Worldwide Gorgeous - Kim Seokjin (TEASER)


"How do you dare to be prettier than the worldwide handsome?!" "Because I am the worldwide gorgeous." A cute high school story in which Moon Areum and Kim Seokjin compete against each other with their stunning looks. Status: Coming soon (Disclaimer) This is just the teaser for the upcoming story, the dialogue in it could possibly be changed in the future. This story is basically based on the album "Skool Luv Affair" from BTS. This story is also published on my other account on Wattpad.

Romance / Humor
Little Devil
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A day couldn't start any better than getting spilled coffee all over your school uniform by the most handsome guy worldwide.

"Kim Seokjin!"

But not the most gorgeous person worldwide.

"Ah, Moon Areum...your prettiness blinded me on my way to my locker. My bad."

I stared at the boy right in front of me, that had an empty cup in his hand, for a brief moment before looking down at my now in coffee drenched shirt. "I hope so..." With a click from my tongue, I turned to my locker and opened it. "...and thank you for not only overpower me with your ugliness but also with your coffee-"

"Excuse me??" A shocked gasp came from behind me when Jin slightly hovered over me since I was a head smaller than him and rested his left hand against the metal of a locker right next to mine. "I complimented you and that's what I get? You may still aren't more good looking than I am but need to get so personal because of that."

"Pff" I scoffed at his cockiness and rummaged in my locker, searching for my gym clothes. "Dear Jin, didn't your mother told you that you shouldn't tell lies?" Still with my back turned to him, I could feel how he leaned more in and now rested his right hand on the door of my locker, trapping me. "You really want to argue over this again?"

Jin's voice turned to a deep and serious whisper, just then I realized how close he actually was. It's not the first time he tried to fluster me.

"Well..." And the problem was he even was in some way successful but I simply distracted myself by continuing to search for my gym clothes that weren't in my locker as it turned out. "Actually no, it's already clear that I'm prettier" With that I turned around to him and leaned more back to keep some distance between us before looking up.

"And now give me your gym clothes."

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