Regular Show: The Skull Master Saga

Part Two: Finale

Everyone was having an emergency meeting in Skips' shed.

"Anti-Skulls, Skull Crushers, enemies of the Skull Master. We are gathered here today because we are finally ready! We have formed war plans and strategies for tons of variables, and are now planning to launch our all-out attack against the Skull Master! In a few moments, I shall open a portal to the Skull Master's lair for us to enter. Then…" the muscular yeti began speaking, before a deafening roar stopped him. The Anti-Skulls ran out of the shed to witness a large cloud rising from nearby. The sky seemed to darken from dust alone, and everyone could hear the maniacal, yet strangely seductive, laugh of the Skull Master.

"Oh no! They beat us to the first strike! The park's going to get destroyed!" Rigby gasped. A large spaceship emerged from the dust. It's large mass seemed to cover the sun, as black dots began emerging from it.

"What are those?" Nolu whispered. As the dots got closer, it was plain to see what they were.

"Pods from the Namerian Peace Shuttle?!" Skips exclaimed.

"Not just that. They're weaponized." Carson noted, as the pods got ever closer. An explosion of purple light came out of one, hitting the ground near Mordecai. The blue jay, tossed backwards by the sheer force of the blow, felt the world begin to spin. Mordecai, vision blurred and ears ringing, watched in horror as more and more purple energy bursts were fired from the pods. The Anti-Skulls were being tossed around like flies.

"Get back in the shed!" Skips commanded. When the muscular yeti closed the shed door, he saw only a few Anti-Skulls had made it back.

"The rest are outside fighting. We need to get some reinforcements." Chad grimaced.

"No. Techmo, stay here and lead the charge. Death is outside fighting and frankly, the entity isn't fit to lead the Anti-Skulls anymore. I'll lead an invasion of a smaller force into the base. While the Skull Master's most powerful units are here, this is our chance to destroy his lair once and for all." Skips said.

"Go, then. Remember the manual!" Techmo shouted, as he ran back outside of the shed. Skips surveyed those still with him.

"Ready to lead the invasion?" the yeti asked. A series of half-hearted cheers followed. Skips opened a portal and entered. Doug, Yon, Jeremy, and Don entered soon after, following the yeti. Two seconds passed, and the portal closed.

"It's a good thing your special power is healing." Mordecai said, as Carrie helped him to his feet.

"Whatever." Carrie said, before rushing off to help others wounded. The blue jay watched as one of the pods began to head closer towards the ground.

"Techmo, look!" Mordecai yelled, pointing. The technomancer realized the significance of this and headed towards the pod, which was being steered by a person he didn't recognize. A series of buttons were pressed on his prosthetic arm, and the pod was under his control.

"Shouldn't have flown so close to the ground. You came right into my hacking range." Techmo grinned, as the pod ejected it's pilot. Techmo climbed in and flew it into the air.

"We need to find a way to get to the spaceship, where the Skull Master is most likely hiding. We're just sitting ducks on the ground!" Carson reported, to Death.

"Little birdie, go into Skips' shed. Perhaps there's something in that yeti's huge trove of supernatural objects that you can use to fly up." Death replied, rolling his eyes bitterly. Carson obeyed. As the brown bird ran, he saw a bolt of purple energy hit the shed. A gaping hole was left in the ceiling of it, but Carson felt his ears pop from the noise. Then another bolt hit. And another. What was left of the shed began to crumble, and a small chest was exposed.

"Got to get…something…before…everything's…destroyed." Carson panted, leaping and grabbing onto the chest. His hand brushed against something, as he tried to get a grip. In the moment following, he was hit directly by a purple bolt. Disoriented, Carson couldn't tell which way was what. His vision blurred. Was he holding something? Where was the chest? The blur of the world faded away, and so did Carson's life.

The brown bird woke up later, finding that he was indeed holding something: a pendant. Carson turned it over and read it:

Prevents dying. Good for 1 use.

The pendant quickly crumbled. Carson opened the chest, thanking his lucky star that the pendant had fallen out earlier.

"Uh oh." Techmo said, as he pressed the FIRE button repeatedly. No energy pulse came out. It jammed. Suddenly, a pod flew directly in front of him.

"Rogue soldier…prepare to die." Hissed a guy with a spray nozzle for a head. Techmo began pressing the FIRE button, desperately now. He couldn't fly away. Not now.

"Well, crud. I guess this is it." The technomancer laughed. Suddenly, the enemy pod was rammed straight into by two guys on a hoverboard.

"Mordecai and Lame-by got this for Christmas after they helped Santa destroy an evil box." Muscle Man said, riding the board.

"It's a good thing it's meant for two people." Carson grinned, as he steered the board.

"You…you rammed me! You're going to regret that!" the spray nozzle guy shouted. Muscle Man realized the voice instantly.

"You're the guy who nearly got me fired due to your graffiti a while back! When I heard you escaped from prison, I knew it had to be YOU that was defacing the park's restrooms!" Muscle Man grunted.

"Guilty as charged. I also hired a disguise artist to look like Benson to play with your heads while I made art." The spray-nozzle guy grinned.

Muscle Man squealed, before a purple burst of energy hit the enemy pod, causing it to explode.

"Hey guys. I fixed my pod!" Techmo smiled.

"Then let's head for the ship." Carson said, gravely.

"Still have the map Hi-5 ghost made?" Skips asked.

"Yeah." Jeremy grinned.

"No enemies. This lair is just…unusually quiet." Don shivered.

"I bet that the Skull Master has a trap waiting for us…somewhere." Doug said, grimly.

"Whatever the case, we're going to kill him." Yon said, pushing past Skips.

"You won't get anywhere. This floor is relatively small." Don sighed.

"Then let's move to Floor A-8. That's where we need to go, right?" Yon sighed.

"COMPUTER! TRANSPORT TO A-8!" Doug yelled, in the Skull Master's voice.

"Identification?" a computerized voice replied.

"Screw this." Yon said, rolling his eyes. The Skull Crusher pulled a small device out of his pocket and plugged it into the wall. A capsule opened.

"Nice. Hacking the system." Skips said, as a compliment.

"No, primitive dummy. I've taking CONTROL of the system. You guys didn't just start out with this?" Yon asked, as if it was the most obvious move in the world.

Techmo placed a scrambler on the ship, and small opening in the wall revealed itself.

"Alright, let's go." Carson said. The bird was the first to enter, followed by Muscle Man, and eventually Techmo.

"The scrambler's scanning the spaceship. I should have a three-dimensional map display in a few minutes." Techmo whispered.

"We don't have a few minutes! Every second we waste, more of our friends are dying on the ground!" Carson protested.

"Shut up ladies, do you want the Skull Master to know we're here?!" Muscle Man growled.

"Yes. Of course." Techmo whispered, sarcastically. Carson stifled a laugh.

"OH NO, BROS! TECHMO'S STILL A SUPER SKULL! GET HIM!" Muscle Man yelled, extremely loudly.

"It was sarcasm, you idiot!" Carson said. The opening in the wall swiftly closed and the room was filled with a red tint. A blaring alarm sounded.

"We're screwed." Techmo said, whimpering.

"Eileen! Don't die!" Rigby cried out, spotting the wounded mole near the shed.

"R-rigby?" the mole said.

"What happened?! Those blasts are easy to avoid, they usually hit the ground around us!" Rigby yelled. A cut swelled on the raccoon's forehead, and one of his eyes had blackened. His arm was twisted the wrong way, yet Rigby was somehow able to overcome the pain to confront his friend.

"I…was hit with…debris." Eileen whispered, as if it wasn't obvious. A large, jagged piece of stone, most likely from the park's house, was jutting out of her stomach.

"Listen, there's a small chest where Skips' shed used to be! I'm going to get something that can heal you! Just…stay alive!" Rigby whimpered.

"No problem…boss." Eileen laughed, before breaking out into a coughing fit. The raccoon ran across the battlefield, towards the shed. Where the heck was Carrie?

"Are you sure you can phase us through?" Mordecai asked, as a pod noticed the floating blue jay and the ghost.

"Yeah, we'll be in that ship in…no time!" Hi-5 ghost gasped. The distance between the ground and the ship was incredibly large, and the ghost had to clear that distance with a passenger. Hi-5's worried that he would drop Mordecai, before forcing the thought out of his ghostly head.

"Pod approaching!" the blue jay yelled. A purple burst was fired. Mordecai screamed, before feeling solid ground.

"We're in." Hi-5 ghost gasped, panting severely. A red alarm was blaring.

"Great! We just got in and they already know we're here!" Mordecai complained.

"No…Muscle Man came in here earlier. I hope he's okay, wherever he is." Hi-5 ghost sighed.

"Here we are." Yon reported, as if he were the leader. Skips wrinkled his face in disgust at the Skull Crusher's attitude.

"The tech room. There's a failsafe. The Skull Master prepared for the possibility of losing." The yeti said, observing the panel.

"No DUH, Captain Obvious." Yon said, shoving the yeti away.

"I would appreciate it if we kept contact to a minimum." Skips growled.

"What're you going to do?! Without me, you would just stare at the pretty buttons and be lost on how to hack into the system and gain knowledge of the Skull Master's ship, pods, stuff like that." Yon taunted.

"Without you, I could just use Techmo's manual and shut this whole place down!" Skips protested.

"Um…guys…" Jeremy said, noticing something in the background.

"YOU were the one that thought you had to have members of your ragtag group and fetch us for a measly, easy task! The Skull Master's nowhere near as organized as he was when he attacked Namera!" Yon said.

"This is coming from the guy who let his own teammate DIE on a foreign world! Remember Yulon?! He needed us!" Skips yelled.

"Yulon needed you. We. Don't." Yon said.

"Then you can leave. Don, Jeremy, Doug and I can handle this." Skips snarled.

"Fine, then! You Anti-Skulls turned out to be a bunch of babies that can't handle the simplest of tasks and problem solving." Yon sighed, and he was gone in a second.

"FINE!" Skips yelled after him, before looking around the room. Jeremy, Doug, and Don were all missing.

Techmo continued to hack into the systems of the seemingly endless supply of drones.

"I'm trying to get them to fight each other, but there's just too many for me to hack into at once!" Techmo cried out.

"Maybe you don't have to hack into them at all." Carson said, hatching an idea.

"What do you propose we do then, dummy?! Sit back and get vaporized?!" Muscle Man asked, sarcastically.

"Yeah, that's a perfect idea! Everyone drop your weapons and sit down so we can all die!" Carson replied, with an equal amount of sarcasm.

"OH MY GOSH, BROS! CARSON WANTS US TO DIE! IF WE LISTENED TO HIM, WE'LL-" Muscle Man began to speak, before he was picked up and tossed into the drone army. All the drones focused on him.

"Run." Carson instructed. As Techmo and Carson ran past the drones, Muscle Man squealed.

"Traitors! A Super Skull and a suicidal bird! You guys are—EEAAAUEURIOEH!" Muscle Man yelled, as he was hit over and over by the drones powerful guns.

"Your map's ready, right? Have it guide us to the Skull Master!" Carson yelled, as Muscle Man's screams faded.

"Alright. Here's the way—" Techmo said, and the two ran off.

Using the manual, Skips began hacking the control panel.

"They probably left with Yon. After all, he was making a big deal of proving how much better he was than me." Skips grumbled, as he worked. The yeti didn't bother to think of the deadly trap that his friends had fallen into. Suddenly, he felt something click inside him. The yeti stopped hacking.

"Welcome to the Super Skulls." Leon grinned, walking in, holding a gun. Skips looked and saw a small dart sticking out of his shoulder.

"Hm. So you thought manufacturing a gun that turns people into Super Skulls while you were in your no-rules land could stop me?" the yeti laughed.

"What?! How are you not on our side?!" Leon gasped.

"Because, I'm holding the manual." Skips grinned.

"And?" Leon asked.

"And Techmo wrote in a special 'rule.'" Skips smiled, holding up the manual, and flipping to a page.

"No…Leon…Can...Engineer….Traps?" Leon read.

"Yeah. And because your gun only works if there's no rule blocking it…" Skips began to say, before the gun exploded in blue goo.

"Sadly, your friends didn't sign off on that rule." Leon said, rubbing the sparkly blue goo off of himself. Jeremy, Doug, and Don emerged from the shadows.

"No way." Skips breathed.

"Way." Jeremy laughed, as Don rushed forwards. The yeti and the raccoon began to wrestle.

"Get the manual! The yeti can't hack without it!" Leon commanded. Jeremy rushed forwards and reached for it, but Skips let himself fall on the white bird. In a pile of sorts, topped by Don, Skips found himself subdued.

"You should've become a Super Skull while you had the opportunity. It's a shame I got your friends before you revealed the rule." Leon cackled. Doug morphed into a gun. Skips struggled, but Don held him steady and pinned. Leon pointed Doug, as a gun, straight at the yeti's head.

"Ssh! Hear that?" Mordecai whispered. Hi-5 ghost listened.

"Voices. I can't make them out, but they sound familiar." The ghost said.

"Exactly. Beyond this door, where the voices are, the Skull Master must be hiding." Mordecai said quietly.

"Then let's phase through. They'll never know what hit 'em." Hi-5 ghost grinned.

"Did you hear those voices?" Carson asked, moments earlier.

"Yeah, Skull Master may be beyond this door. But how come he isn't in the control room?" Techmo whispered back.

"Too bad your map can't display a list of people and who they are." Carson joked.

"Whatever." Techmo said.

"TECHMO!" Mordecai yelled, hugging the technomancer.

"When'd you get here?" Techmo asked, laughing. The blue jay released him.

"Hi-5 phased us through so you didn't notice. Is that a map?" the blue jay noted.

"Yeah, we're going to ambush the Skull Master in the control room. Care to join us?" Techmo asked.

"Wait! Where's Muscle Man?" Hi-5 ghost asked.

"He gave his own life, heroically, to save us." Carson lied.

"So…he's…dead?" Hi-5 ghost asked.

"Yeah, probably. But Death'll revive him if we win this." Techmo said.

"Hm. Muscle Man and Margaret. I can't wait to see their faces." Mordecai said, his eyes becoming distant.

"Snap out of it! Now's not the time!" Carson said, snapping in front of the blue jay's face.

"Everyone, follow me. Let's go take down the Skull Master." Techmo grinned, opening the door.

"Remember the Ultra-Slammuh HQ?" Rigby asked, pouring a strange cream over Eileen's wounds.

"Where we…URGH…first met the Skull Master?" Eileen said, softly. The jagged stone had been removed from her chest, and Rigby was tending to the wounded area. He had found a cream, but there were no other healing items. The raccoon could only hope that it was strong enough.

"Yeah. Well, when I heard you were a fan of the Skull Master as well…" Rigby began to speak, before trailing off.

"Go on." Eileen whispered.

"I…er…was surprised that we had that in common. Then I realized we had a lot of other things in common." Rigby said.

"I like where this is going." Eileen laughed.

"Well, when you're not wearing your glasses, I think you're pretty…cute…and…" Rigby spoke, frowning. The cream didn't seem to be working. Eileen opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out. Instead, the mole smiled, though she was silently screaming in agonizing pain on the inside.

"…And….I was thinking I can't let you die here. Because…you have to hold on…and because….because…." Rigby began to speak, stuttering. But the raccoon noticed his patient's head had rolled to the side. He checked for a heartbeat and a weak, unstable pattern answered. It seemed like it was about to go out. The raccoon, now knowing that his patient wasn't listening due to her condition, finished his sentence:

"…I think it'd be awesome if we came together."

Everything had happened so fast. First, Leon was pointing a gun at Skips. Then, Leon was writhing on the floor and the gun was in Yon's hands. The gun morphed into a 100-ton weight, and Yon dropped it, letting it crash through the floor. In a few moments, Skips had suddenly gone from the brink of death to back on his feet. Don was now piled on top of Jeremy.

"I knew you couldn't survive without me." Yon laughed, but this time more friendly, instead of taunting.

"Why'd you come back?" Skips asked.

"Because I was ticked that the Anti-Skulls, who Yulon told us such good things about, were possibly babies that didn't know what they were doing. I was ticked that we had to get involved in what seemed like a trivial topic. Then I remembered what the Anti-Skulls told us when they were on Namera. I was the one that was stupid, because I didn't know the Skull Master was still alive. I didn't go back and check! Judging from your Anti-Skulls overview of these events, I'm thinking perhaps this wasn't a trivial manner that could've been dealt with swiftly. Furthermore, I remember nearly dying earlier today at the battlefield. I guess the lair was so underwhelming, it made me think that the Skull Master was disorganized." Yon explained.

"Earlier today…you saw the spaceship and the pods. How much damage they did in so little time. We're up against something big. I'm glad you're here to help." Skips admitted, with a little reluctance.

"Yeah. Here, if I may, I'll finish the operation." Yon said, approaching the control panel and typing, with no need of a manual.

A pod approached Eileen and Rigby.

"SURVIVORS. ELIMINATE." A robotic voice said. Rigby realized he couldn't run anywhere in time.

"Well, Eileen. I'm sorry I failed you." The raccoon said, ready to accept his dismal fate. Suddenly, the pod exploded, in front of his eyes. However, it was so close, that the explosion knocked Rigby away into a disorienting loop. The raccoon was knocked out before he hit the ground. All over, pods began exploding. Eventually, only the large spaceship remained.

"Rigby! Rigby!" Eileen gasped, as she awoke. It had taken a while for the cream to take effect, but it worked miracles. The mole found the raccoon in a small crater. She searched for the cream, after noting how bad he looked. But, the cream was nowhere in sight.

"We've done what we've can. Let's go back." Yon said, satisfied with his work. Skips opened a portal, and threw the unconscious bodies of Doug, Don, and Jeremy inside. Yon entered after, and Skips was the last one to enter. The group came out in the park.

"Skips! You're here! You need to help me!" Eileen shouted. She led the yeti to Rigby.

"This isn't good." The yeti noted.

"You stay here on the ground and tend to the wounded. I'll head up to the spaceship." Yon said.

"Sounds like a plan." The yeti smiled, watching as the Skull Crusher ran off.

"Chad and the others are also wounded. Do you have any more of that creamy-stuff?" Eileen asked, describing the cream Rigby had used.

"No, but I can brew another batch. Do you think that those in need of medical assistance can survive until then?" Skips asked.

"How long does it take?" Eileen responded.

"Took you long enough to get here." Nolu laughed, as the Anti-Skulls entered the control room. The Skull Master was tied up, in the middle of the room.

"How'd you guys do it so fast?" Mordecai said, in awe.

"It wasn't easy. Carrie's in critical condition." Nolu sighed, pointing to the crippled woman.

"She was the healer…so she was an easy target." Techmo realized.

"Yeah, let's take this thing to the ground and finish this." Nolu sighed. Suddenly, a bloody blob was hurled into the room by something powerful.

"Gross. What is that?!" Carson said, in disgust.

"Muscle Man." Hi-5 ghost said, able to recognize the blob quickly. A large robot entered the room.

"So. The Skull Master has some sort of…Super Drone." Techmo said. Suddenly, the 'Skull Master' that was tied up morphed into Benson. A pre-recorded message was played to the entire spaceship:

"Hello, Anti-Skulls. If you are hearing this, that means you've defeated my double. I believe you remember encountering my disguise master earlier? Anyways, you'll never find where I really am. This spaceship has a self-destruct sequence. And my…buddy…will keep you entertained so you won't escape before the countdown ends."

The message ended.

"I'm guessing that drone is the friend…" Mordecai gulped, as the number TWENTY was shouted by a computerized voice. NINETEEN soon followed.

"Seventeen seconds and counting." Techmo reported, hacking into the Super Drone's system.

"Can't you do it any faster?!" Nolu shouted, panicking. The super drone collapsed.

"Let's get out of here! We have to alert the others that this whole thing was a set-up!" Mordecai cried out. The seconds passed all too quickly.



"I can't phase through the wall!" Hi-5 ghost reported.

"Why not?!" Mordecai shouted.

"Because the Skull Master prepared for every possible scenario. He probably had the ship programmed to seal itself so tight that even a ghost can't get through." Nolu growled.

"And the trigger for the ship to seal itself must've been the message." Mordecai sighed.



"If only Yon, our technomancer were here. But nothing can get in…or out." Nolu said, realizing how hopeless everything seemed to be.



"It's a good thing I AM here." Yon's voice played over the intercom.



"Then stop the countdown!" Mordecai cried out.


The Anti-Skulls braced themselves. But nothing happened.

"So…we're not dead." Techmo said, awkwardly.

"I redirected the code path to a different location. Another spaceship just blew up." Yon reported, over the intercom.

"I can phase through again. The ship unsealed due to the sequence being stopped." Hi-5 ghost said, happily.

On the ground, damage was surveyed.

"Listen guys, the Skull Master got away. But we'll find him. And stop him. You guys are welcome to tag along if you'd like." Yon reported to the Anti-Skulls.

"Sorry, but we have jobs and friends here on Earth. We'll be fine." Mordecai sighed, passing up the offer.

"Mordecai!" a friendly, yet familiar voice called out. Margaret, revived by Death, embraced the blue jay.

"Yo, ladies!" Muscle Man called out, walking up.

"Well, we'll be going now. Have fun on Earth, and it won't be just us looking for the Skull Master. It'll be all of Namera!" Yon reported.

"WAIT!" Carson yelled.

"Hm?" Carrie asked, having recovered.

"I…I want to come with you. I want to help stop the Skull Master!" Carson said.

"Same here." Chad and Jeremy said, in unison. Chad, Jeremy, and Carson joined the Skull Crushers upon a giant spaceship. Once the ship had taken off, and the Skull Crushers and the remaining Anti-Skulls had parted, a golf cart pulled up. A very, very angry gumball machine climbed out.

"WELL. THIS PARK IS FULL OF CRATERS, DAMAGES, AND FIRES. SOMEONE CLEAN UP THIS MESS!" Benson yelled out. Pops climbed out of the cart and surveyed the damage.

"Oh my." Pops said, observing the wreckage that was once the park. He climbed back into the cart, and Benson drove them away.

"Well, we'll see you at the coffee shop." Margaret said, hurriedly before she and Eileen took off.

"I…uh…have souls to collect." Death said, seeping into the shadows.

"I have to…do…stuff." Techmo said, pressing a button on his robotic arm. The technomancer disappeared in a flash of green light.

"I'm a rock." A rock said.

"And I'll take Doug to a therapist so he'll remember that he's not a rock." Don said, picking up Doug, the rock, and walking away.

When most had parted, only the park employees remained. Mordecai and Rigby looked at each other, then the damage, and then at each other again.

"Wanna go the arcade?" Rigby asked.

"Yeah." Mordecai said, and the two walked towards the arcade, once more completely oblivious that neither of them had any quarters on hand.

The End

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