Regular Show: The Skull Master Saga

Part Two: Chapter Nine

"No." Doug gasped, as Gary delivered the news.

"I am sorry, but there has been some confusion and the legal system would like to detain you for several weeks while they sort it out. You cannot leave Namera." The attorney said, calmly.

"You're kidding me. This gives the Skull Master a huge head start on us!" Rigby protested.

"Be quiet, I have done what I can. I have declared a rule where you may wander around Namera, as long as you don't get into trouble. Any trouble, you will be sent to jail until the legal system sorts things out." Gary sighed.

"We have a whole world to explore, but we can't do anything suspicious or criminal." Don said.

"So, how do we attract the Anti-Skulls now?!" Doug asked the small group.

"I have an idea." Carson grinned, as inspiration struck.

"We have the Namerian legal department quite confused. It will be some time before the Anti-Skulls return, along with the Skull Crushers." The duck-snatcher reported. The snatcher was determined to stop Mordecai and Rigby in whatever they attempted. When the snatcher tried to grab some high-quality baby ducks, he ended up getting chopped in half. Now that he was back, he was doing everything he could to help the Skull Master's cause.

"Good, good. I see my virus is magnificent." The Skull Master smiled, pleased with this news.

"So what do you wish to do while the Anti-Skulls and Skull Crushers are subdued?" the snatcher inquired.

"Our war plan needs to be revised in order to factor in the Skull Crushers. Once our war plan is once more ready, we can charge in and start the final battle, which of course, we'll win." The Skull Master laughed, malice dripping from his voice.

"You're so hot." The snatcher breathed.

"I'm. Still. A. GUY." The Skull Master said, as if he had said the same thing one-thousand times.

"Th-thank you." The entity gasped as he was freed from his holding cell.

"No problem. Techmo's scramblers worked wonders!" Skips smiled.

"Death, let's get to the point. It's about Margaret—" Mordecai began speaking, but the entity seemed exhausted.

"He's wounded. Let's get out of here and let the MedBots fix him up…then we can ask about Margaret." Skips stated.

"No! Margaret is our top priority!" Mordecai shouted.

"No, Mordecai. She's YOUR top priority. It's the Anti-Skulls top-priority to stop the Skull Master!" Skips pointed out.

"Shut. Up." The blue jay snarled, glaring. Mordecai proceeded to slam Death against the wall.

"Wh-what?" Death whimpered.

"Margaret died recently. Bring her back." Mordecai stated, bluntly.

"C-can't…" the entity began to speak, before Mordecai tossed him to the floor.

"Mordecai, stop! You're wasting time!" Skips protested. The blue jay pulled out a gun, and aimed at the yeti.

"I grabbed this on the way here. Now, stay back." The blue jay growled.

"You're not thinking sensibly! You're letting rage cloud your mind!" Skips yelled.

"Whatever." Mordecai said, before turning back to Death.

"I…c-can't…save…her…." Death breathed, struggling to get the words out. Mordecai kicked him in the stomach, and placed the gun on the entity's left cheek.

"You better hope you can." The blue jay said, angrily.

"Not…in…this…condition…" Death coughed. Mordecai picked the entity up and threw it towards the muscular yeti.

"Come on, Skips. Let's go." The blue jay sighed.

"Fine." Skips said, bitterly, before slinging Death over his shoulder. Suddenly, sirens began to blare.

"What the heck?!" Mordecai exclaimed.

"We've wasted too much time! They're onto us!" Skips screamed. The two of them broke into a run.

"Listen to us…the Skull Master HAS returned." Carson protested, as the legal department called security.

"Sir, you are on the verge of disturbing our sacred peace. Cease and desist, or we will have you placed in jail for an amount of time." The security cop said, pulling out a taser.

"Stupid crazy rebels…shouting things like 'The end is near!' or 'The Skull Master's back!'" one man snickered to another, as they passed by.

"I'm not just another crazy. Because I have proof!" Carson grinned.

"What is your proof?" the cop asked, lowering his guard for a just a moment. A flash of worry flickered over his eyes.

"Our proof is Yulon, the Skull Crusher. You say he stopped the Skull Master, correct?" Carson asked.

"He did. What makes you think otherwise?" the cop asked.

"I failed! The chip didn't work!" Yulon cried out, taking a place next to Carson.

"Identification system! Process!" the cop yelled. A drone zoomed up, before flashing a laser over Yulon's face.

"Facial features exactly the same. No surgeon or make-up could've achieved this effect." The drone reported.

"See?" Carson smiled, triumphantly.

"No. He may be a shape-shifter." The cop grimaced. Carson and Yulon exchanged a look.

"Don't worry Doug…" Carson whispered, quietly. 'Yulon' nodded his acknowledgement.

Eileen and Chad were fully restored and back to normal. Muscle Man was still being attended to by the MedBots, though he had undergone the operation.

"Geez, Techmo. You're incredible!" Hi-5 ghost marveled, smiling at the former Super Skulls being rescued.

"Yeah, thanks. I think we're finally turning the tide." The technomancer smiled. The ghost couldn't wait for his best friend, Muscle Man to be restored. Suddenly, he remembered something.

"Techmo, we've been in this shed for a while…and there was a confidential file there, right?" Hi-5 ghost said.

"Yeah, what about it?" Techmo asked.

"Where's the file?" the ghost asked, trembling. Techmo walked over to where the file had once been and gasped.

"This isn't good. Whatever was in there, Skips instructed me never to lose it!" Techmo said.

"Then who has it? And how'd they get past the security system?" Hi-5 ghost asked.

"Well, let's hope they haven't gone too far. I should be able to reuse some of this equipment…" Techmo mumbled to himself, grabbing a gadget from a corner of the room.

"Those machines! We used those to collect traces early on! I think it was our first mission." Hi-5 ghost blurted out.

"Yeah. Perhaps this can collect a trace of our culprit." Techmo said, studying the brick-like contraption.

"B-but how? It takes a few hours for the traces to manifest into..well…readable stuff. And it takes a while to collect enough for the traces to become readable themselves!" Hi-5 ghost sighed, finding it hopeless.

"With a few modifications, I think I can fix that." Techmo said, quietly, still studying the contraption.

"Y-you can…do that?" Hi-5 ghost gasped.

"Dude. You underestimate me." Techmo laughed, before beginning to tear the contraption apart.

Carson and Doug, who was posing as Yulon, were taken to a special part of the legal department. They entered a small room, along with a guard.

"Alright, Yulon, just sit in that metal chair. A scan will check to see if you are a shape-shifter or not." The guard instructed. Doug obeyed.

"Hmph, how untrusting of you." Carson said, shaking his head.

"Sir, it's just a requirement." The guard said blatantly, before pulling a switch upon the wall. A blue beam began to scan over Doug, who flinched briefly.

"I wonder if Doug can pull it off." Don said, nervously to Rigby.

"Of course he can!" Rigby grinned.

"Still…I wish we could be in the room with Carson and him." Jeremy said.

"I couldn't help but overhear that last sentence. We apologize because the room is too small and the scanner needs as little interference as possible to operate properly." A female guard said, approaching.

"Oh, well…cool." Rigby said, fidgeting.

"If your friends ARE disturbing the peace, they may be imprisoned for a while." The guard said.

"Yeah, well, we don't think they are. And if they are, we don't know about it." Don stated, casually. The guard looked the tall raccoon in the eyes, as if looking for something. Suddenly, the guard that had left with Doug and Carson had come back, with nobody accompanying him.

"Yulon is indeed who he claims to be." The male guard said, coldly.

"Do you have the papers?" the female guard asked. A small folder was handed over and the female guard looked through the papers enclosed.

"Hm. The results seem a little odd." She noted, as she flipped through.

"Well, the brown bird interfered with the machine a little bit. But the results are clear enough." The male guard grinned.

"Yes, I suppose they are. I'm going to file these away and arrange for Yulon and the bird to meet with the Skull Crushers." The female guard said, before walking away.

"Where's Carson?" Don asked, casually.

"And where's…erm…Yulon?" Rigby also asked.

"Yulon's right here." Don pointed out. As he said it, the male guard shape-shifted back into Doug.

"We had to knock the guard out and fudge the results after the scan results proved I wasn't really Yulon. Carson and I went through a small handbook on the legal procedures that we found, so we've been going along with that." Doug grunted.

"Where's Carson?" Don repeated.

"Covering up the evidence." Doug said, dropping his voice to a whisper.

"If we get caught…" Jeremy began to say, before trailing off.

"I know. It's risky. But this is urgent—we need to meet the Skull Crushers as soon as possible!" Doug hissed.

The tall, brown bird arrived on the scene.

"Hey, guys." Carson said, looking nervous.

"Did you…do the job?" Doug asked. The brown bird nodded.

"I still can't help wondering how Mordecai's doing…after Margaret's…death." Carson sighed.

"Problems, master?" a deer-man asked, walking up to the Skull Master.

"Yes. I'm having problems with the war plans…no matter which tactic I write down, the Anti-Skulls always win." The Skull Master replied, flustered.

"Do not worry. You are genius, you figure this out soon." The deer-man said, confidently.

"I know. But…bring in the strategist. Perhaps he can help." Skull Master sighed.

"Of course, sir." The deer-man smiled, walking away. The Skull Master couldn't help but note how many enemies that Mordecai and Rigby had made. For example, the deer-man, whose forest they had ruined. Luckily, it had given him new allies. The Skull Master picked up a small walkie-talkie.

"Hello, Hammer. Have the infiltrators been detained yet?" the Skull Master asked, casually.

"Close." The Hammer, who was a blue mullet-wearing man of few words.

"Well, deal with them faster. They're so annoying." The Skull Master sighed. He then thought about adding Skips and Mordecai to the Super Skulls. That yeti might come in handy later…

"The moment of truth…here it comes." Rigby said, excitedly, as two giant golden doors opened before him.

"We finally get to meet and ally with the Skull Crushers." Carson grinned.

"Please be super awesome…please be super awesome…" Don mumbled to himself. When the doors opened, they revealed a massive room, with multiple staircases leading to tons of other rooms, which were also massive.

"I wonder where they are…" Jeremy said, staring at the empty room. 'Yulon' just stayed silent.

"Yulon, you'll have to enter the password to access the planning room. The Skull Crushers are so secretive, they won't even tell us!" the female guard grinned.

"Oh…yeah. Hidden trapdoors and stuff." Yulon said, nervously, walking forwards into the mansion.

"RETINA SCAN PROGRAM ACTIVATED." A monotonous voice said, belonging to the computer.

"Security system?" Rigby asked, out loud.

"Yulon. Identified. Please enter password." The voice continued, as a small control pad emerged from the floor. Upon it were nine buttons, each with a number: 1, 2, 3, etc.

Yulon noticed the panel on which numbers would appear. Eleven slots were upon it. Yulon pressed the 2 key, and a '2' appeared in the first slot. The shape-shifter knew that there was no chance of cracking the code…he wondered if this was the end of the little ploy.

"Enter the password already, the Skull Crushers need to know the Skull Master is back!" the female guard shouted. Yulon, instead, collapsed, holding his head.

"I can't! In my battle against the Skull Master, during the mission of which I failed in, the Skull Master stole the passcode from my memories. He then deleted MY memory of the passcode himself. He was incredibly thorough in making sure that I couldn't do anything to reach the Skull Crushers. Luckily, my friends, the Anti-Skulls saved me before I was killed…but I am still missing the bits and pieces of my memory that the Skull Master stole." Yulon explained, making it up as he went along.

"Oh." The female guard, breathed, before shoving Yulon away and entering the password.

"I thought you said you didn't know it!" Carson exclaimed.

"That was just another test to verify if you were Yulon. I'm sorry to hear about your memories. That…explains why you don't remember my name." the female guard said, quietly.

"Y-you? You're…Marisa, right?" Yulon stated, reading her name tag.

"Marisa is my code-name. My real name is confidential. I wish you remembered me." The woman said quietly. The Anti-Skulls watched as one of the staircases physically moved itself, leading to a different room. They all climbed up, with Marisa leading the way.

"We're screwed." Mordecai said, noticing the situation. He was on Z-0, about to leave the lair, when drones came in from all sides.

"It's your fault. This was supposed to be a get-in-get-out mission. We're still a while away from where I can open a portal back to the park. After all, we're not in range yet." Skips growled.

"Bravo, bravo. You nearly escaped." The duck snatcher applauded, revealing himself.

"Idiot. Do you think that we would rush into the enemy lair without a fail-safe?" Skips asked, smiling. A look of worry crossed the snatcher's face.

"Do it." Mordecai smiled. The muscular yeti pulled out a small remote, with one button.

"Don't press that!" the snatcher yelled, having no idea what the button would do.

"Then you'll let us go. Or we'll blow this place to its knees." Skips grinned.

"Y-you're bluffing. If you could do so, you would've done so already." The snatcher said, turning pale.

"Oh, no. With Death still wounded, blowing this place up would kill us too. Of course we wouldn't do it right away." Skips said, standing his ground.

"So, it's either you die, but take the whole Skull-Master operation down with you, or I let you go, is it?" the snatcher asked, trembling.

"Yeah. Let us go." Mordecai said.

"Go." The snatcher said, before a panel in the wall opened.

"Wise choice." The blue jay remarked.

"COMPUTER! SHUT DOWN ALL TECH ON Z-0! ID 01-08-34!" the snatcher cried out. The drones all collapsed. When Skips and the blue jay were exiting, Skips felt a small pinch on his left butt cheek.

"A tracking device probably." Skips mumbled to himself, before collapsing. The remote fell out of his hand and slid across the floor.

"What's the matter, yeti? A little poison too much?!" The snatcher left. Mordecai swiftly reached for the remote, before feeling a small pain.

"You…jerk." The blue jay mumbled, before he also collapsed, on top of Skips.

"No…so…close…" Death mumbled.

"Such a shame. It was indeed, so close." The snatcher laughed.

"I…have…healed a little." Death coughed out, before staring at the snatcher.

"You're still wounded. You probably have no powers whatsoever right now!" the snatcher laughed.

"Wrong…I can…kill." Death grinned, weakly. The snatcher felt a pain in his chest, before collapsing, dead.

"Hello? How are the infiltrators?" the Skull Master asked, over the snatcher's walkie-talkie. Death didn't happen to pay any attention to this and focused on Skips and Mordecai, both of which had been subdued by poison.

"Carrie! What've you done bringing THAT in here?" a British-accented voice yelled out. It belonged to a man who appeared to be in his early-twenties. Black hair stretched from his scalp to three inches below his waist. His shirt was sleeveless, exposing muscular arms, and his shorts stretched to one inch above his knees.

"This is Yulon. He says—" Marisa began, before Doug suddenly felt himself being forcibly transformed back to normal.

"How'd you do that?" Doug growled.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't know!" Marisa, whose real name was Carrie, screamed out.

"It doesn't matter. The Skull Master IS back, but nobody believes us." Rigby blurted out.

"Nobody except us." A new voice said. A figure emerged from Rigby's shadow, cloaked in all-black, except for his face, which was scarred and mangled.

"You…believe us?" Carson said, in disbelief.

"Of course we do. Why else would the Anti-Skulls travel all the way to Namera?" the British man grinned. The Anti-Skulls could only stare in shock.

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