Passing the Time


Starting from the last page of the manga. Every little thing you want to happen. Fluffy and funny. Find out what happens next with your favorite shojo couple.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

"I still can't believe Masuda talked the ministry into letting us stay h." Kurosaki said as they walked around the resort after dinner.

Teru raised a pedantic finger. "Well, 'luck is in the leftovers', as they say. Which is fitting if you think about it, given that he's a restaurant owner."

Kurosaki grinned down at his dorky girlfriend and took her hand. "Uh huh," he raised her hand up and kissed her fingers.

Teri blushed and looked around. "Kurosaki! People might see!"

He kissed her fingers again and then held her hand against his cheek. "It's just your hand, Teru. Besides," he teased. "You didn't seem to mind making out with me on the balcony a few hours ago."

She rubbed her fingertips against his slightly-bristly cheek and tried to glare at him. "One kiss is not 'making out'."

"You're right," he conceded as he nuzzled her hand, making her laugh and pull away. They clasped hands once more as they started walking. "I should explain the difference."

"What difference?" She asked innocently. He didn't say anything, so she looked up to find him smiling tenderly down at her.

Then he looked at her lips. "Oh," she whispered around a suddenly dry throat.

God she was cute, he thought to himself. He'd half expected her to bolt, to call him names, to demand to go back to the others, something. But instead, she just held his hand a little tighter (after blushing five shades of pink) and leaned into his side.

They were walking down a wooded path that ran behind the hotel and along the beach. Masuda had performed a quick recon (out of habit) when they first got to the resort and had told him about the hidden gazebo a little off the beaten path and hidden by trees. His guess was that he hotel had made it as an attraction, then had neglected to advertise the little hideaway. Teru's gasp of delight was reason enough to have brought her to the little structure.

"This is amazing!" He smiled as she twirled with her long skirt in the middle of the gazebo. "How did you find this? You can't even see this from the path!"

"Someone told me about it," he said softly as he walked slowly to meet her in the middle of the floor. He brushed a strand of hair back behind her ear, running a finger along the rim and smiling as her breath caught audibly. "You look beautiful tonight, Teru."

"Um, thank you," she told his shirt front.

He feathered the same finger down her cheek and along her jaw. "Are you going to look at me."

She could barely hear him from the blood rushing in her ears. And, oh god, what was wrong with her breathing? She felt like she was a breath away from panting. "I am looking at you, moron."

He tipped her chin up and her eyes immediately jumped to his. "There you are," he murmured with a smile.

That smile had her holding on to his wrist for balance. "Kurosaki..."

"Shhh," he whispered as he leaned down and rubbed his nose against hers. Then he kissed her forehead. "I'm just kissing you. Not anything else." He reassured her.

Teru's eyes squeezed shut and her breath caught again as he brushed his lips against her earlobe. "That's not very reassuring." She whispered back in the same hushed tones.

"And why's that?"

She let go of us wrist so she could grab his jacket. "Because...eep!" His now-free hand slid down her neck then around to tug on her hair, keeping her head back as his lips moved from her face to her neck. "Uh, because I seriously think I'm going to fall down."

Kurosaki buried his face against her neck for a moment and took a couple of calming breaths. She was so perfect. So sensitive. Knowing how she reacted to the most of basic of intimacies made him feel like finding a shrine right then and there so he could thank the heavens for this gift of a girl.

He stood up and took her hands from his lapels, drawing them around his waist until she held him tight. "Haven't you ever read a shoujo manga before?" He teased as he buried one hand in her hair as the other slid down her back as bent towards her. "That's why you have to hold on to me."

"Oh," she started to say, but it turned into a moan as Kurosaki pressed his lips tenderly to hers. Her feelings of awkwardness and shyness kept trying to well up, only to be swept away as he kissed her again and again; soft, chaste kisses that eventually had her standing on her toes seeking a longer press of lips. "Kurosaki!" She whined when he raised his head once more.

"Yes?" He asked innocently. He kissed the corner of her mouth. "Don't you like it?"

"No. Yes!" She made a frustrated sound. "I just...can you kiss me like when you're drunk," she blurted.

That got his attention. He raised his head to look at her, then groaned. Her eyes were slumberous and shiny and her lips were puffy from his ministrations. "Kiss you like what?"

This time it was her time to groan as she hid her face against his chest. "Never mind." She knew from dinner that he hadn't had any alcohol other than the beer he'd consumed in his room hours before.

Intrigued, and wanting to kiss her again, he drew her face away from his chest and tipped her chin once more. "No. No. No keeping secrets from Daisy-san. How do I kiss you when I'm drunk?" He asked, curious.

"Um, you know."

"Apparently not." He gave her a quick, smacking kiss that had her gasping before he pulled back once more. "Now tell me."

"Harder," she whispered, and closed her eyes in mortification. "And you use your, um..."

"My tongue?" He asked huskily, his breath hot against her mouth.

She nodded, then whimpered as he laved her bottom lip with said member.

"I really have to pay more attention next time I drink," he said, smiling as her fingers spasmed on his back. "But Teru," he waited until her eyes fluttered open. "We'll get there. I want to teach you other way to kiss tonight, too."

She swallowed at the look on his face and held him tighter as her knees went rubbery. "But what if I'm not good at it?"

"Your kisses are the best thing I've ever felt in my life," he told her truthfully. Then he grinned wickedly, "but if you're worried, then it's my job as sensei to help you get better." He dodged a foot stomp and leaned down, hovering his lips over hers, smiling as hers parted in anticipation. "Let me show you something new."

Teru sighed in pleasure as Kurosaki kissed her like he had before, softly and sweetly. But his next move had her jerking, holding onto him harder as he sucked her lower lip into his mouth before releasing it. The he bit it lightly, only to release it and wash the small hurt with his tongue.

He repeated the action in different places all over her lips until the sounds she was making threatened to shatter his control. He lifted his head and hers dropped back, as though it was too heavy to hold up. He solved that by clenching a trembling hand in her hair. He pressed his forehead against hers until her eyes opened once again. "Now your sensei says, do the same to me." God help him.

"Okay." Her shyness temporarily forgotten as her head was still swimming, Teru unwound her arms from around Kurosaki and brought up her hands to cup his face.
"Like this?"

This time it was he who clenched his eyes shut. The nibbling of her teeth, the draw of her mouth on his flesh, and the flick of her hot tongue against him had him groaning out his own pleasure and fighting for patience. "Teru."

He opened his eyes as she suddenly wrapped her arms around him and pressed her face to his chest once again. He could feel her trembling. "You okay?" He asked when he remembered how to use his tongue again.

"Yes. I thought it would be easier if I did those things to you," she confessed, embarrassed. "That I wouldn't get as flustered so fast...but it's worse." She rubbed her cheek against him, drawing in the hot scent of him. "I've never heard you make that sound before, Kurosaki." She looked at him shyly, but with a new, dangerous knowledge in her eyes. "I like it." She then looked down at her legs. "I'm also seriously about to fall down."

His 'me, too', had her blushing, but smiling. "C'mon." He scooped her up in his arms and had her squealing and complaining until he sat down with her in his lap on one of the gazebo benches.

That immediately shut her up and had her sitting so still and blushing so hard that he looked around to see if they had company. "What is it?"

"Um, nothing." She tried to stay still and get of his lap at the same time, but only resulted in an awkward shimmy that had Kurosaki's arm around her waist to keep her still.

He rested his head on her shoulder and tried to ignore the throb of where Teru sat pressed against his erection. "Relax. He won't hurt you." He raised his head and kissed her neck, making her jump. "I promise though, you kiss me like that and I can guarantee he'll be there no matter what. So you better get used to him." He grinned as Teru put her hands over her eyes as her embarrassment got the best of her. "But, we have a year," he reminded her, "before you have to pay any attention to that..."

Teru kept her eyes shut as she put her hands over Kurosaki's mouth. "Shut up, shut up, shut up!" She was not ready for this! How could he be so blasé?

She flinched as he kissed her palm where it covered his mouth. Then she squealed as he licked it. He laughed as she wiped it on his shirt. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry!"

"Maybe we should go back," she suggested nervously.

Even on his lap she was shorter than him, he thought as he looked down at the top of her bent head. "I still owe you a kiss."

She jerked her head up. "After that?"

"We're still missing the one you asked for," he reminded her, enjoying the spectacle of her red face getting even redder. He curved his arm around her shoulder and curled her towards him until her head was nearly on his shoulder and his mouth was brushing over hers softly. "Put one arm around my neck and the other around my back," he instructed softly. "Good," he praised her when she shyly complied. "Now, sometimes when the feelings are really high, I'll kiss you hard right away, like this..."

He bent his head the last centimeter and kissed her hard, just like he'd said. Her mouth had been already open as she panted out her breaths, so he slanted his mouth over hers and swept his tongue inside to thrust against hers. With bold thrusts and swipes of his tongue, he showed Teru the passion that was always right under the surface.

And she liked it. No, she thought to herself through the haze. She loved it. She'd thought that he'd kissed her in an 'adult way' before, but this... Her brain went right up to overload and then sped right past it, but she was okay, because Kurosaki kept a tight hold on her.

At first she could only feel and try to remember to breath when Kurosaki told her to, but soon, just like he'd told her before, she tried to mimic his actions...and was quickly rewarded with a gut-wrenching groan from him. In another second he had her pressed flat on her back against the bench as he sucked her tongue into his mouth.

That act had her body bowing towards his with a shattering moan... and he knew he had to stop.

He wrenched his mouth away from hers and buried his face in her hair. "God, Teru. You are so dangerous."

Even with her mouth now free, she felt like she couldn't get enough air. His voices so gravely and deep, had her tugging on his hair. "Do we have to stop?"

He groaned at the feel of her hands in his hair. "Yeah. Yes." He grabbed her hands and, without looking, stretched them out above her head so she'd stop touching him. He thought that was a good idea until he raised his head and saw the picture she made, lush, obviously aroused, and pinned down by his big hands. He let go of her wrists and sat up, scrubbing his eyes with his hands as he fought for control. "Absolutely we have to stop."

"Okay," she sighed languidly. "But I need help up. My bones are completely rubber."

He groaned again and, eyes shut, held out a hand. "You need to shut up now."

She laughed and took the hand. "Thank you, Kurosaki." She sat up, having slid off his lap when he pushed her to the bench, and still feeling dazed, leaned against his side. The fact that he was trembling like she made her feel giddy and hot all over again. She clearer her throat. "Should we head back?"

"Um," he hunched a little and scrubbed his face once again. "Maybe in a little while. So Riko doesn't dismember me on sight." He felt Teru nuzzle his arm as she sat by him. Girls had it so much easier. He smirked and pointed at the next bench over. "Which means you should sit over there for a few minutes."

She looked confused for a moment, then went beet red as she clued in. She tried to be graceful and nonchalant as she stood, but her knees were still rubbery, so she stumbled a bit on her way over. "How's that?"

Kurosaki had taken off his dinner jacket and draped it over his lap. He took a deep breath. "Very slightly better."

She straightened her skirt and picked off imaginary lint. "Okay then."

She couldn't see the leaves in her hair from her time in the bench, but Kurosaki could. "Hey, Teru?"

She looked over at him, his blond hair waving in the breeze. Her hands clenched again at the memory of it under her hands. "Yeah?"

He gave a slow smile that had her grinning back. "That's making out."

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