Beautiful changes

Chapter 7

Hannibal, Murdock and BA landed at Chicago airport exactly two months after Face had left the base. The Colonel was far more thrilled than he thought at the idea of seeing his lover after so much time apart; Face stood by Adele’s side, still tanned and beautiful as ever, the only indication of his state was the unusually oversized shirt over lax trousers to cover a slightly bulging belly. Despite the urgent need to hold his mate, Hannibal let Murdock have him first, knowing the pilot had missed his friend so much and needed the physical contact with him; then it was BA’s turn and finally Face was secured in his arms and he could feel him trembling slightly from emotion.

Hannibal frowned at him but the younger man reassured him he was ok, just so pleased to see him for real. “Just hold me, John!” he whispered and the older man did, despite the people looking at them with an uncertain look, but he didn’t care; Face was all that mattered to him and he didn’t give a shit about what they thought of them.

Eventually, Face released himself from the embrace and led the group to the waiting car. Adele asked if it would be alright to have dinner at home and obviously they all agreed, in fact they didn’t care where they were as long as they were together. Face and Adele exchanged a look of accomplices; the younger man had insisted he wanted to personally cook for them by himself, the older woman helped him but actually she didn’t do much; now, with all their friends sat along the round table, Face started to serve them delicious courses and to his pleasure nothing was left on the plates.

Several courses after they were finished, Murdock, Adele and Bosco were comfortably slumped on the couch, Hannibal and Face took the two opposite armchairs, both men afraid of the physical contact: the need to hold on to each other had been almost overwhelming at the airport. At one point they had been very close to kissing in the public place, and the Colonel had promised the younger man he would demonstrate how much he had missed him later that night. Face had whispered something Hannibal didn’t fully understand in return.

God, it was so good to have Face in his arms again that Hannibal wondered why it had taken him so long to decide to settle down with him. Murdock asked when he was going to tell Face the good news but Hannibal didn’t have an answer for that; in fact he was afraid the shock of a sudden revelation could make his younger lover upset (even if rationally there was no reason for such a reaction, but with Face nothing was odd and a pregnant Face was even more difficult to manage) and he didn’t want to startle him. The pilot didn’t seem too enthusiastic at Hannibal’s vague answer but let the matter drop.

Now, finally all four men were reunited in the same house: Bosco appeared more relaxed and happy, Adele was almost purring at them, Murdock himself was completely happy to be back in Adele’s home while Hannibal and Face were acting a little strange. The pilot understood it was time to leave them alone: he had watched them at the airport, almost melting into each other, but after that they had been awkward all the time. So he complimented BA’s mum for the great dinner.

“I guess you cooked all day, mum!” BA exclaimed.

“I didn’t do much, honey. Actually, it was Face who made dinner,” she replied and smiled at her son and to Face, who blushed slightly at the astonished expression on his friends’ faces.

Hannibal was the first to recover from the shock. “It was fantastic, kid! I hope you didn’t get too tired though.”

“I must admit I am little tired,” he replied, trying not to yawn at his friends, “but I enjoyed the cooking part very much.”

The colonel smiled warmly at him and told him with his eyes what he didn’t with words. Face lowered his gaze and sighed. It was clear the two men were now walking on a thin line, finding it more difficult to appear “normal” as the minutes passed.

“Why don’t you two go get some rest? Me and the big guy will help mama to tidy up. It’s bed time for mummy, anyway!” The pilot offered with a smile, noticing the deathly stare Face gave him at the mention of his state.

Stifling another yawn, the LT gladly accepted the offer and headed upstairs, shortly followed by his lover. Once the door of the bedroom was closed, Hannibal had the younger man in his arms and kissed him deeply, needing to feel him; soon they were both naked and hard but Hannibal kept a slow agonizing pace, teasing Face, kissing and licking every inch on his body, until he felt he couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Can we make love?” he asked finally, his breathing a little labored. “Is it safe for the baby?”

Face nodded. “We just have to be careful,” he explained.

The Colonel seemed a little unsure. “God, Face, I don’t know if I can… I need you so much!”

But the younger man smiled at him, trusting him completely. “I know, me too. Just take it nice and slow, John, it will be fine!”

Hannibal did as instructed and soon he pushed himself inside Face’s warm body, feeling the muscles around his sweet hole tightening around his cock, actually squeezing him with every movement. “You’re so tight, baby…” Face moaned a little too loudly and Hannibal gently covered his mouth with his big hand. Was there anything about the Colonel that could not be defined as big? the LT wondered in his horny state.

“You’ve got to be silent, baby… I’m going to cum!” and with a final jerk he felt suddenly dizzy at the unexpected explosion of pleasure. Face’s moment came a few seconds later but the Colonel was ready for him and he captured the sticky substance in his other hand. They stayed like that, connected in a single body for a while, staring at each other with a satisfied and relaxed grin on their faces; Hannibal eventually hurried to the small bathroom to wash his hands and to retrieve a warm towel with which he washed the younger man, who seemed blessedly exhausted. He didn’t protest when the older man turned him onto his side in order to face him and covered them both with the light blanket he found at the bottom of the double bed, but relaxed against his well-built chest and let the soft rhythm of his breathing lull him.

“I missed you so much, Temp!” the Colonel whispered in his ear, caressing his soft hair with one hand and his belly with the other.

“I missed you too, John. Sometimes I felt like dying without you… to have you here, for real, it’s like a dream! Am I dreaming?” Face asked in very soft and sweet voice.

Hannibal felt the sting of tears behind his eyes. “You’re not dreaming, honey, unless we are having the same wonderful dream!”

Face relaxed even more and closed his eyes. Hannibal remained silent for some minutes then decided to talk to his lover about his imminent resignation. But when he felt the younger man trembling slightly against him – as he knew happened when he was asleep – he understood he had run out of time. Holding him closer, thinking how lucky he had been to meet him in his life, the Colonel succumbed to sleep.

The following morning, Face was already up when he woke up.

“Hey, sleepy head, are you already up?” Hannibal asked drowsily, his voice still a little rough from sleep.

Face greeted him with a soft kiss on the top of his head. “Yes, I am going to run. Want to join me?”

Hannibal frowned a little, immediately worried for his lover’s health. But Face, who knew what the older man was thinking, didn’t gave him time to object. “It’s safe for the baby, Hannibal. I asked dr. Lipinzski if I could and he said it was fine. So, are you coming?”

Hannibal, seeing how happy Face was, thought he couldn’t deny his lover anything at this point and agreed. “Yeah, I’m coming. Give me five minutes to get dressed.”

Face smiled brightly at him and hurried out of the room. “Good! I’ll wait for you downstairs! Don’t be late!”

They ran for a good two miles alone, then Murdock and Bosco joined them. The LT felt so good to have his friends and his lover back, he wished they could stay longer than one week – as long as their leave allowed them – but refused to let that thought ruin such a beautiful morning.

On the second morning of their stay, Hannibal went with Face to the Institute. Face had insisted that the Colonel should be present when the doctor told him the sex of their baby and, despite the fact that he had already performed a scan a couple of weeks before, Dr. Lipinzski repeated the procedure.

The younger man was a little nervous this time but soon relaxed, feeling that the proximity with the older man was comforting; while Face was lying on the table waiting for the doctor to ready the scan machine, Hannibal took hold of his hand and squeezed it gently; the gesture was so intimate and so sweet that Face instinctively held his breath, trying not to cry. “Try to relax, baby!” the older man whispered and Face complied. The child was turned on his side and it was impossible for them not to notice the little enclosure just below his little hip.

“You’re going to have a boy!” the doctor announced proudly.

Both men were completely delighted. Lipinzski switched the scan machine off and left them alone for some minutes, knowing they needed some privacy. Hannibal kissed his lover tenderly, feeling immensely proud of him.

“Did I ever tell you that I love you?” he asked then.

“Yeah… I won’t get tired of hearing that though, you know! God, John, did you see? We are going to be daddies!”

Hannibal hoped he wouldn’t ruin the magic moment but he couldn’t wait any longer to tell Face. He had had the whole previous day to break the news to him and he felt guilty when he didn’t, it just wasn’t the right time.

“Face… baby, what… What would you think if I… if I…” words failed the Colonel, he didn’t realized he would be so nervous; Face was now watching him with curious eyes, clearly waiting for him to finish his sentence. “I thought about what we discussed before you left the base… I was mad at you for not telling me you were pregnant but you were right about one thing: I didn’t want to leave the Army!” Face suddenly went pale at those words and Hannibal cursed under his breath for his bad choice of words. “It’s not what you think, please, Face. Let me explain. I like being a military man but what I like more is being with you, hon. I don’t care where we go or what we are gonna do for living, I just want to be with you and the baby.”

The LT was watching him with wide eyes, his heart thundering. “What do you mean?” he asked simply, almost afraid to hear the answer.

“It means I resigned.”

“Oh my God, Hannibal… Colonel… Why did you do it? I mean, I thought you… Are you sure about it?”

“It took me a while to admit it to myself but, yes, I’m sure!”

Some color returned to the kid’s face. “So are you going to stay?” he asked hopefully.

“I still have to go back, I’m sorry. It’s for just for three weeks and then you and I will find our own place where we can grow old together. Do you like the idea?”

“I love it, John. What about Murdock and BA? You already have a plan?”

“I’ll explain the details to you later. Now, what about some lunch?”

At the mention of food, Face’s stomach rumbled loudly. “Sounds good. But, God, John please warn a guy before trying to give him a heart attack next time!”

The three men left at the end of the week; Face wasn’t happy but he didn’t say anything. Three weeks and he was going to have Hannibal with him for the rest of his life. But when after 12 days Bosco called him to say they were coming home earlier he knew something was wrong. He asked to talk to the Colonel but the big guy babbled an excuse, that he was not there at the moment. BA was determined to keep the vow he had made to the Colonel, not to make Face worried about him, but in the end he gave up and explained the truth: there was an ambush and the Colonel had been hurt. He was going to be alright, though. He was in the hospital but was going to be released in two days. He was ok now but the doctors wanted to keep an eye on him for another day or so. Since after the accident the Colonel would have some days off, there was no need for them to stay any longer and so they were coming back earlier.

Face had always feared something bad happening to his lover while he was away but he had never imagined how it would feel to hear those words; his legs suddenly couldn’t hold him and the world around him went black. If not for Adele, he would have crashed to the floor face first; the woman briefly talked to her son on the phone, explaining the situation, and then called the Institute, praying both men would be alright.

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