standards, so she could only handle this calmly and collected.

“Arista! We know you left school with Prince Yuki!” The three school girls shouted as they pointed at her. Arista rolled her magenta eyes at them. It didn’t surprise her if they didn’t have real friend besides only finding them in their own club of Yuki.

“Tell me something you all don’t know about, Mr. Sohma. If I had stalkers like you three, I would sue your asses for invading my personal space. In fact, I could do that just right now, just one call and you three are busted for life and I will make sure of it…” Arista said coldly as she narrowed her eyes at them all. She kept her head high and looking them in their eyes.

“You wouldn’t dare…” One of the three said to her in respond to her threat. Arista could only slightly smirked at them, enjoying how they were actually not scared, but worried.

“Believe me, girls. I’m not in a good mood and I… Would… Simple… Dare...” She said taking a few pause upon those words, making the effect very frightening. The girls didn’t think it twice and ran away from Arista as quickly as they had appeared in front of her. Funny thing is; Arista didn’t have a cell phone.

‘Suckers…’ She thought feel victorious, which made her be in a good mood. Arista sighed in relief, glad she got ridded of those fan girls. Will she be lucky to get ridded of The Sohmas?

“Arista!” Hearing the familiar voice calling out her name made almost Arista flinched.

‘It was going too happened sooner or later.’ The magenta haired girl mused as she slowly turned around to see Tohru with a happy smile with Kyo, having a grumpy expression on him and Yuki following behind with a calm expression. Arista forced a smile upon her face, just like every day she did in front of everyone

“Is good to see you all, how are you today?” She greeted them with a light bow before, while saying these words she was hoping that the school bell will ring soon before she was even more than 5 minutes talking to them.

The three of them greeted her in their own way. Like always Tohru was clueless of Arista mask, but the cousins knew she was hiding something under that mask, like they didn’t have one of their own. Arista keep talking to Tohru since she wasn’t a Sohma, but she felt bad ignoring both of them. In the moment that Yuki was going to have a conversation with both of them, Tohru and Arista, the school bell rang. Arista didn’t know if to feel bad or relief.

“Well I most go; hopefully I’ll see you all later.” She gave them the same fake smile before turning around and walking inside the building. The three people kept been in the same place they have met Arista.

“You did notice, right?” Kyo asked to the rat zodiac that was his cousin. Kyo gently nodded at him, indicating that he have notice the same mask that every single Sohma hold, only each of them had their own difference.

The Clark residence was like a ghost town with the silent and bad atmosphere that emitted from the place. People that usually didn’t walk or passed by the route that the resident was located wondered if it was haunted. One of the reasons a few rumors had been spread around Japan about them, but for one man they were all ignorant. That man is the head of the Clark family and owner of the resident; holding most of the other Clarks in it. The name of that man was Ruben Clark; feared by the ones that knew him and a mystery for does that didn’t.

Ruben was looking outside of his window, seeing the nature that surrounded him to calm his tough and barbaric nature. But that didn’t stop him for thinking with his cynical mind, inventing plans to make their little minions, The Clarks, upon untrusting the humanity around them. Ruben believed that the best way to tutored someone was through their emotions, but if it was needed a few physical pain, he wouldn’t mind. Not like Ruben didn’t enjoy throwing some punches upon them or having a tight grip of any whip he could find in his closet.

The light of the still morning sun got upon his face, brightened up his features. Ruben had a heart shape face, his hair was light brown that reach to his chin with a few locks of hair around the frame of his face; the light helped the hair to look almost blonde. His eyebrows straight and firm; made the expression of anger upon them. Under those firm eyebrows, dark blue eyes that shines bright like sapphires; a strong narrow nose and pointy at the end, but still round and smooth feeling on it. His lips were small and a bit full making it perfect with the frame of his face that came from Greece. In the eyes of others people that didn’t know him, would think he was an angel. But The Clarks knew he was the opposite of his physical features.

Ruben moved his arms from the hanging position upon the frame of the window. He was a tall man of 6’6 with big bones having a strong but thin muscular figure under the yukata he was wearing. He hated using the Japanese culture, but he knew he had to blend in, although that didn’t stop him from having a few designs in Greek. Ruben started walking to one of his four walls that surrounded him in a room. The wall had a large piece of paper that hanged opened in a page, it seemed like a book but it was actually a calendar. Unlike the Chinese zodiac, the Clarks were involved in the Astrology that happened every single month, so Ruben always needed one to keep track of the transformation of his “dear little Astros”.

The large letters in the calendar said SEPTEMBER on it. Dark blue eyes glanced down at the number that was today, 22 of September; meaning that one of the Astros ended today and a new one just started. A light but strong smirked appeared upon the devil disguise as an angel. Arista’s transformation was close to happened soon. Ruben always enjoyed to see Arista transform and be in her transformation all that month, it was one of his deepest desires, one of the reason he keep her close to him and never be away.

“Master Ruben…” A voice was heard by the door of Ruben’s room.

“Enter…” His cold and strong voice almost echoes in the room.

The door was slide opened quickly but respectfully. Behind that door a young woman stood with her hands hold together in front of her with her stare at the floor.

She had long brown hair that reached at her knees, wrapped up in low ponytails with French designs that made her hair look a bit shorten to her lower back. Her heart shape head had long locks of hair around it; her eyebrow were thin and curve, and under those eyebrows; gray almond eyes bright beautifully against her porcelain skin. She was dresses in a well designed kimono that had a Japanese park with a sakura tree on it, a few petals loose around the kimono. The name of the girl was, Nina. She was one of the curse Clarks, but also the spy and messenger of Ruben.

“What news you have for me, Nina?” Ruben said with a strong and firm stare at his little bird.

That’s what Nina was, the bird that anyone blame on an old saying about singing some information to someone. Nina softly smiled at Ruben as she walked inside the room, standing a few feet away from him. Even if Nina was one of the curse one of the Clarks family, she will do anything for Ruben, to gain a bit of his affection with her little tale.

“I have new information of Arista.” The little bird began to sing to her master as she kept upon having her soft smile.

She just recently ended her transformation and having the grace of what she represented made her be more graceful since she was Virgo. The sign of Virgo hang gracefully around her neck in a golden chain.

“Arista did go to her invitation, but you would not like the people that own the place she was in.” Nina’s smile grew to a grinned since she always liked to put Arista in trouble. She envied her since she was Ruben’s favorite and beloved “angel”.

Ruben furrowed his eyebrows together beginning to anger without even hearing the news. He always didn’t like how Nina took her time upon telling him the information he needed.

“Who are the owners?” He slowly asked; anger behind those words. He felt like he knew the answer but he hope for Arista sake that it wasn’t what he was assuming.


When Ruben heard that last name, it felt like poison in his ears. Nina stood there hiding a bigger grinned than the one she already held upon her face. Ruben felt a volcano exploded in his mind as he grabbed the first object his hand would grasp; in his hand he was holding a vase. The delicate vase hit hard against the wooden wall a crossed from Ruben, which was a few inches away from Nina’s figure. The loud sound of the broken glass was clearly heard around the silent room.

“Get out!” Ruben loudly and angered as he fiercely shake his arms. Nina didn’t fight against him and quickly moved out of the room and in the moment she left the room, her evilly grinned showed as she was satisfied upon making Arista’s life a horror.

“Just wait when you get back from school, Arista… We will have a serious talk…” Ruben cynic smiled returned to his face as he glanced at the broken vase upon his floor.

“Bye Miss Tohru! Bye Mr. Sohma(s)’” Arista said with a smile. She had said Yuki’s and Kyo’s last name like she was eating something hot and it was burning her tongue as she pronounce their last name. She didn’t meant to, but saying the last name after how she treated them, didn’t seem alright with her.

Arista quickly walked toward her, so called home. She didn’t want to break the rule of not being around the Sohma’s. She hoped that the meeting she had with them yesterday wouldn’t be known by Ruben, but how wrong she was about it. Unfortunately for her, the bird already sang its song, full with hatred and mischief was the tune of the song.

Arista slowly walked inside the Clark’s Resident. She could feel the atmosphere was pretty much off, although it always felt that way, but today she could feel something different in the resident. Arista walked closer to the main entrances, and as her foot step was almost entering the building, she was quickly called.

“Arista!” The magenta haired girl turned to her right, to see her cousin but also the messenger of the family, Nina. Arista caught the anger in her voice, but also the satisfaction upon what would she will sing to her.

“Ruben will like to see you immediately.” Even if she said with anger and coldness toward the girl, the glitter of her gray eyes were very noticeable on how she found satisfied the fact that Arista will be in trouble with Ruben.

Arista softly frowned upon her words; she didn’t like the sound of the message to her. It made her be alarmed and guarded for anything that might come her way. Taking soft but deep breaths in, Arista made her way toward Ruben’s room. Her foot steps were slow and light, showing that she was scared. Of course she will be scared of the man behind the door she was approaching in. She stood in front of the door, watching it as her shaking hand approached the door to give a soft knock on it, but she was interrupted when she heard his voice behind the door, “Come in, Arista…”

Arista almost jumped, although in others people point of view; she will seem like she was already jumping upon how much she was shaking of fear. Arista slowly opened the door; the door made a sliding noise as she did. She entered the room, just the way she was walking toward the room. She was looking down like she would always do when being around him.

“Arista…” Ruben’s cold voice could be heard from a crossed the room.

He was in the dark corner of the room, like he would always will like to be, but the only light that entered in the room was reflected upon his dark blue eyes. Those dark blue eyes would give shivers to everyone who will stare at them; one of the reasons that Arista never looked at him in the eyes. She couldn’t take the pressure of having those eyes upon her.

“Arista… Look at me…” Ruben’s words were firm and strong, giving him the authority and order upon her to look at him. Arista slowly moved her head to looking at him, but her eyes were far away from his sight, refusing to actually see him. But suddenly, her head was raised in a sharp movement, almost to the point that her neck might have made a cracking noise; in the progress of the movement made her lilac eyes to look at his dark blue eyes.

“I said… LOOK at me.” Ruben angrily repeated, almost making the gripped of her jaw a bit tight. The action made Arista to softly whimper upon his harsh movement.

“Now that I have your attention, I want to know something that I hope for your sake is not true…” Ruben started to explain the reason of her being in his room. Arista’s heart was rising to the point she felt like it was actually going to pump put of her chest. She had her suspicious upon what would be the reason of her visit. It was because of the Sohma’s.

“I want you to be honest with me, Arista. Did you really go to a house of Sohma’s?” Ruben slowly asked her, just so she could comprehend the question and would get the answer he needed to know. Arista looked firmly in his dark blue eyes; no way could you escape that question even if you bend the truth.

She felt her throat dry as she tried to say any words at all, but only a light, “Yes…” She could only pronounce.

Then a sudden pain was provoked upon her body. Ruben has thrown her a crossed the room with a harsh and strong pushed. Just a harsh push made her slide a crossed the room on the process that she ended just beside the broken vase that was thrown early in the day. Arista didn’t noticed the vase and accidently place her arm on a broken vase, making herself bleed a bit, but it was a deep slash.

“Why?! Why were you there?!” Ruben shouted at her in rage as he approached her. Arista moved quickly, just like a trap mouse in a corner as she moved more against the wall.

“I didn’t know! I didn’t know we couldn’t talk to them! I’m sorry!” Arista shouted on defense as she didn’t want to be in more pain. Her hands were shaking as she apologized to him. She wrapped her arms around her head, protecting it, but suddenly she didn’t expect this unusual action from Ruben. She felt his arms wrapped around her, like protecting her from any that harm her and he was actually the one that did.

“So you didn’t know, huh?” Ruben cooed to her, just on her ear as he held her close. He softly brushed her magenta freckles around the frame of her heart shape face. This unexpected action confused Arista for a moment, while she slowly caught his words and slowly moved her head indicating that she didn’t know.

“Well… Now you do, my lovely Arista.” Ruben softly whispered to her, like she was a small child in his arms, and it actually looked like it since she was petite in his arms.

“Did you saw them today?” Ruben asked her, curious but anger was there whenever he referred to the Sohma’s. Arista glanced at him slowly, she thought of her words before she said anything at all that might angered him.

“They are in my school; I can’t avoid seeing them, b-but…” The moment she stuttered, Ruben did a hard grip on her bleeding arm provoking her pain, “…I didn’t speak to them at all.” Apparently those words calmed Ruben down, because the hard gripped loosen slowly around her arm.

“Good girl…” Ruben said, pricing her with a small and rare smile. Arista softly sighed as Ruben slowly helped to raise her up, standing once again. “You can leave now…” Ruben simply said which was what Arista needed to hear to move out of the dark room. “But remember, Arista… You see them… You know what would happen...” Arista glanced above her shoulder at him as she was at the door.

“Yes, Ruben.” Arista simply answered, knowing that she failed her words; she will suffer on the month of her transformation.

The moment she closed the door, Arista ran away from the devil’s door, like she was being chased by someone. Arista quickly founded her room, closing her door, locking it in the progress. Her heart was rising as she placed her hand upon her chest to stop the pounding movement of it, but she realized it was impossible with how scared she was of him and his new action toward her. It wasn’t that Ruben wasn’t like that with her, but it was rare to see it upon her most of the time. They would usually talked about her errors and modified it, but today, he held her like she was in danger and he needed to protected her and it only happened when she was closed to her… transformation. Arista glanced at her calendar quickly, her sight blurry because her eyes were becoming watery to the point that she was going to cry, but only silent cries.

With her blurry sight, the calendar showed that it was September 22. Arista quickly gasped, covering her mouth to hold a sob as she realize that only a month was left for her transformation. No wonder he was acting lovable with her that moment. He was going to have the pleasure of seeing her transformed and have his way when she will be weak after the transformation. She didn’t want to be around him when that would happen. She needed to find a place to hide while her transformation would take place, but unfortunately for her, she didn’t know anyone in town that could help her, not even her cousins could help her since they will turned her back to Ruben. Arista suddenly remembered that the Sohma’s are the only one she knew, but she couldn’t be around them.

Arista silently cried in frustration as she slowly approached her bed. She gently dropped herself upon her bed as she sobbed. She was trap once again into always suffer. She wanted to be free, like she was suppose to be in her sign, but she had to be important between her cousins. Arista always wishes she could change placed with anyone but saw that impossible. With her broken dreams of being free, she slowly went to sleep.

Will the Sohma’s cousin suspect of Arista action of today and will find out what would be her problem?


Will Arista find a way to be free and avoid of being around Ruben upon her transformation?

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