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Sasha worried as she steered their wounded vessel over the frond-waving trees. Where could she put down that would not bring them back into contact with the enemy? The other three were only semi-conscious and would be no help in making that decision. In fact, they probably needed help. She wiped blood away from her eyes. Well, so did she for that matter.

“You look lost.” A voice said from just above her. She looked up and saw a small green dragon hovering on beating wings just above her.

“We can help you find your way.” A second voice said and a small purple dragon flapped up besides the first.

“Our mistress has great powers and lives to help the lonely and distressed.” The first said.

“She has great powers and would welcome new guests.” The second added.

“Can she help my friends?” Sasha looked down at the three silent forms. Again, no help there.

“Yes, she can.” Both of them said together. “Come.” They began to fly ahead of her.

“All right, boys, game’s over.” A woman’s voice retorted. Sasha stared as a young woman in pirate’s clothing rose up besides her on a flying platform. Another small dragon flapped besides her but this one was grey. The young woman tossed back her brown hair. “If you two don’t scram I’ll give Lockheed here permission to encourage you.” The little grey dragon smiled and flames began trickling between his lips.

“Ursula will hear of this insult, Kat.” One said.

“Your time in ascendancy is growing short.” The other said. “Beware when Ursula comes into her full powers.” With a flick of their wings both were gone.

“Yeah, we’ve heard it before, haven’t we Lockheed.” The girl said to the dragon. She turned back to the amazed Sasha. “Come, follow us and we’ll get you medical attention.”

“And just where would that be?” Sasha asked. She was feeling more and more like someone snatched into a fairytale.

The girl pointed down to a small town at the mouth of a river. “Down there at the camp of the resistance where all who desire to stop Nathaniel Flint’s plans for galactic conquest have gathered.” She struck her head. “Forgive my manners. I’m Kat and this is Lockheed. And you’re?”

“Sasha of Ariel’s Revenge of the Hobarth Company. We came here looking for Jim Hawkins and ran into Flint.”

Kat nodded. “You’ve come to the right place then. Come.” She dropped downward followed by the little dragon.

Sasha sighed and followed, realizing she didn’t have much choice. As they got closer she saw the camp was neat and orderly and thronging with people, many of them pirates but others had rags of uniforms that they had neatly stitched. There seemed to be an almost equal mixture of men and women among the aliens. The girl landed in a small square and Sasha set the ship down gently besides her and then with relief cut the power.

“Get some healers here immediately.” Kat shouted. “We have some badly hurt people here.”

Sasha found gentle hands helping her dismount and realized it was the girl Kat. “You look a lot like a friend of mine.” The girl said. “Tigra would love to meet you.” She helped her stand upright as aliens with red crosses on their sleeves swarmed to attend to the others.

“And what do we have here, Kat?” A big voice boomed.

Sasha looked up in horror as Captain Flint bore down on her. “No!” She cried in horror.

Kat increased her grip on her arm. “It’s not who you think it is. Captain, I think you better introduce yourself.”

Flint took off his hat and swept into a bow. “Dago Flint at your service, madam. I’m the leader of the resistance against my insane brother, Nathaniel Flint.” With that Sasha passed out.

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