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Starlit | Wheesa


After breaking up with her boyfriend, Wheein a 23 year old meets the notorious mafia leader, Hwasa at a bar. What will happen when Wheein is drunk and Hwasa happens to find her?

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Chapter 1- Diamond

Author POV

"Wheein! Youre up in 5 minutes!" yelled IU, the owner of Starlit, a strip bar. The bar owner was referring to the most popular stripper, Wheein known as Diamond in the club. Wheein only responded with a grumble about how she hates this job and that she'll find a better one.

Wheein is a collage student majoring in dance with financial problems. So she decided to join the club as a stripper, but there was a light in her dim tunnel. Yugyeom. Yugyeom is Wheein's boyfriend and they had been together for 2 years. Yugyeom also majored in dance at the same collage, he was known as the collage's 'bad boy'. But Wheein didn't care she loved him and he loved her, atleast that's what she thought.

"Wheein your up!" IU said and looked at Wheein while motioning her head to the stage. Wheein nodded and quickly put on her black lace mask to conceal who she was.

As soon as she was on stage she heard cheers and an applause. Wheein waited for the music to start before she started swaying her hips and looking into the eyes of hungry men, giving them a teasing wink.

As she was dancing to the music she felt priecing eyes on her, she looked around trying to find the source of the stare. After looking around for a few minutes she finally found an imitating woman on a bar stool. Next to her was a just as equally imitating woman with a shot cup in her hand. When Wheein made eye contact with the woman who was staring at her before she shuddered when the woman smirked at her.

Wheein quickly looked away and continued dancing and looking into the eyes of others.

When the song finally came to an end everyone applauded and threw items like roses, money, and phone numbers. Wheein went to pick up all the stuff on the stage but the phone numbers.

As she was walking off the stage she turned around to look at the woman who smirked at her earlier. When she found the woman, she was still smirking at Wheein. Wheein then turned back around and hurriedly went off stage.

"You did amazing today honey," IU said and went towards Wheein to massage her shoulders. "You can take the rest of the day off, if you want." She continues, and Wheein only nods her head. And IU chuckles "Well, see you on Tuesday then, be safe!"

Wheein mumbles a 'thank you' and then goes to the changing room. She comes out and goes to her locker to get her stuff. She grabs her stuff in a hurry then leaves without saying 'bye' to anyone.

While she's walking Wheein feels someone staring at her. She looks around "Hello?" She asks, she looks around to find nothing but darkness. She shrugs and turns around "I must be imagining things." She says and continues the walk home.

"Boss, I found her."


Who is mystery guy...or girl


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