Regular Show: The Skull Master Saga

Chapter Five

The Anti-Skulls were trapped, and it was all his fault. Jeremy didn't know whether to feel proud of his successfully job or dismayed that he had to deceive his best friend, Chad. When the bird had first joined the Anti-Skulls, he was genuine in taking down the Skull Master. However, back before Hi-5 joined the group and brought in Skips, there was another mission. That was to find out as much information about the competition as possible. Techmo, Jeremy, and Chad had split up.

While tearing down a flyer, a voice had rang out, freezing Jeremy.

"So, you're not a fan of the Skull Master?" it said, with a slight accent. When the bird turned around, he was staring into the hollow eyes of the Skull Master himself.

"You monster! I don't care what your game is, but we'll-I mean, I'll stop your contest before it even starts!" Jeremy hissed.

"Monster? I think somebody needs to learn their facts!" the Skull Master laughed. In a moment, the being was upon Jeremy, and with one snap, the two had vanished. The rest of the Anti-Skulls noticed that Jeremy was missing. One week later, the bird reappeared, lesson learned. After undergoing a test, run by Death, to find out whether he was the real Jeremy and/or under any spells, he was let back into the group. The test seemed to back-up his alibi that he was interoggating people on a bus, before the bus started moving and took him to the other side of town. Then, the bus crashed. It took Jeremy a week to get out of the hospital, and to get back to the Anti-Skulls. The story was false, instead, Jeremy and the Skull-Master were spending time together. And now Jeremy believed in the Skull Master. He wanted to help his new ally…even if it meant betraying his own friend. Hence, Jeremy began working for the Skull Master, and the Anti-Skulls were taken down.

"GREETINGS!" he called out, his voice booming over the competitors.

"SKULL MASTER! SKULL MASTER! SKULL MASTER!" was the response. The Skull Master himself chuckled at his adoring fans, before snapping. A red bird appeared, and the Skull Master rested on the grassy ground. The bird fell into the Skull Master's arms.

"MARGARET!" Mordecai called out, right into Carson's ear. The tall, brown bird flinched, before holding a finger up to his lips, saying: Hey, shut up please. The message seemed to settle in.

"Margaret, would you do the honors of announcing the challenge today?" The Skull Master asked.

"Yes I would, honey." The bird responded, planting a kiss on the being's white cheek.

"MARGARET, NO!" Mordecai yelled again, this time louder, and once more in Carson's ear.

"Shut up." Carson said, with a fake smile plastered on his face.

"Today's challenge is laser tag!" Margaret called out enthusiastically. The Skull Master snapped again, and the competitors were enveloped in a puff of green smoke…when the smoke cleared, everyone was in a black room, with orange lines running on the walls, on the ceiling, everywhere. The competitors also noticed that their hands were holding laser guns for some reason. When they looked at each other, they noticed that everyone was also wearing a bright-blue vest sticking out in the environment.

"If you get hit in your blue vest, you get eliminated. If you survive by the time that the bell rings three times, you're still in the game." The Skull Master said with a grin. He snapped once more, vanishing. A bell rung. The game had begun.

Yulon felt ill, knowing that his 'boss' was still mad at him. He should've known not to eat that candy bar. He had become a rampaging mutant, and nearly destroyed the park. Luckily, in a yeti's old shed, there was an antidote. Yulon was told he had been in a coma for an entire month. That meant that he had four months left to accomplish his mission. But, what could he do? His cover could've been blown because of a stupid candy bar! Luckily, it ONLY turned him into a monster. It was as if this park was tied to the supernatural mishaps…and when all the workers left, all the supernatural mishaps focused themselves on Yulon. Further proof of this came from when he raked leaves…with an apparently cursed rake that made a giant leaf monster that ate the park. When the rake broke, the monster died. Then, a bearded floating head blew up Benson. This was solved with a time machine. But, Yulon was beginning to worry about his own safety. If he was blown up, then it'd all be over. He couldn't let that happen.

It had been two months since Rigby had last seen his friend, Mordecai. Challenge after challenge, he did by himself. When laser tag was announced, Rigby wasn't sure if he would be able to survive. But, of course he would. He had done challenges by himself before…and he would keep doing them. The blue vest itched, but it was a minor setback. Currently, he sat, perching on higher ground, target in sight. A human, who looked tired, yet determined.

"Bam." Rigby whispered, as he pulled the trigger. A laser shot out of his gun, making no sound at all, striking the target. The human's eyes widened in shock, before he vanished in a flash of yellow, eliminated. Then, another thing moved into view. A mole…wait, was that!?

"EILEEN!" Rigby called out, signaling the mole's attention. He scrambled down to lower ground to meet the mole.

"Rigby, I was so worried that I'd never see any of you again! Is Mordecai with you?" Eileen asked, with a smile.

"No, he's not. It's been…I don't know…a month since I had a teammate! I've been surviving on pure luck!" he grinned.

"Well, don't use any more of your luck up, because I just so happen to be one heck of a shooter!" Eileen chuckled. The two were so caught up in each other, they didn't notice that a new figure had taken Rigby's perch. And he was aiming at two targets, perfectly in sight…

"AAAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHH!" a voice wailed in Mordecai's ear. The blue jay turned around to be blinded by a flash of yellow. He wiped his eyes, as his vision cleared.

"Another enemy right behind you." Carson sighed. "You've got to get your head in the game! I've had to save your, seven times now!" the bird said angrily.

"Sorry for holding you back…I'm just thinking about…well…" Mordecai began.

"I know, I know. Margaret. You like her, she's hostage, blah blah, Rigby told me." Carson said, his voice raising temporarily.

"Don't get mad at me! If Rigby told you, then you'd know why I'm off in my own world!" Mordecai exclaimed, throwing his hands up.

"I'm not mad. I just want you to focus." Carson said calmly.

"So…" Mordecai began, before Carson leapt into him, the two rolling to the left.

"WHAT THE?!" the blue jay began, as Carson leapt off of him. The brown bird then crouched and pulled the trigger. A very faint yellow flash, from far away, responded.

"Guess what? I just saved your life eight times." Carson said, extending a hand to Mordecai.

"Wow…you're a real sharpshooter." The blue jay remarked in awe, as he accepted the hand. The two birds continued on their journey.

The golden sphere cracked, letting light from the outside world in. When it fully cracked open, Chad fell out, flat on his face.

"That all of us?" Death's voice asked.

"Yeah, that's all." Hi-5 responded.

"How did you—" Chad began.

"We're in a tower. Presumably the Skull Master's tower, but my zoron interrupters let us destroy the spheres." Techmo explained.

"That traitor should have at least thought to strip us of our equipment." Skips laughed, pointing to Techmo's robotic arm.

"We're escaping then?" Chad asked.

"No! We're going to jack as many files and junk as we can from this tower. Who knows how it will help the Anti-Skulls!" Death said.

"Aww…so you're out?" another, stranger voice called into the room.

"Oh no." Hi-5 breathed. The Anti-Skulls turned around, facing the Skull Master.

"I was just going to insert you into the competition after the laser tag ended. You've been in those spheres for an entire month! I should've done it earlier." The Skull Master said casually, as if this was the most normal thing in the world.

"It only took a month to configure my zoron interrupters." Techmo grinned, before pressing a button upon his arm. A loud and sharp ringing filled the room, causing everyone except to Techmo to collapse. The technomancer pressed a few more buttons, and the ringing stopped, leaving everyone knocked out, except for Techmo. He then saw what he needed: technology. It was a small computer, with an image of a black screen with orange lines illuminating the area. It illuminated the tiny figures that crossed the screen, figures that Techmo figured to be animations. He pressed the OFF button on the computer. The screen responded, and the image vanished.

A yellow laser froze, right before it hit Rigby. The raccoon looks at the laser, screaming, but there is no sound. He does not bother to move, because he can't. There is a mole besides the raccoon with the same terrified expression.

Carson and Mordecai had frozen as well, on top of a ledge and aiming at two lions passing by.

The system sensed that it shut down, and began to reboot. Ten seconds later, time snaps back into place…with one difference. The laser dissipates before it hits Rigby. All lasers have vanished, and the laser guns have a 5-second countdown on them. All side-effects of the reboot.

"SEE?! As I said, I'm surviving on luck!" Rigby exclaimed, in awe of how fast everything occurred: he saw the laser of elimination come an inch away from him, before vanishing suddenly. Now, the laser guns were rebooting.

Five seconds later, Eileen had shot down Rigby's would-be assassin. The two, still in shock on Rigby's near-elimination, moved on.

Carson and Mordecai shot the two lions, and high-fived.

"We've been in this challenge for a while." Mordecai pointed out. Suddenly, a voice rang over the arena. The voice of the Skull Master:

"There has been a small problem! The challenge will last longer than usual as I try to sort it out. The challenge shall be a few more days until further notice."

The announcement ended.

"DAYS?! We're going to be in this laser-tag for DAYS?!" Mordecai exclaimed.

"Relax, we'll sort this out. All we have to do is survive." Carson breathed, still letting it settle in.

"DAYS?!" Eileen and Rigby cried out in unison.

"We should dedicate the rest of today to finding a safe-spot for the night…we need to sleep so we can be in top-shape tomorrow." Eileen said.

"Yeah, sounds like a plan. We'll eliminate anyone if we see them." Rigby said, as shocked as everyone else in the challenge. What could be so important as to make the challenge ultra-long?!

The Anti-Skulls had escaped. But, they were in his tower…and he would stop them. The Skull Master sent out robots to scout them out. Ten minutes later, the same robots were attacking him.

"Techmo, keep reprogramming robots! I'm looking for a way to open a portal back to our world!" Skips declared, shaking a blue maraca that they had found.

"How's the decoding coming, Chad?" Death asked, as he produced a pouch from inside his leather jacket.

"These files we nabbed are hard to decode…luckily, the Skull Master speaks English. I think I've found a valid translation key, but it'll take a while."

"Anything about the competition or weaknesses yet?" Techmo asked, as he sent the reprogammed robots into the fray to hold off the enemies.

"No, but…there's something about—" Chad began, before he was cut off.

"HEY! STOP IT!" Jeremy had said. Three words that froze the world, as the Anti-Skulls stared at the traitor.

"Why'd you do it Jeremy?" Death asked, with a frown.

"Because!" Jeremy shouted.

"If you won't tell me, I'll have to extract the information from your immortal soul!" Death exclaimed, his fingertips lighting up with green fire.

"Don't kill him!" Chad pleaded.

"Sorry, mate. I'll revive him once all this craziness is over." Death laughed, before Jeremy pulled out a modified gun.

"Don't make me kill you…" the bird said, hesitantly.

"Silly, boy. You can't kill Death!" the entity laughed.

"I guess we'll find out if that's true." Was Jeremy's only response. He pulled the trigger. Death dodged, before rushing in after the bird.

"You should also know I have some new abilities that his greatness, the Skull Master, granted me." Jeremy laughed, as he swatted Death into the floor like a fly. Then, the bird began to mutate.


"We're in the third month of six! Once this month ends, you should be halfway done." A voice rang out from the other side of Yulon's transmitter.

"Yessir. There have been a few delays sir. Last month, I was in a coma, and this month, there's a bunch of supernatural weirdos trying to kill me." Yulon sighed.

"Do they know who you are? Do they work for the enemy?" the voice crackled.

"No…no, none of them do. They just hate the park." Yulon said.

"Well…you're an elite agent for a reason. Deal with it! Our mission matters most!" the voice responded.

"Affirmative." Yulon said. He turned off his transmitter.

"So…who's this enemy?" a gumball machine asked.

"GAH! Y-you heard?!" Yulon whimpered.

"Yes. And unless you tell me who you're working for…YOU'RE FIRED!" Benson screamed.

Yulon gulped. His mission was blown, and it wasn't even three months.

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