Regular Show: The Skull Master Saga

Chapter Two

"Okay, Margaret. The games officially begin today…are you excited?" the Skull Master asked to the lady hiding in the dark corner. She stayed silent, and shifted away from him.

"Now, now, Margaret. Must you be so dramatic? I assure you, by the end of this game, the two of us will be like this…" the Skull Master, before crossing his fingers. Not that Margaret saw this, so she was quite confused. The Skull Master didn't quite notice this, but instead, flicked his wrist, bringing Margaret into his cold chest. He brought his dry lips down to her ear, with a grin before stating his next thought:

"I assure you, it'll be quite fun."

His tongue extended from his lips and inserted itself onto her ear and made a path down to the bottom of her neck, causing Margaret to shriek and try to break away. Skull Master clucked his disapproval, and squeezed her tighter.

"I have to go entertain my competitors. But, I assure you, I'll be right back. And then, we can let our lessons continue." Was all he said, noticing Margaret was still too defiant to give him the satisfaction of an answer. He gently set her on the floor, and snapped before transporting himself to his desired destination.

Hi-5's had been wandering the street for quite some time now. He remembered how the entire mess got started:


The poster went on and on describing the event, and was seen nearly everywhere. Turn the corner, and you'd see another poster. The competition…six months…had been held once before.

"Skull Master…if you can hear me, I swear I'll stop you." He whispered to himself.

"Did I jus' hear someone say…Skull Master?" a voice rang out, interrupting Hi-5's thoughts. The voice sounded strangely familiar, yet foreign at the same time. Hi-5 turned around and gasped, facing an entity he never thought that he'd see again…

"This ain't cool, bro! We're here against our wills!" Muscle Man whined to the eager crowd of contestants.

"PFFF…you should be proud the Skull Master brought you into the contest! You can now try for the ultimate prize!" someone said, with a half-hearted smile.

"He's holding my girl—I mean, my friend hostage!" Mordecai yelled.

"That's one lucky girl…" a teenager whistled towards him.

"Well…we're here, right? We might as well make the best of it." Eileen whimpered quietly.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" Rigby scolded her, resisting the urge to smack the mole on the head.

"She has a point. Besides, who knows what happens to the eliminated contestants?" Mordecai pointed out.

"Knowing a guy like Skull Master…they probably get turned into zombies or something." Rigby said, softly. His entire body filled with regret of not turning back earlier, when his idiot boss had given him the choice.

"GREETINGS CONTESTANTS!" a British voice bellowed. The entire crowd, with the exception of Mordecai, and Muscle Man began chanting:


"Rigby, why are you chanting?" Mordecai asked, stressed out.

"Eileen, not cool, bro." Muscle Man said, arms crossed disapprovingly.

"Come on…even though he's an evil son of a donkey, he's pretty cool." Rigby grinned. Mordecai and Muscle Man stared at the raccoon and mole, jaws dropped.

"ALRIGHT, CONTESTANTS! QUIET DOWN!" the thing floating above them called. He then snapped his fingers, and a cage appeared. Within it, a red bird looking sad and confused.

"MARGARET!" Eileen and Mordecai shouted in unison. The bird in the cage didn't seem to notice.

"Throughout the course of six months, all of you will be competing in challenges. Those of you that fail will be eliminated. The only man, woman, animal, or anything else left standing at the end of six months get's the ultimate prize!" the Skull Master announced, loud and clear. He then gestured towards the cage.

"This o'er here is Margaret…my girlfriend." The Skull Master grinned. Mordecai passed out on top of Rigby, nearly crushing his brown raccoon friend.

Margaret looked up from the cage and shouted something, but it was impossible to hear over the crowd's roar. The Skull Master snapped, and in a second, he and the cage were gone.

"We are here for the first meeting of the 'Anti-Skull' club." Death said, front and center of a small room containing four chairs observing him. Floating above one was Hi-5. Sitting in the other three were Skips, a yeti that seemed to be omniscient, Techmo, a technomancer whose skills had recently been improved after taking a tech training course(due to being temporarily possessed by a virus known as 'Doomageddon'), and Doug, a shape-shifting mongoose. A white bird and a possum entered the room as Death gave his speech.

"Sorry we're late, Death. Chad got held up while inventing a cure to the "Negative Devones" disease." The white bird said, panting.

"I'm Chad, that's Jeremy. Did we miss anything?" the possum asked, also panting.

"No." Death said bitterly. "Why don't you take a seat on the floor?"

The entity coughed a little bit, before resuming:

"We are here because we are Anti-Skulls, posed against the Skull Master. We know that he is rotten and needs to go down…even though he is extremely powerful. Henceforth, we have gathered up me, the entity of death itself, Skips, an all-knowing bank of knowledge and a resourceful action-oriented yeti, Techmo, a refined technomancer, Jeremy and Chad, two more technomancers who specialize in exploring the unknown, and Hi-5…a ghost that can phase through walls and turn others into ghosts temporarily." He said. With a pause, he gestured to everyone in the room with a nod. Then, he resumed speaking:

"Together, by standard means, we are no match. However, we will not go by the standards…we must take our own risks and step forward, one step at a time. We will stop the competition as soon as possible, and as far from six months as we can. When do we start, you ask? How about…" he trailed off, before reaching into his pockets.

"…right NOW!" he yelled, throwing spheres out of his pockets. Hi-5 phased through the floor to avoid one coming straight for him, Skips caught it and crushed it, Techmo pressed a button upon his arm that caused a cable to come out of the device and seemingly vaporize the sphere that came for him, while Jeremy and Chad dodged their own spheres, while taking notes on them. The spheres that were dodged swerved around back towards their targets, while they still took notes. Chad pulled a test tube out of his pocket, filled with a green liquid, that he poured all over the sphere, calculating the time and position. Jeremy did the same. When all the spheres were disabled, Death clapped.

"Hi-5, you may come back." He said, watching the ghost return to its position above the chair.

"Each of you did a marvelous job…" he said, nodding, evaluating what he had to work with.

"Soul-Infused Target-Tracking Mega-Metal Spherical objects?" Jeremy and Chad said in unison, clearly impressed.

"Indeed. Hi-5 used his supernatural powers to his own advantage, Skips was somehow able to crush Mega-Metal, how he did is beyond me, Techmo digitized it, Jeremy poured an acid upon it, and Chad did the same." Death said, making his analysis clear.

"You spotted the digitification? Most people think that I vaporized it." Techmo laughed, with a warm smile.

"Yes, well we're not most people, now are we?" Death responded, a malevolent grin upon his face. Hi-5 wondered whether he should trust this new leader…but if it meant saving Muscle Man, he had no choice.

Help Wanted. Two words. One golden opportunity. He brushed his hair back, checked himself in a mirror and walked into the park. A giant blue-ish house stood to greet him, with the same Help Wanted plastered on its windows. He opened the door to see a gumball machine, with hands on its head.

"Hello, I'm here for the job, sir." He said, with a warm smile. The gumball machine perked up, before walking over.

"Sorry, I'm just a bit stressed out. All of our former staff are gone due to the Skull Master." He said, with a sigh.

"Ah…fans? Competitors?" the man asked, shaking the other's hand.

"Well…two are competitors…and then two are working to stop the competition. Name's Benson, by the way." The gumball machine said, still shaking the eager man's hand.

"Stop the Skull Master?" was all the man replied.

"Yup, a ghost convinced my friend to help him in some stupid Anti-Skull club." Benson laughed sarcastically and bitterly.

"How very strange. But, we digress. My name's Yulon." The man said with a grin. Benson, still in shock from having Skips quit to help the mediocre Hi-5 ghost was desperate. The paperwork and the process of employing Yulon was noticeably shorter than most. In the end, Yulon got the job and got Mordecai's room.

"Just be nice to Pops…remember, he's a bit…heh…" Benson said, nervous.

"I got it. Thanks! I'll be sure to make the most of this." Yulon said, before heading off towards his room. He spotted a bed and a mini-trampoline. As he helped himself onto the bed, he sighed. Then he pulled out a small transmitter and pressed a button. A voice came from the other side:

"Are you in?"


"Excellent…we'll have our plans done in six months time at this rate."

"Sooner. I guarantee you."

"Excellent job, Yulon. Make sure to report in tomorrow."

"Yes sir." The man responded. The transmitter lost its connection and was promptly stored away.

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