Fruits Basket: 12 Zodiacs! 12 Astros!

The Mystery and A Beautiful Sakura Blossom

“So you didn’t transform, huh?”

The question came from Shigure, who hold the dog symbol of the Chinese Zodiac. He had a thoughtful stare upon his face with his arms crossed over his chest. He had a chopstick between his lips, moving it up and down as he absorbed the information that his cousins and Tohru told him of the event that happened in school. He was sitting at the head of the dining table in the dining room that was connected to the kitchen with Yuki and Kyo, who were in each side of him also sitting by the table and Tohru, who was beside Kyo.

“It does sound suspicious, but I didn’t. I can’t tell you the reason since I’m clueless as you are, Shigure.” Yuki confirmed to his older cousin.

He felt a bit useless since he generally had answers to any question toward him. Arista was still a mystery to him but he knew that sooner or later, he will put the pieces of the puzzle together and figure out the answer of why he didn’t transform. Beside the main subject of their discussion, he was worried about the condition Arista currently had in school. She seemed so… lifeless. He couldn’t get out of his mind her dull and tired purple eyes of today, which were unlike her usual bright purple eyes.

Also the way she had respond to the nurse saying, “My parents are not here… I live by myself, so there’s no need for you to call anyone. Like I told, Mr. Sohma, I am fine and I don’t need anyone’s help.”

Yuki knew she had lied about living alone and that there was no need for the nurse to call anyone. He did remember she asked permission to have dinner at their house and when her cousin, Marcus, picked her up after the event. So why did she lied? That was another mystery and Yuki realize that the list was growing as he kept thinking of her.

“We just need to know more about her as possible.” Kyo suggested as he had a thoughtful stared, just like everyone in the room. His arms were crossed over his chest, it almost seem like he was glaring at the table from the intense stare he had upon it.

“Maybe, Arista has a secret like you all have…” The low voice of Tohru said as she glanced down at the table with a small frown on her face. She still felt a bit shocked from all that had happened today, from Yuki not transforming and Arista unusual behavior.

Tohru’s words made Yuki considered that Arista might in fact have a secret like them, but what could it be? He knew she was from the Greece, not Japanese to even believe for her to have a curse like the Sohma family has. He mentally sighed as he needed to work this problem before something unusual might happened to them and Arista.

“Well, for now we most rest and probably tomorrow we might have a clue upon this subject.” The adult spoke with a firm voice as he rose from his sit and started too walked toward his room. The teenagers agreed with a nod of their own and followed behind the adult to be inside their individual rooms.

The passed hours, Yuki Sohma had been starring at the ceiling. His thoughts and the events that had happened these days didn’t let him sleep. If only he knew that Arista had being doing the same. Tohru’s words were echoing in his mind, but he needed to know more about Arista to put all the pieces together. Yuki let his thoughts aside to catch some sleep for he might need energy for tomorrow.

The next morning had arrived; a Saturday morning. A day that anyone would enjoy to rest in and also enjoy their freedom of not having any important duty to work upon, especially for young children and teenagers that didn’t like school. Well not for Yuki Sohma, who was getting dress up with a determinate expression upon his face while glancing at his own reflection on the mirror he had in his room.

Yuki was going to the library in the city. He needed to do some investigation upon the mystery of Arista Clark. The hint of her having probably a secret like his own made him be more curious to search the truth behind her behavior. He gave a light nod to his reflection before walking out of his room toward the stairs that lead him to the first floor of the house.

“Where are you going so early, Yuki?” The gentle female voice of Tohru was heard from the entrance door of the kitchen, which was connected to the living room that Yuki was passing by.

“I’m going to the library, Miss Honda. I have to do some important research that’s all.” Yuki replied to his female friend with a small smile on his lips.

Tohru lightly nodded at him with a small smile on her own, while in her mind she wondered if it had to do about his position of being the President of their school. In her opinion, Yuki overwork himself too much for his own good and he needed a distraction or anything that made him be out of focus, of only thinking about school. If only she knew that he wasn’t thinking about school for once in his life.

“Oh, alright, but wouldn’t it better if you have some breakfast and then go to the library?” Tohru asked in suggestion, hoping Yuki will accept.

Yuki couldn’t help but to give her a genuine smile at her concern has he accepted her offer with a simple nod and walk inside the kitchen with her to fill his stomach with warm food, before taking his journey to the library. He would probably be there all day, until he find what he needed, so at least eating something might keep him far away from been worried about passing out from lack of food.

After spending almost two hours glancing upon many books that hold the bookshelves walls of the library. Yuki Sohma came to realize, upon what subject precisely should he began his search?

‘If she supposes to have something relative to our curse then… Zodiac must be…’ The young man thought, while his dark purple eyes slowly move from cover to cover until they lay upon a large soft cover book of title words were: “All types of Zodiacs.” Yuki raise his hand to take the book out from between other two and flick it over lightly, placing the cover to rest gently against his open palm and began to read each page carefully, not wanting to miss any important note that might be the answer to the mystery of Arista Clark.

A few minutes have passed and finally, Yuki’s eyes caught the sight of a familiar shape of symbol. The symbol was in shape of an arrow that represented an archer. “Where have I seen you before?” Yuki asked out loud has he kept glancing at the shape, trying to refresh his memory with the form of it.

“That’s a pretty necklace you have, Arista.” Tohru smiled at her observing the necklace closely once Arista looked down to her neck and took out the necklace.

The necklace had a delicate golden chain and on Arista’s hand there was a symbol in form of an archer (Sagittarius) it was also golden, in fact it was 14k of gold. Arista looked at it with a small smile.

“This is a necklace passed down in my family for generations, and time by time they tried to craft the necklaces pure and new for the new generation to wear them. My other 13 cousins have their own necklace, including my brother…”

“Her necklace…” Yuki lightly whispered the answer in a surprise tone.

He just realized that she indeed had a connection to a Zodiac, like him, but from a different kind. The holder of the book flicked back a few pages to see what kind was it. The topic of the chapter was, “The Western/Greek Zodiac”. The word Greek caught the attention of the young man. Yuki knew Arista came from a family that their origins were of Greece. This information had helped him to know a little bit about Arista, just like putting anothee puzzle in place to see the real image of her.

With a satisfied nod and a small smile that grace the young man’s face. He closed the book on his hands and walk toward the main counter to rent out the book for a few days to keep up with his research.

A sweet breeze passed around a young man making his dark gray hair swiftly moved with its current. The young man was Yuki Sohma, who was strolling down the concrete path of the Peace Memorial Park of the city; it felt actually pleasant the clean and peaceful atmosphere that surrounded him. All the daily dilemmas that passed through any person’s life could be sweep away from their mind, just letting you have the feeling of been free for once in your life.

A small smile grace Yuki’s handsome face, while his dark purple eyes took everything in sight with delight from the Sakura trees to one of the rivers that surrounded the park. Suddenly his eyes caught the sight of the familiar figure of Arista Clark, after all who else had a magenta hair color?

Arista was sitting upon one of the many benches of the park, facing toward the glowing water of the river, because of the noon sunlight that rest against the liquid and gentle flow of the current of the water and having two Sakura trees in full blossom on each side of the bench. Yuki was surprise to see that Arista’s hair was out of the bun, she usually wears for school and now reach to the middle of her back, letting the wind tease her magenta lock of hair making it flow gently with it.

The sight before Yuki was dreamily remarkable in his dark purple eyes. It wasn’t everyday he sees a girl like Arista to seem peaceful and free around the calm atmosphere, unlike her worried and distant appearance around school. Yuki took a deep breath in, feeling a light nervous feeling taking over his body before he stroll toward her bench hoping he wasn’t invading her personal moment.

“Hello, Ms. Clark.” Yuki called out to her softly been careful not to disturbed the calmness around them both.

Arista had been deep in thought to even notice any footsteps approaching her and when she lightly glance to her right side to see Yuki Sohma, she was slightly surprise and worried, but her worries went away slowly when she didn’t care if she was caught talking to him since she was in her element.

“Oh… Hello, Mr. Sohma, is very nice to see you today.” Arista softly greeted with a small smile gracing her light pink lips.

Arista look a bit better then the last time Yuki saw her and he was really grateful for it since he was worried for her well being, after leaving the infirmary yesterday. Yuki gave her a light smile to join hers before questioning with his dark purple eyes if he could take a spot beside her on the bench and was answer with a light nod and a gentle pat from her hand on the wooden surface of the bench in encouragement to be welcome to sit beside Arista.

Both were in complete silence, but it was a calm and comforting silence while they were trying to figure out what could they start a conversation without the mean of saying anything out of place or inconvenient, not wanting to put the person beside each of other uncomfortable.

“You seem better than yesterday, Ms. Clark, and for that I’m glad. You had all of us worried, after you left.” Yuki carefully said, breaking the silence between them, showing his concern to the young woman beside him.

Arista felt guilty making each of them worried with her display yesterday, but she couldn’t help it. After letting sickness taking over, she felt foolish for making a small but important trouble become an effect upon her body. It made her be clear that even her body can speak for itself if it was suffering or in this case that she was suffering. The young woman let out a soft sighed escaped her light pink lips before glancing at the young man beside her.

“I apologize for my behavior… I just felt… Afraid… For what I cause to myself to even recoil my actions that day. I also apologize for making each of you worried for me, especially Tohru. You must understand that is very unusual for me to have people looking after me, after so many years of living an in depended life.” Arista started apologize and also explaining herself, feeling that just a simple “sorry” wouldn’t be enough because of how she acted yesterday.

Yuki couldn’t help but have a genuine smile has he heard her apology to him. Arista didn’t seem like the kind of girl, who doesn’t like to have anyone be involve in her troubles and only help herself in everything she did. It just sounded like Tohru, all though Arista wouldn’t let anyone help her at all has much has she needs to.

“Is alright, Ms. Clark, you don’t have to explain yourself to me or anyone. We were just simply worried, but I’m glad I got to see that you look better today.” Yuki gently said with a smile, slowly placing his hand on top of her own, which were place upon her lap.

Arista felt a light heat feeling inside her cheeks that she knew to be a blush. Others would find it exaggerated that a simple touch could make this girl blush, but for Arista it meant a lot. It was unusual for this young woman to have a gentle touch of affection with real emotion of concern behind it. The gesture was simple, genuine and truthful that it even made Arista’s heart feel content to have at least someone to worry about her.

But the question will be, would Arista let this small affection to bloom in her heart, just to see if there was light within the dark affection she had learn to live in? She was afraid. And that fear didn’t let her take a chance to see more than what she already knew. What if she ended up been hurt more? She was already in a darkness that only promise her pain and suffering without a chances to have nothing else. It did sound ridiculous to think that a young man like Yuki Sohma would lead her to that kind of life, but Arista couldn’t help to let her fear take over into thinking only negatively of the simple action.

Arista slowly and gently took her hand out of under Yuki’s hand and quickly used it to place a strand of her hair behind her ear. Slowly and gently to let the feeling of each individual’s skin linger against each other and quickly to make the movement of pushing her hair back has an excuse to not offend him.

Yuki have felt a disappointment grew deep into his heart, but he didn’t understood why, unlike his inner feelings and body did. He might be a brilliant young man, but when it had to come about his emotions, he would be a bit clueless until he had a small time of his own to analyze it for a moment, but the distraction of wantings to feel her soft skin against his smooth one was making it impossible for him to do.

“I… I really thank you, Yuki… If you really weren’t there to catch me, I might have probably gotten hurt more. You are a life savior…” Arista softly complimented with a genuine smile and also using his name instead of his last name; it felt just right to use it in the moment they were both in.

Yuki felt an unexplainable feeling flew within him has he heard his name coming from Arista’s lips in that gentle tone she used to refer him. Even to the point that his dark purple eyes were widen on how surprise he was with it, but slowly they return to their natural state has a mimic genuine smile appeared on him.

“You are welcome, Arista.” Yuki gently said; loving the feeling that her name made as it escaped his lips.

The exchange moment was perfect to the point that it became special for each individual in their hearts has they keep an intense glance between each other. Not a care for the world that surrounded them, but only them and the scenario that surrounded them. The soft light of the early sunset rested against the gentle currents of the river that was in front of them, giving it a soft glow of yellow and orange, but still keeping the light blue color of the sky. The wind that moved gently and smoothly against them with Sakura petals to show the currents of the unseen air that seem to be dancing around them, while the whole scenario join to make a soft music with their own natural sound.

“I have to go back home…” The soft whisper came from the young woman that still didn’t want to look away from the beautiful picture before her.

Yuki felt the need to defy her departure, not wanting for the beautiful moment to be gone with her and leaving him alone, but to stay with him by his side. Unfortunately, the young man knew it was impossible for him to capture this moment in a picture that he could stare at for hours, but only to satisfy him by having it in his mind and heart.

“Good bye, Arista.” Yuki gently replied his parting, still entranced with the effect of the moment.

“Good bye, Yuki.” Arista gently replied her parting with a soft smile upon her lips, before daring herself to do something she didn’t thought it would ever cross her mind. She slowly leaned in and lightly placed her lips upon his cheek.

A small but strong gesture from her part, before swiftly standing from the bench she sat almost all day to walk down the concrete path of the Peace Memorial Park, leaving a surprise and blushing Yuki Sohma still sitting on the bench.

Yuki gently raise his fingertips to trace the feeling of her lips against his warm cheek. It was an unusual gesture upon him since he had never let a girl come close to him before, because of his curse, but knowing that a girl, who wasn’t his cousin, could be able to touch him was an amazing feeling; a feeling that made him feel whole and craving more for the simple and gentle affection.

The young man let a wide smile grace his face, before standing from the bench and to began walking toward Shigure’s house, still having that same expression all the way and longing to know if he will get to see Arista soon.

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