Regular Show: The Skull Master Saga

Part Two: Chapters Three and Four

"Don't worry, this will only hurt a li'l bit." The voice said, accented lightly. Jeremy's vision began to clear as he woke up. Once the white bird had shaken the cobwebs off of his mind, he looked around to find his captor, and found his eyes upon Chad, Muscle Man, and somebody else, who was further back than the others. In the room's dim lighting, the third captor's shape was merely a blob and no features were able to be seen.

"So, what do you wish to do to me?" the white bird asked, keeping calm and observing his surroundings. Perhaps there might be a way to escape or something.

"We're going to give you the honor of serving the master!" Muscle Man squealed, obviously excited.

"The master? You mean the Skull Master, don't you?" Jeremy sighed.

"You've got it, best friend. I'm so glad that in a few moments, you'll be on our side as well." Chad smiled, stepping forwards.

"Chad, you've got some nerve joining the Skull Master…and I assure you, I will not suffer the same fate willingly." Jeremy scowled. The white bird's body was still aching, and he was in no physical condition to began running away. There were no visible doorways or windows either. Just where was this place?

"Ah, Jeremy, you don't have to be willing. The operation will enlighten you as it has done to me." Chad grinned, before he pulled out a taser.

"Oh, great. I get woken up only to be tased, huh?" Jeremy sighed. He noted that this would be a great time for the Anti-Skulls to bust in and rescue him. But, it was apparent that nobody was coming.

"Well, that depends. You can either willingly come with us or we can deprive you of consciousness until we get to the operation room. You decide." The third figure said, the voice belonging to the Skull Master.

"You don't need to electrocute me. I'll come." Jeremy spoke, through gritted teeth. He could escape while they were escorting him…or he could simply stall for as long as he could. Either way, the white bird was determined to not undergo the 'operation.'

"I'm glad you're being sensible about this. COMPUTER! Transport to D7!" the Skull Master yelled. Jeremy was growing curious to see what the Skull Master's body looked like. The white bird took a step closer to the blobby shape, when the wall opened, revealing a small capsule.

"There's our elevator." Chad smiled. Jeremy found himself being shoved in before he could formulate a plan. Instantly, the doors closed, leaving Jeremy alone in the elevator. The small capsule began to move shakily, for what seemed like forever. When the doors, or the wall of another room, opened, Jeremy found himself face-to-face with a small, floating bearded face.

"Hm? You're the new recruit? You don't seem like much." GBF Jr. sighed. Jeremy looked around and saw this new room to be well-lit and filled with tools piled upon shelves. In the center was a small steel table, elevated above the ground. There were leather straps upon it, clearly meant to keep the patient still while the operation was underway.

"I take it you wish me to get upon that table?" Jeremy asked, sarcastically.

"Indeed. You best go before we have to use force." GBF Jr. stated.

"Alright…but I'm just a drop in the bucket for the Anti-Skulls. We'll have you begging for mercy soon, and whatever you do to me shall be undone. Perhaps you and your 'Super-Skulls' should just surrender." Jeremy sighed.

"Silly, silly bird. The Anti-Skulls are already doomed…we have infiltrated them with a spy." GBF Jr. laughed.

Jeremy stopped to think about the current scenario he was facing. Then, he saw it—a bottle of Aymitophin, just like the one from his university's chemistry lab. Jeremy knew he had one shot, and formulated a plan using his genius intellect. The white bird punched GBF Jr. in the eye, stunning him. Then, he darted towards the Aymitophin and secured it within his hand.

"You're making a mistake, little birdie." GBF Jr. snarled.

"If you refuse to surrender, it is not I making the mistake." Jeremy taunted, before slamming the Aymitophin upon the ground. A pink gas filled the room, while Jeremy formed a tight clamp around his beak using his hands. Closing his eyes to avoid tearing up, Jeremy couldn't see anything and could only hear the pained wails of his former captor. The wall opened, revealing the small capsule once more. The gas began to clear up as Chad threw a counter chemical to the floor.

"Jeremy…where are you naughty, bird? There's no escape." Chad called out, now that the room was clear of the gaseous toxin. GBF Jr. trembled upon the floor, whimpering.

"Goodbye, former friend." Jeremy stated. Chad turned around to see that Jeremy was in the capsule that Chad had been in moments before. The wall closed.

"COMPUTER! Transport…out of here!" Jeremy yelled.

"Unknown voice detected. Command overridden." A robotic voice responded. Jeremy gulped, now feeling fear. Putting on the best impression he could, Jeremy attempted to mimic the Skull Master's accented voice:

"COMPUTER! Transport outside." Jeremy said.

"Unknown voice detected. Command overridden." The robotic voice repeated. Jeremy realized that with both Techmo and Chad working for the Super-Skulls, the voice-recognition system must've been top-notch. There was one thing left to do. While the operating room was full of the Aymitophin gaseous toxin, Jeremy had pocketed a few more tools from the shelves. Such as a scrambler, probably to be used in case a piece of tech in the room went wrong. Jeremy slapped the scrambler to the side of the capsule and heard something click. In a second, the capsule was enveloped in absolute darkness. When the bird's eyes adjusted, he grinned, having deprived power from the capsule. It wouldn't let anyone in…or out. The white bird then pulled out another tool pocketed from the shelves. A laser gun powered by a Muroneuron fuel cell, rendering it incredibly powerful. Jeremy used it and vaporized some of the capsule, revealing wires and flashing switches.

"Well, Jeremy. Time to get hacking." The bird mumbled to himself as he remembered everything from the university's tech class.

"Alright, so it started with the cages. We kid you not, cages fell from the sky, large enough to house a lion! Carson and I were standing in a blindspot of the trap, given we were next to each other while we talked to you. Jeremy, who had seen the cages, tried to notify us, but it was too late. He got caught in one. Powerful, colossal robots ambushed us, coming in from all around. Jeremy, doing all he could, threw rocks at one. It easily lifted up his cage and crushed him, letting us hear a sickening crunching noise. Carson dropped the walkie-talkie in shock and we were prepared to run. When you began shouting our names from the shed, the robots heard the noise and must've thought the walkie-talkie was you because it was emitting your voice. Obviously, they weren't very bright. One stomped on it and it…er…exploded and damaged the robots. We began to run when Muscle Man showed up on a motorcycle." Mordecai explained to the muscular yeti.

"Okay, thanks for telling me. And the robots were all damaged by the explosion?" Skips confirmed. The blue jay nodded.

"Mordecai came up with a great plan after we got caught and we disabled Muscle Man. Then, Techmo did something and a bunch of tentacles rose from the ground. That's when we ran into Rigby. Shortly after, you came and rescued us with that helicopter of yours." Carson concluded.

"Rigby, now you tell your side of the story." Skips said. The raccoon stepped forwards.

"Well, Techmo was there and he said that he had rescued me. It was apparent that he was no longer possessed. I was to stay in a safehouse, which was a small shed. When I got hungry and there was no food, I figured a short trip out wouldn't harm anyone. Besides, the Skull Master didn't know I was there, so I thought I'd be safe. That's when the tentacles began rising from the ground. I ran and saw Mordecai and Carson close by. I ran into them, and then you pulled up in a helicopter." Rigby sighed.

"Why would the safehouse to hide from the Skull Master be so close to the fake coordinates?" Skips inquired, confused.

"Don't ask me, I didn't do it!" Rigby said.

"Thanks, you three. Rigby, Mordecai, you're dismissed. Carson, I'd like to talk to you." The yeti said. Once the blue jay and the raccoon had left, Carson was most confused.

"Carson, you and Mordecai are the only people I trust right now. If I told Mordecai why, he would've blurted it out to Rigby. I trust you can keep a secret?" Skips asked.

"Sure, boss. But, why the sudden distrust in the rest of the Anti-Skulls excluding me and Mordecai?" Carson asked.

"I believe we have an infiltrator. A confidential file from my shed was stolen earlier…and nobody had access to get even close to it except for the Anti-Skulls and a few allies of ours." Skips said.

"I don't know about that. Remember GBF Jr.? He snuck in here and you didn't notice." Carson pointed out.

"That's WHY the Anti-Skulls were the only ones with access. After the break-in, the file was still here. I increased the security, but you wouldn't notice because you're registered as an Anti-Skull. If the new system didn't recognize you, you'd be dead right now." Skips stated. Carson looked around the shed, feeling suddenly unsafe.

"Who do you suspect?" Carson asked.

"I don't know. There may even be more than one infiltrator! Also, one of us may even be the Skull Master! Remember, he has a new body, because Techmo is no longer possessed." Skips said, bluntly.

"Alright, I'll tell you if I see anything unusual…" Carson noted. The tall, brown bird walked out of the shed, feeling unusually paranoid.

"I'm so happy that we can get together like this again." Margaret said, handing a coffee to Mordecai.

"It's nice to know that all of us are safe and not brainwashed." Rigby grinned, as Eileen walked up.

"The four of us used to gather here all the time, when times were simpler." The mole laughed.

"Yeah, if only things weren't so weird right now." Mordecai sighed, taking a sip.

"Well, at least you're safe after you walked into that trap. I thought I might never see you again when Skips told me he had lost contact with you and Carson." The red bird sighed, rubbing her shoulders.

"Same here, Eileen. After we got separated, I got knocked out cold! When I came to, my first thought was about your whereabouts." Rigby grinned.

"Luckily, we're both safe." Eileen smiled back. Carson strolled in casually, and took a seat next to Mordecai.

"Hey, guys. None of you are feeling infiltrator-ish, right, ha?" Carson said, awkwardly. After receiving blank stares, the tall brown bird got up and casually strolled out of the coffee shop. Once outside, Carson slapped himself in the face. But the brown bird realized he probably had all the time in the world to investigate to find the infiltrator. After all, since Benson was currently out, the Anti-Skulls were able to work 24/7.

Benson sped towards the park in his rusty car. Mr. Maellard, Benson's boss, would surely fire the gumball machine if the park wasn't living up to high standards. Benson parked, got out and walked in, his face red in anger at how not one person decided to work in his absence. The whole 'Skull-Master' conflict was just a setback in his eyes. And he intended to eliminate all mention or practice of the Anti-Skulls.

"Hey, Benson! Feeling better?" Carson asked nervously, spotting the gumball machine. Benson didn't bother to respond, instead he headed straight for Skips's shed.

"Carson, is that you?" a friendly voice asked. The tall, brown bird turned around to see Thomas, the goat.

"Thomas…you're working at the park? Where have you been?" Carson asked, staring in shock at the goat.

"Oh, I don't do much around here anyways. I just took some time off…not like anyone noticed." The goat laughed bitterly.

"Listen, I need you to stall Benson. I have some…investigating to do. Have you seen Doug or Don around?" Carson asked.

"Yeah, they're near the snack bar." Thomas said.

"Thanks! Don't forget to stall Benson! Try not to let him reach Skips's shed!" Carson grinned, as he ran towards the snack bar. The goat sprinted towards Skips's shed, given that was the only location that Carson had mentioned.

The muscular yeti was too absorbed in his work to notice a very, very angry gumball machine approaching. If one were to look out the window of the shed, they would notice Benson walking quickly to scold the yeti for not keeping the park in shape. If one were to continue looking out the window, they would notice a goat tackle the gumball machine seemingly for no good reason.

Carson thought to himself as he walked towards the snack bar, having stopped running due to the unnecessary exertion. The infiltrator could be Margaret…Skull Master was targeting her. Perhaps Margaret was captured and converted into a Super-Skull, only to be returned later to work undercover. Maybe it was Doug? That mongoose was doing a lot outside of the Anti-Skulls, and could've been captured while doing something. Don, perhaps? Don hadn't done anything but identify Rigby...which could've been a set-up because perhaps BOTH Rigby and Don were infiltrators. The possibilities were infinite, so Carson determined that he had to obtain some solid proof.

"Hey, Carson. Give me some sugar!" Don grinned as the tall, brown bird strolled near. The two hugged casually, and then they took a seat at a table.

"So, why are you here?" Doug sighed, getting to the point.

"I have news. From the Skull Master." Carson said, formulating a plan to get the infiltrator to confess.

"How'd you get that?" Doug asked, confused.

"A little bird told me. Anyways, he says he needs EVERY one of his Super-Skulls to attend a meeting at the old, abandoned ballroom in three hours. He said this was short-notice and that not all of the Super-Skulls would know of this event." Carson said, as his plan came together.

"The abandoned ballroom, eh? Should we crash it and stop the Super-Skulls?" Don inquired.

"No. Since the Skull-Master told me, it was probably a trap for us Anti-Skulls. I think only a Super-Skull could enter and exit unscathed." Carson said.

"Right, then. So just sit and do nothing?" Doug confirmed.

"Yes. To remain not captured, we Anti-Skulls MUST NOT attend." Carson sighed.

"Gotcha. So why even tell us?" Doug asked.

"Well, I had to tell somebody! The Skull Master confronted me and told me just so he could…um…TAUNT me with how much more organized the Super-Skulls were. He tried to get me to surrender. When I didn't, he fled." Carson said.

"What'd his new body look like?" Don inquired.

"Um…I didn't get a good look at it. He kind of appeared and disappeared, and it was late at night." Carson said. Then, the tall, brown bird left hoping that Doug and Don didn't notice all the holes in the story. Once he was gone, Doug and Don turned to each other.

"That sure sounded fishy. As if he was TRYING to get us to walk into a trap at the ballroom." Doug sighed.

"You don't think that Carson is working with the Skull Master, do you?" Don asked.

"Hm. So I'm not the only one." Doug replied.

"We have to tell Skips that Carson is a spy!" Don said, feeling the need to take action.

Carson walked into the coffee shop and told the same story to everyone there. The plan was simple; whoever showed up at the ballroom was a Super-Skull. The tall, brown bird knew it was flawed, but it was his best hope of discovering the infiltrator.

"GET OFF OF ME!" Benson yelled, to which Thomas obeyed. The goat knew that if he persisted then he would've been fired. However, Thomas had stalled the gumball machine long enough. Skips had noticed the fight between the two and was now prepared. When the gumball machine walked in to scold Skips about being more focused on the Skull-Master than work, he noticed that there was no evidence of the Skull Master even existing within the shed.

"What'd you want? I was just about to go run the snack bar." Skips grumbled, lying.

"Oh. I thought that yo-" Benson began, before Skips showed him out so that the two could continue the conversation outside…

"Any new information for me, my undercover ally?" the Skull Master spoke. The answer was a 'yes,' which pleased the Skull Master immensely. It was almost time to put sweet, sweet revenge into action…

"With Benson back, we must make sure the Anti-Skull objective is now a secret. If not, he will do anything in his power to stop us…and that could end horribly." The yeti told his observant fellow Anti-Skulls.

"Secret? Awesome! So, we're like…a super organization of talented super spies that the whole world doesn't know about! Just like the movies!" Rigby grinned, approving of the new change. Skips shot him a look and Rigby's grin dissipated quickly.

"All of you have applied for a job as I required yesterday, I hope. You must now all take shifts working." The muscular yeti instructed, scanning the crowd to see the reactions. A bunch of blank stares were received.

"So, just like old times." Hi-5 ghost laughed.

"Hey, Skips? Where's Carson?" Mordecai asked, noting his friend was gone.

"He's…on a special mission." Skips replied, hesitantly.

"Why does Carson get the SPECIAL mission?" Rigby whined.

"Because he's a spy and Skips has sent him away for good!" Don replied, firmly.

"A spy? There's no way a spy could've infiltrated the Anti-Skulls!" Margaret protested, before receiving a bunch of strange looks.

"Great. I just joined this 'club' yesterday, and we've already got a spy?" Eileen sighed. In a second, the shed was abuzz in shock.

"No! Carson is not a spy! Doug and Don voiced their concerns to me very recently! I told them I'd look into it, which I did. Carson is most certainly NOT a Super Skull!" Skips yelled, trying to silence everyone.

"If he's not a spy, then why the heck was he acting so strangely?" Doug asked.

"Because YOU'RE the spy!" Skips replied, grabbing the mongoose and holding him in the air by the neck. Doug began to choke. Skips then turned to everyone within the shed.

"And not just Doug. ANYONE in here can be the spy! I was hoping to keep this secret as to not alert the infiltrator that we know about them, but if I didn't speak up, one of you was going to interrupt Carson's mission to find out who it is!" Skips said, setting Doug down. The mongoose appreciated the oxygen.

"So…anyone of us can be a spy?" Mordecai uttered, feeling a chill run through his body.

"Whoever's a Super Skull, you're outnumbered. It was a dumb idea to try to get the scoop on us, because we're going to beat the living heck out of you!" Rigby taunted, trying to sound intimidating. The fear in his voice was incredibly obvious.

"What's this talk about skulls?" a new voice said, yelling through the shed. Skips opened the door to the shed, only to find himself staring at Benson.

"I was just shutting down the whole…Anti-Skull operation." Skips mumbled, nervously.

"I was walking by and I heard Rigby saying something about a skull…probably related to Skull Master and your whole Anti-Skull business. I've had enough. You better not be lying when you said you were shutting it down." Benson growled, his face red.

"Yeah, no more Anti-Skull business. It's not like our lives are at stake or anything." Margaret forcibly said before laughing the most artificial laugh one's ear could hear.

"Even IF your lives are at stake, the cops can handle it. It's just one guy." Benson sighed, before walking away.

"No, it's not! He has Muscle Man!" Hi-5 ghost blurted out. Everyone responded with a glare.

"Then call the cops and report him for kidnapping." Benson said, shaken up by this news.

"We can't. He'll kill them!" Margaret protested.

"Or add them to his army." Eileen mumbled.

"Let's hope it's not an army yet." Skips replied.

"Okay, then. Don't call the cops! But now that I've officially shut down the Anti-Skulls, you may as well figure out what to do…as long as it doesn't involve the park or its employees!" Benson roared. The gumball machine walked away and Skips closed the garage.

"Okay, we're going to be have to be more quiet." The yeti whispered.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" Rigby yelled, on impulse. The shed fell silent and footsteps were heard. There was a small thud on the door of the shed.

"Benson's listening." Skips whispered, as quietly as he could.

"What?!" Don said, rather loudly. The large raccoon hated being confused, and when he couldn't hear what Skips was saying, he got confused.

"I SAID THAT THE ANTI-SKULLS HAVE NOW DISBANDED PERMANENTLY. NOW EVERYONE GO OUT AND DO YOUR JOB." Skips said, being purposely loud. There was the sound of footsteps once more, this time growing fainter. Once Benson had gone, the muscular yeti opened the garage shed door and dismissed the meeting.

"Jeremy?!" the tall, brown bird cried out, spotting the white bird crumpled upon the ground. Dead tentacles littered the ground. Carson had gone to the sight of the trap to try and get some knowledge upon the Super-Skulls and the possible infiltrator. Instead, he found Jeremy.

"C-Carson. Get out of here….not…safe." the white bird groaned. Instead, Carson picked his friend up and decided to head towards a hospital.

"Did he get you—are you a Super Skull now?" Carson asked casually as he made his way towards the nearest hospital, with Jeremy slung over his shoulder.

"Close. I…es…caped." Jeremy muttered, with Carson uncertain if this was the truth or not. The tall, brown bird wondered if he had made the wrong choice by rescuing Jeremy. Either way, if Jeremy had actually escaped, Carson couldn't leave him as a sitting duck.

"You're going to have to tell me everything." Carson sighed, trudging until the faint resemblance of a city showed up on the horizon. Jeremy opened his mouth to speak, but then slowly closed it.

"…" the white bird said.

"I can't hear you, you have to speak up." Carson said, hoping that Jeremy's story would be believable. When the tall, brown bird thought he was feeling drool from Jeremy roll down his back, he shuddered and set the white bird down.

"I understand you're wounded and all, but that's just gross." Carson pointed out, before gasping. No saliva rolled from Jeremy's beak. Instead, it was drops of blood. Carson quickly picked Jeremy up once more and sped up towards the hospital.

"A spy in the Anti-Skulls? Who could it be?" Margaret asked, feeling paranoid, even around her friends.

"I don't know…but, I promise it's not me." Mordecai laughed, feeling Margaret place her hands on top of his.

"Good. Last time, I was his…pawn. His tool. Promise not to let him catch me again." The red bird whispered to the blue jay.

"I...I…no promises." Mordecai sighed, feeling awkward. Margaret's face showed obvious sadness.

"Don't worry, Margaret. If the Skull Master wanted you, he'd have gotten you by now." Eileen laughed, as if it were funny.

"Don't even joke about that! He already tried to get you guys." Mordecai said, raising his voice.

"Jeez, Mordecai. Lighten up!" Eileen giggled.

"Are you feeling alright?" Margaret asked, confused.

"Yeah. Just…a bit scared." The mole sighed.

"We're all scared." Mordecai said, quietly.

"MORDECAI! GET BACK TO WORK!" Benson screamed once he spotted the blue jay and the girls.

"Yes, sir. Sorry, I got…distracted!" Mordecai responded, hopping to his feet and running off.

"You two! Aren't you supposed to be working at the coffee shop?!" Benson inquired, staring at Margaret and Eileen.

"Nah, there's this new employee and it's his shift." Margaret smiled.

"Good. The last thing this world needs is more slackers." The gumball machine sighed, before walking away.

"You know…Margaret, if you're that scared, I know of a place where we can hide." Eileen sighed.

"Where you know for certain the Skull Master won't find us?" Margaret asked, interested.

"Yes. But, you can't tell anybody because the location is absolutely secret!" Eileen said.

"Right. And we have an infiltrator, so if he or she caught word of this 'place…'" Margaret trailed off.

"We can hide there between our missions. That way, we'll be safe for sure!" Eileen grinned.

"Yeah, sounds like a plan. Lead the way, Eileen." Margaret smiled warmly, getting up from the wooden bench that she had been sitting on.

"Alright. Let's go." Eileen sighed, and she walked ahead of the red bird.

Rigby was tired of raking leaves. Since when did he have to work and Mordecai get to slack?! Rigby thought that he himself should slack if his blue jay friend was slacking. The raccoon let go of the rake and headed towards the coffee shop, hoping to talk to Eileen. After all, the raccoon was still curious about what she did while he was in Techmo's custody.

"Hey, big bro! Give me some sugar!" Don smiled as Rigby walked by the snack bar.

"Ha, Don! Working the snack bar!" Rigby grinned. Now his all-too-respected brother had to work in the same dead-end job!

"Yeah, but saving our lives and free will from the Skull Master is worth having to do some low-skill park work." Don sighed.

"Oh, did you see where Eileen went?" Rigby asked.

"Er…yeah, she went that way!" Don grinned, pointing.

"That way? But the coffee shop is the other way!" Rigby noted.

"Meh. She might also be on a 'special' mission like Carson." Don joked. Rigby, offended by this possibility, dropped to all-fours and ran in the direction that Don had pointed too.

"She's only been with us for like…a day! And she thinks that she can just automatically handle a special mission! How stupid can Skips be to allow her to do so?" Rigby mumbled to himself, before speeding up. If Eileen was on a special mission, then Rigby figured he would have to simply tag along.

"How's Jeremy?" Skips asked when the tall, brown bird known as Carson walked into the shed.

"He was pretty bad when I found him. I wanted to leave him in the hospital's custody, but I saw Chad talking to the receptionist before I went into the hospital, thanks to the windows. That's when I decided if Jeremy had escaped, I couldn't risk him being returned to the Skull Master's custody. So I put him in a secret location, where some medic bots are taking care of him." Carson explained.

"Where'd you get a hold of medical robots?" Skips asked.

"Hm? I found them on a garage sale the day before I went to the location of the fake coordinates with Mordecai and Jeremy." Carson said.

"CARSON! Skull Master was active then, he could've hacked into the medic bots or something!" Skips protested.

"True…he is a great technomancer. And if he somehow hacked the medic bots before I brought them back to the park…" Carson began.

"We have to go check on Jeremy." Skips sighed. The two left the shed.

"I'm worried about Muscle Man." Hi-5 ghost told Doug, as the two sat by a lake.

"Don't worry 'bout him, we'll fix 'im eventually." Doug grinned.

"Hey, guys! Did you see where Eileen went?" Rigby asked, as he approached.

"Um…yeah. She went into Shimmering Leaf Meadows." Doug sighed.

"Where's that?" Rigby asked, baffled.

"Other side of this lake. You'll have to go around." Hi-5 ghost explained. Rigby groaned. How far ahead did Eileen get?! The raccoon sprinted on all-fours again.

"Wanna see what he's up to with Eileen and Margaret in Shimmering Leaf Meadows?" Hi-5 ghost inquired to Doug.

"Oh, most certainly." The mongoose said, deviously. With that, Hi-5 ghost picked up his mongoose friend and floated over the lake, heading towards the other side.

Benson was pleased. With all the former Anti-Skulls now park employees, things were on a record rate of productivity. He finally had willing and responsible workers, with the exception of Mordecai and Rigby.

"Hey, Benson. Can I take my break now?" the blue jay asked his boss.

"You just took a break." The gumball machine sighed.

"I know, I know, but Don has done most of the chores and the other workers have basically cleared today's agenda…" Mordecai began to speak, before Benson held up a hand to silence the bird.

"Fine, take a break. But only because I'm in a good mood. The park's never been cleaner!" Benson said, happily. The blue jay walked off and into Skips shed, but the yeti was nowhere to be found.

"Hey, Benson. You know where Skips is?" Mordecai asked, walking out of the shed.

"He and Carson headed off in that direction. Carson said something about Shimmering Leaf Meadows." Benson said.

"Thanks. Can I borrow the cart? Shimmering Leaf is a long ways away." Mordecai sighed.

"Just take it. But you'll have to do extra hours of work tomorrow." Benson warned.

"Sounds good by me." The blue jay smiled. Benson tossed him the keys.

Eileen paused, before calling out to the sky:

"EILEEN! ID 24-87-96!"

Almost instantly afterwards, a portal opened up.

"Holy crud Eileen, how did you do that?!" Margaret asked, in shock.

"I'll tell you later, come on!" Eileen said, seemingly in a hurry now.

"Wait—guys-" Rigby said, walking up, panting.

"Oh, hey there Rigby!" Margaret grinned.

"I knew we shouldn't have walked." Eileen mumbled.

"Why not? It gave Rigby time to catch up." Margaret pointed out. In response, Eileen shoved Margaret through the portal.

"WHAT THE-?!" Rigby screamed.

"Sorry, Rigby. I was the infiltrator all along. And Margaret belongs to us now." Eileen smiled, before she hopped through the portal herself. As the thing began to close, Carson emerged through the trees.

"Skips, can you stop that thing from closing?" the tall, brown bird asked, while Rigby ran up to it.

"Eileen, I won't let you do this!" Rigby screamed through it as it got smaller. The raccoon jumped through.

"Yeah, I can slow it down." Skips stated, solemnly. The yeti cracked his knuckles and reached into the pocket of his pants, before pulling out a folded wad of paper. Skips unfolded it and read an ancient language…and the portal began getting bigger instead of smaller.

"Amazing." Carson whispered.

"We're here to help!" Doug shouted, with Hi-5 ghost carrying him.

"Alright, go through! The spell doesn't last long!" Skips yelled. Everyone rushed into the portal.

One minute had passed, and Mordecai had just pulled up in the cart. The blue jay spotted the portal and approached it.

"Well...I guess Skips is in here. Better get my next mission." Mordecai said to himself, casually, before climbing through the portal as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

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