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Rainy days

Is was raining and Bakugou forgot his umbrella. Of course, Midoriya saw this and walked to him. "Hey Kacchan" Midoriya said happily like always. "Want to share my umbrella! I saw that you forgot yours!!" Midoriya smiled looking down at Bakugou since He was now taller. Bakugou looked up with a scrowl "DON'T LOOK DOWN ON ME DEKU!!!!" Bakugou yelled but walked with Midoriya anyway. Midoriya was used to this but it still hurt. When they got to Bakugou house Bakugou said something Midoriya found shocking. "Th-thanks nerd..." Bakugou kissed Midoriya cheek and blushed looking away. "As a thank you" with that Bakugou walked off into his house leaving a confused blushing. Few days later it was raining again. This time Bakugou forgot his umbrella and walked to Midoriya. "Hey nerd...." "Forgot your umbrella again?" Bakugiu noded. Midoriya shared his umbrella again as they walked. "So on purpose you forgot your umbrella? Just to walk with me?" Midoriya smiled knowing he was right because Kirishima told him. Bakugou blushed looking down* "Tch. No. Don't get any idea's Deku." Midoriya stoped walking this got Bakugou attention. "Kacchan, I like you too ok?" Midoriya bent down a little bit and kissed Bakugou's lips. Bakugou was surprised but he kissed back. After the kiss Midoriya looked down and saw Bakugou's flustered face. "Awww is someone flustered?~" "Shut it Izuku" Bakugou said not growling or anything, he said calmly. It was Midoriya's turn to be flustered. He smiled but was still flustered and that's how they started dating.

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