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Illness Taking Over

The second day without sleep for Arista and it wasn’t working well for her at all. Arista’s purple eyes were red and puffy from all the crying and lack of rest. Every time they close to have some rest, a minute later she had them opened like a howl watching through the darkness for any movement in her room.

In others point of view, it seem pathetic, but at the moment Arista didn’t care at all. She was returning to a phase were a kid believed there was a monster inside the closet, waiting until the small child would fall asleep then ate her.

But to Arista, this monster was real and living with her, just a few rooms away down the hall. Will you sleep knowing the person that hurts you might come to your room when you have your guard down?

No, you wouldn’t.

She needed to find a place to live by herself, but where? Well any place was better than this… place, which doesn’t deserve the word home or even house.

She started moving her body slowly out of her bed. Arista place her feet on the floor, the wooden floor was cold under her sensitive feet as she began to walk toward her bathroom. She needed to refresh herself before doing anything at all. First she rinse her face with cool and fresh water, trying to make her puffy red eyes to disappear a bit, making it a success as she then grab a towel and dried her face.

Arista took a glance toward her clock on her nightstand from a crossed the room; it flashed 4:30 am in large number of red color. She softly sighed, feeling exhausted but she knew why, so wondering why would be out of question.

Since it was morning, Arista started to get ready for school. As she was brushing her hair, she had a thoughtful appearance upon her face. She needed to avoid her month of transformation at all cause, even if it was simple excuse, but it was an urgent manner.

Taking a deep breath in and letting it out lowly. Arista began her day as she walked out of her room toward her school. She didn’t notice how quiet it was inside her resident, but she knew better than a few were awake, especially one.

When she arrived to school, it was still early and the gates were locked. It didn’t surprised Arista, but now she was going to wait for the janitor and be bored out of her mind. Well, unless she took her one of her books. So nerdy of her, but she didn’t mind at all.

A few hours passed and the janitor opened the gates, not before giving Arista a strange look to then shacked his head as he mumble a few words of his old days in school, Arista didn’t pay much attention. And finally she walked inside the school.

It lunch hour and Arista had been avoiding everyone, even Tohru. She didn’t meant to look that she was mad at her or anything, but the fear of knowing that the Sohma’s will appeared with her was highly and Arista couldn’t risk another terrifying talk with Ruben.

Arista glanced down at her food. She didn’t felt like eating at all, but she had too, other wise she will be sick all day after not sleeping for two days. She began taking small bites and as she did someone asked her something beside her.

“What’s wrong, Miss Clark? You look ill.” It was Yuki Sohma. The person she had been trying to avoid mostly after that intense stare between them that night after visiting his house.

“Mr. Sohma!” Arista almost shouted as she jumped in her sit from been surprise by his presence. She didn’t heard his footsteps at all, she most be very ill, in fact she was.

Arista’s dark purple eyes look dull and tired as she glance up at him, her skin was paler than her usual skin which was crème from her antecedent of Greece. Her light pink were tremble lightly as she continued to speak to him.

“I’m fine, Mr. Sohma… I-I’m just… being…” Her words started to faded. Arista closed her eyes gently, letting her body fall backwards as it couldn’t hold her much longer.

“Miss Clark!” Yuki shouted alarmed as he watched her fall. He forgot completely about his secret as his reflexes act up and he launched himself to catch her before she hit the floor.

A lot of gasped erupted inside the lunch room. Every single student had witness the moment. Yuki had his eyes closed. He had made an error that would cost his reputation and that made him realize he had endanger his life and the Sohma’s life. He could hear the voice of everyone asking if they were alright.

It made him curious to know if he was a… rat. Because he didn’t heard any screams at all, but questions. Yuki opened his dark lilac eyes and glance at everyone to then at himself. He was amazed to see that he wasn’t a mouse at all! So many questions filled his mind as he glance down at the passed out figured of Arista.

Arista had her back against his chest, his arms were around her figure since he had caught her (Lucky her lol). Her breathing was low, it seem like she was sleeping but also had a possible fever since her eyebrow were narrowed as she was in some kind of pain. Yuki raise his hand to touch her fore head and his suspicious were clarified as it was much warmer than usual. He left the questions aside as she needed medical attention and quick.

Yuki gently picked her in his arms, been careful not to hurt her as he held her in a bridal style position. Many fan girls started to dreamily sighed upon how heroic he looked, for a moment forgetting he was carrying another woman instead of them. He quickly ran out of the lunch room toward the nursery room, avoiding swiftly everyone without a problem.

When Yuki arrived to the room, he explained the situation to the nurse, who nodded and told him to place her on one of the empty bed, which were only two. After making she was covered and comfortable Yuki glanced down at Arista with confused eyes as he asked her sleeping form, “Who are you, Miss Clark?”

Outside of the nursery room stand Kyo and Tohru with worried appearance on their face, well mostly Tohru since she was friend of Arista.

“What happened, Yuki?” Tohru asked softly, who was the first one to break the silence between the three.

“The nurse will tell me in a few minutes, but what I could see, Miss Clark, is very ill.” Yuki informed her since she seems more concerned than Kyo, who was glancing outside in total silence with crossed arms over his chest.

“The important question is, Rat. Why didn’t you transform?” Kyo asked solemnly as he glanced at the two who knew upon what he was referring too. Both, Yuki and Tohru were curious and nodded in agreement to his question.

“I don’t know, Cat… But intend to find out.” Yuki replied to him before glancing inside the room that contained the person, who will clear with answers to his questions.

A few minutes passed and the nurse came out and talked to Yuki about Arista condition. “It seems she hasn’t rest for two days straight and also lack of food. I can’t explain the reason, but that should be asked after she wakes up and feels better. You can all go back to your classes, I will call her paren-”


The nurse was interrupted by a low and rough voice that came behind her. Everyone glanced at the bed that was behind the nurse with curiosity and worried. The voice came from Arista, who began to rise up slowly from the bed she was in. Her movements were low and careful since she still felt dizzy.

“Miss Clark, we need to call your parents.” The nurse insisted as she approached the young student.

“My parents are not here… I live by myself, so there’s no need for you to call anyone.” Arista lied in a low and cold tone. So unusual of her, it even surprised everyone around her. They couldn’t tell if it was from her illness or that she had really changed of personalities in front of them.

“Like I told, Mr. Sohma, I am fine and I don’t need anyone’s help.” Arista quickly replied without looking at anyone as she got off the bed and started to walk out of the room, still avoiding there stare.

“Miss Clark…” Yuki called out to her, but she kept walking away from them.

He was one of the first to snap out of the shock and confused state that Arista left them in. He didn’t understand this behavior coming from her. Arista was a nice girl, who always offered help to others and was known around the school since she always had a nice reputation between the students and teacher for her social skills and for her grades. Even though she was known by all, she was still a mystery since she had never talked about her family. Just like she was holding in a secret as she avoid anyone to be so close to her.

Yuki wanted to know more about Arista Clark, but will it be wise to do so? He did hold a secret and didn’t want for anyone to know. Will it be the same for Arista? If it was that the case, then he wouldn’t bothered her until she will be ready to tell anyone and he hoped it would be him.

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