Fruits Basket: 12 Zodiacs! 12 Astros!

Astros' Triangle Love: Part 1

Brown gentle eyes filled with worry as the young woman glanced across the living room she occupied at the moment. The owner of the brown eyes was Tohru Honda; and she had been feeling in such manner ever since her friend, Yuki Sohma had arrived. Apparently the conversation with the female twin didn’t end so well, like Tohru had hopefully thought it would. Yuki arrived in a very much silent behavior, even more than his usual one, which was calm and collected, but this kind of silent was filled with despair and resentment. It was of high alert to feel worried about it and Tohru being the nice and gentle person she was, it remained like a second nature to be worried about others before her. Unlike Kyo who was glaring at Yuki, because the behavior of his cousin and rival was unnerving and annoying.

“Snap out of it, damn rat! Your energy is attracting pest inside the house!” Kyo shouted in irritation within the action of kicking out a rat that was about to enter the house, just like many others that were passing by to reach the one curse with the rat spirit sitting on the couch.

Tohru was shocked from the unexpected shout that came from the orange haired young man since she was so deep in thought about Yuki’s behavior, wondering what went wrong ever since he had arrived and not a single word got out of his mouth. Suddenly her eyes widen in astonish at the next action that took place making her scream, “Kyo!”

Kyo let his annoyance overtake him and walked his way over to Yuki’s form sitting on the couch and punched the latter across the face. Yuki fell off the couch to hit the ground, but gracefully stood up and glared at his cousin before launching his own set of martial art moves against Kyo, who meet each punch, kick and block with the same potential and skill. Both cousins knew this wasn’t like one of their usual fights; for the reason that their fights were about the insult they gave each other, which was considered a playful argument with Kyo losing in the end every single time they were together in the same room each day. However, this fight was about letting the negative emotions inside Yuki out with their practical battle and Kyo willingly let himself be used as a punching bag since he partially understood the sentiment his cousin was coming from.

Tohru was about to stand up and made a stop to this pointless fight, but a hand on her shoulder a halt her action making her glance at the owner of the hand. Shigure was standing beside her, having a serious stare upon his face as he silent shacked his head to her, in message that she will not interfered. Tohru gently frowned, but understood the meaning as she turned to glance at the fighters across the room. Even if their usual fights were foolish, she still felt the need of preventing them from doing so, but Kyo and Yuki understood each other and knew was best for the other.

Finally, after minutes of kicking and punching; Yuki ended the battle by kicking his cousin Kyo on the chin, who was launched outside the house with the usual process of going through the paper sliding door making Shigure whine in fake tears at the hole now upon his front door. “Not again!” Shigure shouted has he ran toward the door keeping his fake tears rolling down his cheeks as he mourn the “critical” condition of his door while ignoring the fact that Kyo was outside his house groaning in pain from the hit.

Poor Tohru had a sweat drop from all the display in front of her; however Yuki was back to his calm and collected self but with a slight anger in his eyes, while Shigure was dramatically crying over a door and Kyo with his face on the ground in obvious pain. A heavy sighed escaped her mouth for she was now certain of being the only sane in this house. Tohru gently glance toward Yuki since her concern was still upon him, “Will you tell us what’s wrong, Yuki?” She asked gaining the attention of the one mention and also of the others that stopped their own display. Shigure stopped his tears and became serious once more while Kyo was glancing through the hole on the now broken door with a bruise on his chin.

Yuki softly sighed while rubbing his temple since a small headache was starting to form as he thought everything that had happened so far in the mystery of the Clark family and Arista, herself. He gently glanced at Tohru and his anger vanished from his dark purple eyes, for she caused that effect on him. “What’s wrong, Miss Honda is…” He took a small pause before continuing, “…That Arista comes from a family just like the Sohma’s.” Suddenly Yuki’s eyes widen when he realize the mistake he had done. ‘Did I just say her name instead of Miss Clark?!’ Yuki alertly thought with the also hope that nobody notice his mistake.

“So, my suspicious were right.” These were the words of Shigure when he patiently sat down on the couch.

This declaration made heads turn toward the adult in the house, “What do you mean, Shigure?!” The three teenagers exclaimed in unison.

Shigure felt small and nervous under their stares, especially the ones coming from Yuki since he was more concerned about this matter more than anyone in the house at moment. “Well…” Shigure began to say, his voice sounding a bit pitched until he cleared his throat and his voice return to normal which made him continue, “You see, I knew three students by the last name of Clark, who turn out to be cousins. One was a girl and the other two boys.”

“Were they in the same grade like Hatori, my brother and you?” Yuki asked, showing interest, for once, over a story related to his brother, Ayame.

“Yes… They were…” Shigure confirmed as he nodded while having a thoughtful stare upon his features, “I remembered the day when they were new students …” His voice softly trail off has the memory resurface in his mind.

“Alright, students! Calm Down! And may I have you attention, please!?” The senior grade homeroom teacher called out, waving her hand gently to grasp the attention of those still students that were distracted; like Shigure and Ayame Sohma, who were talking in a hushed sound about girls and events since Ayame was president by that time. “We have new students from Greece and I want you to welcome them.” The teacher gently said with a small smile before waving her other arm at the door.

Three students walked inside the classroom making every each set of eyes to follow them until they stopped in a line in front of the class. One was a girl, who had long wavy golden hair that reach to her lower back but short around her heart shape face. Enchanting and bright brown eyes that were frame with thin and straight golden eyebrow; a straight bridge and pointy nose under it full and luscious cherry lips. Her body was of average weight with curves and medium torso for a young woman of 5’6; the mention body structure was cover in the usual navy color sailor suit of the Hiroshima high school.

One of the boys was of long black shaggy hair while the other had the same style only dark red hair color which was frame around their sharp heart shape face. The one of black hair had dark and piercing blue eyes while the other of dark red hair had also dark with a hint of mysterious but enchanting golden eyes both having framed thick and straight eyebrow followed by narrowed and small noses and under thin lips, although the black haired one had it a bit more fuller then the dark red haired. The back haired was 5’10 because his right leg bone structure was shorted than his other one, meaning he was a bit shorten than the dark red haired young man, whose height was 5’11 but both had a tone-build body which was covered in navy male high school suit.

“Please, present yourselves.” The teacher gently to her new student, before making her way to her desk and prepare to give her class after they would be finished.

“Greetings! My name is Amanda Clark.” The golden haired young woman gently greeted with a charming smiled lighting up her face making a lot of boys swing into almost drooling on their desks. She was very much excited into meeting new faces, unlike the other two on each side of her, who took their time into greeting the classroom.

“My name is Ash Clark.” The black haired young man said with voice deep and husky provoking feminine light sighs and squeaks among the female students.

“And I am Marcus Clark.” The dark red hair young man also said with his voice also deep but smooth, unlike the other male. It also cause for female to sigh and squeak in their girlish way into knowing two handsome men.

With that done, the teacher rose from her chair placing her hands on the desk, before speaking to her new students. “Please take your sits.” The woman gave them a kind smile which was like a queue for them to move as she also did to begin her class.

The three new students sat in a line where they will all be together with the female Clark being in the middle of the two males. Through the entire time, Shigure’s dark brown eyes were following Amanda, ever since she was in front of the classroom to her school desk and lucky for him it was just beside him.

With the feeling of eyes upon her, Amanda glanced around the class until her light brown eyes encountered Shigure’s dark ones. She gave him a kind smile with a light wave of her left hand before giving her attention back to the teacher. In that small moment, Shigure felt some sort of connection with her and he promised to himself that he will get to know her much more than just her name.

“…And as the months passed, the Clark cousins began to be suspicious.” Shigure gently said, ending half of his story and explanation. He had his eyes close for a moment with his hands hiding inside the sleeves of his yukata.

“Suspicious? In what way?” Yuki asked, raising an eyebrow at this little detail, but suddenly blink when he realized that he sounded like a detective when he asked the question. Was he really getting into this mystery of Arista Clark?

“I never understood it, but they were each absent in a different month...” Shigure simply answered. His eyebrow furrowed slightly as he was thoughtful and began to tell next part of the story…

Shigure was glancing around the classroom. He was in search of the Greek golden beauty that had been in his grade for the past few months. However, as much as he searched high and low for her, she was nowhere to be found. They both, Amanda and Shigure had become acquaintance with each other. Well, he wanted to call it friends, but Amanda told him that wouldn’t be wise to say it out loud and had a good reason why that he would never understand. Shigure didn’t say anything, but agreed and now today, he was going to tell her how he felt about the matter. Only if he could…

“Looking for her, Sohma?” The deep and husky hissed of Ash Clark was heard from behind Shigure, who turned around to face the one that had spoken and Marcus Clark that were standing beside his cousin with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Excuse me? Who?” Shigure gently asked with a goofy grin, trying to play it smoothly on pretending not knowing who he was referring to.

“Don’t play games with me, Sohma! I’ve notice the way she had been looking at you ever since we got into this school!” Ash darkly hissed, almost rising up his voice as his piercing blue eyes were fixed upon his encounter.

Shigure slightly narrowed his dark brown eyes. He was glaring at Ash and Marcus as he kept quiet. He wasn’t going to confirmed neither denied anything that the former male had clarified. Amanda had told him to keep a secret their friendship and he will. However, if Ash kept talking, he might find out why the secrecy.

“I won’t let someone like you…” Ash said with a growl, pointing a long and thin finger at Shigure as he continued, “…take her away from me. She’s mine!” He almost shouted trying to keep the conversation between the three. Still, a few students that were passing by have noticed the small dispute, even Ayame and Hatori when they enter the classroom. “So you better forget about her when she gets back, if you know what’s good for you.”

“Are you threatening me?” Shigure asked narrowing his dark brown eyes.

“No, this is just a warning, Sohma. Stay away from her.” Marcus said this time with a calm posture with his hand inside his pant pockets but he was actually glaring. His piercing golden eyes shined brightly making him intimidating to anyone who crossed his path. However, it didn’t work on Shigure like he had intended.

For the next two minutes there was silence, until an unexpectedly fist connected to a cheek. The fist came from Shigure, who had punched Ash across the face. The two were the only one fighting until the next minute Marcus, Ayame and Hatori had joined in to help their cousins. It was five male against each other, one by one receiving hard hits upon the face, chest and gut. At least they were all honorable into avoiding the family jewels.

Marcus didn’t have any problem into giving and avoiding the hits he was receiving from Hatori and Ayame, but he had to admit that these two were agile in also avoiding his own hits. Shigure was attacking more, laying a few hits, but they weren't lethal enough to make his opponent back down since Ash knew how to guard himself up perfectly to avoid most of those lethal hits.

Fifteen minute had passed since the moment they have started arguing and into find a brave group to separate them. Five security men attended the problem and escorted the five fighters to the principal’s office, where they were suspended from the school for a week. That wasn’t so bad compare to facing the head of the family…

“After the fight… Akito had a meeting with the head of the Clark upon what happen that day in school. When it was over, she called us in and told us, in a commanding tone, to be away from them and we follow that order without a question when she didn’t gave us any explanation.” Shigure finally finished his story with a solemn aura around him.

Tohru gently frowned in sympathy with Shigure because she was deducing that Shigure missed Amanda a lot. They used to be friends after all. It made her remember that time when she was an outcast to the Sohma family and Akito didn’t like her at all. But she had won all the cursed Sohma’s hearts with her humble personality. However, it seemed Shigure didn’t have that luck and had to pretend that Amanda didn’t exist until their graduation.

“Let me get this straight…” Yuki began to say with narrowed eyes showing slight of annoyance toward Shigure, “…You had your suspicious that Arista came from the related Clarks of your past, and knew of the consequences that would happen between us and you didn’t say anything!” He snarled at his older cousin letting his anger be present in his body once more.

Shigure’s eye widen in surprise. Yuki’s anger was rare to appeared upon him, it even took a lot to anger him and was more rare if Yuki to address him in such manner when it was mostly at Kyo.

“Yuki! Calm down! Is not Shigure’s fault!” Tohru quickly reacted in defense of Shigure, who seemed to be in shock.

“Yes, it is! If he would have told us this "small" information, we could have prevented for Arista getting hurt by him!” Yuki exposed without thinking the reaction he will gain from the other within the room.

“Who do you mean by ‘him’, Yuki?” Tohru asked in a whispered and timid voice, connecting her brown eyes with the dull purple color than belong to Yuki.

The possessor of the rat spirit deeply grunted, lifting up a hand to brush back a few strands of his unnatural color of gray hair as he felt everyone stare upon him. Yuki felt the emotional exhaustion of the day getting into every fiber within his body and just letting a sigh after sigh seem to do the trick to make himself feel better, but he didn’t know how long would that work. His body was calling out for him to take a rest in his room, but he had a feeling that sleep will be hard for him to gain tonight with so many things going through his mind. He took a moment to recall everything the female twin, Rosalind, have told him to them. Shocked by his words, the others understood the reason Yuki had felt they way he had before the moment he arrived to the house to the point where he snarled at Shigure for not saying anything.

“What do you think we should do then, rat?” Kyo grunted the question, breaking the silence that had taken over the room.

“Just like Rosalind said, we should wait until the moment calls…” Yuki softly whispered before walking away toward his room mumbling his good night, even if something within him told him, no one will have any good night sleep at all tonight.

“Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!” Rosalind angrily hissed at herself, while slapping repeatedly her fore head with an open palm each time she pronounced that certain word. She winced afterward from the pain that the action caused to the offended area. ‘He was in front of you and you didn’t tell him that small message from Arista! I bet she’s expecting an answer back from him!’ She solemnly thought.

“Why did you do it, Rosalind?” The male voice that belonged to her twin brother, Roswell, made her jump in fright before glancing at him with widen grey eyes.

Right… Of all the Clarks in the family, her twin would know that she had a plan in her hands. Because, Roswell and Rosalind, were twins linked by their zodiac; they both couldn’t keep secrets from each other while making them perfect liar to others since they seem too honest to believe they were lying. One could have the vision of the other’s action and also knowing what the other was thinking. Some might considered it a curse for the reason that there was no privacy at all for any of the twins. Yes, it was a curse, but it had its benefit when either of the twins was in danger which neither of the twins bothered to the complained when they became the owner of the zodiac, Gemini.

“Oh my Goodness, Roswell! You’ve scared me!” Rosalind hissed at him, while holding her chest where her heart was pounding, like she had run the whole day.

Roswell simply raised an eyebrow at her, crossing his arms over his chest. A body language that clearly said “Cut the bullshit and tell me now.”-Kind of expression, which cause for the female twin to grunt in annoyance at her persistent brother.

“I had to! Okay!? She needs our help! I will not stand in the background and see as she gets hurt! She’s not at fault of which her zodiac is, Roswell! If I let her be harm again, like the previous years, I will not live with myself anymore!” She blurred it out in one breath as her grey eyes sting from tears that threatened to be shed. Rosalind was tired of how everyone ignored the fact that Arista was screaming for help, but no one answered her. She could see it in her eyes that Arista had wanted to end her life so many times because of the celestial being she possessed, but didn’t have the courage to do it.

“But she had done so much damage to our ancestors! She needs to suffer for the pain she had caused all of us! Especially you and me!” Roswell said shouted back, feeling angered by his sister foolishness, but the emotion was quickly replace with surprise and widen eyes as a hand made connection to his cheek. He couldn’t believe it… His own dear sister had slapped him.

“How dare You relate the past to now!?” Rosalind screamed in anger toward her brother, something she hasn’t done before until now. “Arista is a nice girl, who wishes to be free from him! What she might have done to us in the past is ancient history! We should be helping each other instead of having different worlds of our own! I will break this circle with his help and if you want to be against me t-then… then…” She stopped herself not wanting to finish that sentence as she looked away with tears forming in her eyes. Rosalind wanted her brother’s help and it would be heartbroken knowing that her own brother might desert her in her time for of need and the possibility of them to never speak ever again.

“Alright… I will help you.” Hearing those words coming from her brother caused her to glance at him while blinking away her tears and also looking surprise to actually heed him. “On one condition…” When Roswell received a nod from his sister, he continued, “We need more of our cousins to help us, we can’t do this alone.” Rosalind was satisfied with her brother’s while suddenly embracing him with all her might.

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