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"For a man, you really fight like a fucking woman" "For a man, you really suck like a fucking woman" Karma or better known as "Karuma" is a lawless man- at least that's what everyone thinks. He is lawless, but not really a "he". Karuma looks like a man, talks like a man, behaves like a man and smells like a man. The only difference between Karuma and the male gender is, "he" doesn't have a dick. So the "he" is actually a "she"- so surprising, right? Karma is living two life's. The nice girl who is writing good grades to become a great hero one day and then there is Karuma, her alter ego who doesn't play by the rules. So what happens when a certain villain cuts through the plans of Karma and Karuma? Right, she doesn't know anymore what she wants. The young woman is torn back and forth, conflicted and indecisive. She's ambivalent. Status: coming soon ×WARNINGS× This story might include - Sexual content - Violence - Sensitive theme's - Grammar mistakes This story is also published on my other account on Wattpad.

Romance / Fantasy
Little Devil
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“Please wait! I have a fami-“, The man cried out in pain before he suddenly went quiet.

This motherfucker just passed out.

“I wasn’t even going to kill you...”

I grimaced in disgust under my mask, throwing the butcher knife to the floor, painted with blood.


Everywhere was blood, blood from animals which suffered in agony. Still fighting for their lives while they slowly were bleeding out.

“Bio certificate...don’t make me laugh”, I snarled angry, looking over to the pigs who still were capable of moving and feeling, obviously not anesthetized like they should be before the butcher cut their throats open.

Where are the heroes now?

I quickly made my way out of the slaughterhouse after I released the ones from the pain I couldn’t help anymore. The world is a tragedy, this cruelty of the human race makes me want to vomit every time.

And I threw up as soon as I took my mask off in an dark alley. Even when it’s not the first time I saw things like that, it makes me feel so sick.

I wiped my mouth with my sleeve clean and started walking again when I heard that voices came closer to me. Making my way through multiple alleys to get home, I carefully observe my surroundings to make sure nobody was following me.

“Hey, Karuma! Son of a bitch!”


“Twice...I already said no”, I wasn’t bothered that he could see me without my mask, he knows already who I am. “But I didn’t say anything yet! Don’t be such a bitch. I missed you!“, The edges of my mouth twitched, slightly amused by his twisted attitude. “I know and I also know that you’re just here to see me because of your boss.”, My face turned to a scowl. “I’m not a villain and neither I will become a villain"

“Excuse me? You’re saying it like it’s a bad thing, I’m offended! I know you want to be a bad bitch“, I turned myself to his direction and snapped my finger against his forehead. “You’re done?“, He returned the gesture. “Yes but actually no"

This guy is just lovely

He was one of the few people that I trust since he knows my secret...not that I had a choice. One of my ‘missions’ went wrong and without Twice I couldn’t live the life that I now have. Besides that he may be a villain, he has still a good heart...otherwise he wouldn’t have saved me that day.

I smiled slightly at him. “You can’t change my mind just because I like you, but I will warn you if I hear something”

“Think about it, it’s a good deal. As long as nobody knows your identity“, I scoffed and turned around, continuing my way. “Yeah yeah, see ya”


No one was home.

I entered the house through the back door and went straight to the kitchen, petting my cat that was sitting on the counter.

With a chocolate ice cream bowl, I let myself fall on the sofa in the living room and turned the TV on before I shoved a spoon in my mouth with the sweet, frozen liquid. Aisawa joined me and cuddled himself on my lap. Yes, I named my cat Aisawa, I’m not sorry.

My hand runs through the black fur, petting his head while I skipped lazily through the channels.

“-another report about the villain ‘Karuma’ just came in. Like it seems he attacked another slaughterhouse that was known for their good animal husbandry. The workers there are alive, but their fingers were chopped off-”

“Wow, that was fast...“, I sighed when I watched the female news reporter, talking bullshit. Nothing new.

"-he also drew signs at the wall again, the same signs like the other times. We still assume that his motives are his love for animals-"

I turned the TV off and gritted my teeth. What did I even expect?

“For fucks sake...“, Aisawa looked up to me with his orange eyes, meowing when I patted his head again. “Thanks that you remind me...I still have homework to do”

Frustration. Frustration was a good word to describe my current state. The world just sees the bad things I did, not the things that were relevant for my doing, the things that cause this whole mess. They just don’t want to listen, they don’t care. You can’t solve these problems with just talking, I learned that in a hard way.

I don’t care if they call me a villain, the choices I made and the things I did were for a good reason. The heroes maybe don’t like the way I did it, but someone has to do it.

And all after that I still had homework to do. Fuck my life.

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