Regular Show: The Skull Master Saga

Chapter Eight

Everyone was having an emergency meeting, in Skip's shed.

"Jeremy and the Skull Master's laptop have gone missing." Chad said, rushing in to join the group.

"But…Jeremy was freed from the code. There's no way that it could've reawakened." Skips pointed out.

"Yes, yes there is. The Skull Master has a new body, in the park. And it could very well be Jeremy." Hi-5's realized, blurting out his discovery.

"Well, mister ghost, you were wrong once." Yulon snorted.

"Yes, Yulon. How about you tell the Anti-Skulls about your true mission?" Death cackled.

"Before Death could kill me, I had to tell him. Now, I guess I have to tell all of you." Yulon sighed, observing the crowd. The Anti-Skulls now consisted of: Chad, Mordecai, Rigby, Eileen, Muscle Man, Carson, Techmo, Skips, Hi-5, and Death. That was a lot of people to expose his grand secret to. But, he didn't have a choice.

"I used to live on 'Namera.' It's an ancient planet. You guys think that the Skull Master held his game once before…you're wrong. He's held it multiple times, across the universe. However, he travels far enough away that each new planet doesn't know about him. So, nobody knows that the game is rigged. On 'Namera,' when the game was held, me and my two friends entered it. They were both eliminated, and I was suddenly beamed out of the competition by Namera's Anti-Skulls, which were called Skull-Crushers. The Skull-Crushers explained that Skull Master wasn't using magic: and instead was using technology. He had infused his very essence with a nanochip…one that is present in the new body, as the Skull Master cannot exist without it. I got a counter-nanochip implanted in my brain. Once activated, the two nanochips will cancel out, and the Skull Master and I will die." Yulon said, taking a deep breath after finishing.

"So…that's how he was able to engineer such a brilliant code. It must also be how he was able to control the robots so easily: remote-control nanochip waves." Techmo said, piecing it together.

"Yes. But the thing is…the two nanochips must be within one foot of each other. The pulse is so strong, the creators feared it would destroy the world itself, so they put in the safety. The short-range also makes it so we have to ABSOLUTELY sure we know who the host is." Yulon explained.

"Why not Benson? He was VERY insistent that none of us try to stop the Skull Master." Skips said, taking a guess.

"It could be Jeremy, which would mean that the Skull Master implanted a fail-safe in him. When Jeremy was rewritten, it's very possible the Skull Master customized the code to suit the nanochip." Hi-5's said, once more.

"Or Margaret. She was also with the Skull Master long enough for such a custom code to be written." Mordecai pointed out, shuddering. Margaret. She HAD to be rewritten…right?

"This isn't getting us anywhere!" Death declared in frustration, before noticing the large number of Anti-Skulls.

"What is it?" Rigby muttered, noticing the entity staring at all of them.

"Mordecai, Rigby, and Carson. You guys will investigate Margaret. Chad, Hi-5, and Muscle Man, you guys will locate Jeremy and investigate him further. Eileen, Techmo, Yulon, you guys investigate Benson. I'll be attending to some PERSONAL business." Death said, drumming his fingers together. Everyone headed off.

"So…Benson. How's it going?" Eileen said, smoothly, walking up to the gumball machine.

"Good, Eileen. Is everyone working?" Benson replied.

"Hey, Benson, mind if I check your head for a nanochip?" Techmo asked, walking in the room, and holding up a sharp blade.

"WHAT?! Get back to work!" the gumball machine roared.

"Benson, do you like Skulls? And Masters?" Yulon asked casually, as he strolled into the room.

"WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT?!" Benson yelled, noticing that everyone in his sight wasn't working.

"Perhaps this will ring a bell: SKULL MASTER! SKULL MASTER! SKULL MASTER!" Yulon began chanting.

"WHAT?! I thought we were DONE talking about the Skull Master and his stupid competition!" Benson screamed.

"Do you like digitizing people and making them compete in very outrageous events?" Eileen asked, as if it was the most normal question in the world.

"YOU'RE ALL FIRED! Eileen, you're hired." Benson said.

"I'm hired?" Eileen said, blushing.

"NOW YOU'RE FIRED TOO! GET OUT!" Benson shouted, his face turning a deep shade of red. Everyone walked out, then proceeded to watch him from the windows.

"Honestly…what is it with the Skull Master?" the gumball machine muttered, rubbing the sides of his head.

"Not him. He's too…normal. Well, for Benson at least." Yulon sighed.

"What the—I found him! He's talking to someone!" Hi-5's whispered, hearing voices coming from an underground tunnel.

"WHAT THE-?! This tunnel wasn't here before, bro!" Muscle Man squealed.

"SSH! You're being too loud, they might hear you. Just be quiet." Chad hissed. The trio shut up and began to listen:

"Of course, my lord. I have given you all the right technologies you have asked for." A muffled voice came out.

"He's talking to the Skull Master!" Hi-5's gasped.

"Of course, of course. I have the satellite wired to project the digitification beam across the world to beam everyone into the laptop." The muffled voice spoke again.

"Holy…" Chad whispered.

"What? Stand watch over the tunnel? You've got it." The voice said again.

"Wait…if Jeremy's talking to the Skull Master, then there's no way that he IS the Skull Master." Muscle Man whispered. Footsteps were heard, coming towards the trio. The three ran away.

"Nope, not him." Chad sighed.

"Don't we just have to enter the tunnel to find out who—" Hi-5's started, before Muscle Man cut him off.

"Not him, bro. Our job is done. Now, let's go play some videogames! WOOT!" Muscle Man yelled, tearing off towards the trailer.

"Let's check with the others, then ambush the tunnel." Chad sighed. Hi-5's nodded in agreement, and the two walked towards the shed.

"AGH! We can't find Margaret anywhere!" Rigby whined.

"Well, maybe, she's still digitized in Jeremy's laptop." Mordecai suggested.

"Nah, man. When Techmo was refreshing us, he said her file was missing." Carson said.

"Well, maybe it was disguised. We DO know the Skull Master is like…the BEST technomancer in the world." Rigby sighed, kicking up dirt.

"We have to keep looking." Mordecai said, continuing to search.

"All this so Yulon can destroy himself." Carson muttered, and the trio walked on. After more unsuccessful searching, Rigby and Carson decided to return to the shed.

"Yeah, you guys do that. I'm going to keep looking for Margaret." Mordecai said, determined. The blue jay remained searching as the other two headed back.

"So…if it's not Benson, and if it's not Jeremy, then it's Margaret." Chad said, once most of the groups were back at the shed.

"Wait…where's Muscle Man?" Carson asked.

"Playing videogames. Where's Mordecai?" Hi-5's sighed.

"Looking for Margaret, still. Let's go alert him that we're going to ambush the tunnel together." Rigby said.

The group headed out…and saw Mordecai shove Jeremy aside, and run into the tunnel.

"That's not good!" Rigby cried out. Jeremy began to mutate…until he was a hideous freak, with bulging muscles and scales instead of feathers. It then grew into almost 100 times the original size. Like a snake with arms and legs. The bird looked like it was about to go after Mordecai…before it spotted the rest of the Anti-Skull staring in shock. It took off towards them.

The freak of nature quickly grabbed Eileen and tossed her into a tree.

"Eileen!" Rigby yelled, as he ran towards the very same tree. Jeremy squawked and picked Rigby up in a massive fist.

"Not today!" Techmo exclaimed, firing lasers from his prosthetic arm. Jeremy didn't seem to mind. It began to squeeze its fist, Rigby crying out in pain. There was a sickening crunch before the bird released the raccoon, and Rigby hit the ground. It then went after Carson.

"NO!" Yulon shouted, jumping in the way. The man was batted aside, and Carson was grabbed. In a minute, Carson had joined Eileen in a tree. The bird seemed unstoppable, as it grabbed Techmo.

"It's hopeless." Techmo whispered, as he was thrown against the ground. His prosthetic arm snapped off. The bird then raised its foot and prepared to squash Techmo.

"We got far, didn't we?" Rigby croaked out, before Chad stepped out from behind the very tree that Eileen and Carson were tangled up in.

"JEREMY! STOP!" he yelled.

The bird didn't seem to hear. Instead, it took its focus off of Techmo, and went after Chad himself. In a minute, Chad was seized by a gigantic hand.

"Jeremy, you're in there…I know it. Break free again…you can do it." Chad whispered. The bird just squeezed.

"JEREMY! REMEMBER!" Chad squeaked.

"Hail..Skull…Master…" the bird said.

"REMEMBER?! This isn't you! This is—grk!" Chad said, feeling the fingers squeeze tighter.

"THIS IS CODE!" Chad finally screamed. In a second, the squeezing stopped, and Chad was dropped gently. Jeremy began to de-mutate…

"That's right. I was rewritten." The bird whispered, surveying the damage done to the Anti-Skulls.

A golden light began to emit from the entrance to the tunnel. Benson ran out of the house.

"Great. The world is ending again." The gumball machine noted.

"Yeah…but this time, I think it's actually going to end…" Rigby cried, still in too much pain to move.

"Not if I can help it!" Benson called out triumphantly, before rushing back into the shed. When the gumball machine came out, he had syringes in his hand.

"Benson…what are-?" Carson began to say, before he and Eileen fell out of a tree, both of them landing awkwardly. There was a crunch on both of them.

"Insta-Heals! Just promise me, once this is all over…that you'll GET BACK TO WORK!" Benson said, before injecting the wounded. Once done, Rigby and the others felt refreshed.

"Whoa, man. Thanks!" Carson grinned.

"Shut up, and go save the world already." Benson said, angrily. He marched back into the house.

"Well, this is it guys." Skips sighed.

"The final battle." Jeremy whispered.

"Anti-Skulls! Anti-Skulls! Anti-Skulls! Anti-Skulls!" Rigby and Eileen began to chant. This was the final battle. The Anti-Skulls charged into the tunnel.

"Aww, how cute." Margaret laughed, staring at everyone.

"Where's MORDECAI?!" Rigby screamed.

"Oh, that ol' chap? He's right here…" Margaret cackled, pointing to a groaning bird on the floor.

"That's odd…" Chad noted.

"Now, all of you shall be…DIGITIZED!" Margaret laughed, typing in buttons on the Skull Master's laptop.

"Margaret! No! It's me, Eileen!" the mole begged, stepping forwards.

"Eileen! What was I thinking!" Margaret replied. The two girls hugged.

"Eileen, NO!" Skips screamed. Margaret hugged tighter…there was yet another crunch. Eileen fell to the floor.

"You guys will be the first to be digitized!" Margaret laughed, pulling a switch. The entire tunnel began to quake.

"What the-!" Carson exclaimed, as a grinding of gears was heard.

"The beam is getting ready to fire!" Margaret laughed. The Anti-Skulls charged towards her.

Benson stood, staring at the tunnel from the house window. Perhaps, he should have helped more…

Suddenly, the gumball machine saw a raccoon flying out of the tunnel. Rigby. The raccoon froze for a moment in the air, before it fell straight back into the tunnel.

"There's no stopping her! The world is screwed!" Skips screamed, being pinned on the wall by Margaret.

"How is she so strong?!" Chad exclaimed, rushing forwards, before Rigby fell upon him, knocking him out.

"Rigby, Mordecai, Eileen, and Chad are down!" Techmo exclaimed, still trying to re-attach his prosthetic limb. He was helpless without it. Techmo looked up and saw Skips face down on the floor. He blinked, and then Margaret was beating him up. Hi-5's rushed in for an ambush, but Margaret just ducked and rolled out of the way. Hi-5 floated to Jeremy.

"You're going down, Skull Master!" the bird exclaimed. The two rushed in, Margaret still cackling. In a second, both of them were lying on top of each other, helpless on the ground.

The laptop began to screech like a tea kettle.

"You hear that? The beam just fired! In a matter of minutes, all beings outside this tunnel shall be digitized!" Margaret laughed, picking up Rigby and tossing him out.

She then moved onto Skips.

"We were…defeated." The yeti groaned, as he was tossed out the tunnel. He vanished before he hit the ground.

"This is it then…" Jeremy cried.

"Margaret asked me to keep this a secret…but I have to tell you guys." Eileen suddenly muttered. Jeremy was thrown out.

"Mordecai…Margaret is in l-l-…" Eileen began.

"NO!" Margaret cried out, picking up the mole.

"SHE'S IN LOVE WITH YOU!" Eileen cried out. She was tossed towards the outside world. Or rather, what was left of the outside world.

"MORDECAI, BRING HER BACK—" Eileen screeched, before she was gone as well. Mordecai, feeling a pure adrenaline run through his body, stood up.

"GET DOWN, BIRD! You've been defeated! It's over!" Margaret cried out.

"Margaret…" the blue jay muttered, staggering towards her.

"I SAID GET DOWN! There is no Margaret! ONLY SKULL MASTER! YOU CAN'T STOP US!" she shrieked.

"If you didn't love me…you would have digitized me when I first came in. If you didn't love me…I'd be dead." Mordecai breathed, coughing, before collapsing.

"That's IT!" Margaret yelled, picking up the blue jay and preparing to toss him out and make him a competitor.

"I love you too." Was all the blue jay said. And in that moment, Margaret collapsed and began to speak out a jumble of syllables. Yulon saw his opportunity, and dragged his mangled body towards the gibberish-speaking bird. She didn't react as to toss him aside. He could activate the nanochip.

"PICKLES! PICKLES! PICKLES!" Margaret started shrieking, before Yulon pressed his temple with a broken finger. Both he and Margaret screamed, and both of them collapsed.

"The Skull Master is dead." Carson grunted, before he saw a message on the Skull Master's laptop:


The bird swiftly typed in "ABORT." With his mangled hands.


There was another quaking, and Carson blacked out.

"We did it!" Rigby grinned, as the Anti-Skulls now all sat in the shed, having a victorious and final meeting.

"Now that we're all out of the hospital, I wonder if this is the last time we'll see each other." Carson smiled weakly.

"No, no. Some things are fated to happen. I believe us Anti-Skulls will meet again." Death laughed, before snapping. The entity vanished.

"Well, we've got to get back to our university…" Jeremy sighed, and he and Chad left on jetpacks.

"The coffee shop just reopened. I suppose it's time we got our jobs back." Eileen sighed. Margaret was silent.

"I'm sorry…" was all the red bird whispered.

"It wasn't your fault. Besides, you were able to fight the Skull Master in the end. And that was awesome." Mordecai smiled. Margaret smiled back, and she and the mole left.

"I have to sort some stuff out with Benson." Skips sighed, before promptly skipping out of the shed.

"And I have some other important duties. Such as getting this repaired." Techmo said, holding up his still detatched prosthetic arm. He walked out.

"So…just us then." Carson sighed.

"Yes. Just us." Mordecai responded.

"Hey, Carson! You should get a job at the park!" Rigby smiled.

"Nah, it's just not the type of work for me. However, I have a friend who's in need of some credits. I'll send him your way." Carson smiled.

"Cool, who is he?" Mordecai grinned.

"His name is Thomas. Young goat, black tee. Yeah, can't miss him." Carson said, before giving a weak thumbs-up. The tall, brown bird walked out of the shed.

"So…what now?" Mordecai sighed, staring at his best friend.

"You know…how about some videogames?" the raccoon responded. The two walked out of the shed and towards the arcade, completely oblivious that neither of them had any quarters on hand.

To Be Continued
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