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Joined Soul Baby Sister


When Yuri figures out that he shares Julia's soul with his baby sister Yumi he tries his best to make sure that she is safe from all danger. Without her he is nothing but emotionless. What will he do?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

A heavily pregnant lady was helped into a cab by a young man with brown eyes and hair. His charming looks made the lady’s eyes sparkle. This lady’s name was Miko Shibuya. Her hair was of a subtle maroon colour, the same as her eyes. Her heart as pure as gold, same as the man’s next to her. The young man’s name was Conrart Weller.

His job was to insure the safe reincarnation of the soul that would be the next demon king. The soul in his possession belonged to none other than Lady Suzanna Julia Von Wincott, a pure hearted being with no regrets to live with. Lady Julia was a very dear person to Conrart, and it struck his heart with pain when he found out that she had died, due to power exhaustion. She cared for everyone and so she pushed herself to her ultimate limit just to save every innocent person. So she died an honourable hero.

When complaining about the weather, and how hot it was to give birth in the month of July, Conrart took a hold of her hand and smiled reassuringly to her “you know, where I come from, the month of July is known as Yuri.”

Miko smiles and repeats the name “Yuri” she looks out of the window and decides that that name fits perfectly. “July is…Yuri.”

Making sure that Miko arrived safely to the hospital, Conrart already felt a great bond to the child that she was about to give birth to. As this baby will be the reincarnation of that dear person that he cared so much about. He waited until the baby was born beautifully healthy then returned to his own world, to wait for his new king’s return.

Shoma Shibuya had arrived just in time for the birth of his second son. Seeing that he was a healthy baby made him happy. But something didn’t seem to feel right with his wife. Her health was in perfect condition, there was no doubt about it. But when Shoma looked at her, he saw unsettlement in her eyes.

Leaning forward in his chair next to the hospital bed to get closer to his wife, he asked “Miko honey is there something wrong?”

Miko looks to him then looks to her new baby boy “no not really. It’s just…” she trails off with confusion then huffs “oh I don’t know. But I just feel as if something is missing from our little Yuri.”

Shoma’s eyes widen with surprise “Yuri? Honey, are you sure that you don’t want to name him anything else?”

Miko scowls to her husband “no, his name is Yuri. It fits him perfectly. There is no other name that will suit him and that’s final” she throws back with a little frustration.

Feeling defeated, and not really wanting to argue with his wife, Shoma just smiles and holds up a hand to show surrender “okay, that’s fine. His name will be Yuri.”

Miko smiles and looks to her new son with adoring eyes. She leans down in the cot to stroke the baby’s cheek “yes, that is your name little one, our little Yuri.”

Yuri was a very quiet baby. He never really liked to go out and do anything active. It was as if his motivation had been dulled. He was obviously close to his elder brother Shori, but still whenever the young five year old wanted to play with him, little Yuri would just shake his head slowly. To everyone it was as if he was just one of those children that grew to be quiet and unsociable. But there was something missing from Yuri which no one noticed but Miko.

Ever since the second he was born, Miko knew that something was missing from her little Yu-chan. No matter if it was him sleeping, playing on his own, or socialising with family, there was something that just wasn’t right. And ever since giving birth to Yuri, Miko felt as if she had something within her that didn’t belonged to her, but belonged to her youngest son. And that made her feel sad, to the thought of keeping something that belonged to her baby. But as she had no idea what it was, she still cherished every single second with her baby boy that she loved with her entire soul, heart and being.

A little over a year after Yuri’s birth, Miko fell pregnant again with a little girl. Even before telling her sons of her pregnancy, Yuri seemed to already know, because his mood had turned from something quiet and lonely, to happy and delightful. Slowly he was changing into a happier little child, which would smile everytime the baby would come up in a conversation.

All of Miko’s friends had said that it was as if Yuri had a strong connection to the unborn baby even when it was only a foetus. She actually believed them because the feeling that she once had, of having something that rightfully belonged to her youngest son soon blossomed into a feeling of pure warmth and happiness.

But there was something that made that belief of her son’s bond with the baby stronger. And that was when little Yuri parted away from her. When her husband took both Shori and Yuri on a trip to go fishing, Yuri cried and cried and cried. Shoma just thought that it was being apart from his mother for the first time, but what he didn’t realise was that he was crying because he was apart from his other self, as he kept crying out the word “baby.”

When returning from the fishing trip, Yuri’s crying stopped entirely and was now giggling again. Miko looked to her husband and saw the concern in his eyes. But knowing that the children were around, she thought it best to ask him later about it. Which they did discuss and Miko just smiled, to know how much her youngest son cared for his baby sister, even though he hadn’t met her yet.

The day of Miko and Shoma's third child’s birth, was a day of tears from little one year old Yuri. As he wasn’t able to be near his mother and his new baby sister, it seemed to everyone around him, that he was sensing the end of the world. A six year old Shori was trying his best to comfort his little brother, but proved to be unsuccessful.

Yuri’s tears soon stopped when the moment finally came for him to meet his baby sister. Walking into the hospital room with his father and older brother, Yuri stepped closer to his mother’s bed. Even after giving birth, Miko still looked like an angel. With her sparkling eyes and her sweet smile, she could turn the nastiest person into one of the sweetest. This always reassured Yuri and that made him closer to his family.

Shoma lifted the little double black to sit on the bed beside his mother, who let him have the perfect view of seeing his new baby sister for the first time. A smile, wider than ever before, grew on his face. This was the reason he hadn’t been able to bond with anyone when he was this small. Even with his elder brother. And that was because the other half of his soul belonged to this baby, his baby sister.

Shori, who was placed next to his little brother, stared in awe at his new baby sister. His smile grew when he noticed how much she looked like Yuri when he was a baby. Her hair was the exact same shade of black as Yuri’s and her eyes were as dark as the midnight sky, the exact same to Yuri’s.

Miko smiled to her sons to see their mesmerisation. She slowly shifted to lower the baby in her arms to introduce her to her big brothers “Yuri, Shori dears” they looked up to her with happy eyes “meet your new baby sister Yumi.” Yuri and Shori smiled wider to the infant. Yuri carefully stroked her little hand with his pointer finger, only to have it locked by Yumi’s little fingers wrapping around it. Shori reached to stroke her cheek, causing Yumi to giggle with delight, making Shori smile even wider.

Shoma walked around the hospital bed to stand on the other side of his wife. Miko looked to her husband and whispered “I think the name Yumi is perfect for her, don’t you agree?”

Shoma nodded then kissed his wife’s temple “yes, it definitely fits her perfectly. She definitely is beautiful.”

Miko’s smile widens as she turns to her daughter and places a feathery kiss on her head “our little Yumi shibuya.”

At the age of six years old, Yumi had begun having dreams of a lady with blue hair, one white strip of hair on her left side, and pale blue eyes. The lady was beautiful. Her eyes reminded her of a bright blue sky mixed with fluffy white clouds. Everytime Yumi saw this woman, she became inquisitive to who she was and why she was in her dreams. But whenever she gained the courage to ask, the woman with pale blue hair and eyes would fade away.

Never had Yumi been afraid to when she saw this woman. If anything, she felt safe in her dreams. It was as if this woman was her guardian angel, making sure to keep her away from harm. Yumi only presumed this because she never seemed to have nightmares. And that made her happy to know that she had a guardian angel watching over her.

It wasn’t as if Yumi never felt protected, because she was. Her elder brothers were always so cautious to what she did. Whether it be going out to play with her friends outside of their house, or going out into the garden. She knew that they cared for her, and even though she was only a child still, it still bugged her a little.

She was close to her family. And she was most definitely a mommy’s girl. Anyone with the right eyes could see that straight away. Miko had grown so excited when she found out that she was having a daughter, so she had someone she could play dress up with. And no matter what the maroon haired woman dressed her in, Yumi always looked adorable.

Sometimes, Miko would get Yuri to dress up in little girly clothes aswell. And when she put them in matching dresses, they looked just like twins, except that Yumi’s hair was longer and she was shorter than her elder brother.

Sibling bonding was never a problem in the Shibuya household. And only because she was a girl, she was never left out when it came to a sibling activity. Shori, obviously being the eldest, had the most responsibility as he had two little siblings to look after and protect. And the bond that he shared with his baby sister was strong.

But not as strong as Yumi’s and Yuri’s bond, theirs was inseparable. Although there was a year between them, they were so similar in so many ways. They looked just like twins with their same hair and eye colour, except from their height difference and Yumi’s length of hair. At the age of six, Yumi was half a head smaller than Yuri but she didn’t care. Size wasn’t important.

The things that the pair of them would say would sound the same. Nearly everything, down to their instincts and senses, as they could sense each other without even having to look at one another, which made Shori smile to how strong their bond really was.

Again having the dream of the lady with pale blue hair and eyes, Yumi was growing tired to not knowing who she was, and so she decided to ask her elder brother, Yuri, about the woman. As they were bonded in a way no other siblings were, she thought that maybe he might know who she was.

Looking around for her other half, she noticed him in the garden, practising his swinging with a baseball bat. Oh, how she thought that sport was pointless, but she never commented on it as it was what he liked to do. The same as she like to do gymnastics. Winning a few contests for young gymnasts, she decided to just to let it go as she didn’t need it as she became interested into something else.

Stepping into the garden, Yumi stepped onto the soft grass with her bare feet and began to massage her toes into the refreshing feel. After a moment, she walked over to her seven year old brother “Yuri” she called sweetly to him.

Hearing her voice made him smile. Yuri turned to her and put down his bat “Yumi.” When he saw the curiousness in her eyes he too became curious “is there something that you want to ask?” he asked softly.

Yumi twiddled her fingers nervously, which happened to be something that she started at the age of three. For some unknown reason she was asked a question by her grandmother, and whatever she asked made Yuri stammer her words and she began to twiddle her fingers before running away in tears. Even though that was three years ago, she still didn’t know what her grandmother asked her that made her so nervous.

Releasing a loud sigh, she looks up to her little big brother, as she sometimes called him. Her parents found that nickname so adorable, that Shoma was afraid that his wife would burst with excitement to her daughter’s cuteness. “Yuri…there is this woman that I keep dreaming about. I was wondering if you knew who she was.”

Yuri looks confused for a second then placed a hand on his baby sister’s shoulder “what does she look like?”

Yumi taps her chin in thought “well, she has long pale blue hair with a white stripe going down her left side and her eyes are pale blue aswell.”

That description triggers off something in Yuri’s mind. But the problem is that he can’t pin point where he has seen that description before. He doesn’t want to give his baby sister false hope, but he also doesn’t want to let her down or upset her. He hates to see Yumi cry.

With a small smile, Yuri pats her head “I know I have seen someone of who you have described before, but I don’t know exactly where I have seen them. Or even know their name, I'm sorry.”

Yumi frowns and looks to the grass “that’s okay, I was just wondering” she replies sadly.

Yuri kneels to look into her eyes “if you see her again, tell me. But this time make sure to ask her who she is, then you'll know” he offers softly.

Her lips curve into a small smile as she nods “okay, I will try.” With that, they walk back into the house for lunch. All Yumi wants to do now is go to bed and hope that she will dream of the blue lady again.

After her father tucks her into and reads her a bedtime story, Yumi falls into a peaceful sleep, desperately wishing to see the blue lady again. That’s when she sees the lady with pale blue eyes and pale blue hair with the white stripe down her left side. Yumi smiles widely then walks to her. As she steps closer, she notices a blue pendent placed over her chest, “its bluer than the sky”.

With a swallow of nervousness, Yumi looks up to the woman and midnight eyes lock with pale blue ones. Yumi resists the urge to twiddle her fingers as she asks “may I ask you a question?”

The blue lady smiles “of course you may, my dear child.” Yumi’s eyes widen to how soft the blue lady’s voice is. It was as if she had just sung a soothing harmonic tone, due to the gentleness in her every word.

Yumi smiles widely then grasps her hands together “what is your name?”

The blue lady chuckles softly “my name is Suzanna Julia Von Wincott. But whenever you see me, you can call me Julia.”

Midnight eyes widen to Julia's words with awe. “Julia” Yumi repeats softly “that’s a beautiful name.”

Julia pats Yumi’s head gently “well, my little one please sleep well for now. And be prepared for when your kingdom calls for you and your brother” with those words, she fades away, leaving Yumi to dream sweet dreams.

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