Under the watchful eye

Chapter 2

Zosia and Ollie arrived in New York in the early evening and were in awe of the bright lights of the city that never sleeps.
'Do you fancy going out for some drinks tonight?' Ollie asked, looking outside the taxi window with awe. 'It looks like there are loads of nice bars around here, we should celebrate being in direct contact with each other for 12 hours at the airport and on the flight and not wanting to kill each other' he smirked and Zosia smirked back.
'Oh no, we can't go then' she smirked as he nudged her playfully and she shoved him back, laughing. 'Yeah that sounds good, let's just get the hotel, drop the bags and head out' she smiled. 'Oh, I should let Seb know we got here ok' she remembered, pulling out her phone.
'Oh, how considerate, Seb wanting to know I got here safely too' he rolled his eyes sarcastically and Zosia shook her head and smiled. 'So...you two are officially...?'
'Together? Yes' Zosia confirmed, not looking up from her phone as she sent him a quick text. Ollie nodded and then looked down at her phone.
'You know that message probably just cost you a fortune?'
'Not me- Seb gave me this phone before you picked me up, he's paying the bills on it- he doesn't care how much it costs him to contact him while I'm here, so he said to text as soon as possible and to keep him posted- he just worries, bless him'
'And that's not controlling…' Ollie muttered under his breath, widening his eyes sarcastically and Zosia didn't respond. In the hindsight that immediately followed he was relieved, suddenly remembering all the times she'd flown off the handle when he'd criticised her boyfriend or their relationship. He wasn't sure whether she didn't hear him, or was just ignoring him, but she changed the subject all the same.
'Shall we get some food as well? I'm starving' she complained, and Ollie nodded.

After Zosia and Ollie went out for dinner and drinks, they went back to the hotel where they were pretty tired so decided to get an early night in preparation for the first day of the conference. They had both consumed several beers to go with their meals, and were tipsy, but only to the extent that they were more silly than usual. Ollie tripped her in the corridor and she shoved him playfully as they let themselves into the room. 'I guess I'm changing in the bathroom then' Ollie gulped as Zosia started to undress as soon as they got into the room. Ollie and Zosia changed in separate rooms and when Ollie came out of the bathroom, he laughed as she saw Zosia climb into the double bed and immediately try and position herself as close to the edge as possible. 'Well you're not gong to get a good nights sleep curled up on the edge of the bed like that' Ollie laughed. She turned to look at him and rolled her eyes.
'I have a boyfriend, it doesn't feel right sharing a bed with another man' she slurred.
'Calm down, I'm not a predator' Ollie smirked and Zosia threw a pillow at him. 'Honestly, you'll fall out and then you'll be moaning at me'
'I'm fine, thanks' she replied. 'Anyway, let's just go to bed, we've got an early start tomorrow' she yawned as she turned over and Ollie turned off the light. He sat up on his phone, deciding that if he waited until Zosia was asleep, he could pull her back onto the bed so that she wouldn't roll out. He looked at her, and admired her as she slept. She looked peaceful, content. She had a small smile on her face, her eyelashes flickered ever so slightly and he smiled at her. She was so beautiful, and all he wanted was to tell her. But for now, he lay down and smiled as he started to fall asleep next to Zosia.

The next morning, Zosia woke up with a smile on her face as she thought she had her arm around Seb's waist but she shot up out of bed when she realised she actually had her arm around Ollie.
'What the..?' she shouted with fright as she adjusted to her surroundings and remembered about the bed situation discussion the day before on the flight. Ollie woke up with a start and as his eyes adjusted to the light, he looked up at her. 'What's going on?'
'You were about to fall off the bed in the night, I pulled you back up. You obviously wriggle a lot in your sleep if you ended up right next to me, I'd left us with enough space' he pointed out and she calmed down.
'Yeah I guess you're right...' She sighed. 'Anyway let's get breakfast before it all starts' she changed the subject again, not wanting to continue this conversation- she would rather forget the embarrassment of waking up in Ollie's arms.
'I knew we should have just left it, that queue was insane' Zosia complained, slightly out of breath and she and Ollie ran down the corridor of the venue of the conference as they were late for their first lecture.
'Those bagels were amazing though' Ollie grinned, taking one last bite of his before wrapping up the rest of his and putting it in his bag. They opened the door slowly and quietly and hoped to be able to just slip into some empty seats at the back, and thankfully there were two aisle seats left, one in front of the other. They were amazed at how packed the room was, and they were a little embarrassed about being late but nobody turned around, and nobody seemed too bothered.
Zosia took the seat immediately in front of Ollie and as she settled down and started taking notes from a speech being given by a world-renowned surgeon, Ollie's eyes glistened with mischief and he playfully kicked the back of her seat with a sharp shock. She stopped writing for a second and the when she started again, he kicked the seat again, and Zosia turned around abruptly to face him.
'You're like a child, stop it' she scolded in a harsh whisper, trying not to laugh as he innocently looked away. Ollie grinned and poked his tongue out as he then proceeded to throw pieces of rubber at her and poke her in the shoulder. He was sure that other doctors here who could see him must have been thinking that he was being immature but in his mind, he was too funny and he had to get through the day by winding up the F2. Zosia, meanwhile, was formulating a plan of her own to get her own back on her colleague being annoying...and she grinned at the thought.

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