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The Virus That Kills


A virus that killed over 89% of the population but a few people formed a group. Will they find a cure to this evil thing? Main character(s) *Blair *Aubrey

Action / Thriller
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Before it happened (chaper 1)

"Mom when will we eat" said Aubrey while whining, "Soon sweetie" said Nicole. It was 6pm on a Tuesday, Blair came out while wearing a crop top and shorts, "where do you think your going?" "Uhm, no where important mother" then Bre bre (short for Aubrey) turned on the tv, "we interrupt this program with devastating news, an outbreak has occurred in LA that makes People go mad and eats other people" "yeah its call cannibalism" blair said. "SHHH", "To stay safe follow the instructions, #1 stay inside #2 close and lock all windows and doors #3 if you have a weapon keep it close #4 if you have a basement or attic its best to stay there, that is all folks we wish the best to you and goodnight" "Mom where is dad?", "oh I'm sure that he is gonna be home soon now you guys head to bed."

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