Fruits Basket: 12 Zodiacs! 12 Astros!

The Twins

The moment Yuki Sohma had arrived to Shigure’s house, in Saturday afternoon. He had a wide smile upon his face. The other habitants (Tohru, Kyo and Shigure) that live with him had being wondering what would had happened to Yuki to have that smile? For this was very unusual. But Yuki simple kept his smile, ignoring their curious eyes as he walked up the stairs toward his room, forgetting about dinner. That same afternoon he did a bit of his research about the Greek Zodiac until the night came by to then fell into a blissfully slumber with the vivid image of that magical moment within a dream.

The next day, a beautiful morning just like yesterday. The perfect day to be outside and to enjoy it with other people; for example in Shigure’s house, Tohru was doing her daily cleaning around the house while having Kyo helping her in a few things she couldn’t do or reached. This two were enjoying their silent and comfortable company. There wasn’t much to say between them, for it was unnecessary. Tohru raised her head to glance at Kyo to give him a shy and genuine smile as he helped her move the couch, grateful of his helping hand; although the feeling of a blush was going to be form soon on her cheeks. Kyo would always return it with a small smile of his own, which still felt odd for him to have upon his lips since he rarely did in his childhood and was oblivious about Tohru’s pink cheeks, thinking it was the heat from the hard work around the house.

Everyone did knew that these two persons, Kyo and Tohru, had something between them and to think has such would be correct. But both of them were shy to even make the first move upon the other, although it doesn’t mean that their friends (Saki, Arisa and cousins in Kyo’s side) weren’t making the impossible for this couple be together and to have an official relationship in their life.

Their silent moment was interrupted by light steps walking down the stairs that enter the living room. The person was no other than, Yuki Sohma. The expression of his face was back to its usual self, but his dark purple eyes still hold that glow from the effect of yesterday afternoon. It made the two teenagers in the room remember the strange behavior of the new commoner of the room and didn’t hold back to ask him what had happened.

“Morning Yuki,” Tohru greeted with a sweet smile and a casual wave as greeting and also like an opening to the bold question she was about to make to the addressed young man, “I’m sorry for intrude, Yuki, but I was curious to know what happened yesterday afternoon that got you to be so happy?” Tohru let out the question in the most careful way possible but still get to the point on getting an answer to her curiosity.

“Yeah, damn rat! What made you so…” Kyo began to snapped at Yuki in his loud and exasperating tone, giving his cousin a quickly glance up and down with his right eye twitching at the disgusting behavior of his cousin and rival yesterday, with the following words of, “…Unlike you.” Kyo finished his sentence, very much honest with the emotion behind it.

Yuki rolled his eyes at the tone of voice Kyo used toward him, but ignore it because he won’t let his cousin ruin his nice day. He strolled in the direction of a corner of the living room to clean it up a bit, even though the work was already been made by Tohru and Kyo. He just took his time to answer before glancing their way.

“In my way returning home, I stumble upon the figure of… Miss Clark.” Yuki began to say, taking a small pause upon the battle of either saying her name or last name, but the latter came out naturally since he had never said Arista’s name in front of Tohru or Kyo before.

Tohru’s large brown eyes lighten up at the mention of Arista and a lot of questions passed through her head, but decided on the easiest one, “Is Arista all right?” She asked her voice full of concern. Kyo didn’t show it upon his face, always having that serious and grumpy expression, but gave his attention to his cousin, meaning he was curious to know also about the news.

Yuki gave Tohru a reassurance nod before answering, “She seemed to be healthy again, still a bit distant but that’s expected.” He softly said the last words, almost like he was thinking out loud while holding his chin and glancing down at the wooden floor.

“I’m glad she is.” Tohru gently said, sighing with relief before having a smile on her face.

“Did you find out anything about her?” Kyo curiously asked as he raised an eyebrow toward his cousin Yuki.

The moment he heard the question, Yuki raised his head to glance at his cousin, Kyo. He thought of all the similarities which they both have with Arista upon possession a zodiac curse, only differently. But will they be capable of helping her through the pain, just like Tohru have taught them to reach among each other into be together instead of having separated lives and be strangers with each other? Yuki did believe he could and it was time for him to help someone, who could be suffering the same past as him and with that in mind, he gave his cousin a simple nod as his answer. After that he explained what he found so far about the Clark family.

Hours later; after mainly explained to Kyo and Tohru about what the Greek Zodiac, in those few hours Shigure had joined in and was focused very well in the whole fact that the Clark family had a curse. Shigure had the suspicious of it since he had a few other three students in his high school year that had a peculiar behavior whenever they were around them (Sohma’s) and were absent in some specific months.

“Well, boys and, of course, Tohru; you’ll all have to keep a close eye on Arista for now on around school,” Shigure’s voice was finally heard after the conversation. He raised his arms up to place each of his hands on top of Yuki’s and Kyo’s heads, ruffling their hair as he finished his sentence, “And you both better behave.” He said with a wide grin, in his playful tone.

“I always do behave, Shigure, is that stupid cat that has a problem with the word.” Yuki quickly replied, while fixing up his hair to his usual style.

“A problem? I will show you a problem!” Kyo shouted in his hot-head attitude as he swung a fist toward Yuki, who gracefully dodged without any effort.

The whole sighted made Tohru deeply sighed with a frown as she did the best, but ignored them and plan the meal of the day.

The next day followed, which was Monday and the three teenagers were walking down the path of the Peace Memorial Park to reach their school. Different thoughts entered their minds; Kyo was wondering what would take place at their school upon their secret life, Tohru was curious to know on how she will find Arista and what more could she discover about the Greek girl, and Yuki was having the same thoughts of Tohru, but also wondering how will the scene that happen on Saturday afternoon will affect their public facade in front of everyone.

The gate of the school was caught within their sight and they decided to wait for Arista as usually. The minutes passed and they didn’t see her, not even the unique color of her magenta hair. The small group begun to feel worried of what had become of their friend, but they couldn’t wait any longer because the school bell banged loudly announcing it was time to be inside their classes, before the next bell rang. They glanced among each other, before making the decision of going to their class. Hopefully Arista will arrive to school. She’s just late, right?

But unfortunately, Tohru haven’t seeing Arista in any of her classes. Her fearful suspicious were becoming true, but wait. ‘Didn’t Yuki said she seem healthy and that she was back to her normal self again?’ Tohru mused as she was reaching the locker room after a whole day of school. Only a few students were left behind still waiting for their parents to pick them up, but eventually the school became empty through to the minutes. ‘Then, where is she?’ The brown haired girl wondered in concern as she opened the door of her locker.

“Excuse me.” The gentle tone of a female voice had caught the attention of Tohru, taking her away from her thoughts to pay attention to a young woman and young man around her age.

Both figures had a navy color hair that adorned their heart shape face, which was cut in long layers from front to short toward the back as the front edges reached above their shoulder. Tohru could notice that they were twins, almost identical if it weren’t for the obvious sexual appealing that separate their gender and also their different eyes color; the female had bright gray eyes that shine just like the moon in the night while the male had a bright golden honey color eyes that also shine just like the bright sun in the sky on clear days. Their fashion trend was almost similar, if it weren’t for their different gender, Tohru would have believe they would have wear the same clothes only different colors, if they were of same gender; it would be expect by twins either way. The young woman wore a light brown shapeless jacket, followed by loosen aged green short added by black leggings under the shorts and aged leather boots that reach to her ankles. It seemed she didn’t like to show off her thin, but slender figure since her jacket hid her body well from others. However, the young man didn’t mind to let his leather brown jacket to enfold his figure well over his white shirt, which either might be long sleeve or short sleeve. Tohru would never know. He had a still wearable aged blue jean with leather brown shoes to assent with his leather jacket.

“Yes, Can I help you?” Tohru kindly replied to young woman, who had spoken to her. She had a friendly and shy smile gracing her face as she observed the two persons before her. She did also notice that the female seemed to be more carefree, while the male was a bit more restrain, although the same atmosphere of her sister, Tohru presumed, lingered around him, but unlike his sister didn’t show it so free among others, meaning strangers.

“I surely hope you can.” The female answered with same smile as Tohru, “My name is Rosalind Clark and this is my brother Roswell Clark,” Rosalind happily said while pointing to her brother as she did the presentation for both of them, “We are cousins of Arista Clark and we were hoping if you knew how we can reach any of her teachers. We want to leave a note for her next absent these following days.” Rosalind softly said, still holding her happy and carefree atmosphere, but her eyes did betray a bit of sorrow at her words.

Just the moment they had mentioned their last name, Tohru was excited to know finally the reason of Arista not be among them in school. But suddenly she frowned when the news about Arista be absent for few days. What could have possibly caused that unusual occurrence?

“Well, I can sho-”

“It would be easy if you leave the message with me.” The voice of Yuki had cut Tohru off as she spoke. He gave her small apologetic smile, who returned it with her own kind smile, before turning his attention to the two persons of who he had caught the conversation they were having with Tohru.

“And you are?” The male, Roswell, arched an eyebrow as he asked after so many minute of silence and his voice was deep, but smooth as he said every word, also if anyone would be paying close attention, he had a small accent in his words, just like his sister, Rosalind. It was the Greek accent. Tohru didn’t expect this tone of voice, or for him to talk at all. She almost believed him to be mute, but was embarrassed to know she was wrong.

“I’m the student president of this school, Yuki Sohma.” Yuki simply answered to the young man, his dull purple eyes scanning them, just like Tohru did a few minutes ago. But he was searching for something more meaning full than their clothes or personalities. A teasing gleamed was caught within his sight. The two figures were wearing a necklace, but the female’s were silver, while the male’s were gold and a symbol of two roman number (II) hang securely in the delicate chain and rested against their chest.

A secret glance between the siblings happened when they heard the name of the student president. ‘So he is a Sohma…’ The thought lazily passed through Roswell mind, for he wasn’t alarmed and furious, unlike a certain head of the family, he knew well. Rosalind could understand the side reason of Ruben been worried about Yuki Sohma, for this young man had an appealing atmosphere, beside the obvious handsome features he possessed. No wondered Arista felt safe close to him, for Rosalind felt it as well; Yuki showed to be a calm, collected and well behave gentleman, unlike Ruben, who was a hot-head, overpowering and ruthless man.

“I’m glad you can help us, Mr. Sohma!” Rosalind happily exclaim, before his brother had a chance to do. Roswell arched his eyebrow to his sister over excited reaction, but didn’t say anything regarding it, knowing it was her usual self, so why would he find it unexpected? “We’re homeschooled to even know how the system of a school runs around here. Arista unexpectedly got sick this weekend, so she won’t assist for a few days until she recovers! We don’t want anyone else get sick, right?” Rosalind cheerfully grinned under the lie she had just said to them.

“Oh, that’s strange… I saw her on Saturday and she seemed alright to me.” Yuki comment in low tone rubbing his chin in an act up deep thought with the intention for the twin Clark to hear him. He didn’t believe in the words Rosalind just informed him. Ever since he saw the bruise of Arista’s wrist, he knew there was something wrong going on in the place she lived in.

A gleamed of worried and nervousness grace the eyes of the twins, while they kept a neutral or normal stare upon the Sohma. They didn’t know Yuki and Arista saw each other before, which also explain the current state of Arista.

‘He’s clever also...’ Rosalind mused in admiration as she watched carefully the young man before her.

Roswell suddenly narrowed his eyes at Yuki Sohma. He knew what he was doing perfectly. Trying to make them react upon getting nervous to an extreme level they would spilled the beans into his palm. ‘Clever little Sohma…’ The male twin thought bitterly, before taking hands in the matter, “One of our cousins was ill and she most had caught it in the weekend.” He replied in a sincere tone to the point of no leaving any space for an argument, without getting his golden honey eyes off the Sohma.

Tohru didn’t like how this conversation was developing. It was has simply leaving a note of Arista absent and for them, Rosalind and Roswell, to be going home later. So why was Yuki making it all complicated? Did he know something more about Arista than he lead on?

Yuki didn’t want to start an argument, but he wanted to know the truth. The time will come and he will be ready for it. “Of course I will spread the word among her teachers of her absent; just like Ms. Honda will do in the same classes she has with Ms. Clark.” Yuki gave them a light smile, but it didn’t have any friendly atmosphere, but a cautious and suspicious intend.

The twins were satisfied with his respond as they nodded and bowed lightly their good bye, before walking out of the school grounds to the outside world beyond the borders of the gate.

“Yuki…” Tohru gently called to the young man beside her, who was still watching the same path the twins had taken a few minutes ago. He was still recalling the words that had been spoken to them and he was sure there wasn’t off going on in the Clark family and also the fact he had to figure what did the symbols in their necklace meant. Yuki glanced at Tohru and with a silent and small nod told her to continue. Tohru hesitate upon asking her question, just searching the right words to continue, “You know something isn’t well, right?”

Yuki didn’t answer her at all, which gave her an actual answer than the needed words she was looking for. Tohru thought of changing the subject. She didn’t like the aura it was emitting between them.

“Where’s Kyo?” The brown haired asked when she took note on how quiet it was between them. Not saying that Kyo was a loud mouth, but he always had a way to fill the silence that was within their small group.

An amused smile graced Yuki’s face as he glanced at Tohru to answer, “Cleaning the class homeroom. He got in trouble in class because of Ms. Uotani. They both began to argue in class and now they are in detention for it and as reward cleaning the class homeroom.” Yuki lightly chuckled after he explained, before doing his change of items with his locker.

Tohru gently smiled at the quick change that the question did to Yuki, but she didn’t if to feel bad for Kyo upon his suffering, when the result was making Yuki amused and content. For once, she will be happy for Yuki as he laughed, in his own silence of course, the misery of his rival and cousin, Kyo.

In another location, far away distant of the city to the Clark resident to be precise was the direction the twins, Rosalind and Roswell, were walking toward to enter. They had fulfilled their task, well not exactly how they were instructed to do, but it was done and nobody had to know how it was accomplished.

“You’re back.” The obvious statement was made by Nina, who was walking toward them as one of the twins closed the door after entering the main house. “I believe everything went well?” Nina asked calmly without showing any emotion upon her delicate face.

“Yes, all her teachers understood and will give her a week to do her homework when she recovers and get back in school.” Roswell answered been the strongest among the twin to inflict an accurate told lie, for he wasn’t sure himself if his word might happen, but Nina didn’t need to know that.

“Good, I will inform Ruben.” Nina quickly said turning around in the same direction she came from down the hall. She was more gladly to be around Ruben after Arista screwed up to keep her promise.

The twins watched her with hatred glares the moment her back was turn to them. They knew she hated Arista and was taking this opportunity like a free candy after cheating in a game. Roswell began to take his first steps toward another hallway in the direction of his own room, while his sister, Rosalind, decided to take another hallway where he knew hold his cousin, Arista.

Ever since Rosalind encountered Yuki Sohma, she had an instinct feeling that giving Arista news about him, at least of his presence, in her current state might lighten up her mood. Reaching a wooden door that belong to the woman in interest, Rosalind softly knock on the door before sliding open the door to let herself inside since Arista couldn’t much stand up to answer.

“Rosalind…” A dry and low voice called out from the bed that was in the center of the room, covered in light shadow for the sun ray of light didn’t reach the bed for now the day was turning into a sunset. The figure was lying under the cover of the bed that now reached her waist for her upper half was laying down in small mountain of pillows to make her comfortable. That was Arista Clark.

“How are you feeling, Arista?” Rosalind gently asked as she approached the bed and carefully took a sit on the side of the occupant bed.

“Dumb question.” Was the respond from the one in questioned.

Arista snappy answered made Rosalind lightly smirk in amusement. Not because she was enjoying the pain on her, which she wasn’t, except Arista had a peculiar and snappy attitude whenever she was in pain or annoyed.

“I take the hint. Not a good day, but I bet something might cheer you up.” Rosalind began to say, who was glad to see the interest and curious gleam in her cousin’s eyes. The twin female reached out for the string of the lamp on the night table, pulling at it to make the room be in engulfed with clarity because of the light.

Rosalind slightly frowned as she observed Arista again, after she had left today to deliver the message. Arista had a bend on her left cheek from the cut she receive of a hard slap; a purple bruise under it to blend horribly against her crème color skin. Even more bruises of two hands print appeared around her neck from the strangling they have cause on her. And those bruises were followed by other upon her stomach, which were covered with the upper part of her nightgown caused by a kick after throwing her on the floor. All inflict by Ruben.

Rosalind knew she was helpless against that man, for he knew her weaknesses. Arista and Ruben were bonded by the same month and relationship within the Greek Gods and Goddesses. Ruben’s God let his wife take role in his month, while he took lead to make sure each one of the Astros would follow his command and desire. That’s what Arista’s Goddess became to be, even if the Goddess within her was strong and smart, under that man. She was powerless.

“I saw him today.” Rosalind continued with small smile, trying to keep focus on Arista’s face instead of the bend.

Arista’s bright purple gave a knowing indication of who this him might be. She didn’t know if to be happy or anxious to know about him, but the hidden desire of knowing how he was, in partly everything about him made Rosalind grinned upon knowing that Arista did actually fancy Yuki Sohma, but kept it a silent secret between them.

“He is a clever and handsome man, Arista. I envy you!” Rosalind exclaimed excited to tell her cousin, but still kept a low tone for the wall had ears. (-coughs- Nina –coughs-) “Where could I find a man like him is beyond me?!” Rosalind playfully dramatized while bathing her thick eyelashes in a dreamy state.

Arista blushed at her reaction toward Yuki Sohma. She knew Yuki was clever, but handsome? Who is she fooling? Of course, she knew Yuki was handsome! He was a Prince in their school. The man had a crazy and obsessed fan club, who worship him in secret and if they could, would be kissing ever step he took around the world. And if they did, Arista wouldn’t be surprise.

“Under the label of “S” in the market,” Arista began her playful answer with a smirk as she continued, “Oh but wait. He’s an original edition, tough luck, Rosalind. Maybe next time.” Arista said those last words with a light laugh being careful with her offended stomach.

Rosalind joined her with her own laughter and happy to see her cousin true color under the shallow portrayed of her figure. Her instinct were right, Arista’s mood had lighten up thank to the man they were talking about.

“Thank you, Rosalind.” Arista gently said with a smile, grateful for the small light in her now.

“Anytime, Arista.” Rosalind softly replied with a smile of her own.

Rosalind stood up from the borrowed side of the bed and took her first step in direction of the door, but slowly turned around toward Arista, who glanced up in wonder for what more could her cousin most tell her. “If I get to see him tomorrow, do you have any message for him?” Rosalind asked in hope she might do have.

Arista blinked her eyes in surprise for the request, before glancing down at her lap, closing her in deep thought. Her thoughts drift toward that day at the park and been surrounded by Sakura petals.

“Tell him…” Arista began to say with her eyes still closed, keeping the memory vivid within the darkness of her sight as she continued, “That Sakura flowers are my favorite to enjoy with someone.” Arista opened her eyes to see Rosalind with curious and soft eyes. A happy smile was on her face, “He will know what it means.” She ended her message with those words.

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