Beautiful changes

Chapter 11

In the days immediately after Liam’s birth, Face was never alone: Hannibal, who had immediately slipped into both “father” and “over-protective lover” mode the second after his son cried his first greeting to the world, had refused to leave the hospital when the doctor timidly suggested it, claiming he had no other place to be and explaining he needed to be exactly where he was. Luckily, Face’s room was big enough for the staff to add a second bed so, at least, the Colonel slept comfortably beside his lover and his son. Lipinski knew the man was capable of sleeping in one of the hard chairs of the hospital if they didn’t provide him with a bed where he could rest properly, so they helped the couple to feel “at home”.

Murdock, who had been there all the time since he had driven Face to the hospital, left only after Hannibal ordered him to, feeling a little annoyed at him because of his constant hovering and fussing over his lover and the child. Hannibal knew the two men were close friends but, sometimes, the pilot became a little obsessive and he kept touching and kissing and holding the baby, and Face and Hannibal didn’t really like it; not that he was doing anything wrong but the Colonel was a little jealous about his child and he would have preferred to spend some time alone with his family instead of sharing every single moment with their hyperactive friend.

Unfortunately, Murdock didn’t understand it and felt a little hurt when the older man roughly sent him home but Bosco, who luckily had always had a way to get through to the pilot, explained the situation to him and in the end nobody got hurt. Murdock and BA still visited their friends twice a day, every day, with Face and Hannibal’s blessing: it was good to have them around and to feel their affection.

Adele went to visit the happy couple with Gloria: both women were a little shy at the beginning, mostly because of Hannibal and his formal manners, in spite of the fact that Adele already knew him, but they soon got used to him. The therapist, now officially friend of the whole Team, and the nurses explained many things about babies to the two daddies and offered to baby-sit Liam whenever they needed: it seemed the little creature was making everyone happy and the world suddenly seemed beautiful, a better place to live in.

The day they came home everybody was excited, everybody except Face who did seem a little nervous. Hannibal asked him what was he thinking and surprisingly the younger man didn’t hide behind excuses but answered honestly to his lover that he was nervous about going home, because they were going to be alone without support, and what if the baby started to cry and they didn’t know what to do? Hannibal reassured him and explained it was a common reaction but admitted he himself was little nervous too. He was ready to start his new life with his family, though, and it was going to be alright. And it was, actually.

In the first months Liam made it hard on everybody, especially on Face, who slept very little because the baby ate every three hours, eight times per day, and he barely had time to recover between two consecutive meals. When Liam upgraded to 4 times a day some months later Face finally had a little time for himself. Not that Hannibal was absent, he was a good and caring father and a great lover, but he was busy most of the day with the guys at their new gym and Face knew it was good for them to have something to do, a job to go to and to bring in money every month.

Little Liam worked miracles for the couple and for the whole Team, including Adele and Gloria. They were so proud of him! Sometimes Face wondered why he had been so scared at the beginning of the pregnancy because now he knew what was really important in his life.

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